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I've decided to go with Doctor Alverez for my...

I've decided to go with Doctor Alverez for my tummy tuck /bbl and any other surgeries I may want in the near future. I want to start off by saying he is truly a knowledgable, concerned, compassionate and qualified surgeon.
My first impression of the practice: when I called, Lena the office manager answered the phone, she was quite pleasant and cheerful and Answered all my questions putting my concerns to rest and assured me that Dr. Alvarez will call me. Let me say this; a PHONE CALL from a surgeon in south Miami? Yea right, Wait on it, I'll wait????. I've consulted with Dr. Salama, Dr. Salzerhuar(Dr.Miami), Dr. Ghurani, Dr. Hochstein, Dr. Ortega, which I've never received a call From a doctor in Florida but I have spoke to Dr. Ghurani in the past. I received a call two days later from Dr. Alvarez, he was quite the gentleman and surgeon--It felt like I was talking to one of my friends. He was quite honest and straight to the point and had a great sense of humor as I body bashed myself. He addressed all my concerns and gave all his recommendations of what he thought would be best for me to achieve optimal results

Recommendation #1
full body lipo with a BBL, come back for a tummy tuck once results settle (6months)

Recommendation #2
tummy tuck with lipo to the flanks and upper/lower back

Recommendation #3
Tummy tuck with lipo to the flanks, come back for a full body liposuction after six months

I've been speaking to the doctor for approximately one month now but mostly with Lena. I did have one incident with one of the workers but Dr. Alvarez was on top of it and great at handling and RESOLVING my issue. Ultimately this was the deciding factor aside from credentials, expertise, interaction, staff and price, this was somewhat of an indication that maybe this was the right doctor for me because he handled conflict very well and he didn't disregard my concerns and brush me off as many of these doctors do, he called my cellphone and addressed it personally himself, didn't make me feel bad about any part of it.

Moving on-- his practice is very small and his staff is freaking phenomenal and when I say his staff I just mean Lena for now, I don't know the rest of the staff.

I was going to go to spectrum but quite frankly I don't want to be a number on the board, no offense to anybody. Although the doctors are great at spectrum, vanity, elite and other practices, follow up is very important to me especially being in New York. Dr. Salama's office is great but I personally want to interact with my doctor and Dr. Miami is booked out for almost a year and a half which is just not acceptable for me.

I have a consultation set up for 3/14, so I'll be flying in, yeaaaa... I'll also be visiting the other docs as well.

Great results

Great before and after

Miami consultation

I flew to Miami from New York to have a office consultation with Dr. Alvarez at his private practice. I had an afternoon appointment , which he was running a little late due to surgery in the O.R but once he got in he was the best surgeon ever, very personable. We discussed all my options after evaluating my individual needs and what I was looking to accomplish . This is not my first time having surgery but I swear having these consultations never get any easier and they're quite intimidating to me at least .

What I'm hoping for --to Remove 75% of the fat removed from my back and sides and flatten my stomach through the use of liposuction although my stomach will be his main focus. I do understand my stomach will not be flat, I will return for a tummy tuck and breast revision 4-6 months later as per his recommendation. A few of the areas that Dr. Alvarez noted to focus on was my empty flat hips and bring a bit more volume to my upper butt because I have a full bottom butt And no fullness at the top. I'm having my surgery June 24th and staying at a hotel local to his practice, can't wait!!!!!

This is Bull!!

So yesterday I found out Dr. Sergio is opting not to do my surgery. I had a deposit on my surgery, a paid flight, deposit on a recovery house and time off work all taken care of and I'm pissed off to say the least. I've been cheerleading for Dr. Sergio before he had reviews with no pictures, I referred others to him as well. He could've at least given me a call. Now I have to figure out how to get my money back.. I'm very disappointed in the actions of his decision but I'm going to try and make this as detailed as possible starting from my last post.

After leaving Alvarez plastic surgery in Miami I did not leave with a price because I had to go. He was running an hour late due to another surgery. We spoke in great depth about what needed to be done to get optimal results. I wasn't thrilled about doing a two-part procedure because I really wanted a flat stomach but I excepted his recommendations and wanted to move forward. Everything seemed like love at first sight!!! I was super excited

Me and Lena spoke about three times while I was in Miami and she said she was still trying to touch base with the Doctor to go over the information to give me a new price quote because I was now getting a different procedure than what was originally discussed. Following four days after my visit she gave me a price of $5700 for liposuction of 12 areas and 700 to transfer to the buttocks. WTF!!!! I was originally getting a tummy tuck with liposuction of the full back, side and abdomen for a 6800 and 4500 for a bbl. I was told the original price was $5500 for a bbl and I was receiving a $1000 discount. So naturally I responded how did the price for a bbl jump $2000, Lena told me the 4500 was only valid as a combined surgery, I then said why am I paying more than the original price of $5500 ... Lena said I did not tell you that price but I will have Dr. Alarvez call you, I was not in the room when you had your consultation, instead of being the middle man you can speak to him yourself. I said ok ! A little over a week went by and still no phone call, this didn't seem like them but I assumed he was busy with surgery because he was filling in for another doctor. I reached out to Lena again leaving a message letting Lena know I still didn't here from the doctor and I wanted his professional opinion about my options and I'm considering going to another practice he was at for a bbl which was 50% cheaper and then coming back to his private practice for my tummy tuck. Lena left a message on my phone the next business day saying she let Alvarez know I was going to spectrum for surgery and he would still give me a call. I text her I didn't put a deposit down with spectrum yet and I want to speak with the Doctor. I waited another week, no response I decided to go to imagene cosmetic because they quoted me $3900 for the same surgery with Alverez.
I text Lena I still didn't receive a call she replied he will call you Monday at 6pm.... Finally I thought!!! But no call was made so I put a deposit down with imagene cosmetics after speaking with Mercedes.

I'll continue the rest of my experience Tomorrow

Surgery canceled

Now that I decided to go to imagene cosmetics to have surgery with dr. Sergio. I wanted to make sure there was no fuckery taken place and that I wasn't going to waste my money. There are always rumors and reviews circulating about when surgery day comes your doctor will be switched by many of the surgical centers, Although Imagene cosmetics wasn't notorious for this, I just wanted to make sure to dot my I AND cross my Ts and if I couldn't get it in writing that Dr. Sergio would be my doctor without a doubt with no changes, I was content with where I was planning to have surgery. To avoid that and to get some type of conformation I asked Mercedes if she can send me a email confirming my surgery date and my doctor and time as well as have his information on my invoice she said no problem. I received the email stating my surgery date and Dr. Sergio Alvarez would be my doctor and a copy of my deposit. I called Mercedes up and asked why doesn't my invoice state my doctor she said she couldn't do that, it was the way the document was setup. I said I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with that I've had surgery before and usually this is not a problem. I know I'm sounding like a pest but I'm coming to far to have some silly misunderstanding take place when I get there I'm not the patient that can be passed around to another doctor the day of my surgery it's not going to work. Mercedes says we are not vanity, we're not that sloppy, we don't do things like that here. I'll call you back and see what I can do. My issue with my information on the invoice went on for roughly 3 to 4 days. From the beginning of speaking with Mercedes she's been very upfront and honest with me the same way Lena was. I told her I need to feel comfortable when Coming for surgery, I don't understand what's so hard about putting my doctor on my invoice it's a standard procedure and standard practice for most facilities or at least in New York. If you can give me a manager or something that can make this happen I would appreciate that, i'm afraid of being flip-flop. I said dr. Alvarez has his own private practice and I understand he has his own schedule. How can you guarantee this is my doc again ? I know I sound like a pest ! Mercedes says I'm not sure where all the misunderstanding is coming from! I just had a conflict with his practice about another patient. I'm having a lot of girls call in saying they are being told by others girls and staff from his private practice that he will not be performing surgery that far out and there is no guarantee that he will be your doctor. I reply to Mercedes saying just send me the correct info on my invoice and I will be fine.. She said I'm working on it , Dr. Alvarez has worked here consistently for about a year now and he is a independent doctor and he's not going anywhere, I don't know where all the other Misinformation is coming from. Mercedes says I'm tired of this !! I'm going to have Dr. Alvarez call you, I said great ! I'm waiting for a phone call from him anyway. she said he shouldn't mind he's called patients before to ease their mind, I'll try to have him call you Wednesday when he's in the I'll email you tomorrow with a new invoice.

The next day came and I still didn't receive the email. On Wednesday i called-- what's up with my email she says I have something better Dr. Alvarez is here right now I'll put him on the phone I said all I need is the invoice. She said hold on putting him on the spot !!! let's keep in mind I've been waiting for a phone call for over three weeks, I don't think putting him in the spot was the best idea because I do believe I was being avoided for some reason. Side note-- I was only moving forward because I already had money put down and other expenses that were needed to travel to Miami.
She came back on the line and said he was in the middle of a consultation hold on, before I could say forget it, I was placed on hold she came back and said dr Alvarez said he's too busy to talk right now he's going into surgery.. From that moment I started to feel very stalker-ish and uncomfortable with how everything was going down since I left Miami from his private practice up until switching to another practice. Since I paid all this money already between flying to Miami, putting deposits down, booking plane fare, recovery house and time off work. I said let me just see how this all plays out. I'm not sure where all the confusion came in or what was said in the background between different facilities and the staff but I don't deserve to be caught in the crossfire when all I wanted was a phone call or some type of confirmation about my surgery when all I was trying to do from the very beginning was just get his professional opinion about what I should do. I had his cell phone number but didn't feel comfortable using his number because I felt I was told by Lena first that I would receive a phone call maybe I should've called and all of this would have been avoided. After all forms of miscommunication transpired the only thing I know is I called Mercedes and she said there was something in my profile as she's reading it to me she says Dr. Alvarez is declining you and your friends surgery because you went from his practice to another practice ..

That's a bunch of BS!! Dr. Alvarez could've giving me the courtesy to call and say I'm respectfully declining your surgery I know you've been waiting to hear from me for over three weeks since you left Miami but due to all the miscommunication I don't feel comfortable anymore . At a minimal he could have done that, I flew all the way to Miami just to see him I've been cheerleading for him having confidence in him and he basically just slap me in the face . So in a matter of 3 1/2 weeks I get no response except your surgery is canceled ! screw the money that you spent, I know I don't have any pictures , I know I act like I'm a celebrity plastic surgeon, I know all these things don't add up but you know what ? it doesn't matter I'm not doing your surgery as if I'm a piece of meat or something because I chose to go to a less expensive option to have a bbl. Again this is BS the only reason he has reviews is because people like me decided to get in his corner champion him on. All the girls that go to the alleged chop shop-- this is what his private practice refers to spectrum, imagene, vanity and other like it. As I said Lena if thy'revchop shops then how does that reflect on the doctor who's working out of them!!! She said the work will be the same you just sacrifice service ,,,, I guess I got what I paid for ! these of the girls writing reviews giving him pictures and boosting up his clientele because there were never any reviews they came from the chop shop girls.... I understand both have nothing to do witheach other but it is not fair that I pay $6500 for the same exact work while he's working from another facility literally 50% off 20 minutes away ... that is bullshit to the fullest and for me to be held accountable for making a wise financial decision is a punch in the face. As I know he doesn't need my good fortune or best wishes to prosper in his world of plastic surgery but I certainly do wish him the best as he aspires in his endeavors to become a celebrity plastic surgery as he Instagrams his heart away, why building his reputation on the backs of us regular people.

What in the world did I do? do I deserve this ?

Any suggestions

I'm an emotional wreck now that I have to look for a new doctor... I never wanted this type of conflict but moving on I've decided to go with my original plan and just get a tummy tuck... Right now I can't move forwarded paying for something that doesn't get me excited and that was my Delimma in the first place. I'm filled with joy when I think about getting a tummy tuck. I just want to make this experience happy and feel good about myself. I'm at a low point considering all that's happened . Maybe I'll get bbl after if needed.... Any suggestions are welcomed

New beginnings again

I found a new doctor that can perform my tummy tuck as well as extract more than 1 Liter of fat at the same time during a tummy tuck in Miami. He said he could do more than 3 liters which is excellent. He operates his own private practice and operates in a hospital. He's a bit on the pricey side but having full liposuction to the upper body w/ tt is really important to me, or even my entire full sides going to the into axillary --which is still more than a liter. As much as I want to stay in New York I just don't think their aesthetics are the same as a beach state Like Florida or California. Before I seal the deal and place another deposit down tomorrow, I'm waiting for another doctor to get back in touch with me. Don't want to waste another trip and time researching again
Doral Plastic Surgeon

Very personable and professional

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