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I'm only a few weeks out now and I'm super...

I'm only a few weeks out now and I'm super excited! I've been waiting on this for a long time! About two years to be exact! I've been doing my research for a long time. I've come across many surgeons that I liked but I just haven't found THE ONE until now! Dr. Alvarez is board certified, his work is AMAZING and he's very affordable. My price was a special for $4100 for surgery and $740 for 6nights/7days in a recovery home. I'll update more as I get closer to my surgery date.

New photo

Front view. Lots of loose skin, I'm def in need of a tummy tuck after the bbl! (Sorry for all the marks I have a ton of tattoos!)



I need help dolls! I'm a bartender and I need to know if anyone else is, and when you went back to work after a bbl!

New before pix

One more before pic

More wish pix

The count down begins

Anxiously waiting...

2wks away!

I got the all-clear from my Dr!!

I think I may be an evil genius on accident! lol shopping online on Black Friday for my surgery has been so much fun! Got tons for stuff for super cheap, including a third garment! 10 days until I leave!!!

Omg one week!

I'm here!! Just landed now I'm waiting for my pre-op! Surgery's tomorrow!

On my way!

I made it!!

I must have a high tolerance for pain because my surgery was this morning at 7:30 and I'm ready to go out! Hahhaaa my doctor was amazing handsome and I feel amazing. My recovery home is the shit they take care of me they're really sweet and I feel like a princess! Waiting on my pain meds from the pharmacy however whatever they gave me here is working and I feel fine! I can't wait to show you guys my after pictures

Day 2

Feeling good! Had my first mini massage. Not gonna lie I was scared more of that than the surgery itself! Lol but now I'm showered back in my clean (I brought a second faja) garment and in my foams so no complaints here!

Miami Recovery House

I've had a lot of girls asking me about my recovery home! And I have to let everyone know how amazing my stay has been here with Yanay and her staff! 7866910994 call her and book your stay before they fill up!

Massage today

Day 3

Just trying on some clothes...

Spa time

Yanay brought someone over to the RH for a nice spa day! She hooked my chair up so I could sit propped up for a pedicure!

Day 6

Everyday gets better and better!
UPDATE: I began taking my pain meds regularly according to my days schedule. It helped me remain mobile and comfortable. At first I wasn't taking them but then I realized the more comfortable I am the more I will remain "active." One when I woke up (to combat the soreness from sleeping) and one in the middle of the day to help me remain comfortable (for my massages and walks) and moving and one at night to help me sleep.
MASSAGE: I went to Medical Massage Professionals with Marian and she's THEE BEST!!! Go!!! Go!! Go!! Make ur appointments early because she fills up quickly! Well worth it!!

Update! 9 days po

When does the swelling subside?? Anyone know?

2wks post-op

Yesterday marks 2 wks post op so I took some pix to celebrate! Lol I'm still swollen where the liposuction was done (full back, flanks and full stomach)

7wks post op!

Playing around on Snapchat! #teamnowaist
Loving my body!
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