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I've been thinking of getting liposuction for a...

I've been thinking of getting liposuction for a while, but changed my mind to a bbl. I have a pretty good figure, and the 3d images I've had with another doctor blew me away so much, I decided to have this procedure. I initially had a consultation with Dr. Sacha Obaid in Dallas. He is a phenomenal person and very sweet. I felt very comfortable with him during my consultation. The price he gave me was very expensive for my budget ($10,500). I decided to look elsewhere to see if I could find someone with a similar background, who does great work. I researched all the top names; Dr. Ghavami, Dr. Miami, Dr. Cortes, Dr. Hazani, and others. Some I liked better than others, and some just completely frightened me!
I saw Dr. Fisher was doing a special for a bbl for $5500+ 12 areas of liposuction. I was floored, AND impressed with his work. I called to ask to see how far he's booked up this year, September 2016. Deposit is $1000. I am booking my surgery date in two weeks. I am beyond excited! During my consultation with Dr. Obaid, he told me I don't have too much fat on my stomach. It's mostly my thighs. So I know I'll be looking smoking coming this fall! I'll update more pics etc after I have everything set in stone.
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