stuck between campos and hasan

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I have been stalking this site for over a year...

I have been stalking this site for over a year now, (this and MMH), now I'm ready to get the shape and booty I want!! I am 5'2 between 175 and 180 pounds, no hips ): , perky Brest and a booty that is "ight" lol. I have no kids and I am 23 years old!! 2 years ago I was only 130 pounds and then I blew up. Smh

I've changed Dr's a million and one times in my head over the passed year lol from Dr Cabral , to Cardenas, to Pantoja, to Salama, back to Pantoja , To Duran, to Cortes, and now Hasan!

I'm thinking about going to DR HASAN. My #1 choice was Duran but i can not get a passport for legal reasons, so I wanted to go to Dr cortes but he is out of my price range and that hurts my heart!!! Seriously!!! Lol I loooovvveeeeee the shapes he gives girls! His hips and bootys are A1!

Now I'm stuck between Hasan and Salama! I want a big fat bubble butt with crazy dramatic hips. I want the hourglass look! I want my whole upper body (aggresive) lipo'd including my arms maybe and fat transfer to my butt, hips and lips if possible!

I LOVE hasan work and I'm pretty much set on him but this pass week I seen some salama girls and I now I'm stuck between Hasan and Salama!

I want the Dr who can give me a very nice projected bubble butt with a flat stomach and crazy hips who is also good at lipo!


The Hasan patient I posted as my wish pics (i pray she dosent mind) , is the reason why I decided on Hasan, I was iffy on him when I read he dosent do hips but Idk, I'm so confused lol
The first wish pic sums up what I want, a very dramatic look with the hips and big butt and flat stomach!

whos more aggressive with lipo?

Who's more aggressive with lipo?
Hasan or Salama? I'm pretty much set on Hasan, but if salama can do a Better job, I might go to him. I need my stomach and back done and love handles and arms done too, back to "normal".
Weight gain is a B*tch!

Tijuana , Mexico Campos

When I first started lurking on Real self And MMH, Tijuana was the go to place ! Now it seems like everyone Is just flocking to the DR!

I would love to go to the DR but can't get my passport and if I go to mexico I think I can cross back into the States with my birth certificate! Especially since my address is a San Diego Address. Right next to the border!

So now I'm stuck, Campos or Vanity (Hasan). I need projection and hips and a huge fatty...I'm so torn on who to choose!

I would love to go to Cortes but can't afford him );
I swear he is the Man!!!

Anyways, I hear that Vanity is messing up and I don't wanna put up with any Bullish*t!

So now I am thinking about Campos!! I know he can give me a fat ass and hips (which I desperately need).

Has anybody ever had passport issues with warrants?

I have a misdemeanor warrant, so even if I'm able to get my passport, when coming back to America, TSA will stop me );
Anybody have any info on this type of situation? It sucks when your pass from 4 years ago holds you back! Mines is currently holding me back from getting this BBL done by Duran and it sucks!

Hasan and FL hips and 4 litters.

I need the widest most dramatic hips ever. I have none and want some that look over the top with a fat ass to match!Duran can give me that and Hasan can't );
I love DR Hasan ASS'es tho!! I just wish Florida surgeons could suck out more then 4 liters ! I wanna be sucked dry LMAO NO FAT !

campos maybe?

I don't need a passport for Tijuana ... but do you guys think he can give me that Dominican republic vixen look? I see people go to mexico and almost always need a round 2 because something like back fat wasn't lipo'es :/
Can Campos give that dramatic video vixen look like Duran?


O..M..G! Hasan has been my choice with just a tad of iffyness. I never considered fisher. But today I seen the new fisher dolls and OMG, they are shaped really good!! Hasan and his lipo is A1, I just Dont like the no hip thing. Especially since I have negative 0 hips Lol.
Fisher new dolls shapes are driving me crazy! Lol I want the over the top dramatic Look. I don't wanna look natural at all. I want a crazy shape,no small stomach, no waist and crazy wide dramatic hips with a fat ass. I see that onthe nEw fisher dolls!! (You ladies are looking good.) Got me thinking now!

1.)who's better in your opinion with the more dramatic look and shape?!

2.) Whos booties come out bigger with more side projection? (I think Hasan) what do you think?


I meant *No stomach.

still stuck between hasan and campos

I love hasan lipo and booties i just cant get over the hip thing because i really want dramatic looking hips. Like the DR girls!
I have petty warrants but i can still get my passport its just when i come back to the states from the DR i Think i will have problems with tsa! And i dont want that. Or else i would be going to Duran.
I think i love campos. Been watching his work for a few years now, and idk, it seems like they dont do a A1 job in tj with the lipo like the DR surgeons. i dont see enough campos girls come back to show off much of his work. Kinda leaves me lost.
I just want all the fat sucked off of me with a huge fat ass and some crazy nice hips and no stomach. *deep sigh*
oh and i love salzahaur *spell check* work!!!! I just cant afford him );
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