Dr. Fisher BBL and So the Journey Officially Begins - Miami, FL

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Ok so like the majority of all you RS sisters,...

Ok so like the majority of all you RS sisters, I've been lurking on this site for FOREVER. I never wanted to start blogging but I feel compelled to do so bc each and every women no matter who they have chosen or decide to choose for their procedure has helped me beyond words so first and foremost I want to thank every single person that has had the courage to write a review and has been selfless in posting their personal pictures its takes strength to say the least. SOoo THANK YOU Ladies!! Ok here's goes nothing I original wanted Yily the way she sculpts is out of this world but after researching I decided she wasn't the one for me bc I want ALOT of projection in my booty lol I felt she wouldn't be able to deliver. Then I fell in love with Dra. Duran can anyone say AMAZE BALLZ she sculpts and is handing out the crazy donkeys but I'm a chicken and just couldn't get over my fear of flying out of the country :( I wish she would come to the states :( so about a year ago I found Dr. Perry match made in heaven I made my deposit securing my sx date for March of this year. After researching over the past year plastic surgeons in Miami I found Dr. Fisher which is know to have done the most BBL's in the states and is a board certified P.S. I called Vanity Cosmetics inquiring about him and asked for a photo consultation the same day his coordinator called me we exchanged emails ect. And by the end of the day I received my quote of $4,500 now when it comes to your health and body it shouldn't by no means be compromised just to save coins but I'm listening to my gut and trusting my research Dr. Fisher to me in my opinion has the credentials to deliver exactly what I'm wishing for. My tentative date for sx is May 27, 2014. As per Jessica I need to have paid half of my procedure before securing a date although I've made a deposit of $1,000 to secure my quote. I called Norma from Dr. Perry's office regarding my refund she informed me there is $250 fee but the rest of my deposit will be reimbursed :(  Til next time ladies.

To Buddy or not to Buddy??

Hey ladies, Spoke with Jessica to inquire about Hotels near by the office she gave me 3 Extended Stay America, Wishes and La Quint. She also advised me if I was to travel alone I will need to pay $250 for a 24 hour nurse this price includes transportation to the hotel after the procedure. I'm extremely nervous to tell anyone so it's a big possibility I may be traveling alone I really don't want too I'm a big punk. So if there's any ladies planning on having there surgery within the months to come that would like a buddy as well please feel free to hit me up. Btw ladies I haven't research the hotel/prices I'll start doing the leg work tonight once I'm home. Til next time MwAa

2nd Guessing

Ughhh as I'm on my commute to work I can't help but question myself if Dr. Fisher is the ps for me. I'm reading toooo manyyyyyy bad reviews I swear I want to cry DAMMIT! Maybe I should of just stayed with Dr. Perry :/ I know I should go based on my own experience and so far no complaints but lord can I read just one damn review with a pleasant experience. Also I'm not sure if I like his technique with fat grafting his bootys are way up high, yes dolls i already the whole booty dropping and fluffing until your good 6 months to a year out you wont see final reaults but lord the emotional rollercoaster any female would naturally be on after surgery then not to at least a little of what tou expected scares the panties off of me and makes exteemly pissed off for Fisher dolls and future dolls. Smfh sorry for my mini vent session I needed to just release my thoughts this sh^* been weighing heavy on my mind.

It just got REAL!

Who's coming?? Buddy anyone??


So I've decided to go with Dr. Fisher. My husband will be with me the first 24 hours so I won't have to pay the $250 for nurse that's mandatory from Vanity. Unfortunatly my husband needs to go back to work and get take the time off :( I'm currently researching hotels in the area. I asked Jessica the name of the percribtions that I will need to get filled so here it is: Percocets for pain, Keflex for nauseau, Zofran is an anti notice, and Colace to make you poop. There's a pharmacy next door but there's been issues with other patients getting their percribtion filled there. I found a near by CVS a 4 minute drive from vanity according to google. The address to the CVS is 6320 SW 8th street the phone number is 305-266-5526. The doctor will prescribed the pills until the day of surgery. So now I'm working on my levels getting my hemoglobin up any one have any pointers?? I'm also working on supplies. Keep y'all posted xoxo

Random thoughts

I should be sleep but I'm currently experiencing mental anxiety, I'm wondering if I take the vitamin Solgar VM 2000 with a prenatal daily if that is sufficient enough to bring my hemoglobin up. Smh I need to take my ass to sleep and call my pcp to schedule an appointment to find wth my level is before I start thinking about bringing it up and don't know where the hell I stand. Lord help me. Gn dolls n future dolls

Faja Faja S.O.S

If anyone out there knows what product code Vendette Garment is given to Fisher girls getting a bbl done please inbox me. I would like to have a 2nd Faja on stand by while the other washes please help a girl out thank you :)

Vanity's Home Away Program

Here's the scoop it's $1,500 with a surgery buddy each Indivually pays $1,500 or $2,000 if your solo. This price is added on to your quote if you decide on the "package" which includes 7 days 6 nights a hotel, 24 hour nurse to stay with after your surgery, personal driver, massages, garment, 2 lipo foam boards. Ladies please keep in my mine I'm getting a bbl so depending on your procedure it will personalize to your specific needs. For example someone getting a TT won't need the massages so it'll be substituted to a 2nd garment or a "binder". Gn ladies hope this helps :)


**24 hour only stays with you the first night** that's it!!

New date???

So sad but I guess this is why it's called a journey :( due to personal reasons I won't be having my sx in May :( I guess it's the right n morally correct thing not do with my toddler after the hubby drilling it while being "supportive" blah blah to him I want my booty dammit I feel like crap knowing I let my buddy down. She is so amazing n such a beautiful n has such charismatic personality wahhhh I miss her but I ain't going no where I will be by her side as best as I can. Anyone looking for a buddy in May? Help me fine someone for my buddy please I won't feel right leaving her alone well she'll have someone but not going thru a transformation (BBL). Anywho I'm off this. Btw props to RS this site is filled with so many people that are supportive it's great to know shit like this still exist (mad ghetto comment but y'all catch my drift) lets keep uplifting and empowering each other. Gn dolls n future dolls
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