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I'm only a few weeks out now and I'm super...

I'm only a few weeks out now and I'm super excited! I've been waiting on this for a long time! About two years to be exact! I've been doing my research for a long time. I've come across many surgeons that I liked but I just haven't found THE ONE until now! Dr. Alvarez is board certified, his work is AMAZING and he's very affordable. My price was a special for $4100 for surgery and $740 for 6nights/7days in a recovery home. I'll update more as I get closer to my surgery date.

New photo

Front view. Lots of loose skin, I'm def in need of a tummy tuck after the bbl! (Sorry for all the marks I have a ton of tattoos!)



I need help dolls! I'm a bartender and I need to know if anyone else is, and when you went back to work after a bbl!

New before pix

One more before pic

More wish pix

The count down begins

Anxiously waiting...

2wks away!

I got the all-clear from my Dr!!

I think I may be an evil genius on accident! lol shopping online on Black Friday for my surgery has been so much fun! Got tons for stuff for super cheap, including a third garment! 10 days until I leave!!!

Omg one week!

I'm here!! Just landed now I'm waiting for my pre-op! Surgery's tomorrow!

On my way!

I made it!!

I must have a high tolerance for pain because my surgery was this morning at 7:30 and I'm ready to go out! Hahhaaa my doctor was amazing handsome and I feel amazing. My recovery home is the shit they take care of me they're really sweet and I feel like a princess! Waiting on my pain meds from the pharmacy however whatever they gave me here is working and I feel fine! I can't wait to show you guys my after pictures
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