BBL w/ Extra Arm and Inner Thigh Lipo - Dr. Ghurani - July 19, 2016! Spectrum - Miami, FL

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Hi Ghurani Dollz!!! Recently, my friend told me...

Hi Ghurani Dollz!!!

Recently, my friend told me all about BBL and I brushed it off as if she was crazy!! After she sent me a picture of a before/after, my jaw dropped and I could not believe that this even existed. (So Naïve!) I did tons of research on RealSelf to find the best doctor (that I can afford). After having two beautiful babies, my body took a beating and as much as I workout, I lose my butt first!!! Ughh...Hate that!!

I am so lucky to stumble on Spectrum Aesthetics' website. While all of the results on the Before/After page are great, I chose Dr. Ghurani because I really like his results! LizBeth Perez is my coordinator, she is very prompt and informative. She provided me with details to make me feel comfortable (since I am traveling alone) and reassured me that Dr. G does great work. Yep, I am so serious about this and have done all my research.... I did not hesitate and immediately put down a deposit to lock in my date at the end of September 2016 (let me know if anyone will be there -- I need a recovery buddy!), I booked my flight and recovery house based on recommendation from LizBeth, and requested my two weeks off work. Scared but excited!!!!!!! If anyone has any advice, please don't hesitate to share. I will document every step of my journey here!!!

5 months away and I cannot wait...

Age: 32
Current Weight: 152 (goal is to lose 12 lbs by surgery date)
Current Measurements: 36 - 31- 39
Wish Measurements: 36 - 24 - 42
Type of Procedure: Brazilian Butt Lift w/ Inner Thigh Lipo


Changed Date to July 2016!!

I just could not wait 5 months!! I was able to take two weeks off this summer so I changed my surgery date to the third week in July! Called LizBeth and she was so helpful to look for availability for me and make the change. After I received the approval I was so excited I called the office 3 times to get her as if i was in a state of emergency. LOL! Whoops! Sorry... I was just so excited! Although I did not leave a voicemail, she called me back immediately after she got off the phone. =]. Service is on point!

YeaHhhhhh now 3 months away!!!

If anyone is going the third week of July! Let me know.

3 Months Away... Gotta Burn Off at least 15 lbs!

Ok so.. I cannot lose my last 15 lbs of this baby weight and I really need to get to the 130s before I go in for my procedure. (This was not a requirement for my surgery, this is just a personal goal).

I started a cleanse today to help me jump start this diet. So... after my second child, I went on this 10 day cleanse using and had great results from it. Decided to try it again... it is DAY 1 for me... and I actually feel not as hANGRY. :) I also had to give up my daily coffee and wine for this cleanse which is helpful since I have to force myself to not drink herbal tea or alcohol within the 30 days before surgery. Ughh!

I'll check back after this cleanse and let you know if it's a success this time!

Which BBL Pillow???

I've been reading a lot on pillows after BBL. Found this website for a Booty Buddy Pillow

Has anyone used this or have any recommendations? The reviews on the website are great and it's $79.99.

See if you have a Recovery Buddy!

BBL Pillow... Dr. Miami Booty Buddy ORDERED!

Well, I was looking for a discreet... comfortable... all black pillow. I just ordered Dr. Miami Booty Buddy to use post-op since I have to fly home, drive frequently, and sit when I work. The best part to this is the back support! Let me know if anyone used this and how it worked for you!!!

Just in case you have FAQs!!!!

This was helpful so I can plan ahead! Thought I share... because i ask a ton of questions and need to know everything before I go.

Is you PS Certified????

Well I came across a ton of crazy articles on plastic surgery in Miami in the last hour. And it really freaked me out. Don't go and google them, but what you should do... Is Google America Board of Plastic Surgery and see if your doctor is certified under Plastic Surgery. I found that in Florida, anyone can perform surgery....... Scary!

Thank the lort! Ghurani is the real deal!! ???????????? Certified!!! I feel relieved...

Extra Arm Lipo Added Today....

So... I went to a weeding this weekend and had to travel for five days. I was doing so well on my cleanse and completely blew it. I lost 4lbs before I left and feel like I gained 10lbs!! Ugh! After putting on my sleeveless cocktail dress, I noticed that my arm had a puffy fat pocket in the back of my right upper arm (see photo).... I never had this before... I wonder if this happened after baby #2 and aging????? I tried to tone it but it made my arm even larger. It bothered me so much, I reached out to LizBeth and added arm lipo to my already inner thigh lipo and BBL. Dr. Ghurani ....please help me get my pre-baby body back!!!!

If anyone had arm lipo, please let me know what you did for recovery, garment, firming lotion, scar cream used, etc to make your skin retract and heal...... Any details would be helpful....

Measurement Update...

As of today....

Age: 32
Current: 36-31-38
Arms: 12.5"
Thighs: 24"
Weight: 157

Gained 5lbs...ugh! 2 months away to lose at least 12lbs. I would like to go in at 145 since weight gain happens after surgery. I'll settle for 150. Lol

Wish Goal: 36-24-42
Wish Weight: 145

Compression Garment for Arms...?

Adding the arm lipo require compression garment to the arms and I was told that I had to pay $50 extra for it. Went to buy a compression sleeve from Has anyone used this before?

Scared and Nervous....

Well I read the news today and my heart goes out to the two young children of the West Virginia's mom. I also read that McAdoo was not certified. Shame...

So happy that Ghurani is DOUBLE certified and that put me at ease just knowing that, but still nervous at the same time. Please make sure you do your research on the American Board of Plastic Surgeon.

Vitamin Time!!

I used to take this Prenatal Vitamin regardless of pregnancy or not. I stopped for a year and now that I am 2 months out ...I began my vitamin supplement in preparation for surgery. I healed pretty fast after both pregnancy so hopefully this will give me the same result!

HmMmm... What should I Buy/Pack??

Ok, so based on my research from other Dolls and the list from Spectrum, I have gathered my checklist on what to bring and buy when I get to Miami... Packing light with things I will need!!!! Just need to know if Spectrum provides Ab Board and Lipo Foam....if anyone knows please do tell!

Essential Items to Buy
- Dial Antibacterial Soap Bar
- Q-Tips / Cotton
- Dr. Miami Booty Buddy Pillow
- Arnica Tablet 30x
- Arnica Gel
- DucloEase Stool softener
- Nivea Firm & Tone Lotion
- Always Feminine Wipes
- Mederma
- Silicone Tape
- Neosporin
- Pill case
- Compression Socks Extra Firm
- Compression Sleeves
- Compression Garment

Stuff to Pack
- Maxi Dresses (3
- Slipper
- Backpack
- Towels and Wash cloth
- Tank Tops
- Prescription card

Items to Buy in Miami
- Water
- Pedialyte
- Ensure Protein Shake
- Pineapple Juice
- Prune Juice
- Saltine Crackers

Pre/Post Supplements????? Yaaass!!!

I read that you can heal faster if you prepare yourself for surgery through diet and supplements. I made myself a timeline and thought I share this with you dolls in case you were wondering...

60 Days Pre
- Take multi vitamin (I take prenatal by Nature Made only because that's the best for women IMHO)

30 Days Pre
- No alcohol (ugh!)
- Multi Vitamin

15 Days Pre
- Make Payment & Lab Work
- Hematinic
- Multi Vitamin

3 Days Pre & 7 Days Post
- stop exercising
- Hematinic
- MultiVitamin
- Arnica
- Bromelain

DIET ONE WEEK PRE-SURGERY: 5 Meals Per Day - 3 main 2 snacks

BREAKFAST Good choices are cereal (any kind) with skim milk, fruits; eggs; toast or bagel.

LUNCH Salad, vegetable, meat of any kind such as beef, poultry, seafoods.

DINNER Salad; vegetable, white green; meat of any type.

SNACK Cheeses, yogurt, granola bar. Fruits are good snacks.

Wish pics!!!! 58 days away.... Yeahhhh

I found a handful of wish pics... I chose Dr. Ghurani for his projection and heart shape results... So I selected pictures similar to what I want... I cannot wait!!!!

Whoops forgot to attach..

Wish pics now attached!!!!

The Countdown.... 50 more days

I am so excited ...50 days seem so far away. Taking vitamins daily and I ordered all of my essential items.

More wish pics....

I hope my results will be this good....

Super Anxious...

I am so excited and anxious for my surgery day!! I've been on this website searching for other dolls who will be in Miami during the same week. I also continue to look for bad reviews on Dr. Ghurani and Claudia Recovery House, but I could not find anything. Thank goodness! This confirms that my decisions are good and I am at ease.

I went to the beach last week and will be back at the beach in two weeks. While I hate my body in a bikini, I absolutely am ok knowing that results are from my two precious kids.

I just need a few small items and I am done!

Final Wish Pics...!!

So these are my last two wish pics... this will be the two photos I will show Dr. Ghurani. I have two weeks before I need to get blood work done and I will be counting down the day until I get my new booty.


Received my call from the Lab Dept!!

So I received a call today from Evelyn to confirm my upcoming surgery date. She sent me two emails... 1. Lab Blood Work orders and 2. Medical Clearance. I am fasting today to get my blood work done tomorrow and made an appointment for Medical Clearance Exam with EKG on Monday. She also advised me to stop multivitamin 2 weeks before surgery and strictly take Vitamin C and Iron. She also ok'd me to take Arnica 3 days before surgery to help with healing. I am so excited!!! 27 Days away! Ekkkkkkk!!!

Late period....

Not pregnant.... My period came a few days late this month. Which is exciting because I was scheduled to have my period on my surgery day!! Now that it was a few days late... I am hoping that my July cycle will be pushed back too.

3 weeks away and now I am starting to feel nervous.... *sigh* and I cannot have a drink to calm my nerves... LOL

I am CLEARED!!!!!

I am all cleared for surgery now!!! Yay!! Blood count looks good at 13.5z I have my vitamin C and will start that strictly in 6 days so I don't get sick before surgery!!

I just cannot wait....

It is getting REAL dolls...

I check my countdown calendar everyday 20 times a day. My nerves are constantly shifting from nervous to excitement. I need to pack and decide what I should tell Dr Ghurani on how big I want my new booty and if I should print out pictures.

So much thoughts and so many questions, but I know it is normal and I will be in good hands with Ghurani and Claudia!!

No Weight Loss!!

Well after trying to lose weight and reading how it's best to have fat for the BBL. I stopped trying to get the 12lbs off. Especially since the dolls who are around my current height and weight had really great results.... I decided a few months ago that there's no need to lose the weight now bc I want volume in my behind.

I have my diet plan to lose weight after the surgery to keep my tiny waist and my motivation is the $7400 I am spending on this surgery. =]

I cannot gain weight after spending so much time and money on the procedure nor do I want a round 2.

I will update my measurements next week and will track my size to compare pre and post op.

It's Close!!

So I colored my hair, started packing and I am packing extremely light. I did not stop to think about the bottles of cream and lotions, that I cannot travel with. I have to get small containers to place them in. My suitcase is so light.

Claudia sent me her address and I gave it to my husband.

Today is my last day on vitamin!
Two weeks....

10 Days....

Well I received a call yesterday from Evelyn saying that my paperwork is still pending b/c my doctor did not send over my clearance papers. I was a bit worried. I called my doctor office and they confirmed that they did not yet send them bc they were waiting on my lab results?!?!?! Although Evenlyn did fax it to them, they did not receive it. *sigh* Finally today, I get the official cleared email from Evelyn so apparently my doctor finally sent it over.

Moral of the story, you're not cleared until you receive the Cleared Email. Thank goodness for her follow-ups!

I am so close... I wish it was tomorrow!!

9 days...

I am preparing for this surgery as much as possible. hopefully this will make a difference in the healing process.

1. using nivea firm & tone lotion on my stomach, thighs, and arms
2. drinking 1 small can of pineapple juice per day (then I will do 2 cans a day when I start my arnica & bromelain)
3. drinking a lot of water

Does anyone know what type of pain meds the doctor will prescribe?

Measurement Update!!!!!!!

As of today....

Waist = 31"
Hip = 38"
Arm = 12"
Thigh = 23"
Weight = 157 lbs

So I loss an inch off my hip and thighs!!

Looking forward to my post op results. I will post measurements throughout my recovery. I purchased my ann chery waist clincher and have it packed. :)

8 days...

I am starting my week out meal plan tomorrow! 3 main and 2 snacks with the food options below.

1. BREAKFAST Cereal (any kind) with skim milk, fruits; eggs; toast or bagel.
2. SNACK Cheeses, yogurt, granola bar or Fruit
3. LUNCH Salad, vegetable, meat (beef, poultry, seafood.)
4. SNACK Cheeses, yogurt, granola bar or Fruits
5. DINNER Salad; vegetable, meat (beef, poultry, seafood.)

water, water, water, water...

I am on strictly vitamin C only right now b/c as each day get closer, I often feel like I am getting sick... trying to get a head of it.

7 Days...

I've Paid in Full today!!!

I really like their electronic forms and how they process their paperwork. It is hassle-free which is pretty cool.... No fax machine involved. :) I had to send a credit card authorization form today along with a photo of my ID and credit card. The electronic form was simple and quick process.

So of course I called the office this morning looking for the two previous people I spoke to but I actually had to go through Accounting to pay my bill. So if I had to guess, LizBeth is the coordinator who assist with setting up the surgery and give the details, also assist with questions. Evelyn handles the blood work and medical clearance (she's also helpful with the questions), and Alex handles the billing.

Now I just have to wait for my card to clear and I am all set for surgery! I have butterflies in my stomach..... :)

Before Photos of Me!!!

Here are my before photos... I am so ready for my transformation!!!

This time next week....

This time next week, I will be out of surgery, in recovery, and high on meds! Lol

So excited!!!

5 Days Away....

I have 3 more days at work to close everything before I go out. So much to do and so little time. I can't even concentrate at this time to get my work together because I am super excited.

Can't believe I am getting this procedure done. Word of advice to future dolls... If you're as impatient as me... Book a date that is 2-3 months out if possible. I originally had my date 5 months away, booked flights and all... Waste of money!!

4 Days Away...

I showed my husband my wish pics... and he freaked the hell out bc it's "too big" and he hates the fact that it looks "fake". He said no Kim Kardashian's booty and it had to be natural. LOL! Ladies... What am I supposed to do? Do I plan for fat loss? I'm afraid if I don't go big, I will be so disappointed. It has made me so confused now?!?!?!? Help me!

3 Days Away...

So finally my husband agreed to a size but I think it is a tad bit to small for me.. I will get it a bit larger than the picture I showed him. Lol

I started with my Arnics and Bromelain today... That means I am 3 days away... right around the corner!! Yay!!!!!

I attached my new plump heart shape wish pic! This is the size I want.. My husband was not okay with this size but I am making it worth while...

New Wish Pics!

Ok so I will go natural... Now! Lol new wish photos!!

New Wish Photos Attached

Forgot to attach my new wish photos

Sorry photos attached now..

2 Days....

Ahhhhh last day at work... I will finish packing tomorrow. Get the kids and hubby together for the week and I will be flying out in the early AM on Monday!!!

1 Day Before Surgery...

I couldn't sleep last night... Had four hours of sleep. Took a flight to Miami. It was a great smooth flight, with beautiful views of the skyline. Hopefully that's a sign that everything will go flawlessly!

Claudia picked me up outside of baggage claim doors with her fiya red jeep. Go head CLAUDIA! She is so sweet and nice... I wish I knew how to speak Spanish.

Claudia dropped me off at Spectrum and told me she will wait for me if it's quick. But the desk staff said it wouldn't. Because I paid in advance everything was cleared and I was given a paper with instructions (see attached) and was advised that I will get a call regarding my surgery time.

So basically I did not need to come to Spectrum since I paid in full...but it was good to know where I will go, elevator to take, floor number, waiting area.. Etc. That way I am not nervous when I get in for surgery.

Prescriptions are given when I see the doctor on surgery day.

Although the paper says no food or eating, last meal can be at 10pm at the latest.

Surgery Schedule and Recovery House...

So Claudia brings me to her home and welcome me with open arms. She made lunch for me when I got to the house and provided water along with ice cream for dessert... She said to get the ice cream in now before surgery because after today... No more! Lol

Claudia went through guidelines of recovery and steps post surgery. She is so sweet and her assistant Frania is as well. They are so accommodating and do not allow you to do anything. The room has three beds and I am rooming with another doll who is also at Spectrum.

My surgery is scheduled for 7am tomorrow and I cannot eat anything after 7PM tonight!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh! I am so excited!!! I packed my book bag with everything I am bringing to Spectrum tomorrow....button down dress, undie, lipo board, lumbar lipo board, and my bbl pillow.

It's Show Time Baby!!!

Couldn't sleep last night. Woke up every hour... Took a shower with antibacterial soap...

Claudia drove me to Spectrum today... Signed in. Sat down nervous as shit.... didn't want to talk to anyone bc of that ... (Sorry dolls). Urine test. Called to the back... Had my vitals done..took pictures. Reviewed must have lipo foams, garment.... (Was told Dr. Ghurani likes the butt out bc it's better for the results after swelling goes down). Nurse assistant Xavier came in ... Reviewed vitals and went over the process... Talked about anesthesia... Waited for Ghurani to come in... At this point I am even more nervous!

They prescribed Vicodin for pain just in case anyone was wondering... I will probably switch over to Extra Strength Tylenol in a few days or when I can bare the pain. I am not a big pain killer person or meds in general.

Dr G came in... Marked me. Went into the OR...6 hours later I wake up

Thank lort I kept the Vicodin


I had to extend my stay until Tuesday... Recovery is no joke and I was suffering from dehydration ... Will write and respond soon ...

Post Op Update....

Dehydration is no joke. Stock up on pedialyte and sip it days before and days after. Dr. Ghurani no longer uses drains so I was draining out like a faucet.... It is so messy. I am at day 4 post op and still draining. Pain is no joke. I take arnica two tabs every two hours. Bromelain three times a day... Vicodin only before bed to help me sleep. Must eat!!! Claudia fed me 3 times a day... But laying one my stomach I did not have the appetite. I finally figured out that I have to get up and pace back and forth while eating for my meals... And oh my... I feel so much better!!

Tips: get a second faja.. Not too tight. They gave me an XXL and I am usually a M in regular clothes. Buy lipo foams because you will need them... Spectrum sell them for $30/3pcs.. Bring Arnics.. Stool softener..Neosporin... Extra compression socks, you have to wash them everyday and rotate them out.

Some Photos...

I will need a tummy tuck in a year Dr. Ghurani said.

I met him and he was ver knowledgable. Very open to what you want. I did not show him any pictures because when I met him... He was wonderful and I knew I was in good hands. All I said was "I want a fuller look, upside down heart shape, and natural.." And he said good and responded "based on what you are telling me, you're just here for the lipo"... Yes lipo and a fuller butt...

And he did that.... (Very swollen photos)

Before and After

The after pictures are 1-2 days post op.. Very wrinkly when you get out of faja... Still very swollen and lumpy... I actually have curves!!!! Yay!!!!

Post Op Update...

Well I managed to get through the dehydration portion. I probably drank 5 bottles per day in the last 2 days.

I will be going home tomorrow morning! Yay! I cannot wait to see my babies.

Still on 2 tablets of Arnica every two hours, Bromelain 3x a day, and a Vicodin before bed. I actually no longer need pain meds. Just very stiff... Which requires a lot of pacing around and stretching .

I was able to use the toilet just fine and the toilet seat was lifted to sit on the rim of the toilet with this big ass. (Make sure you clean it before every use). When I had to go a number 2... I took my garment off and went like a normal person.

I had to toss my first set off lipo foam away because the drainage was soaked on the foam. I did not know that I cannot put foam on until I stopped draining... I was afraid I will get burns but now I understand why Dr. Ghurani does not want right garments.

I did buy a lumbar lipo board on Amazon that I've been using everyday... It was uncomfortable at first but that was because they insert it on the wrong side... Ughhh. The board helps keep the fluid away from your back.

Get the massages! I got one per day... And Yazna at Spectrum is the bomb! The amount of fluid she was able to get out was like whoa! The pain from massage was unbearable for me so I only had 10 minutes with her but try to get as much massage in as possible. One the fluid drains... You start to feel better.

Five night stay is the minimum anyone should stay. I thought I had to be here until Tuesday but I felt better and changed my flight!

Oh he lotions and cream and all the other crap they tell you to pack is not necessary ...I haven't used anything other than the meds and. Vitamins. Gauze and maxi pad is good to catch the drain too. Medical pads is necessary if your recovery house does not offer them.

I will update with my measurements when I get home tomorrow

Miami Airport Experience....

Ughhhh what a cluster it was at the airport....!!!! I almost fainted trying to find the correct American Airline counter to check-in for travels within the U.S.!!

I was dropped off at the first door and tried to check-in where it says American Airline... Found out it was Cuba...then the next 5 were international only. The lines were out of this world...

So if you are going home and traveling within the U.S. .. Request to be dropped off at Door#6 and get there 3 hours ahead of time.

I wanted to pass out walking through the airport.... Ughhh
Thank goodness I had wheelchair assistance...

Home Sweet Home & Measurement Update...

Nothing feels better than being home with my husband and kids. I feel so much better just being home in my own house and bed.

I am now only draining from both knees for thigh lipo and left arm for my arm lipo. I use my heavy overnight maxi pads for the knees and still have to change them frequently.

I weighed myself and only loss a few ounces. @155.6lbs now

My new waist is at 28.5" (I was 31")
My butt is now at 42" (was 38")
Arm and Thigh is still pending bc they are swollen...

The butt size is exactly what I wanted and I don't mind if there's fat loss. My stomach has absolutely no more fat... For a smaller waist I will have to waist train in a few weeks with my cincher but I love my results and shape!! And most importantly, my husband approves!!


Massage Roller... must have!

Dr. G recommended this massage roller to get the lumps out. If you don't get massages, you will have lumps from the lipo. Using this tool can massage the lumps out.

My husband did my back and I did my front and side... I am doing this routine twice a day to get a smooth result.

I also removed the lipo foam today and put my waist clincher on. I actually feel normal since I stopped taking pain meds to days ago. Not as stiff anymore... which is a great feeling. I can actually sit normal...

Sleeping is uncomfortable... I will take some photos later and post

Massage Roller Photo...

Measurements Update!

Today I feel normal... And ready to return to my day-to-day. Some numbness and tingling in my arm and butt... but I can do things and feel normal again.

Some swelling have gone down in my waist and hips. Still a bit swollen in my arms and thighs since those areas were the last to stop draining. Overall I am in love with my results!!!!

Waist: now 26" (started at 31")
Hips: Now a 41" (started at 38")

I loss 1 inch off my arms and thighs.

He sculpted my hips to curve them out without grafting fat to my hips and ....I am not wide!!! Dr. Ghurani is the best!!!!!!!


Some Photos...

Loving my results!!

I lost 6lbs since the surgery bc I've been eating right with a low sodium low carb diet. I am also loving the cabbage soup for the healing process flushes everything out!


Going Back to Work!!

Well I have to return to work tomorrow!! Ughhhhh... I feel normal and should be fine. My work pants still fit but the waist is very loose. I should be fine with a belt. I was a bit worried that I would have to get a new wardrobe... But I don't!

There's a ton of itchiness on my skin ...and I applied lotion to those areas and it helped big time!! I wonder when the fluffing should happen... Not sure how I am supposed to manage not sitting at work tomorrow. Dr. G recommended that I do not sit on my butt for 4 weeks!!!


Going on 3 Week Post Op!!

Just wanted to post an update of my results! I am absolutely happy with Dr. G's work... I am inspired to lose weight now and have already lost 15lbs since surgery!!

I am now only 10lbs away from my goal weight...

Stomach Photo...

Here ya go dolls! This is my stomach... My skin is slowly tightening up... Still a lot of loose skin but it's much less now. hopefully it continues to tighten

Stomach photo attached

6 Weeks Post!

Yay! I am officially six weeks! *cheers* Well I am now sleeping on my back and started my walks. I tried to jog but my butt hurts when I do. So I power walk. I love love LOVE what Dr. G did for me... I finally have the confidence I used to before I had babies 12 years ago.

My current measurements....

Thigh is now 20.5" (started at 23").
Arms 10.5" (started at 13")
Waist 26.5" (started at 31")
Butt 41" (started at 38")

Everything is just perfect and my swelling is going down. My stomach skin is contracting just fine... So no tummy needed right now. I will post up pics soon!

Updated Photos!!

Here are my photos from today!! LOVING IT!

Wow! It's been awhile.....UPDATE!! 3 Months Later...

Hi Ladies!! I am just the happiest with my results. So a quick update... I am now in a size small top and medium bottom. I lost a total of 15lbs after surgery which affected my butt size too. Which is why the doctor recommended that you are at a stable weight so you do not use volume. So if you are planning to lose weight, go bigger!! My husband still loves my size which is very natural. People do not notice my change other than my ass got round and I am skinny now.

There are slight numbness in my stomach and back region and some on my arms and thighs but I massage those areas everyday. My swelling goes down when the numbness goes away.

Best decision EVER!!!

Miami Plastic Surgeon

I had the best experience from beginning to end... LizBeth was my Surgical coordinator, Evelyn was the clearance manager, Alex was the Billing Manager, Xavier.... all of the medical assistants, front desk staff, nurses, Yazna was the best with massage and draining (the more you drain... The better you feel) 3 Days Post Op and I feel like 95%. Everyone knows so much and you can tell that they are experienced. I followed all of their instructions and asked a lot of questions. They took the time to respond to me and always check to make sure I was okay especially when I was suffering from dehydration. Dr. Ghurani gave me exactly what I asked for... Not wide, small waist fuller upside down heart shaped butt... I am so happy with my results so far and don't get me wrong... If you want a badunkadunk he can do that too. I met dolls during my surgery and they were very happy. So thankful and glad I chose Ghurani and his team! So happy with everything! Thank you!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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