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So I just made my first down payment of 800$ Today...

So I just made my first down payment of 800$ Today my surgery is scheduled for 10/14 in Miami il be traveling from California I've been dealing with Lizbeth and she's such a sweet heart I've been obsessing over this for a year and I'm finally getting it done I think i should have waited to schedule out a lil further now that I'm researching more I don't know if I'm prepared , ladies I know I need to take things with me sort of a bbl care package comment any thing I might be needing and any pre op advice

Before photos and wish photos

So here's my before and my wish photos I'm looking to get more projection and a lil less boxy in the love handle area and loose my bra roll also don't mind my emojis I have a ton of tattoos lol , my ekg and blood work is on Wednesday the 28th so when I'm cleared for surgery I'll give you guys a update ????

Wish pics

My current shape

Cleared for surgery ????????

Today I was cleared for surgery ???????????????????????? annnnd my garments came in the mail today . I'm super excited surgery in 11days I got 2 one black and one tan , I ordered them on the 9/26 and got em today 10/3 I thought I had ordered a compression board and foam but I guess not . That's my last thing to order is the foam and the booty buddy pillow , thinking about buying two plane tickets home so I can have two seats and I'll be able to lay down or lean over during the flight any thoughts on that from my ladies ? Anywho I'll update you guys when the bbl pillow comes in and show pics of me sitting on it and how it works ????

I don't know why it's question marks its supposed to be exclamation point s but whatever I'm excited !!!!!!

This is completely irrelevant to bbl but I got my braces off today too lol

More before pictures

So I'm leaving on Wednesday I'm so excited I'm scared too my surgery is in 6 days it still hasn't set in yet anyways here more before pics I'll take a couple more pics in these next few days

Any tips for the plane ride home ?

Does any one know any tips for the ride home ? To make it a little easier that's my biggest fear right now is the ride home I'm scared Ima be in a lot of pain and having to sit might mess up my results

On the flight

Typing this on the plane they bumped me up a day so my survey is now on the 13th I'm super excited I'll update you guys with how payment goes and what's the process of meeting the doctor and stuff it doesn't even seem real yet , I was looking in the mirror in my bathroom this morning like well this is the last time I'll have this body next time I look in this mirror I'll look completely different

Paid and cleared !!!!!

I go in at 10:30 am and I'll be getting a new booty it's still not real to me yet

Just talked to the doctor

Dr Ortega is so sweet he made me feel really comfortable he said my wish pics are realistic for me because of my underlying shape ,, I should be going into surgery in about 15-20 minutes I'm waiting on the anesthesiologist to come in and I'll be off I'll update you guys when I get back to my room

This was my major wish pic I showed him

He said it's very realistic so hopefully in a few months I'll look like this or better

Everything went well

I wish he would have given me a drain also for some reason I'm having vaginal bleeding is that normal , I'm going in the morning for my post pop my garment is too big tho I have a smaller one but the doctor said I gotta keep this one on so I'll let him know it's way too big tomorrow and I'm doing my lymphatic massage tomorrow to drain some of this fluid

The pain is real,

I think cuz my garment is too big I'm having excessive swelling, I can feel all the fluid go to the bottom of my stomach when I stand up , I can't wait to ask for a smaller garment I feel like whoever put this garment on me knew it was too big but put it anyways look at the sagging my mom can stick her hand down the back and sides when she changed my gauze and I know that's not right, it's about 6:04 am I been up since 5 I had to pee and the pain is bad right now it's keeping me up... I been getting up to pee and walk every 2 hours I actually prefer to be standing around and walking it feels good I hate laying down I have to have help getting out of bed tho it's a real struggle

One day post opp

So they wouldn't give mea new garment they made me pay for it , so 150$ later I'm in the correct size finally how do I Know if it's too tight on my but tho? Anyway I had the massage today and so my fluid drained, it was disgusting I was able to sneak a few pics in before putting on my other garment tho I'm creasing bad on my lower back tho so I got the triangle to wear back there and I'm using my boards and foams

Tummy update

So in my last update I didn't show my tummy cuz I wasn't happy with it to be honest I thought it was still fat well no lol I was wrong after my massage and draining yesterday I came home took a shower and put my clean garment on and I filled up a whole pad with fluid , I been wearing my boards and foams I need a waist trainer tho cuz my back isn't being compressed enough so I still have rolls on my back I'm pregnant sure it's just swelling tho but I hope they go away cuz that's what I hated the most about my body , probably gonna go to the craft store and get a marble for my belly button so I can have that perfect little circle someone said that's a little trick so Ima try it out

Dice view and front

Update , day 3

Having a melt down noting looks different

I still have fat rolls on my back and my wait isn't smaller I know it takes time but in not seeing any difference I'm extremely unhappy, the Lipo suction wasn't aggressive enough and I still feel like in the Same fat around my back its the same I'm going tru this pain for no damn reason and I feel like I wasted my money I'm not happy at all and I hate looking at it, I see girls who are completely snatched after surgery even tho they have swelling my mom keeps telling me it's swelling it's not back fat but it's fat still there and that's one of the main things I hated the most my butt isn't big enough I'm gonna have to go a second round if nothing improves

Extremely unhappy nothing has changed

It's not swelling it's still fat

Happy one week post opp

Here's what I got right now , I came home yesterday the flight was terrible I slept most of the way it was bad I was scared I killed some fat but it's still plump af lol

My waist trainer came

So they told me not to wear a waist trainer till 3 months post opp but my garment isn't giving me enough compression so I bought a waist trainer that would fit over my garment my board and foams ,

More pics

Hey dolls

Okay I'm itching like.crazyyyyy

I'm itching so bad on my back butt and stomach my stretch marks are inflamed and no mater what i put on it , I can't get it to stop, I put coco butter Nivea vitamin e oil and black castor oil idk what's going on but It's driving me crazy I had to take off my garment and scratch and that made it worse I'm miserable right now

Now I have a damn rash

I been itching like crazy I wake up this morning and it's everywhere my lips face scalp palms of my hands between my toes behind my ears literally everywhere it's annoying I can't wear my garment cuz the itching is so unbearable one of the dolls suggested dermoplast spray and Benadryl that helps a lot can anyone tell me what it is tho have any one else experienced this

What I wished for vs what I got

So I still have a lot of swelling but this is my wish pic with my 9 day post opp results
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