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Hi I've been stalking this site for 4 years now im...

Hi I've been stalking this site for 4 years now im 34 with two daughters 14 and 8. I've been working on losing weight for a few months now my started weight was 183 im 5"4 1/2. Im now down to 161.5 im thinking about losing 10 more pounds before i get the procedure or should I just stay were im at most of my weight is in my stomach and back. I've been looking at dr. Fisher I just love his work im also thinking getting libo in my arms too. I haven't scheduled yet cause im so nervous but it time to do something that's going to make me happy

Change of plans I wanna b a Duran doll

So I decided to go with dr Duran omg I just love her her and I think, well I know she will give me my dream first I wanted Fisher because of my schedule n I can't leave the country until around late July early Duran is definitely worth the wait I've sunt in my pics im just waiting on a quote Soon I hope

Dr. Duran love her work

I soooo desperately need to be a Duran doll

I'm Not Sure It I Want Hips or Lateral

Hey rs I've been wanting this surgery for 4 years now with dr Duran I just love her work n I feel like whatever she gives me I'll b satisfied but here's a pic of my body ladies I need help I'm not sure if I should ask for hips or lateral as u can see I'm straight up and down but I want something that looks natural I'm so confuse help me out ladies what y'all think oh I looking to get a bbl tummy tuck liposculpture and arm lift I wanted to get a bl but I rather get rid of these arm since I'm very insecure about them I will really love u guys input thanks

Change my doctor to the king of Barbies Cabral

Hi my RealSelf beauties so I decided to change my doctor I was planning on dr Duran but she will not respond so I went with my second choice dr. Cabral I just love his work too I saw a lot good things about him n great results but I've also seen a lot of bad things about him as far as deaths but I look at it like this with major surgery anything can happen so I'm just going to put my faith into god n let him handle the rest plus ima make sure I'm very healthy for this surgery he quoted me 4000 for tt, bbl, and lipo I'm thinking about getting my arm pits lipo also I put my deposit down in which was 400 to book a date I went through Surgi coordinator my surgery is not until July 24th that gives me plenty of time to get everything in order cause I know that date is gonna come fast. I have a question my rs sisters has anyone went to Cabral n did u like your results, plus I'm 5"4 n weigh 170lbs I'm unsure if I should loose weight or not for a better result someone please respond back I need answers THANKS

Need Help Having Surgery with Cabral in October

I haven't been on here I a while you know life but I was originally scheduled for July 24th with doctor Cabral but I rescheduled it to October 23rd cause I knew I wouldn't b ready but I have so many questions I don't know where to start n I need you guys help as far as what vitamins I need to take n what blood work I need to get n oh supplies I'm having a tummy n bbl maybe lipo arms can some one please give me a direction on what I need to do first n also I maybe traveling by myself so if so one is going on that date or around that date I can really use a sx buddy
Dr. Hector Cabral

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