Doctor Pazmino is an Excellent Plastic Surgeon and I Could Have Not Asked for a Better Doctor - Miami, FL

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Today marks 4 weeks post op and I wanted to give...

Today marks 4 weeks post op and I wanted to give the doctor the merit and credit he deserves. I also wanted to inform those that are planning to do a brazilian butt lift (bbl) about my experience and to help them make a good choice with their doctor.

I wanted to get a bbl because I have a very boxy figure and I tend to gain weight in the waist. I am 5.1 and before surgery I weighed around 112 pounds. Although this sounds very little, I had basically all my body fat around my waist. I went to see five surgeons in total, here in the Miami area. The doctors were Doctor Craft, Doctor Mendietta, Doctor Salama, Doctor Ortega and Doctor Pazmino. Doctor Craft gave me an ok impression but from my research it showed that he was more focused on breasts than butt. Doctor Mendietta I heard from a personal connection that he has had a lot of complaints lately. Doctor Ortega I did not even consider because the office seemed like it was falling apart. It was between Doctor Salama and Doctor Pazmino. I went to see both and Doctor Pazmino took 1.5 hours with me to explain and answer all my questions in detail. Whilsts Doctor Salama spent only half an hour with me, did not know much about my health condition (I have a lung problem) and barely answered my questions. Apart from that I had to wait 3 hours to see him. I decided with Doctor Pazmino and for my pre-op came with my mother. She was a nervous wreck because she was afraid that with my lung problem I would have major complications. The doctor really reassured her and knew exactly how to handle it. The photos were made and he went over what I could expect. The friday before my surgery I asked to see him again because I had read Freeme's review and it really scared me. He again reassured me that my case was very different and why things happened the way they did.

The day of surgery I was the only patient of Pazmino's that had surgery that day. I got there and spoke to all the staff at the Surgical Center the doctor uses. I was impressed by how much care they took of getting all the right information and of preparing me for the surgery. The doctor came in marked my body and I was put to sleep right after. I woke up feeling a bit sore, as if I did a very heavy workout, and I got out of the bed to pee. I also walked to the car and climbed into the SUV. When I got home I walked a couple of times my garage (its a condominium garage). In all I was not feeling too bad at all. I took one pain medication just in case but the next day when I went to see the doctor I did not take any. I advise everybody that does this to get up and walk right after. It really helps to get all the meds that they give you, out of your system. The Tuesday (one day after the surgery) I went to see the doctor and take off my garment to make sure all the drains were in place and everything was ok. I could tell already what a difference my stomach was and of course my butt. That same day I changed my garment and managed to go to the bathroom. A lot of people ask what position, I think the best way is just to kind of sit as when you go pee to the restroom in a public toilet but support yourself with your hands in front. You can put the drains bulbs in your shirt or pin them to your shirt. The main thing is to relax and dont stress about anything. Those days I had my drains (four in all) I was able to shower but I covered them with saranwrap just in case. Drains or no drains was a question I asked every doctor and now that I have gone through this I def recommend drains. I think they are worth it because they help you loose all that excess fluid so you dont build any pockets of liquid. I did not have any pockets at all, skin is smooth and tight from the beginning. They took my drains out after 7 days (the front ones) and 10 days (the back one). Doctor Pazmino has a group of highly qualified ladies that work with him. One is actually a doctor and she took my drains out without a problem. It did not hurt at all.

All in all I was not in pain. I was a bit uncomfortable but I had a month off to relax and take it easy. I would suggest to anyone doing this that they have someone there to help them with the garments and the drains. Doing this by yourself is too much trouble and going to work right away does not let your body heal properly.

Today marks four weeks since I have done the surgery and I am very happy with the results. Unfortunately my butt has gone down by quite a lot since the first day but I think that is the normal process and I also think that I lost around 5 pounds. He was able to take 900ccs of fat and put 350ccs in each cheeck so it is not much compared to many others that go into surgery. I am just bigger built so it looked like I had more fat than I originally had. I have a very fast metabolism and if I do not eat a high calorie diet I loose weight. Unfortunately with the garments being so tight it is hard to actually eat the same way as I would normally. I think Doctor Pazmino really knows what he is doing, and is an excellent Doctor. He has also chosen a team of highly professional and capable individuals that are trained for any emergency situation. I woke up from that anesthesia feeling better with my lungs after than before the surgery. Doctor Pazmino is also a doctor that listens to his patients and caters to their needs. I think that anyone going into this surgery should do their research and see if they can give themselves the time they need to recover. My one main complain is the garments. They are very difficult to put on and unfortunately I have trouble zipping up the garment in order to have it as tight as I should. I think when you are wearing them you get used to it, although if you are bloated during that time of the month it may be more uncomfortable. I will go see him today to see if I can start sitting ( I have not been sitting at all, only on a special chair that the doctor provides), I have also not been driving at all or laying on my side or my back. The key is to follow your doctors orders. I posted a question about garments last week on this site, because I wanted to see the different methods of lipo and recovery times. There are so many methods out there that doctors use and each yields different results. Unfortunately all the doctors gave a very vague answer or my question was not clear enough so I will talk to Doctor P. today and just ask him. I will also ask him about my personal situation and see what garmet I could use that could be easier to put on and tight enough. As I mentioned before I have a very fast metabolism and go to the bathroom more than once a day (meaning have to take my garment off and on several times a day).

I have not posted photos because I feel a bit uncomfortable posted my naked body online but I can email them to you if you pm me and I might actually posted them on with a password. I really hope this review helps for those wondering what happens. Tonight I will sit down to see if I can get some photos up that are pw protected. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions. I have recommended Doctor P to my good friends and I would recommend him to anyone that wants to do plastic surgery, even something simple as Botox (he also does a good job with that). I do however think that when you do plastic surgery you have to understand how your body is built. I knew from the beginning that I would not get the curves all the doctors were talking about. I just knew that it would help give me a more proportionate figure. Know your expectations...

I went to meet with the Doctor today and he said I...

I went to meet with the Doctor today and he said I can sit for important things like interviews but that I should continue using the pillow while I drive for another week. He also gave me some ideas on a garment I could use or a wait chincher. I tried posting the fotos on make me heal but they seem to be too big. If you would like to see photos just PM me with your email and I will be happy to forward them to you.
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Doctor Pazmino and his team have impressed me and continue to demonstrate that they know what they are doing. Their standard of care is way above that of many of the doctors I have seen. If you are looking for a doctor that is very picky and a perfectionist you should see this doctor. He will work with you to help you get the results you want.

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