43 y.o. Tuning up this body October 31st W/ Dr. Ghurani - Miami, FL

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Like the most of all of you, I have been looking...

Like the most of all of you, I have been looking and researching for quite some time. Had a few "online consults" with doctors and for the most part have had really good follow-up from coordinators. One recently reached out to me well after our initial discussion to let me know about her moving to another facility and inform me of the new doctors she was working with but by that time I had already made my decision to have the surgery with Dr. Ghurani. I hope and pray it will be a great decision. My coordinator Lizbeth, had been great thus far. I've read SO many coordinator negative stories. I just hope this treatment continues. Now is all I have to do is prepare and gather all the necessities for the big day.

One week away!!

I am nervous, excited and anxious all at once. I am looking for a smaller (snatched) waist, round hips and a perkier butt. I really hope I am a good candidate for my wish and that Dr. Ghurani delivers.

Tomorrow is the Big Day!!

Made it to Miami. All settled in. Literally gonna woosah the rest of this day away and get my mind prepared for what is to come. Look for me on the flat side ladies!! xo

2 weeks post-op and I am doing really well! Here is my long overdue review.

First and foremost I want to thank all the vets that had this procedure done before me - the information that you share in these forums is invaluable and is mostly spot in regards to this process.
As for my personal experience, everything has been going smoothly and I feel like I have been hitting all the "marks" in regards to the healing process.
Day of surgery was pretty nerve racking. I was asked to arrive at 11am, I got there at 10:45. Payed my remaining balance, did a urine test and then waiting impatiently for close to 2 hrs in the lobby. Needless to say I was anxious and ready to get this over with. Finally I was called back to examination room and was asked to fill out a handful of forms regarding the surgery, my bf that was with me is a lawyer so I had him review and everything was okay to sign. I met with the anesthesiologist who asked me a few health related questions and then about another 1hr later I finally meet with Dr. Ghurani. This would be my first contact at all with him as I did not have an opportunity to meet him for a consultation before my surgery. I did an online consult (basically him or someone who represents him viewing my photos along with an initial questionnaire and then informing me that I am a good candidate etc.) Dr. Ghurani was warm, friendly and has a unique ability to make you feel at ease straight away. He was very engaging and compassionate in his communication. He took his time consulting with me and gave me the opportunity multiple times to ask him any questions that I may have had. He was very thorough in his explanation and also really listened to what I wanted. He marked me up, took some photos, talked some more about some fun personal topics and then he was out the door. And I was back to waiting. Finally around 2:30 everything was ready to go and I was walked back to the operating area. Anesthesiologist administered the IV with my drugs and I was off to LaLa Land. I woke up to a rather jarring and aggressive nurse saying "hey hey wake up. Time to get dressed and go" , needless to say that didn't feel good. But I imagine she was tired from a long day or maybe that's just her demeanor. Waking up shaking and disoriented was scary and once you realize what is going on that's when the rush of pain hits you because you are shivering and shaking so much. You literally feel like you got hit by a truck. I was lead out to my bf waiting for me to take me back to my hotel. I actually hired a nurse to come to my hotel to help me for the first 3 days. Shout out to the amazing Joselyn Sanchez @ Hidden Wings Recovery, she is and was amazing. Once back at my hotel I finally got a glimpse of my bloodied body in this garment and of course it was shocking to see. After that I just wanted food, meds and a bed. That nights sleep was rough. I think I probably woke up every few hours as I could never fully get comfortable. My nurse scheduled 4 days of lymphatic massages at my hotel so the next morning Day 2 I was able to get a massage first thing in the morning at 7:30 am. This was extremely painful and relaxing at the same time. But first be warned coming out of your raja for the first time...you will problem will be severely light-headed and my even blackout as I did. I think it has to do with the rush of adrenaline to your body. Back to the massage- obviously your skin and body is so sensitive and numb. If you did not have drains in as I did, it is important that your massage therapist apply sufficient amount of pressure to push out all of the fluids that are still in your body from surgery. This is the "draining" process. She pushed out a lot of fluid. It burned and hurt like hell coming out but afterwards, I felt a lot of relief. The swelling is no joke. This same morning I was also scheduled for my first post-op follow-up with Dr. Ghurani. Everything looked good according to him. I learned that he injected 900cc's on both sides. Not sure exact ratio of hips and ass but nonetheless, it felt big and swollen. The rest of the day was a lot of urinating, hydrating, napping and draining. Oh and I finally took a shower that evening...it felt great! Day 3 was HARD!! My nurse described it best. She said the first couple days your body is dead from the numbing and liposuction but it starts to eventually and quickly wake up and you start to feel EVERYTHING. I cried a lot this day. The soreness is no joke along with the itching and swelling. The nice thing for me was I did a lot of draining which means relief from the swelling. Got a massage and starting walking around a bit more to try and combat the stiffness as the doctor suggested to get some moving in during my day. It helps. Day 4 was more swelling and draining. It was also my second and final follow-up appt. with Dr. Ghurani. Again everything was fine with my progress. Day 4 was also the day where my mind starting messing with me. A significant amount of swelling came down and I really started to believe my butt has shrunken significantly. I went to surgery at 147lbs and came out at 160lbs. 13lbs of water retention! Oy vey! So I spent much of that day stressing about my results. I also final had my first bowel movement on this day... major relief! Day 5 was which was a Saturday I felt so much better and was quite frankly ready to get take my ass back home because I was seriously stir crazy. Laying on your stomach and not doing much of nothing is completely foreign to me and I just was ready to get home. I actually managed to go out to a late lunch at a nice restaurant with the help of my BBL Bumbooster and Boppy Pillow and to also run a few errands. I bought another faja for when I returned home. There is a great store called Faja Colombianas at 8300 SW 8th Street in Miami. They also have an online store www.girdleboutique.com. Day 6 Sunday was time to fly home. I was extremely nervous about flying for obvious reasons but once I was in the air, I was able to get out of my seat often and stand and walk around for as long as possible. It looked pretty obvious to those around me that I had just had surgery and it was difficult for me to stay seated for very long. Also Spectrum gave me a letter stating that I recently had surgery and would need wheelchair assistance and would need to be up and out of my seat as often as possible to keep the circulation moving in my legs. So that was good but I was exhausted when I got home and pretty much just took it easy the rest of the day. Being home from day 7 until now, 2 weeks post op has been a lot of taking it easy and making sure I did a lot of self massaging and I also appointed my little sister my massage therapist here at home. She comes over and rubs me down for a good 20 mins every other day. Tremendous help with making sure my tummy looks good and is lump free.
All in all this has been a good experience. I would say there are a few things I've learned and not much I would change and would definitely recommend my Dr. Ghurani and the Spectrum clinic. Two things I would specifically change and the first being -going a little bit bigger in the butt and hips to offset the natural reabsorption of the fat back in to the body. The first few days are great because you are SO swollen but this past week at home, I've seen a major reduction in the size of my hips and butt. The shape is still amazing but the volume as certainly gone down. I don't know if a round two is in my future but we will see in the next few months. And this leads me to the second thing I would change. If there is another go around I will specifically ask that ALL the fat on my back be removed. There is still a significant amount of fat near my bra area that bothers me but I guess in a way it is good that it is still there because if I do decide to do a round 2, he would have someplace to pull it from. And I know once I start working out not much is going to change in that area because it's been one of my problem areas all my life. So in summary I should have been more specific as to what I did not want to see anymore just as much I stressed on what I did want to see so that my final results were to my complete satisfaction. I wanted a my hip dips filled in (which was my main concern), a flat stomach (no more FUPA) and a more defined waist. Basically silhouette was more important than a super booty. Although I do think I may have a slight case of booty greed...we'll see down the road.

So here are a few things that I have learned and/ or followed:

-During my consultation with Dr. Ghurani he told me not every body is symmetrical so don't expect some perfect body to appear after surgery. Expect a better version of yourself.
-TRUST THE PROCESS and follow your doctors post-op instructions like it's your new religion.
- It is hard in the beginning but you will get thru it. Everything that ladies have posted either here or on IG about this journey has been spot on. Again TRUST THE PROCESS
-Drink your water and pineapple juice. Stay hydrated and keep away from foods high in salt and/or sodium. The swelling is real and it can be real painful.
-Self massaging and massages are your friend. They promote healing and take away the soreness all while decreasing your chances of unfavorable results on your tummy. i.e. lumpiness and fluid pockets.
-Wear your garments religiously.
-COMPRESS COMPRESS COMPRESS! Foam pads, triangle, ab board, back board and etc etc. are essential. Just get used to the uncomfortableness because again they are necessary to achieving the results you want... a super flat stomach
-I prefer Arnica balm over Arnica gel.
-Pain overall at his most intense is about a 5 maybe 6 out of 10 but then settles down to like a 2 or 3 and that is mainly just soreness and stiffness

And lastly, LOVE YOURSELF and don't compare your results to anyone else. Now go out in the world and be great with you new body confidence!

Best of luck newbies on your future journey and happy healing to the ones that did it!

Taken @ 18 days post-op

Before and after. Current measurements 36-29-41 Really want to get my waist to a 28

3 Weeks Post-op

Not much to say except at this stage I'm pleased.


Dr. Ghurani and his team were excellent. The anesthesiologist was amazing. Everyone was helpful and down to earth. Dr. Ghurani has a wonderful disposition, listened carefully, gave spot-on suggestions and delivered as expected. I am absolutely thrilled with my results thus far. I would see him again and highly recommend him.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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