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Hey, I have considered Dr. Fisher for my BBL but...

I have considered Dr. Fisher for my BBL but I'm a lil nervous because when I sent my pics to the woman Shirley I spoke to, she stated I have to lose weight ( I'm 5'7 and weight 201, she wants me down to 191) and my tummy won't be completely flat unless I get a tummy tuck. #1 I'm not trying to be completely flat I jus want to have a nice shape in my clothes, no crop tops or anything jus a shape and #2 I'm 28 years old with one daughter, I jus recently went through surgery to have my left filopian tube removed which led to them telling me I have a slim chance of getting pregnant again. I want to try and have another baby which is another reason why I don't want a tummy tuck. I'm just scared I'm still gonna have this fupa and waste my money. What are y'all opinions?

I'm Excited

I have my surgery set and scheduled for April 28, I just want to get some advice on what can I expect before and after my BBL. What materials to bring? How flat will my stomach will be since i'm not getting a tummy tuck n have a child? What my recovery time is looking like? And how do i get my insurance to cover my anesthesia.

Looking for Great Price Recovery Homes

Hello all,

I'm currently looking for a recovery house for my procedure in April. If anyone can give me any recommendations of recovery houses. I looked on you tube and saw one who went to Dr. Fisher ( which is my doctor) and she filmed her recovery house ( which was Mayda's) and i thought the service was very nice. She just didn't give a cost for her 7 day stay, at the end of her video. I looked into Escape but they are not in my price range. If anyone knows of any other recovery homes, please lemme know prices and what they include. It would be greatly appreciated :-). P.S If anyone is going around the time i'm going, i definitely wouldn't mind having a Sx buddy.

Wish Pics

Finally Found my Recovery House

I have been searching high and low for a recovery house. Most were out of my price range. But a friend of mine recently had a BBL and she stayed at Curvy Angels, she said she loved it. So i started to follow the Curvy Angel IG page and i was stalking it for a few weeks lol. To make a long story short , they recently moved into a brand new house which looks FAB and had a special going on. a daily special of $100 includes meals transportation and care, i was like i can not pass up on this so i reached out and ask how much were their massages she said $75 so i asked her to add 2 massages. I put my deposit of $365 down today because the special is over tomorrow 10/21. $850 for a 7 day recovery and massages you can't beat that at all.

My Pictures Before Surgery

here are my pics of my body now...still have to lose some weight..but my boobs are most of my weight, i had a breast reduction when i was 16 ( i was a 36 FFF), went down to a 36 C..then when i got pregnant with my daughter at age 23 ...they got big again ???? (36DDD) if anyone knows of any great detox please let me know.


I decided I want to be happy with my results and not have to go for multiple rounds...So Dr. Alvarez it is!!! i'm content with my decision
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