DR. O Really Good? - Miami, FL

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I have hips and boob's so need my booty back lol.....

I have hips and boob's so need my booty back lol... I hope to get my shape back coke bottle shape.....I want a K Michelle shape but not ass much... I have read reviews on DR O some bad but mostly good I'm very nervous hoping the outcome is great,

Want to lose 15 pounds before my surgery

My BMI is 30.5 which Is below 34 I was told I was good but I would like to lose 15 POUNDS before my surgery in March any tips you guys and below is my body goals

The Ugly

Wasn't going to upload these photos but what the heck I am 5'7 195 I am very solid so I'm not trying to lose too much weight bc when I do I look too small so 89180-175 will do me find trying to lose like 10 to 15 pounds by March 14 my coordinator said my BMi is 30.5 which is ok but I just want to make sure I'm good so I can get the best results


wish pictures

Once the fat is removed from belly I will work hard on getting abs since my c-section my top belly will get hard but the bottom thats a whole different story

Booty Buddy and 50 days to go

Has anyone used the booty buddy its cheaper than a bbl pillow

It's about to get REAL

45 days to go and 10 more pounds to lose I'm nervous and anxious doubling up my iron because I know that is low I have been told by my doctors for years to take iron pills because I am borderline anemic I'm praying all goes well with that I can't stay off this site I'm so obsessed with this lol and I'm ready for my bootay!

Trying to lose 10 more pounds by March 14 help

My BMI is 30.5 I'm trying to get it around 28ish so if I lose 10 more pounds will be in that area anyone have any tips? Time is flying almost ready to do my blood work

30 days To Miami

Getting nervous as ever today brought some supplies...just thinking about this surgery is putting butterflies in my stomach..paid majority of my surgery up few days ago owe $900 will pay that nextweek...trying to get this recovery house together Moni she playing around

Nervous and Anxious

Getting real nervous flights booked recovery house booked surgery paid for supplies brought except my compression garments will get them there I also brought a booty buddy pillow that thing was high hope it works well come on March 15


Received a email saying that on Feb 17 his licensed was suspended he can only perform Tummy tucks with no lipo vanity are some hoes bc i called them Friday which was what 19 was not told this they have my money and I hear it hard to get it back in a timely manner I'm thinking on Fisher but does he do a thick chic right?

changed to Mcadoo

17 days i ordered compression socks, vitamins, chux, Neosporn, lipo boards, lipo foam, soap, baby wipes, anti bacteria cleansing spray, Aranica pills, gauze, a booty buddy, female urinal..doing labs tomorrow...

16 days to I see The Booty lol

Did Labs yesterday I know they are going to come back good and i will be cleared for surgery

Obsessed with Real Self? maybe just a little lol

Has anyone ordered their compression garments fromhttp://www.ebay.com/itm/Fajas-Diane-Geordi-2397-Womens-Body-Shaper-Postsurgery-Girdle-/161849064583?var=&hash=item25aef4bc87:m:mL6VQ9IkMGfXdKthh4UqaJQ if so did you follow the chart sizing and was it accurate trying to save money bc vanity sells there's for $120 I'm getting two...and also I brought this booty buddy pillow may need a back support when driving what do you guys recommend for that?

Did Labs yesterday got results back today

Labs back today ugh they where closed at Vanity....now the waiting game its getting REAL!!.. I'm currently writing a letter on what I want I plan to give it to Dr.Mcadoo on my pre op day..I'm praying on this procedure

14 days to Go

Wish pictures

10 Days Until my surgery


Headed to Miami Today

I lied said no more updates until after my surgery but anyways.....I'm so nervous and anxious at the same time..surgery is set for Tuesday you guys keep me in your prayers

Riding the bus there was the worst idea ever flying back

I could not find a flight to get me to Miami in time for my pre op appointment and that was reasonable price so I chose to ride the bus there ughhhhhhh....worst decision ever the people on the bus are so annoying and it's 31 hours will make it to Miami Monday around 1

At Encore for PreOp

Arrived early to Miami this morning around 8am I complain about Houston's traffic I believe Miami's traffic is worse.. Moni she is cool I'm not so nervous as I where...There are a few girls in here one just came out of surgery she is laying on the couch in the waiting area...not to be mean but she is...well never mind lol...waiting to do my paper work and to be giving my surgery time tomorrow..

Met the Doctor

Showed him my picture said make it big as ever lol and will have my boyfriend make me this chair he said for me to sleep on so it gets bigger

Surgery at 430am

I told the Doctor I would like to be first and he was like everyone wants to be first lol but guess what I'm first I'm so nervous

Recovery house

Recovery house pictures


I must say that so far I'm pleased with mt outcome and ladies Dr.McAddo has some great pointers on how to keep you from losing fat in your butt he told me about sleeping in a lawn chair with the butt part cut out that will make it even bigger...so I sent my boo out to get the chair and have ready for me when I return lol I will post more pictures later this pain ain't no punk

On my way home

These last few days I have had the worst head ache ever and come to find out it was BC of the pain meds I have to take a half of pill...my appetite isn't much..now I'm at the airport waiting on my flight I tried to sit on my booty buddy pillow but that is uncomfortable so I'm kneeling people looking at me crazy but I do not care paid good money for this booty loL I haven't posted many pictures BC I haven't been feeling well but once I get home I will post more...Ready to be back home already!

Two weeks as of today

Hey ladies I have not posted in a while but just been busy and getting back to the world I have started driving again and ugh my bootybuddy pillow is so uncomfortable but hey I got to get to my money...I think I smashed some fat away bc I slept on my side everyone says its in my head hmm idk My waist is "34 ...30" is the goal...here are a few pics

LAST Night takes

Yesterday in my new sun dress and out last night

Not happy with my results anymore !!!

These rolls and my booty is smaller not liking this at all smh I won't be getting another bbl ever if I could turn back the time I wouldn't have gotten it done waste of money to me...not happy

It's been a min

Hey ladies just a quick update waist is at 31" my goal was 30" but going to try to get down to "27 have to get a new garment money been funny bc I was off for a month due to the surgery my boyfriend broke up with me but F him I look fabulous measurements are 38-31-49 ????????

Tummy Tuck next

It's been almost 8 months since I had my BBL and overall my booty looks good but my back rolls and the loose skin on my belly when I sit down ???? So I'm currently on the look for a Doctor that can get these rolls off my back and my waist needs to be a little bit smaller currently 31" I've been eating lol but I'm going for 26" waist here

Thinking about a tummy tuck

My waist needs to be smaller my boyfriend said that I don't need to get a tummy tuck but if I can't reduce it by corset training and exercising TUMMY TUCK here I come!!!! And I have to wait until school is out but I'm searching for a doctor
Dr. o

Haven't spoke with him

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