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I just typed this big long review on my phone and...

I just typed this big long review on my phone and it all got deleted. Anyway to sum things up im going in august for my bbl. I haven't picked an exact date but i know I want to go in august before school starts. Ive talked to Anaily so much im probably getting on her nerves but anyway ill post pre op pics of my ugly body but I really want him to get rid pf my love handles and give me a nice shape but ill probably try to lose about 15 to 20lbs before I go just for better results im going to start working out june 1st and I promise to keep updated. Im so excited!

Work it off

Ok so I decided I need to lose about 15 to 20 lbs before I go for sx so I can have really good results and go from 170 to 150 and then let hasan take bout 20 or more lbs off. I know I can do it though especially with the support im already getting from other dolls. Im starting hard dieting and exercise june 1st. I got 2 months to get this off but im so motivated. Im so excited I cant wait I wish I had a workout partner though but I cant depend on my lazy ass friends.

my wish pictures

I have a wide frame but I do want to get my waist as small as possible. Im going to do waist training after my surgery to get better results but I thought I would upload some wish pics

Almost there!

Ok I only have 1200 left to pay. Im closer and closer and more excited. Yesterday my aunt from nc told me that she had a bbl last year and she loves her bubble butt. She's going back for a tummy tuck soon. She sent me pics and told me her husband gets mad when she leaves the house lol. She also told how much pain I will be in but that its worth it. Im just so ready I wanna scream. I might go back for BA butt I'd go somewhere closer to home.

Scheduled my date!

I talked to Ana this morning and scheduled my sx date(8/7/14). Me and another girl are both scheduled. I wish I knew who she was so we could support each other but either way I got my rs dolls for that lol. My mama is going with me and my best friend so it makes me feel a little safer. My daddy on the other hand is PISSED OFF. He thought I was playing this whole time lol. He told me I'm going to end up on 60 minutes. The way he acts kinda makes me nervous cause he's almost positive that its going to end up horribly. I keep trying to ignore it and stay committed to the cause. I was walking past him and he just yelled "WHO YOU GETTIN NAKED FOR??" lmao I hollered it was so damn funny to me. I try and try and try to ignore his lil ways but he wont shut up! Anyway I quit smoking and started my exercise and diet yesterday and im more motived than ever.


Its not even been a week and ive lost 7lbs! Im so excited I know its probably water weight but I dont care all I know is number on the scale went down. I might reach my goal a lil faster. Ill upload pics when I start to see a difference

Almost There!!

I weighed myself again and lost a total of 12 lbs! Im more than positive that im going to reach my goal really soon if I stay strong and committed. Dr. Hasan baby here I come

Finishing touches

I talked to Ana (my coordinator) about weight loss and where I should I be before sx and she told me between 165-170. The more fat the better. Im just so excited im counting down the days. Ive been trying to get my arms and thighs tight and toned. One problem I did come across is when I was telling her I was going some where else for my massages and she told me no! So I asked why not and she told me that another girl had went somewhere else and didn't get properly drained and had to stay 15 days. I definitely cant do that I gotta back to work. I dont know what to think about that. Also I found a website called leonisa who have compression garments for $80. I just dont know what size to get. I where a 11 in pants and m/l in shirts. So I thought maybe get a xl in the garment but then idk how it will fit after surgery. Help me please.


Ok I only have 5 more weeks but I feel like time cant go by any slower. I'm so ready to get this done and over with. I worked hard to save my lil money for this surgery and I'm ready to show out! Ive been doing some slight workouts and my butt seems bigger already.(ill upload pics). I know it's a few other girls who have surery the same day as me but all i'm saying is Vanity better have they shit right cause I've read a few complaints on how they were disorganized and tried to play people. Anyway i've been seeing some great results from other girls on here which has me even more anxious. I keep coming up with questions everyday and worrying how am I going to drive t work, how am I going to sleep cause its already hard to sleep on my stomach now, and how will I look? IM GOING CRAZY

Paid in Full Baby!!

Im so FXCKING excited!!! I only have 20 days left. In the A.M im calling to make my last payment and pay off my hotel and massages. I've been stalking everyones results and I PRAY mine are just as amazing. I wish I could go to sleep and fast forward time. I just cant believe im getting so close to my moment. Imma call Ana in the a.m. Last time I felt like she rushed me off the phone but imma tell her it's my body and my surgery and if I got questions you gone answer them. Oh yeah and I weighed my self and Im at 165 I hope I dont gain anymore. They told me to be between 165 and 170. I want to get back down to 160 which I think is possible and shouldnt be a problem I hope.


Ok last time I talked to Anna I asked her about my blood work and she told me to start taking iron pills, which I've been taking. I orded some lipofoam from amazon so now the only thing to worry about is my garment and I'm going to get that from this place in miami that sells em for $58. I do want to ask Dr. Hasan can I stay awake durin surgery because they say it gives you better results in sculpting your body. Im going to ask him at my consultation instead of calling. We're all so excited! I cant believe this is happening and im actually doing this, my whole life is going to be changed forever! I cant wait!

3 days!!!! Turn Up!!

Im sooo excited man can't nothing or nobody kill my joy right now! Although I have came across a few speed pumps I don't feel like they should be big problems. I'm just now getting over a 24hr stomach virus and I don't know if its going to effect anything with my tests results. I got a call from Hasans nurse and she told me I shoulda did my test with my primary physician. Now I dont have time to do it because I have to work 7a - 7p mon & tues and im leaving tues after work. But with me working at a hospital I can go to employee health and get it done but they really frown on that. I just dont know what to do. And to anyone still taking phentermine STOP TAKING IT NOW! At least a week before sx. But I pray my labs and everything are ok and that there is nothing wrong with I would be so devastated. I've been watching my bp and vital signs and they are great and my iron tested 40 which is also good. So I pray everything is fine. Fingers crossed!


Ready to leave! I weighed myself today and I am 166 and they told me to be between 165-170 so im ok. Im just ready to go do my labs and meet with hasan! Im too turnt up lol. I couldn't even sleep last night so I definitely won't get any tonight but oh well I can sleep in recover. I just pray everything goes as planned.

At Vanity as we speak

Ok im here at vanity ready to get my labs done. Im waiting on Anna and I hope somebody hurries up cause its kinda packed.

the front desk

day 1 before and after pics

Ok I was a bloody drainy mess but omg the difference is unbelievable. I am happy with my results so far but ladies please take everything I am telling you into consideration. Vanity is the most careless unprofessional place you could ever have work done at. Its like a drive through clinic. The staff is so rude and unfriendly that they make you feel like you did something wrong to them. The day after my surgery they had me stand and wait for 3 hrs just to see his assistant and she didn't even remove my garment. Its always packed in there. They same nurse asked me 3x who was my surgery with. I was like really wtf. In recovery every body was exposed in one room, I was like damn and then they didn't even wear gloves at some point. Not when they handled my pee or put my iv in. It's honestly a drive in clinic and they drop you off in a back ally that was dark and dirty. Ughh im just so displeased with my experience there that I cant believe it. Although im happy with my results my service was terrible like they dont give a rats ass but ill posts more pics later today.

2 days post

trying to upload pics

Sorry dolls im trying to post pics but it wont let me. Thank you all for your sweet comments. Im on my way to vanity to meet with hasan and get drained some more

more pics

catching up

Ok so I have the absolute worst time sleeping at night. I can't sleep on my stomach because it just hurts my back so bad so im up every 3hrs just to walk around and not be so stiff. As for my booty its blown up and I love it and my stomach looks better and better every day. The pics do no justice, it literally looks as if I have a corset on. And omg my hips....smh my measurments is 34 30 46. And ive always been a wide thick boned girl. Hasan created a masterpiece. As for vanity, like I said before they are the most unprofessional company hassn needs a whole new staff. His assistant was texting on the phone while he was draining me and he let her have it and then when I was leaving paris br was going hard on her. They just suck ass as a team its just disgusting how rude they are. I wanna go down there and smack some english into all those spanish hoes. Day 1 after surgery they had me stand for 3 hrs leaning on the counter and then didn't even remove my garment to check me she touched my butt and said I was fine smh. Now that im healing im ready to fight lol.

wont let me upload pics

Im trying to show off pics but rs trippin so ill try again after work
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