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Hello Dolls!!! My friend and I decided to take...

Hello Dolls!!!

My friend and I decided to take this venture together! We researched several doctors in the US, the DR, and Mexico. We decided on Dr. Sergio Alvarez in Miami. We both plan to get BBLs and I am also contemplating a Breast lift with implants ( which probably won't be done at the same time).

When Dr. Alvarez saw my pictures he was concerned that I didn't have enough fat for a significant BBL. Instead of saying "sure, I'll take your money, come on down". HE DID NOT. He called me personally to explain what he could and couldn't do and to let me know my options.

My respect level for Dr. Alvarez' went completely through the roof! He took his time and explained every detail of both procedures. He encouraged me to ask questions and said he would clarify anything at all that I had questions about. I HAVE NOT YET PAID HIM A DIME YET. He did it because it was the right thing to do.

He put me at complete ease. Dr. Alvarez has integrity and I am comfortable with my choice.

This journey is just beginning! I hope that you amazing, corageous, women will allow me to share it with you all.

Photos ! Yo Yo weight sucks!

Yo Yo weight!!!
Before weight loss; after weight loss; THEN... hired an amazing personal trainer #results...then I injured my back...back to square one. Photos in order of my yo yo life.

Preparation info

Has anyone got a preparation ritual down or planned? I want to start prepping my system approximately six week prior to SX. Has anyone heard of VitaMedica? http://www.vitamedica.com/products/

If anyone has tried these, please let me know.
Thanks ladies!!!


Hi Ladies ! Can any one give me a suggestion on which are the correct compression socks please?? I didn't think it would be that hard but there are tons of colors, styles & tighness... HELP!

4 days to go!!!

The time is almost here!!! I'm flying to Miami this Sunday night with my SX buddy; we leave on the redeye flight for our January 10th SX date with Dr. Alvarez!!
My nerves have definitely kicked in sisters!!!

I've gained the 10 lbs suggested by Dr. A. I'm 5'3" and my SX weight will be right at 161ish.
All packed and ready to start this journey. I started it emotionally 4 months ago...time to do the dang thing!!

Thanks to each and every one of you ladies!!!

SX -Dr. Alvarez JAN 10 2017// MADE IT TO BOOTYLAND

Hello ladies!! I had my surgery with Dr. Alvarez one week ago today. I'm 5'3" and gained 15 lbs for surgery per my dr. SX weight was 160 .

I flew from SF to MIA a day before and met Dr. Alvarez. I continue to be pleased with his honesty about realistic expectations.
I had a previous tummy tuck and he warned me that he would work through the present scar tissue BUT to expect a lot of bleeding. BOY was he was right. I would've FREAKED out had he not told me that. He recommended a process called "Cell Saver" to reintroduce all the blood I lost. I had a little soreness but ZERO real pain. I am convinced that this coupled with the Make Me Heal Pre-Op Supplements I too 14 days before surgery played a MAJOR role in this. My SX buddy followed the same routine and presto...same, soreness but no real pain.

So far, I'm mesmerized by my frontal view...these hip curves are DANGEROUS!
My butt is still too swollen to tell.
I'll keep you ladies posted. ????
Pictures coming!
Doral Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Alvarez has shown integrity in his word and actions. I could not ask for more at this critical stage in this process. He is amazing!

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