FINALLY a Hazani Doll!

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I've been thinking of getting liposuction for a...

I've been thinking of getting liposuction for a while, but changed my mind to a bbl. I have a pretty good figure, and the 3d images I've had with another doctor blew me away so much, I decided to have this procedure. I initially had a consultation with Dr. Sacha Obaid in Dallas. He is a phenomenal person and very sweet. I felt very comfortable with him during my consultation. The price he gave me was very expensive for my budget ($10,500). I decided to look elsewhere to see if I could find someone with a similar background, who does great work. I researched all the top names; Dr. Ghavami, Dr. Miami, Dr. Cortes, Dr. Hazani, and others. Some I liked better than others, and some just completely frightened me!
I saw Dr. Fisher was doing a special for a bbl for $5500+ 12 areas of liposuction. I was floored, AND impressed with his work. I called to ask to see how far he's booked up this year, September 2016. Deposit is $1000. I am booking my surgery date in two weeks. I am beyond excited! During my consultation with Dr. Obaid, he told me I don't have too much fat on my stomach. It's mostly my thighs. So I know I'll be looking smoking coming this fall! I'll update more pics etc after I have everything set in stone.

After MONTHS of consultations with several doctors...

After MONTHS of consultations with several doctors (stay AWAY from vanity cosmetics!) I finally have paid my deposit and have my surgery date with the fabulous Dr. Ron Hazani for March 2017!

I am currently 155 lbs and 5'1. I actually plan on losing about 10 lbs prior to surgery. As I already have a large backside for my frame. I'm really doing this to have a more defined waist, slightly larger hips, and my inner thighs no longer touching. I'll be uploading pics of my current shape later. So excited for this new journey!

Finally doing this!

Finally getting my surgery in late winter of next year. I literally cannot wait. I've been wanting this surgery for two years now. I've uploaded some before pics. I really want to lose about 15 lbs, as I do not want a super large behind. Don't want anything too noticeable. Can't wait to be on the beach next summer showing of my new physique!

Flight booked!

Just booked my flight for my surgery! Everything is getting very real now.

I'm thinking of staying at an airbnb. Hotels are extremely expensive in Beverly hills & the surrounding areas.
I'll have updated pics of my weight loss in January. March will be here before we know it!

Before pics

Just some pics of me

Wish pics

These are pictures of the shape I want. I'm not looking to have a lot of protection, as I like my shape now. I really want a smaller tummy, my inner thighs to no longer touch ( I've lost like 15 pairs of jeans due to my thighs rubbing together! Ugh!) And just a little bit more volume in my butt. My desired result is definitely the more realistic looking. I think that's why a lot of women get disappointed with their results due to unrealistic expectations.

Lab work

Just had my lab work yesterday. Got some bad news. My Hemoglobin levels are too low and my surgery is in less than 3 weeks! Gary said I need to increase my iron with 325 milligrams, folic acid, and vitamin C. If my levels aren't high enough, I'll have to wait another few months before I can have the surgery. Better safe than sorry. I'll see how things play out in the next few weeks!


Officially cleared for surgery! I am elated right now! After having to postpone the surgery, I'm very happy to have my levels where they need to be. Praying everything goes smoothly from here on out! Next update, I'll be in Los Angeles.

Final before pics

Final before pics before Monday. Can't believe it's finally here

Made it!

Dr. Hazani and his staff were/are amazing. I was very nervous this morning as this is my first major surgery. The doctor made me feel very comfortable. I met with the anesthesiologist and he eased me fears. I don't even remember being put to sleep!
When I met with Hazani yesterday, I told him I only wanted 600 ccs max. He ended up giving me 780 ccs!!!!! My ass looks HUGE and my waist is SNATCHED. On a scale of 1-10, my pain level is about a 6. Nayely is very sweet and said I'm recovering nicely! I'm just very dehydrated so all I want is fluids. I'll post updates after my post op

Post op

My post op was today! Got my garment and pillow. The pillow works wonders! Felt so good to ride in a car like normal. Dr. Hazani loves the way I look. He said I have one of the best results he's ever done. He joked and said if I get on Instagram, I would get followers immediately! Haha!
He gave me 780 ccs and I had only wanted 600 max. Right now, it looks super fake to me. But everyone else thinks it looks good. My waist is incredibly tiny and it's my favorite thing so far! Can't wait for the swelling to go down so I can start showing off my body.
No seroma, but he says I need to start massaging asap. I'm scheduling a massage for next Monday. My body is super sore to the touch. Putting on the garment was so hard!!! My stomach is super tender as are my hips and thighs. Been using arnica for bruising. And Neosporin for my incisions. Took a shower and it felt so amazing. Recovery has been the hardest part. But I get better everyday. I've walked to the store almost everyday since Monday. I fly home tomorrow and praying everything goes smoothly. I hope the plan isn't full so I can lay down. Next update will be in two weeks

Two weeks post

I am exactly two weeks post toady! Time is flying! No real major issues, except I did have my first stage garment on too tight and it caused some numbness in my lower belly :-(. But I had my first lymphatic massage Saturday and it helped so much! I am scheduled for another one Monday. My hips have gone down a lot. I'm hoping they go down more because right now they are just too big for my taste. My projection is very natural and I'm happy with the amount of ccs I had transferred. I've been wearing some of my regular clothes and not sweats. Can't wait until I can wear crop tops. Next up date in two weeks


The damn pics didn't upload

4 weeks/one month post!

What a month it has been!! Life is almost back to normal. Most of the swelling has gone down and my body looks so phenomenal in clothes, and without! So let's get into this update..

*massages: I've had two lymphatic massages since surgery and they've helped so much!
The girl who does them said everything looks great and maybe two or three more are needed. I only have one area on my stomach that's hard and that's right around my belly button. I've been massaging it daily to get that out.

*Faja: I need to have the garment taken in asap as it's too big around my stomach. It's not tight and I feel like if it was tighter I would be ready to only wear it at night. I still wear it 24/7. I've been looking for one online that is mid thigh. I can't really wear anything because it comes down almost to my knees. It's over 95 degrees where I live so my wardrobe is limited lol. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

*Waist trainer: I just got a waist trainer (thanks @booty256!) From Amazon. Been wearing it for past few days and can definitely tell a difference. Good purchase.

*sitting: I still do not sit at all and sit on the yoga mat I cut in half. I haven't used the bbl pillow since 3 days post. I use one side for work, other side for my car. I lay down at home and sleep on my stomach.

There are so many envious, jealous, bitter hateful women in this world it's ludicrous.
I came back to work and immediately had people trying to interrogate me, gossip about me behind my back, ado my friends at work did I get my ass done, or calling me fake. I usually dress nice at work and I guess I was getting a lot of attention, made them even more upset!
I've had some really supportive friends which has made it easier on me. I did have one woman come up to and ask me how did I get my body like this :-). I told her I went to Beverly hills and got sculpted by dr Hazani. She said I wish I could look like you! Felt great after hearing negativity at work all day.

Next update will be in a month!

two months post

Hi real self ladies! I'm officially two months post! I can't believe it's been that long already.
This won't be a super detailed update as much hasn't really changed. My swelling is almost gone except my lower back and lower stomach. I still wear my garment paired with my waist trainer as often as I can. My lower stomach still gets hard and swollen if it's not compressed sometimes. I have lost a little projection on my hips. But my shape is still very much there. No other issues really and I started sitting. My thighs are doing well and haven't gained any weight! Need to get my eating habits under control.

I may do a round 2 in the future for more hips only. Otherwise I am very happy with my shape still.
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

Sr. Hazani is very personable and nice. Felt very comfortable with him and explaining what I'm looking for

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