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I want a BBL, and I'm considering Dr. Ortega. I...

I want a BBL, and I'm considering Dr. Ortega. I called Dr. Fisher's office first, but they aren't professional. They aren't providing the information I need. I don't want to chase them with my concerns. Any thoughts on his staff and his results? I interacted with Jessica at Dr. Ortega's office a few times, very professional I may add, and I've seen photos from former patients.

Please give me your thoughts.

My before pictures

My wish list

My wish list

I decided to go with Dr. Ortega. I don't have a sx date yet, but I'm shooting for July 2016.

Have a Date

My sx is scheduled for July 5, 2016. ????????????

Front view

Beer belly minus the beer

Surgery Date Set

My surgery date is set for July 5th. I purchased airline tickets and booked a nearby hotel. My mom is coming with me. She thinks I'm nuts. She said I'm always into some new B.S. After making several attempts to calling Jessica, I decided to get my questions answered from Christine. Jessica is very poor at returning phone calls. When you do speak with her, she is extremely helpful, but the customer service isn't consistent. Two days ago, I called the financial department to make another payment. Someone answered but kept me on hold forever. Eventually, I hung up but will try again today. That's if they are open. The staff really seems overwhelmed. I'm definitely not pissed off, just a little annoyed.

I'm 5'7" and 174lbs. My BMI is 27.2 which is perfect for the surgery, but I want to loose 10lbs more. I began using free weights and will eventually graduate to power walking or jogging. I don't want a video vixen bottom or a shelf booty but a sexy heart shaped. My frame is narrow. I don't want to look deformed. My boobies will be more pronounced.

I'm not nervous, more excited than anything. Dr. Ortega's videos on Spectrum's website are helpful in answering questions you may have. He seems honest and sincere. I like his eyes. I'm confident I made the right decision.

Body on Fleek (Wish List)

The Countdown Begins

I want to look like this.

Is this possible to achieve?

I'll find out on July 5th.

In clothing

The dress is a little big, size 14. I lost a few pounds months ago. I'm now a size 12. I need volume in my bottom. I love form fitting dresses, but they don't like me.

Could this be me?

Wish list

Side View

I need to be transformed.

Could this be the new me?

Just playing around with my new plastic surgery app. Ahhhh dreams. :o)

The Countdown Continues

Weeks ago, I began my daily iron & vitamin C tablets therapy as instructed. I purchased a few items needed for the procedure: lipo form boards, abdominal compression lipo board and antibacterial soap. Missing a few items, but I'm only purchasing things I need. Spectrum Aesthetics gave me a list. They are better with communication and returning phone calls to patients. Feeling better about them. I'm so excited.


Last weekend, I went to my primary care physician and did my blood work. Evelyn cleared me for surgery. I'm so excited I can scream. I'm 5'6 1/2" and 175lbs. My weight is in my stomach and boobs. Jokingly, as I told a nurse, after my BBL, they better watch out. Imma act real stank. Lol!

Heading to Dr Ortega today!!

Paid in full. Booked the hotel. My flight leaves at 9p. Good bye flat bottom. Hello new ME. I cannot wait for the transformation.

Not a happy camper

Jessica scheduled my surgery date 7/5. She ensured the office would be open on 7/4 to pick up my prescriptions. When I arrived, needless to say, the facility was completely closed down. My surgery coordinator, Evelyn, never called to schedule a surgery time for 7/5. Someone called my cell on 7/1 but never left a message. When I called back, no one answered nor did it go into voicemail. Once I arrived in Miami, I been calling the office since 7/4. Called the morning of 7/5, day of my surgery, since 5:55a. No one picked up. Decided to stop by early 7:45a. The place is packed. I explained how Evelyn never contacted me. I don't have a surgery time. I don't know what is going on. A manager said I'm in the system for 11a. They showed me two fake emails and said these were sent to me. At this point, I'm extremely pissed off. I saw Dr Ortega around 8:15a, explained our goals and marked me up. He was very pleasant. The nurses said I would be seen early. I've been sitting in this room since 8:15a. It's now 11:55a. Still waiting and so ready to walk out. My son convinced me to stay. The anesthesiologist called me in at 12:15p. I believe his name is Morales. He was super nice and cool. I opened the door so they didn't forget about me. I was cold, hungry and annoyed. Kathy said she'll give me a blanket but never returned. Eventually, I did get on. They earned an F in Customer Service.

I like Dr Ortega

In spite of my previous comments, I really like Dr Ortega. I felt confident he would do an amazing job, and he answered my concerns. When you're annoyed, you forget everything you want to ask. The anesthesiologist filled in the blanks. I went to the OR, laid on the table, Dr Ortega came in looked at me and smiled wearing a rockstar bandana, then walked out, and Morales hooked me up to IVs. The last thing I said to Morales, "when the procedure is over, I want to wake up." He replied, "I want you to wake up too."

Hours after my surgery

I woke up in so much pain. It is equally as painful as a C-section. I woke up cold and in pain. I wanted to scream but didn't have the force in my lungs to do so. I didn't know if I was coming or going. I didn't know where I was or how I got there. I slowly began remembering things. That's how intense the pain is. I woke up on my right side. The nurse flipped me on my stomach and straightened out my right arm. I was moaning in agony. Then, the medicine entered my blood stream. The pain lightened a tiny bit. She put a warm blanket on my body. I began to feel a little better. The nurse in the recovery room was so caring. I love her. I'll get her name later. The scent of blood is terrible. I don't have an appetite to eat.

One day post op

Yazna, the lymphatic massage therapist, took these photos. She's the sweetest. I didn't bathe yet. My garment was still bloody. The left side is more swollen than the right side. I've hips now. I cannot believe Dr Ortega changed my figure. I don't recognize myself in the mirror.

2-days post-op

I began wearing foam and belly boards after my first massage. I sleep like this at night to reduce the swelling on my tummy. Thankfully, I don't have any folds above my bottom. I walk a lot during the day. The pain and swelling hits me in the evening. After taking 2 hydrocodone/acetaminophen and 2 arnicare tablets, I do sleep comfortably. I didn't want a video vixen butt or shelf booty. Dr Ortega gave me a perfect bottom with hips.

Post Op Results

So far, I'm 13 days post-op. I do swell when removing the compression garment to bathe, but that's to be expected. Almost finished with my medications too. I need more lymphatic drainage massages. I received 5 at Spectrum. Two were complementary due to the bad customer service, and I paid for three. Elizabeth was very sympathetic to my initial frustration. All the ladies were sweet and beautiful I may add, just had those hiccups. I'm pleased with my results but didn't realize the process is so painful. I wanted an upside down heart but received an apple bottom. Again, I'm still healing. The shape may change. I understand everyone's body is different; therefore, we won't receive the same results. In any event, I began with nothing. Now, I have a booty. My figure looks great, even more fantastic in clothing. I found a place in Queens that offer massages services, IG: gorgeous_spa. I'm following the steps recommended by Yazna. 1. Wear your compression garment and boards for 6 months. 2. Get at least 2-weeks to 20 lymphatic drainage massages. 3. Eliminate/reduce salt from your diet. By Dr. Ortega 1. Wear your garment, lipo boards and triangular back board. (3-mos but doing 6-mos). 2. Exercise after 1-month. New photos are forthcoming. Bear with me. (5-days post op)

Purchased New Fajas

My shape is changing. I purchased two new fajas and currently receive lymphatic drainage massages. Before, I was shaped like a triangle and very swollen, not looking my best. Thanks to the ladies at Gorgeous Spa in College Point, NY, I'm looking different. They told me what garment to purchase and why. I'm 19 days post op. No new photos yet.

Do not book w/ Dr. Mel Ortega

He and his staff are completely unprofessional. He doesn't give you the results you want, and the customer service is terrible. There is no post operative instruction from him. He's never available to talk before or after surgery. He rushes you in and rushes you out, but he will ask if he could perform another procedure on you prior to kicking you out the door. I was left with indents in my right buttock, no instructions, fibrosis and keloids. Do not patronize this doctor or the Spectrum facility.
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