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Hello curvaceous ladies! (And those to be) I paid...

Hello curvaceous ladies! (And those to be) I paid my deposit w/Dr Salz! Was kinda nervous cause I didn't hear from them with a confirmation. Anywho, I called and all is well! With dates going way into 2016 I thought they may have lost my date and was going to issue me a new one. I'm a little paranoid o_o lol. Can't wait to take you ladies on this exciting journey with me!

Flight Booked!

I was able to find a great deal on the flights! $116 roundtrip. It's with spirit, and although I hate that airline, ya can't beat that price! Shooot this bbl is not cheap so gotta save where I can. I was also able to find some cute maxi dresses that may not be around during my sx date so y not get them now?! Some of you ladies suggested that I get the bbl pillow so I guess that will be my next purchase. If any of you beauty warriors know of an affordable lymphatic massage center plse let me know. I still have to figure out where I'm gonna stay. My date is coming soon and I need to find something! Anyone know how long you need to wait to have sex? I told hubby 6 weeks but I totally made that up lol. Anywho, I look forward to reading your replies!

Plzzzzz Help me!!!!

My date is coming up and I desperately need to gain weight!!! Plz, if anyone has a proven way of gaining like 10lbs let me know!!! I have been eating like crazy but nothing sticks :( I feel like time is flying by!!! I think my nerves are really setting in now. I have to schedule my mammogram and get blood work. AHHHHHHHHH

RH in Miami!

Ok ladies, this is a bit overwhelming! So I will be flying down to Miami with hubby for my procedure but is only staying for a few days. I was going to stay at a hotel for the first part of my recovery with hubby then switch to the RH after he leaves. Looking for a RH is sooooo annoying. Not fun like looking for a DR or a great wish pic. Having proper care after the sx is just as important as choosing the surgeon! So far I have found:
Cosmo Care
Belladonna Villa
Elite Nursing
New Body Recovery
AR Recovery
These are the ones that I was able to find. I want to find something that is all inclusive and nice! I would prefer to have a private bed and bath. My other option would be to stay at a hotel and just hire a nurse to come take care of me. This option is appealing to me because I would like to recover with a nice view of the beach. Not sure what option Is best at this point but sure would like to get this part out of the way! Anybody out there completely satisfied with their after care???

ATT DR SALZHAUER VETS!!!!!!!!!! Tell Me!!!!

I know that they provide you with every you need except for the boppy and meds right? I see some ladies on here have LONG list of supplies! Does the Dr provide the lipo foam and board? What about the compression socks and 2nd stage garment? I know that the 1st one comes with the fee but not sure about the other stages. Will I need gauze and tape, neosporin or scar strips? I wanna pack light but efficiently! Any other useful tip from this practice is welcomed!

Why is it soooo hard?!?!?

I never thought it would be this hard to gain weight! ugh!!!! The struggle was real when I needed to lose 15lbs but now that I need to gain it back, the weight won't stick! I'm up to 3 boost a day!
Anywho, next month is my turn ladies!!!!! Time is flying by! I booked my room and recovery house. I will be staying at a hotel with hubby for the first few days then when he leaves, I check into the RH. Mary with Elite Nursing will be my nurse. I have read lots of great reviews about her on here. I hope you ladies wouldn't steer me wrong!
Taylor from the office and I have been txting already! Over a month before my sx and she is already making sure I will be set with my prescriptions. I like that I can call her anytime and she never makes me feel like Im buggin her. No matter how small the question. I like that. Next thing on my list of to do's: Mammogram and blood work.
I feel like there is something else I need to do but can't think of it now.
33 more days to go!!!!!!!!!!

I'm back!

Hellllllllooooo realself! It's been a while. I am now over 1 yr post op. Everything went well with my sx and everything went as planned. HOWEVER.......... I am NOT happy with my results :( From day one I was told to give my body time.
Coming out of sx my butt did NOT look good. No volume, no shape no vavavoom. I am on the smaller side so I didn't have much fat to transfer but the Dr said that if gained a few more lbs that it would go to where he transferred the fat and not the lipo area. WRONG! I only gained 10 lbs and most of it went back to the areas that he treated with lipo and the top of my butt. I do have a nice waistline but my hips and my laterals are square.
I also had a breast augmentation with peri lift. I asked for a natural look but didn't realize that meant that they would be placed so low. I now have the volume I wanted but it looks like they are dropping.
Soooooo is my body better than before? Sure, but this is not what I expected. Especially from an experienced Dr. So I am on the hunt again. But this time I may be going to DR. Duran, Cabral or Yily!

Post op pics

These are a few pic

DR for round 2

Hey ladies! I'm going for round 2 in DR but not sure which surgeon I'm going with yet. I got a quote from Cabral, MOLINA and another Dr in Miami. But I actually want to meet the surgeon before I put my deposit down. Does anyone know if the surgeons in DR take walk in consultation? I really want Duran but I haven't been hearing good things about her lately. I'd like to meet these Drs in person and ask them direct questions. Also, is Cipla the only clinic that they operate out of?
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