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Hello Loves, I been stalking this site every...

Hello Loves, I been stalking this site every chance I can throughout the day and I don't think I can honestly stop lol. Let me start by explaining myself, I am 23 yrs old with 0 kids 5'3 165 lbs. Every since college, I guess the stress of everything added more than just the freshman 15 and I've been hating my body since. People tell me all the time my butt is good, but I don't have the hips or the stomach to compliment it. So I always wanted something done to correct it but I was a broke college student working part time jobs at the time. Now that I've graduated and landed a good paying job, I think now is the perfect time. My mom just had a major surgery and I moved her in with me to take care of her, so I rather wait until she's fully recovered so she will be able to fully take care of me, when my time has come. Even though I can afford the surgery by myself, my mom offered to pay majority of the expenses, because she loves me so much LOLz. Everybody' s on board with my decision, well not my dad yet but he soon will, and my boyfriend says he's okay with it too. But honestly I think if he can skip the part of me talking about it all the time and showing him wish pics, plus being on this site and the actual surgery, not to mention dealing with me recovering (I get super mean when I'm on my cycle, so imagine me recovering lol) then he would. He's just ready to see my results so he can have something more to slap and grab. So I decided for my relationship sake not to talk about it anymore with him, and only vent to my mom and of course y'all :). But he will be the one joining me when I go to Miami. Like I said I been on this site for quite a time now and went through many doctors based on others reviews, so I 100% sure I will be a Ghuranidoll. He has great reviews, friendly staff(good customer service is Very important to me), price is right, double certified, and of course has Assmazing results. Oh I forgot to mention I learned from another doll that he doesnt use drains anymore, which sealed the deal. Because I've read several reviews that said removing the drain feels like someone taking a knife and slicing your stomach open. Dealing with the surgery pain plus adding that pain is A lot, so I'm glad that I won't. I work like crazy next week, so I might have to wait until Thursday to call the office and get this ball rolling. Talk to yall soon!!

Requesting time off

Hey dolls quick question!

When putting in for time off for the surgery, how did y'all request it? I didn't want to let them know I was having a BBL done because I was trying to be discreet. But I did need to let them know I was having surgery so I can have off the necessary weeks to recover.

Trying to be realistic

Hey ladies I really need some help. So at first I was thinking about having Dr. Ghurani do my BBL, but me being the head of my household and taking care of my mother medical bills, the house bills and still having a life, I don't want to be scrapping pennies trying to pay for this. I called my coordinator and explained how I was to stay under $4500 because I still have to get supplies and pay the the RH. She explained how Dr. Alvarez was $4100. The only problem and I feel like this is everybody's problem is that he does not have enough photos to reference. Then I was thinking about Dr. Ortega maybe he's the next best thing next to Dr. G. So I'm torn because I need a surgeon who is going to perform aggressive lipo on my stomach and back. I'm not trying to see any back rolls when I look in the mirror and I also want my stomach really flat. I really want my boyfriend to look at me when I'm done and say how he's happy that I went through with this and how he loves me results. Then to say I don't see a difference. Ladies help if you had to choose between Dr. Alvarez and Dr. Ortega, who will it be?

Where to stay!!!!

Hey loves,

I need help finding a recovery house. Does anybody know of a place in Miami where the guest stays for free or for a low rate?

Yassss cleared for surgery!!!!

Hey dolls it's been a while since I posted. So my surgery for Dr. Ghurani is March 13th and I'm so excited. It's crazy because im anemic and I thought I would have a low hemoglobin level, it's been a crazy couple of months and I honestly forgot about that, so I did not take any iron pills. Yesterday went and got my blood work done and everything is good. I actually asked her if she was sure because like I said I was anticipating on her saying something about my hemo. But nope, that was honestly the best news ever! I'm staying at an air bnb that I got for a really good price, since my bf is coming. Now all I'm waiting on is my FMLA to be approved and I'm good to go!

Found somewhere to stay finally!!!

So my surgery is March 13th with Dr Ghurani and I been looking for a place to stay. I really wanted to stay at a recovery house but my boyfriend is coming with me, so we ended up getting this Airbnb for the week for $450. I really like it because it's an actual apartment, so with my bf and nurse both being there, everyone can still have room and not be cramped. Also, I'm so happy I found a nursing agency for $14 an hr. The average price is $25 and higher.

BBL Supplies

I seen another doll order her supplies from


So I seen another doll order her supplies from diamond care and recovery and that's what I ended up doing to. Everything you need is shipped to you at once, which is convenient. I read another review where everything came separately and she was missing some of her supplies and i don't have time for that. March 13 is right about the corner and I'm so nervous and anxious at the same time. I'm just so tired of my body and ready to fix it.

Ghurani Doll Soon!!!

Y'all this time next week I will be in Miami for my sx!!!

$$$All paid for$$$

My surgery is all paid for and I'm so excited. I swear best $6000 I ever paid for.

Got my time!!!

I was nervous because I haven't received a call yet, but they called me :) and my surgery time is for Monday at 6am! Soon to be a Ghurani Doll!

I'm here!

I'm here ladies, see y'all on the other side.

Waiting room

Waiting room!

Ghurani Doll!

So much blood

Ghurani did his thing

Female urinal

Hey dolls just from experience I recommend getting this type of urinal that has the cup at the bottom. It's so convenient because trust me you will not feel like walking to the toilet and squat with that other urinal that requires you to be over a toilet.


These laxatives are the best i had a bowel movement the next day. They are the sensitive kind, so they will not cramp you in the middle of the night like other laxatives. Two tablets was all I needed and that was it.

no to this urinal

This is the urinal that is not comfortable for post op

Almost 2 months post op!!!

Hey Dolls,

I just wants to come give an update to let y'all know how I'm doing. I had my bbl march 13th with Dr. Ghurani and I must say I'm so happy I got it done. This recovery has honestly been hard on me and my boyfriend. When you go to being super independent to having to be waited on hand and foot is honestly hard, and it sort of put my in this depression state. I was over sleeping on my stomach I was over not being able to put my socks and shoes on and I was over wearing the garment. But everytime I took it off and I seen my body that's what kept me motivated. I developed two seroma on my sides and had to stick myself multiple times to take the fluid out and now that they gone down I can feel the scar tissue. Between me using my roller pin and my massages, my doctor said that tissue will break down and thank god one side did get soft. I didn't see my close friends for like 5 weeks because I wanted to do a reveal for my bday and they loved it. Not only that the attention was real, I never had so many eyes on me and it was sort of overwhelming, but hey this is what I signed up for. Now that I am back working and I have my social life back, not to mention I am sitting now, I feel 10 times better. One thing is to remember to trust your body, there are days where I love my body and there are days where the swelling took over my waist, but once I put my foams in my garment, the next day it will go back down. I was scared seeing those seromas, because here you have this flat stomach but you have two big balls of fluid on your waist. But just take care of it and it will go down. When I had my surgery my garmet was XL and now I got a Medium.Remember dolls that you paid a lot for your surgery, so take care of your results. I wear my garment everyday with my foams and when I don't have my foams in, I will still have my garment on but I will wrap a waist trainer around my waist. It will be tempting to not wear your garment to show off your clothes but if your body is not ready, then don't force it. My bday was the only day I did not have it on and I regret it by the time I got home. Another thing is that even though I can sit on my butt, I still choose to sit on my boppy pillow, because i don't want all that pressure on my butt yet. Lastly, don't be alarmed if your body is not what you'd expect when you first come out of surgery, especially if you had a lot of fat removed, because the first week or two I looked in the mirror and my stomach wasn't flat and I still had rolls and I was not happy. Keep your garment and foams on and your skin will retract. It is a process, but now my stomach is completely flat and my waist is really small. Good luck with the ladies having their surgery soon and the ones who are recovering. Let my know if you have any questions or concerns i can assist with.

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