Dr Duran TT/BBL/Lipo

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Hey everyone I've just decided to make the...

Hey everyone I've just decided to make the decision to get a BBL done hopefully in May 2016. I'm 5'8 & 150 lbs. I've seen Dr Durans work and it looks amazing however I've read all the reviews on how hard it is to get in contact with her. I sent an email yesterday both in Spanish and Engilsh and received an automatic email back stating that they will respond as soon as possible. I have a friend who went to Dr Hasan, she looks great but she's not happy with her lipo incision sites (he uses 12) which makes me question rather or not I should go to him. Dr Fisher is in the same office as Hasan and I've seen some of his work that looks good as well so I'm having a very difficult time trying to decide. Hasan qouted $5000 & Fisher is $5500. Any advice would be greatly appreciated on the best way to contact Duran, and on trying to choose between the three! Thanks and happy booty hunting:)

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Love how her butt has a nice shape, looks full and has good projection but most importantly it looks natural! This is def the look I'm going for. Photo credit: abooty91

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Sooo I'm hearing that Dr Hasan is not returning on RS but when you call the office they're saying he'll be back in May...girls are having their surgeries rescheduled after paying for flights and recovery stays, this is RIDICULOUS and extremely shady...my friend who got a BBL by Hasan results are bomb but I don't think I can chance it...I reached out on what's app to Dr Duran and received a reply from her coordinator the next morning, she asked me to fill out some medical info she sent via email and reply back on what's app when I completed it along with some pics (email states they will give you a quote from MD for free but if you decide to book you pay their service fee of $200)..she also stated that Duran didn't have any available dates until the end of July:-( I was hoping to have my surgery done in May, recover and take a RN travel position over the summer...she referred me to some other docs at CIPLA Dr Diaz, Disla, Torres, Cabral, Yily...I've heard some bad reviews about Yily (people waking up out of anesthesia and seeing other doctors there operating and no Yily) so I'm skeptical of her...does anyone have any recommendations on great BBL results from these doctors or any others? I'm

Scheduled for Duran May 4th!!

I couldn't deal with the unprofessialism and shadiness at Vanity so I decided to reach out to Duran again. I ended giving up trying to get in contact with Duran directly, I didn't have the time or patience to keep reaching out lol so I ended up paying her coordinator Laura Rodriguez the $200 fee along with the $250 deposit. Originally, she told me there weren't any dates until July 21st which was too far out for me, so I texted her back the next week (through whatsapp) and asked If there were any cancellations in May or June and to my surprise she said yes & that I need to make the payment of $450 that day. So I Western Union her the money and I am now scheduled for May 4, 2016!! I am sooooo freaking nervous and excited at the same time. I can't believe I'm going out of the country to have surgery not only where I don't know anyone but I don't even speak their language ughhhh. But then I think about this bangin body that I'm about to have & I put that to the back of my mind lol. I'll make sure to share my journey with u all I know how helpful it is!!

How to prepare for surgery email


I'm so happy you decided to have surgery done.

Dr. Durán recommend to start taking the following Vitamins:

300mgs of Iron
Vitamin C
B Complex
Folic Acid
After surgery you will get a prescription of the following medication:

- Fraxiparina
- Amoxicilina con ácido clavulanico
- Hierro (Iron)
- Vitamina C, B12
- Omeprazol
- Proteín (ensure)
- Lioton gel (heparin gel)
- Arnica (tab y cream)

Bring the following:
· Bed chux

· Extra pillows

· Warms socks (due to coldness from anesthesia)

· 3-4 sun dresses

· Arnica cream

· Water pills (for swelling)

· Vitamins of your choice

· Compression socks (If you do not bring the right one has to buy it on the hospital US$35.00)

· Bobby pillow

· Rolled up yoga matt (for BBL patients, for extra lumbar support when laying and sitting)

· Dry shampoo

· 4 packs of baby wipes (any brand, fragrance or not, doesn't matter)

· 2 big packs of pads (the poise brand

· 5-6 cotton t-shirts (for comfort when wearing your garment)

Keep in mind that some of these stuff are optional and not all of the items are 100% necessary. However, it will make your recovery easier. If you have any other question don't hesitate to ask.

I also need...

I will need a CBC (Complete Blood Count) to check your hemoglobin level.if you have a bariatric Surgery your doctor have to approved it and bring extra testing as algumida.

· Bring your Deposit receipt and Quote (Printed).

Payment Cash.
The flight is not included.

Your price quote includes:

•Cardiologic Evaluation

•Photographs (before and after surgery)

•Operating Room


•Post-surgical Accessory (1 Garment)

•Supplies and disposable materials

•Medicines (analgesics and antibiotics)

•Medical fees

•One night at the clinic

•One night of nursing care (no personal)

•Consultation and medical checks before and after surgery

•Physician examinations and consultations, pre and post-operative

This price excludes the cost of medical insurance and post-operative medications. The medical insurance is a requirement and its purpose serves to ensure that you are covered in the event that you will need to be transferred to a local hospital in case of an emergency. The cost of this insurance is $130 USD. The cost of the post-operative medication is $150 USD

The patient is responsible for reserving their flight and stay. I recommend that my patients stay at a recoveries houses to ensure they are receiving the proper care during their recovery.

Please reserve your stay and send me the details of your choice upon confirmation of surgery.

You will need to be here for at least 2 weeks but Dr. Duran prefer 21 days in order to be completely discharged.


Booked my flight!!

After searching through several flight sites I ended up finding the best deal on Kayak.com. I decided to go with Delta airlines bc Duran's email stated that girls in the last have had several issues with American Airlines. I upgraded my seats to Delta comfort on the way back bc Lord knows I'm going to need it. When checking out it gave me the option of applying for an American Express Sky Miles credit card which gave $50 off the flight, tempted, I applied and was instantly approved:-) I also purchased insurance just in case. My total price came to $597.

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Switch Duran dates

I have a surgery date for BBL & TT with Duran 5/4, I haven't really gained as much weight as I'd like to get the results that I'm looking for, would anyone like to change a date in June or July for my date?

Got my date switched!! Duran TT/Lipo/BBL July 11, 2016

Ok so I rescheduled my date through Laura Rodriguez the same coordinator I used to book my original date. I was unable to go in May bc first of all I knew I had not gained enough weight and there is no way I was wasting my money or going to suffer in pain for nothing. I was so discouraged bc I HAVE to have my surgery this summer I start a new job in August and there is no way they will let me off for 6 weeks for an elective surgery, I'm a nurse so I lift and pull patients on a daily basis so I need my FULL 6 weeks to recover after a TT, also my kids are out of school over the summer and I don't have anyone to take them to school everyday while I'm in DR. When I had to cancel I was so sad I just knew I would not come across another date over the summer the way all of us are lined up waiting on Duran at the "doe" lol..So I write Laura and ask her about cancellations and she tells me there is likely to be no cancellations for the summer, go ahead and book for October, I lose hope AGAIN, and then I randomly get an email for her company asking me to follow their IG page @surgicoordinator, so I head myself on over to IG and all of a sudden the clouds parted, the sun came through, and life was given! Cancellations on cancellations on cancellations (inserts raised hand emoji). So I hit Laura up like ummmm what about all these cancellations on IG? She tells me they're all taken, womp womp..so I followed that a** and turned on her post notifications. I missed several of the dates posted but then I finally snatched up July 11! So don't give up ladies, there is still hope! People cancel left and right!!

How to get a sooner surgery date with Duran

1. Contact Surgicoordinator on what's app(info in pic) 2. Get a quote 3. Don't get too excited and book prematurely, cancellations happen all the time and you're less likely to get a change of date when you've already paid (they already have your money, you won't be a priority) and you are only allowed to change your date once after that you lose your deposit 4. Ask over and over and over through what's app if there are any cancellations for the time frame that you want, you may be able to get a date before she posts on IG 5. Follow her on IG (info in pic) and turn on post notifications, you can DM her if your date comes up, that's what I did, I was NOT about to put myself on blast lol 6. Run like hell over to IG when you get a notification she's made a post lol 7. Anytime you are in communication with them make sure you let them know you are ready to pay now, and make sure u are ready to pay now, there are so many people wasting their time I'm sure, money talks 8. Pay their fee $200 (worth it) 9. Last and most important, reading is fundamental, please look in the pic posted on this review for all questions on how to contact them, don't be that person lol Good luck on your journey dolls:) hope this info helps someone

Infections in DR

Sooo I'm getting nervous, I've came across a couple of dolls reviews who had recent TT/bbl/lipo with Duran and have gotten infections. I know this is a risk with surgery but I am just curious to know if this is happening more frequently than normal in the last few months. I've read that back in 2013 one of the hospitals in DR was shut done bc of high incidence of a flesh eating bacteria and then later reopened. I'm nervous as hell, I'm scheduled with Duran in 4 days:(
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