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Hi I've been stalking this site for 4 years now im...

Hi I've been stalking this site for 4 years now im 34 with two daughters 14 and 8. I've been working on losing weight for a few months now my started weight was 183 im 5"4 1/2. Im now down to 161.5 im thinking about losing 10 more pounds before i get the procedure or should I just stay were im at most of my weight is in my stomach and back. I've been looking at dr. Fisher I just love his work im also thinking getting libo in my arms too. I haven't scheduled yet cause im so nervous but it time to do something that's going to make me happy

Change of plans I wanna b a Duran doll

So I decided to go with dr Duran omg I just love her her and I think, well I know she will give me my dream first I wanted Fisher because of my schedule n I can't leave the country until around late July early Duran is definitely worth the wait I've sunt in my pics im just waiting on a quote Soon I hope

Dr. Duran love her work

I soooo desperately need to be a Duran doll
Dr. Duran

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