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I wanted so tell me story about my personal...

I wanted so tell me story about my personal journey since day 1 until the surgery and post-operatory. I’m 26 years old, no kids, 150lb and 5’5. I was trying to lose the stubborn fat taking diet pills, supplements, working out and mostly doing any kind of diets. Although sometimes I did lose weight I didn’t get the body that I really wanted so decided so make some research to do a liposuction. I found interesting deals on the internet and any kind of doctors to do the procedure it was a little difficult to choose because each state has their laws since I live in Miami I decided to stay in house and do the sx. I was lost until I crossed with RS and finally found the Dr for me. RS was very helpful for me because I didn’t have any knowledge about cosmetic surgery here I learned that any doctor with a valid license can perform a plastic surgery and by law in Florida they can only take out 4000cc of fat in a single procedure, others cities are 5000cc and others don’t even have limits. I wanted of course a plastic surgeon with board certification and prices will vary depending on this. After spending a lot of time in RS reading thousands of reviews and pictures I finally started to contact the doctors I liked. My first choice was Dr Ortega and Fisher and both fitted my budget also contacted dr rami ghurani and perry. The prices in august for all of them were
Dr Ortega 4500$ (12 areas of lipo and fat transfer)
Dr Fisher 4200$ (12 areas of lipo and fat transfer)
Dr Rami 6500$ (full torso and back and fat transfer)
Dr Perry 9000$ (full body lipo including arms/legs and fat transfer to the butt and hips)
I made an appointment with Ortega and Fisher since that’s was my budget for surgery.

First Consultation

At the beginning of August I made an appointment with Dr Ortega for August 23 (Saturday) it was almost 3 weeks ahead but I didn't want to take time off from my job well after waiting all this time Vivian call me on Friday 22 to cancel my appointment because the Dr don’t see new patients on Saturdays (totally understand this but why Vivian didn't know about it and most import why she wait so damn longgg to tell me) at the end I went to my first consultation with Dr Ortega on August 29 it was Friday before Labor Day. I had an appointment at 3:30 however I had to wait for Dr O until 6pm. He was having surgeries all day and he see new patients between them. I was exhausted of waiting and to be honest I don’t even ask the right questions because I wasn't prepare (my fault) I didn’t want the BBL at the time just the lipo. He suggested me to do everything and I paid my 300$ (NON REFUNDABLE deposit) that day because I wanted to lock my price either for liposuction or BBL. My first impression of him was he is very confident and knowledge no doubt it. Even though I felt rush I knew he was the doctor for me.


I started getting in contact through the chat on their website. Vivian talked to me that day so she became my coordinator later I sent her photos of my body she replied fast same day with my quota. I asked prices just for liposuction she quote me 2800$ per 6 areas of lipo, anesthesia and the garment. When I went to the consultation I realize 6 areas wouldn’t be enough for what I wanted and I finally ended it up having the BBL because the 12 areas of lipo. I set up my date for the Oct 24 because I had a trip planned the week before and already had the flight ticket and I told this to Vivian. Two weeks after my consultation I received a call from Vanessa telling me Dr O just gave her his schedule for October and he won’t be the date Vivian and I arranged. She gave me just 3 days from October to choose 1, 17 or 31 of course I started to freak out cuz I couldn’t make it any of those days so I asked why she “schedule” a surgery if they didn’t even have Dr O schedule. Calling Vivian to spectrum it was a nightmare she never is available and never call you back, in the beginning I was lucky she responded to me a few emails (once after working hours) and then never hear of her not even a week or day before my surgery. At some point I even thought she wasn’t working there anymore and it didn’t surprise me because reading other reviews she did the same to other people. To be honest girls I didn’t care I was there just for Dr O I wanted to do my surgery with him no matter what. I called CG cosmetic to see if they had him available the date I wanted it they told he was fully booked until February 2015. Then I decided to call Vanessa back and confirmed my surgery for Oct 17. I lost my trip, flight ticket and my money because of this. Alba she was so helpful and nice to do a medical letter for me to see if I could change my flight without losing my money but it didn’t work for American airlines (so girls I advise you to buy the insurance of any flight ticket if you are coming out state). I did my blood work 3 weeks before surgery LabCorp send your results directly to the Doctor in the order (not Dr Ortega) so one more time I decided to email/call Vivian because I want to know if my blood test was good to go well she never responded or called me nor even by courtesy and that was the last time I wasted my time trying to get in contact with her. I called Alba again told her if she could help me to find out about my blood test she did and everything was good then I went personally to spectrum two weeks before my surgery I made my final payment. The receipt of my deposit wasn’t in my folder I had to scanned and send to her, Alba also help scheduling the time for my surgery I wanted in the morning so my hubby could drop me off and then pick me up at lunch from work with no problem. I made my request for the time weeks before the procedure (got it). Then I received a call from peggy a week before surgery telling me since I put in the forms I smoke socially they might give me a nicotine test so couldn’t smoke anymore.
I’m not sure about the coordinator roll inside Spectrum but for me beside take my deposit she did nothing… I ended it up having the surgery the day they wanted it because I didn’t have any other choice later I found out in RS he was having surgeries other days in October that could fitted me for me without losing my trip and money but I was left behind with the “call you back/ let you know” it never happened so I took whatever was left without complain. I’m telling you this girls so don’t expect too much of them after you paid. I remember calling Spectrum and saying I just need to speak with somebody because I’m having surgery that’s why I spoke with Gabby, Vanessa, Alba, Peggy and the manager too. They just transfer and transfer my calls until I get the information/person I needed but never talked to my coordinator again.
I probably will give 5 stars to staff because I can’t blame all of them just because I didn’t had communication with my “coordinator”. Dr Ortega staff the day of the surgery were excellent (will write about it with details later), nurses, anesthesiologist, Alba and Dr Ortega they did an amazing job. Most important than everything I felt SAFE. Spectrum facility is very modern

Overall i had a good experience

Pre- operative

Girls here are my photos pre-surgery. I had to admit I gain a lot of weight since I knew I was doing the BBL (dr didn’t ask me to) I’m usually on a diet and working out so for once I said to myself I’m going to eat whatever I want whenever I want for almost two month. I was already stressed out with this surgery coming and the less thing I wanted is another diet. Also I didn’t take any med/drug before my blood test and I stopped taking vitamins, caffeine, tea and smoking actually a week before surgery I didn’t even went out because weather is changing a bit and in Miami people is so used to be a 90 degree all the time that when the weather change or it’s raining/windy everyone started getting cold, sick. I run away from people sneezing or didn’t touch anybody I was literally crazy about it.

Dr Ortega/Day of Surgery

He is what people often describe about him very down to earth, confident, knowledge, straight forward, he will tell you the true in your face not what you are expecting. I came to spectrum at 6:30am a nurse was there and help me with the paperwork and made me a pregnancy test. I was kind of readying/scanning the documents before signing up but it has so many pages you don’t really know what you are agreeing with. I meet my anesthesiologist his name is Sergio Hernandez (CRNA) he is a nurse practitioner, I checked his credentials after surgery because I called in the afternoon a day before surgery and nobody not even the “manager” at Spectrum could gave me his information he just told me we don’t know who is coming like whatever but for ME it was an important information because he is also responsible for whatever happens inside the OR. Well going back to him, he explain me everything I needed to know with calm, he also answered questions about what to eat/drink/take after surgery, he was very nice and knowledge then Dr Ortega came in to do the drawing on my body we started talking about the surgery and risks. He told me I would like to tell you the risk is zero but it is not (very honest) then he told me he has been doing it for over 25 years so the risks are low. I asked about how and where the fat would be injected because I read other doctors do it beneath, inside and above the muscle. He told me he doesn’t inject fat inside the muscle although there is more change of fat surviving because it is too dangerous cuz the fat can enter to the bloodstream and travel to the heart and lungs also known as fat embolism and then told me it’s a risk it not worth it taking. Then I told him I didn’t want the “bubble butt” I just wanted something natural more like the heart shape or my same shape just bigger. I didn’t show any wish pic. He told me I got it you are latina so we were in the same page and he left.
I walked with the anesthesiologist to the OR. Dr Ortega was there putting some music and I laid down in the table, Sergio told me they will check my vital signs and don’t remember anything else.


Well girls pain is terrible I wont lie… in scale 1-10 for me it was a 6/7 the worst part in being your stomach ALL DAY specially for me cuz I have big boobs, my neck hurts, standing up and laying down to bed it was a nightmare specially the first day, my arms and back starting to hurt because I was almost doing a push up every time I wanted to go pee (first day I went more than 15 times thanks god I didn’t lipo my arms). Pain from liposuction is manageable if you don’t move/touch/breath (lol) barely can feel it but the pain in the butt OMG I felt a mix between pressure, pain and burning. I took a bath 48h after sx well let me tell you taking the garment off is not thatttt terrible as putting it back, I almost wanted to kill my hubby. It’s a slow and long long recovery. I’m in day 5 feeling better but still sore and swelling, I can’t walk normal (robot style maybe a duck or a penguin idk something like that). Im still taking pain meds just to sleep not because it hurts actually it is the only way I can go to sleep feeling so uncomfortable but for REAL pain I took one pill the first day and two second day. I went to my follow up on Monday 3 days after my sx Dr Ortega said I look awesome and I don’t even have bruises. I have been eating damn good even though I’m still not getting my appetite back I but know this is the only way my body will heal. Dr O gave me green light to start my massages when I’m ready to handle the pain so wish me luck I’m going tomorrow.

Week 1

Hello girls, well I want to do an update on my journey/nightmare LOL in my last post I forgot to add that when I went to my follow up I told Dr O I was feeling exhausted I couldn’t be more than 5 min standing up, he said I had to push myself and do it otherwise I was in risk suffer from thrombosis and died from it and then also said you know what you signed you read it didn’t you?, people think the risk in the procedure is to be inside the OR but is actually in the post operative. Well after the “news” I started walking a lot and went to my first massage by myself is just 3 blocks from my building but ladies just a block is like climb the Mount Everest for me right now.
I don’t know how to describe the pain and experience of the massage. So far is the worst thing in this adventure. She did not have mercy with me also I had some fibrosis in my abs and legs. I had a breakdown started crying, shaking, I was cold asking myself what kind of masochist am I??? but after I let her torture me for more than an hour next day I felt good and recovered part of my flexibility so far I’m walking almost normal (still very slow and I can’t pick anything on the floor yet).
Also I’m losing a LOTTTTT of hair with already freaks me out and doing my research other people said is the Percocet (no studies prove it whatsoever) but people who usually take Percocet claim to have an effect on their hair (hair loss) so I already put that shit on the garbage because beside Percocet and the antibiotics and not taking anything else. So today I done with the antibiotics I hope to be free of drugs soon.
Last thing I got my new garment because the one from the surgery is big for me…. It was L now using the M. I bought the Colombian garment in geordi store and let me tell you they are the best. Compare with what I got in Spectrum its heaven very comfortable and thick as hell. It doesn’t let marks on my body because the other one let me bruises all over my body (faja’s fault not the lipo). I finally had independence because I’m able to take off and put in my garment without any help.

Update Post-Op

Hi girls, today I’m in 11th days Post-Op well everything is going good, I’m healing slow but getting better. I finally can walk, pick up things from the floor and do all house daily activities but still sore, swelling and bruise. The massages still hurts as f….k but I feel better after, the faja made some lumps in my back also my hubby helps me massaging at home. About 4 days ago I had a hard time because my neck starting to hurts so badly that affected my back and arms so I couldn't feeling anything, my arms were totally numb so I was scared plus had strong headaches. I couldn't be laying down on my stomach because the neck pain then I tried laying down on my back still hurt so I was desperate because I stand up for more than 24h without sleeping or resting then I remembered the day of my sx a nurse gave me a folder with some information in it. I called to the emergency contact there cuz I wanted to ask if I was allow to take muscle relaxer or if they can prescribe something to me because Percocet was doing nothing for me. A operator took my message with all my symptoms an she said they will call me within 15min with the doctor’s answer but THEY NEVER CALL ME, once again I’m not surprised coming from Spectrum. Just letting you girl if you have an emergency call 911 or go to the hospital if you need it because once you got you surgery if it goes good or bad you are on your own. That’s pretty much what you really signed for. My massage therapist happened to be a nurse she was the only one who help me and provide me drugs, next day I was better, she also take out my stiches because Dr O won’t do it so what’s the point for me to go Spectrum?

Overall I like my body and my butt had decreased at least half of the size (still better than what I started with) as I told you before I was more interested in lipo mostly but for women doing this just for the butt and gaining weight for this I’m not sure if it’s worth it. Anyways is too early to judge my final results but I will keep you post it.

PS: I will posting photos on my next update

1 Month Post-O

Hello girls... Im finally doing my one month post-o! Well have so many things to tell you that i dont even know where to begin. A lot things happened to me mostly good things (thanks to god) I went back to work, im a normal person again LOL, etc now lets get into the result... It has been a roller-coaster one day i think is worth it other days i don't think so. I will try to explain why. For me the things i consider important to get the value of this procedure is: money/time/risk and pain Vs results. The main reason why im still not sure about it is bc even tho i look better now i probably look "almost" the same doing exercise and diet. Im going to show you all the different between how i was while doing exercise and diet (not strict) vs how i look now and you will see a lot of difference but not spending 7k.

Now talking about my butt is NOT big. It totally went down with the swollen. It looks better than before for sure and also has better shape but same size it was 37 before and now it is 39. I'm using my same clothe, i feel like i got an extra pump to what i already have but not nikki minaj or kim kardashian's butts (not even close). I was hugeeee after sx but idk what happened i guess my body reabsorb all of it. Dr O said that after 6 month you will see the fat u will keep for the rest of you life so I'm praying not lose more or at least be exactly the way i was. Now i understand women getting out of sx and planning 2nd rounds

Well conclusion i do NOT recommend gaining weight to get butt bc you will mess your body and u might not even get the butt. As Dr O said to me there is NOT guarantee. I was also readying to get better results on the butt the Doctor has to inject fat into the muscle bc there is richer supply but dr ortega does not do it according to him. Sooo ladies judge by yourself

Im still not doing my final score bc i want to wait to the 3 month but I'm already telling you it will be zero in follow up like i could probably die and they will never find out.

Im probably will make and update talking about amazing products that im using for the skin as well as the thing u really need after sx without spending thousands dollar on Amazon bc i read others reviews all the time and seriously girls if u have the money to spend it so then do it now you NEED it? Probably don't


Here is the photo in the left side my body doing exercise a few days a week (1h) and trying to eat "healthy" and the right side how I'm looking now. Maybe if i wouldn't quit in diet and exercise I'm sure i would've end it up at some point looking like now but God didn't give patience to women so for all people who doesn't have the money to do it maybe there is hope after all

I will probably start doing exercise next week if the winter/laziness let me so hopefully i will show u all better result for my 3 months post-o update.

PS: read my other post to understand why we end it up here LOL. I want to know what all of you think so hit me up xoxo
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