BBL discolored soft lump on left buttock - Miami, FL

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I had a BBL performed on September 16 2016 and...

I had a BBL performed on September 16 2016 and soon after surgery while in the recovery house I noticed a lump on my left buttock but I did not pay much attention to it because obviously I just finished surgery and was very swollen. Fast forward 1 month and a half later and a lot of the swelling has subsided but the lump remains on a discolered (white) patch and actually looks bigger because of the reduced swelling and a lot more noticeable. It is soft and mushy to the touch. At times I get a sharp stabbing pain and warm burning sensation from the lump. If anyone else has experienced this same lump please let me know and what was the outcome. I have researched all the possible diagnosis of the lump including fat necrosis, the possibility of a cyst and or accumulated fat in that area but none of the photos I've seen look like the lump I have. I am posting a few pics and hope to get your opinion on what this may be.
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