switching Drs.

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Hello, I recently put half down on my procedure...

I recently put half down on my procedure with Dr Fisher to lock in my date. Im anxiously awaiting for December to come around. Im 5'7 127lbs. Im 23 and attend school in California. Thank you for all the very imformative/helpful reviews! it has been so helpful with choosing a PS! I hope I can be as helpful as well!

recovery house?

Hi ladies I was curious to see if any of you have stayed at Marians recovery house?..or if you know any that has? Is vanitys recovey home worth the money? I want to get things paid for before I spen d it all..money goes fasy!

Done with vanity! switching DR

I no longer want to deal with the degenerates at vanity cosmetics. Literally thee most unprofessional and disorganized staff EVER! I called for a refund yesterday and they told me " Their refund department is closed" HA! and the same thing today! Already talked to my bank and they told me I have protection against this and will receive my full refund within 45 days. So ladies if you do choose to go to vanity pay with a card. DR fishers results are awesome! Best wishes to all the future fisher girls! just for me personally, the office gives me a bad gut feeling. will be looking into other Drs. not just their results but post op care, the staff and other things... because results are very important but my well being physically and emotionally will always take precedence. :)

Dr. Ortega :)

Im feeling much more confident about my surgery now that I have switched to Ortega. I'm booked for december 10th and just barley put my deposit down today. I've gained 3 lbs so far, I've been taking maca for weight gain and it has been helping.

I need your help ladies!

Hello ladies,
ugh well its been a nightmare getting my money back from vanity. I would really appreciate your help right now! If any of you have info on vanity's cancellation policy please let me know if you have it written in an email or even a if they just told you over the phone.. can you please let me know comment or pm me... from what I remember I spoke to someone in the very beginning and she said two weeks before surgery and you cancel for what ever reason, no stipulations. They are denying my dispute saying I did not cancel within their policy even though I canceled FIVE FULL MONTHS before surgery. Clearly within the guidelines of their refund policy. Which I included below.. I just don't understand why you would want to be so greedy and selfish:( Please just give me my money back !!! LIKE YOUR DAMN REFUND POLICY STATES!!! UGHHH how could you be so cold? So heated! Why are they getting away with this.. I know Im not the only one this has happened to.
end rant haha.. still mad though

$$$ :)

I finally got my money back from vanity after a two month long dispute, my bank and visa came through for me!:) I am so excited!I I emailed Ortega's patient coordinator three times and never got a response. So, I decided to switch Drs again and have decided to go with Salzhauer. I had a phone consult with him days after sending in my pics to the office. It was so nice to be able to actually speak with my surgeon. I was quoted 7,745 which is way more then I ever planned to spend on this procedure, but I am willing to pay more for better service. I called on friday and placed my 1000$ deposit. Due to the whole drama with vanity, I have to push back the date of my surgery until spring semester is over :/ Salzhauer said he can guarantee me 1000cc in each cheek if I gain 5lbs, which would put me at 131 ( I'm 5'7) ... I love the fact that I don't have to gain to much weight and still get the results I want. Good luck with your journey everyone!

DR. salzhauer

Yeah I'm for sure gonna gain more weight then what the DR recommended! Cant wait!:)
Miami Plastic Surgeon

No longer going with Dr. Fisher due to incompetent staff. Dr. Salzhauer is my PS!

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