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Hi, everyone, I have been following this website...

Hi, everyone, I have been following this website for years. Two years ago, I found out about this procedure and I haven't kept my mind off of it. Im getting my procedure done in November 7th. I hope that I come out happy with my results. I already booked a flight and hotel. Bought my supplies. I get super anxious bc I feel like I still need more things. I just want to be 100% ready!!

Supplies and other things I still might need

My Supplies so far:
Women on the go travel Kit
Curad Gauze Pads
Great Value Disinfecting Wipes
Wet Ones Hand Wipes
Huggies Baby Wipes
Equate Flushable Wipes
Dial Lavender Antibacterial Soap
Feminine Cleansing Wash
Band-Aid Large Waterproof Pad
Bactine Pain Relieving Cleansing Spray
germ-X sanitizing gel
Band-Aid First Aid antiseptic
Curad paper tape for sensitive skin
Shower poof
Scar gel
Equate Stool Softener
Total About $50.00

Things I still need to order:
Faja with holes on the butt, its $130 but the website offers a coupon for 25%off so its $97.50

Things I will order from Walmart.com
Assurance Underpads Extra Large 10ct $5.68
Hyland's Arnica 30x Pain Relief Medicine Tablets, 50 count $6.97
Poolmaster Classic Floating Pool Lounger $17.44
Your Choice Ozark Trail Folding Chair $6.88

Lipo board from http://www.fajassalomeusa.com/ $20.00

Flight and where to stay, massages and transportation

My mom is going to be coming with me. We are flying with Delta on November 5th.
I paid a total of $452.40 for both of us, for a round trip. From New York to Miami.
We will be staying a total of 6 days.
We will be staying at Extended Stay America for those days, 6 days for $$551.95 before taxes.
Which is not that bad considering that all the other hotels around there cost more. My room includes double beds and a private bathroom. Fully equipped kitchen with refrigerator, stovetop, microwave, coffee maker, cooking utensils, dishes, and cutlery.
I'm only 7 days away from my surgery and I'm worried about the massages and transportation. My mom can't drive for her life. I'm thinking I will just schedule rides with a local cab. For the massages, Im still doing research unfortunately.

Dc James Mcadoo

Ok So my surgery was yesterday Nov 2014 so here is the run down at want when through the last few days.

On Oct 31-

I received a call my PC and told me if I wanted to pay my full balance and I'll get the faja for free. I was like yea sure I was days close to my surgery. My first payment was for 2,250 then 650. So my reminder was 1.600. So ok whatever I paid that amount.
Minutes later I received a call from someone else from the clinic( (Hassan's assistant), asking me for my overall health stats. They asked me for my height and weight. So I told then 5'2" and 170 lbs. She told me that my BMI was over 30 and that Dr Hassan didn't accept anyone over that BMI. I was so upset, because I seen Hassan operate on much fatter looking patients. I was so scared and mad, because she told me only a Dr names James Mcadoo. I told her that if there was another Dr who did surgery on girls over Dr. And she told me Dr. Bass. But she told me she didn't recommend him. But I have heard about Dr. Bass before on the forum. So I told her I would call back, so I could do my own research. I research on Realself and didn't find anything!! Only one review with no pics. And then I research Dr. Bass and I didn't find very good things about him, honesty the pics of the girls. I saw look worst after than before. I was so nervous. And I was like "hey" back on December-January, When I first send my pics in to get a quote. They offered me Dr Fisher, They wanted to push him to me as now They're trying to do with James Macdoo. I research his name on google, and didn't find anything bad as malpractice or deaths. So that made me feel better and I called them back and told them I chose Mcadoo. I had a nice Halloween and enjoyed my candy, since I was already being kicked out of Hassan's team for being a fat girl lol.

November 5th-

We arrived here to miami. My hotel Extended Stay America in 8655 NW 21st Terrace. It's very close to a Walmart Superstore. The room was nice and clean very ecomonical if you choose the "the best rate" and then look for a coupon at Retailmenot.com.

November 6th-

I went to get my blood and urine test done and the consultation with the doctor. I was so scared for my hemoglobin levels because they have always been low. I had been taking my Iron 65Mg pills and B12s I got at vitamin world just a couple of weeks ago. Then they took pictures of my body in every angle. They also made me try my on faja. The waiting time between these things was slow. I had to wait for the doctor to get out of surgery for my consultation. Another 2 ladies, I overheard were waiting for him too. One of them was like in her 50's and the other was a slim women. So I didn't feel like part of the fat girl team anymore lol. Finally I went to see the doctor, and he was a very smiley face and ask me what kind of butt was I looking for, if I had a wish picture. I told him that I didn't. So he showed my pics of upside down heart butts and shelves. I told him that the heart butt can look saggy sometimes and ,that I don't like how the shelve butt pops out of nowhere from the back. That I wanted something that 'melts' into my back and legs but that still big and natural. I told him that I did have someone on mind, and he googled "Andressa Soares". He explained what areas he would have to lipo and inject fat to have a similar look to hers. I'm happy that he let me show him someone I would like to look like. I was also happy about the areas he pointed out bc I thought the same. So that was that. Me and my mom left and went to eat to "El Riconcito Latino" right on the same strip mall. While I was eating my PC, called me to ask me about my massages and that its was crucial that I got them there, bc thats what the doctors like. So it was $350 for 5 massages, which its expensive. But I gave in because my mom insisted that she wanted me to get them there. She told me she would call me later for the time of my surgery. So I went back to Vanity to pay for massages.
After that we went to Walmart to buy small packs of water and ginger ale, Soups, turkey slices, whole wheat, act. So they called and told me my surgery was at 12pm and that I was the third one bc they were still waiting for my labs. I couldn't eat anything before 8 hrs of the surgery. NO makeup NO creams, lotions, perfumes Nothing, NO nail polish.

November 7th-

I woke up at 9:30 am to take a shower and get ready. I received a voice mall while showering. They told me to come at 1pm instead because all the surgeries had been delayed by one hrs. No big deal. So it was 12pm and I called the cab to get there before 1pm, It came super fast and my mom was still putting her shoes one. And the driver didn't even bother to call me or the hotel to let us now he was outside. So I called them again at 12:40 PM and they told me they were sorry bc they wrote my phone number wrong so they could contact me to let me know. They took so long to send my another one. I got at Vanity at 1:35pm, I was so mad and my mom.

I got there and the receptionist was like ok take a seat. I was ilke they were calling me already because Im late to my surgery!! She was helping another patient, And took her own sweet time, she finally checked the computer and was oh I see it was at 1PM, I rolled my eyes and she called the nurse to come for me. So one of the nurses came and took me to pee more. to do a pregnancy test. And told me to get undressed, and put my little paper dress, another lady came and took pics of my naked body again. She helped me put my compression socks on. The doctor came and marked me. The marker tickled so much, he left. And then anesthesiologist, she a sweet lady. She asked me basic questions weight, height, family history, allergies etc. Then I was taken to operation room, I was layer on my back and they took my pressure, and put the big fat needle on my poor little hand. Oxygen mask was on and I was knocked out, I only saw the anesthesiologist and one the nurses there. I think I went into surgery like at around 3pm. When I woke up I wasn't on that much on pain, mostly discomfort. I just felt really tired and sleepy still. I woke up to a whole different nurse I have never seem before. I don't know how the heck she got my faja on. My mouth felt soiled and rocky, she offered me gatorade. And it felt like heaven bc of my grainy feeling mouth. I waited there until 830pm when I could get up and walk slowly. She told my mom to call the cab and she laid me back there until the cab came. The cab came and I laid on my belly in the back seats. I was able to walk to the hotel. Thank goodness I asked for a handicapped room because its right close to the lobby.

I went to my room and open my robe to check myself right away on the mirror. Even though Im so swollen and when I said swollen I mean it. But my waist feels tiny.Considering I never had a waist before. They stuffed me with so much gauze material. On my back and lower tummy. The worst part is laying on my belly. I woke up with my face so swollen because of the laying.

November 8th-

So today I had my first massage at 7am, It didn't hurt just a little on the side. The lady said that it didn't hurt because I had still have some of the anesthesia in my system, I had my follow up with the doctor as well he told me everything look good. I got a smaller faja and I got my boar and foam. Right now Im wearing a triangle on my lower back and the board. My lower tummy is dark purple and soooooo swollen.

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Realself is not letting me upload any pics


I'm really happy with my results, I can't wait for the swelling to go down and take my faja off to take better pictures. I feel like I got a complete new body, better than I thought.


Buns and waist looking good, even with the foams and board, swelling very happy.

The worst part

I'm wearing my foams and board 24 hrs a day. My belly and back are still very purple and swollen. But they don't hurt. The tough part about this recovery for me, is standing up all day and laying down on my stomach. I wake up with a pounding headache, neck pain and shoulders. I feel like crying. This has struck me hard. I'm currently only taking the medication to prevent infection. I'm not taking any pain medication, since I was told would make me swell.

Video and some pics

I wear leggings and loose, long, shirts. To hide my surgery with other family members that live in the same house lol
Miami Physician

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