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I am really trying to figure out which doctor to...

I am really trying to figure out which doctor to go to....I am very familiar with Dr. Salamas work but I'm just now researching Dr. Fisher. This is my second BBL and I want to choose the right doctor. I am ok with my first BBL but would like more roundness and projection. I am aiming to do my procedure around February or March next year. I'm excited. I sent my pictures to Salama and Fisher last night. Got a response from Nancy today from Salamas office just waiting on Fishers. I'M EXCITED ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!!

I'm so excited! !!! Salama it is.

I just got off the phone with Nancy she is so bubbly. I Love her personality. On Monday I putt my deposit and start my journey. I been looking at other Miami doctors but he is the one that gives me the best vibe as well as his staff. I booked it for a year from now. February 2016. I have a whole year to plan my trip to Miami. This is my round two and I'm doing everything right this time?

Wish Pics

Hi ladies I hope yall are doing well recovering or on your journey's. These are my wish pictures that I sent to Dr. Salama and they told me they where actually realistic in my case. Yay! Felt so good to hear that as yall know this is my 2nd and last BBL so I have to atleast know that I'm going to get what I want. I have a whole year to plan this trip to miami and I feel very confident that Salama can give me my dream booty.

Before pics.

I covered up my tattoos ladies so sorry if pics look kind of sloppy..I'm mainly missing shape and volume at the bottom and middle. I already have an hourglass shape I just need all this fat sucked out that wasn't removed in my first bbl....I think my scars are decent u can bearly see them.

Back view....

Back view need better shape at the bottom and volume

Changed my date for the second week of March 2016

I have put $900 down today and moved my date to the second week of march 2016.....I know its still too early to get excited but i know this year is going to go by quick. Cant wait!!!!! Im going to start making payments every month so by next tax time i wont use all my income tax. I got this!!!!!. My only problem is my job, i want to take atleast a month off work, my husband said he will support me on this and he said he can take care of all my bills for atleast 2 months while i recover. I want to do everything right this time and i am not planning to jeopardize my results for anything its alot of money i have invested on this booty. I will update more when the time gets closer. Im thinking of taking my husband with me to miami, we both know what to expect i even know how to remove my own drains. Are any of you ladies scheduled for next year???? Have a Happy Valentines Ladies!!!! #MoreWish Pics

Surgery 10/11/16

Ok ladies sorry I haven't updated. Had surgery on 10/11 and have been in so much pain and discomfort that I'm bearly logging on here. Dr Salama was straight forward and gave me realistic expectations with the surgery. He had to liposuction my back because I didn't have enough fat on my flanks and abdomen. Since I got the mini BBL and full tummy tuck I have to lay on my sides and that is so uncomfortable after a few min. I'm tiered so I can't update alot. Good morning ladies.
Moises Salama

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