BBL W/ Dr. Alvarez - Miami Beach, FL

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I had a bbl consultation with Dr. Desai on March...

I had a bbl consultation with Dr. Desai on March 12, 2016. He made me fell comfortable but I'm nervous to schedule the surgery because I have not seen any before and after pics from patients. Please assist if you can. I need to actually see his BBL work. I just emailed the office and I'm waiting for a response.

Decide to go with Dr. Segio Alverez

I was told Dr. Desai was no longer accepting new surgeries because he is starting a private practice in California. Dr. Alverez quoted me $5500

Decided to Go with Dr. Sergio Alverez, Florida

I had an online consultation with Lena and I was quoted $5500 from Dr. Alverez. Looking to book for July 2016. Does anyone have any info, good or bad, that they can share about their experience with him? Or any recovery houses in the area that they can recommend? Or massage therapist they can recommend for draining?

Purchased my supplies

I just purchased my supplies from Diamond Care Recovery. I purchased the Barbie Box which is for women getting a BBL. it comes with everything except a Faja

July 29th is around the corner!

Making my last payment this week! So excited! Had my preop testing done yesterday, still need a chest x-ray. Surgery is July 29th with Dr. Sergio Alverez :)

4 days post op

Pain is like no other. I still can't stand up for 5 mins without getting light headed. I will update more when I feel better

One week post op

I think Dr. Alvarez did an excellent job on my stomach I haven't really had a chance to fully examine my butt because it hurts to bad, but I can tell I'm not shaped like sponge bob anymore lol so I'm happy. He told me he removed about 4 litters of fat from my stomach and waist and back and put 1300cc in each butt cheek/hips.

Before and after

2 weeks post op!

One month post op.

Stomach and back are STILL swollen:(
Doral Plastic Surgeon

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