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Nice heart shape booty I have been reading reviews...

Nice heart shape booty I have been reading reviews for three months now and am very excited there are so many outstanding before and after of beautiful women i soon we be a bbl sister thus far my experience has been very positive i will be staying at the Vanity recovery house my experience with Vanity ie Margerite has been awesome she is great and caring looking forward to share my journey

Curvy hips but no booty

I am so ready to get this over with my tab has been paid in full
I tried to change my date to something sooner no opening with Dr Fischer oh well I hope to have a nice heart shape booty i have full hips and thighs. I am doing this for myself i have always covered my backside with jackets long shirts because self conscience

5 weeks before surgery

I've gained weight from stress now I have to get it off before my preoperative Feb 18,2015 with Dr Fisher ugh smh yes 15 whopping Lbs

I need a fast diet I work out every day

I lost my Mother 2 1/2 years ago it's been hard life ugh worse pain I wake up every morning at 3a so I go to the gym to release stress 7 days a week before I start work at 6a it really is the best medicine but I am on meds for migraines and anxiety so much for that make yourself happy nothing is promised be kind giving and loving

ready for my big booty

I am anxious and so ready for my new me

no sugar

No sugar next 5 weeks

Advice needed should I switched to Dr Yily

Hello Doll's
I just got a Quote from Dr Yily from the D.R. there price is great but most of all they perform magic should I switched from Dr Fisher I have already paid and I am now 4 weeks pre op he is good but they are great please guy's I am conflicted

Advice need should I switch to Dr Yily

I just got an email from Dr Yily should I cancel with Dr Fisher and go to th D.R. they perform magic it's Art work greatness Dr Fisher is good I have paid in full My Surgery is in 4 weeks I'm conflicted please help Doll's

will stick with Dr Fisher

To much to go through

pre open 25 days before my Happy day

I wake up every morning with anxiety I can't wait to get this over with I guess it has been a real distraction from all the crying loosing my Mother has been torture you never get over it I MISS HER SOO MUCH TWO YEAR'S 6 months WITHOUT I am starting life over this year I am going to do productive things I have been working a lot of overtime trying to stack my Bens I have a goal for July this year yes okay all the Beautiful ladies we are all on the same journey self love self happiness self improvement this is for me my son said he will not walk places with me because it's going to be to much attention oh well ????????????????????????????

counting down

Labs are great i am happy all my life anemic I had two iron infusion and three ferrous sulfate 65 mg daily it's now 12.5 yay EKG IS NORMAL YAY SOMETHING I FOUND OUT IF YOU ARE SOMEONE WHO WORKS OUT EVERYDAY LIKE I DO RUNNING ON THE TREADMILL IS A FORM OF STRESS TEST IF YOU DO NOT FEEL TIGHTNESS OT PAIN FOR THE MOST PART IT'S A WAY T NO IF ARTERIES ARE BLOCKED I HAVE HEART DISEASE IN MY family my Father passed away at 46

2000 cc please per cheek

I am free finally showing my ass it is the only PART of myself that im selfcontious of because of men telling me things like your everything a man would want but you got no ass so many comments here and there but this will SOON be my past

counting down the DAYs

OkAy I am so ready to get this behind me it's been in the works since October it's hard to have wish pictures because no one can truly look like another i just pray my wide hip body turns out

crunch time i have 10 day's need to do a complete body cleanse detoxification

Tomorrow my sister and I will start a cleanse focus focus focus prepare mind body soul

this time next week i will be on the other side

Almost at the finish line anxiously waiting yay????

finally at Vanity

Made it to Miami touched down at 6a filled out all the documents I have the Best Coordinator Margaret she's awesome NOTHING bad to say Happy

scheduled for 1030a

At the vanity recovery home very clean inside it is a horse ranch

Fisher doll

Day off surgery

I am over the other side i get sick from anesthesia vomiting over and over pain right now is manageable walking around and standing i will post pictures later

a few pictures of my waistline

Okay so i thought upper back was included no another 500.00 but I'm HAPPY yes ladies. The pain is like soreness after working out hard with we rights or getting punched in different areas hard

not sure about butt

MORE pictures

so many emotions

Please tell me it will look different I'm wide i look like wonder woman ????


Not going to complain he snatched my waistline and no back fat but my ass is i don't no he said I'm wide he is great but I'm praying it balances

Please don't miss understand Dr Fisher is awesome

To me i have drastic results it's an emotional journey i have to adjust to my body my waistline is tiny in person it shocked me my hips are wide self love Dr Fisher is an artist thanks to all for encouragement


more pictures

Thank you ladies who reached out I'm feeling much better my body is changing daily

i only remove faja to shower

Ladies you only need to bring one size fits all lounger you will be bleeding on most every thing the first 2 or 3 days you will sleep and walk a lot for movement make sure you have female urinal also throat losengers plenty Gatorade abd water clear liquid soups for first day for sure i am cold natured bought blanket sock panties not really needed I'm healing fast and I'm mature Blessings to all on your personal journey self love it all about you no one matters

I will not do this to my body again

Today i have to Thank my Almighty God
Although i feel okay my body is in shock what have you done to me it ask now you must sleep hydrate and move take your vitamins and your medication ...Ok i am numb in all area's that were lipo suctioned this is a rollercoaster ride up and down this is going to take time for me to be 100 i will wait several days for pictures not much to update yet

follow up at Vanity

Place in the room At 930 a im told remove all items a few minutes later the nurse tells me Dr Fisher will see me in 35 minutes so im to just stand here MY feet are swollen she replied tou can lay. Down so i get my jacket climb on tall table and freeze my ass off 1hour later and half frozen i put my jumper on open the door and Demand the manager somebody has lost their mind this is absolutely unacceptable so i give her my tongue yes she apologized so while im at it here's a list of thing Vanity need to fix also the old food at the recovery house iit don't eat leftover from the last group toss that shit and start over get back to the recovery house fresh breads juice and fruit

emotional battle

I am not complaining going from sponge bob flat to having a big wide load i am not happy yet i just don't really like all this yet imaybe because sleep deprivation it's best to have your own space while healing if possible i did a buddy system at the beginning and then check to see if i had my own room told yes over and over but no ecstatic to be leaving today it can't get here fast enough

Home safe

Wow how can I say this to all that went before me and those going after whom every you believe in I serve a living Almighty God so i praise him for allowing me to make it through and to fly across country safe i came home to my clean beautiful residence and detailed vehicle????the total flight exp was okay my whole body has swelled up but i had a great sleep

this is not a wonder pill

The better in shape you are the better your results im a full figure women it did not change he sculpted my body it will form how i am shaped i did get more hips i did not want but i will be back at the gym asap also i will higher a personal trainer for 12 sessions

trying to heal

First i want to thank everyone who comment on my profile for the encouragement and compliment if i didn't say time on your remark please know i appreciate it woke up and today 11 day's later feel better hope it continue still swelled in feet and belly numbness isn't as bad trying on clothes in my closet i can fit most of my dresses but now i have a butt

Thank God stomach swelled going down

It's really scary when your body don't feel normal and energetic i started thinking what did i do to myself all for a Ass but i feel much better the heaviness from my lower body is leaving and the air in my belly is leaving thank God?

some soft area's

Okay finally this green rip banana is getting a little softer yay still hard and numb for the most part soreness down to 3 i have a sermona ugh going to get drained spoke to Dr Fisher its common not dangerous but very uncomfortable i got it because of loose skin ???? a little more shape to my ass yay


Walking daily 4blocks but told to do one let's see

visit to the er

So im here at the er to have this sermons drained the Doctor doesn't want to touch me he did a sonogram and see the fluid but it's my lower abdominal area so calling all these departments what to do gosh looks like i may be here a while they are crazy

300 cc remove from belly Seroma

So after two days and the run around i get the fluid drained ladies keep your faja on and compression on just wash up i feel more building see pictures

Just pictures

I have on my pads faja and board

3 weeks post op

Yes feeling GOOD Booty is getting softer
no soreness only numb in waistline and back swelling gone fluid in belly minimal
at work sitting all day is okay pillows behind back sitting on bbl pillow also folded a cushion in half to put on that

summer time preview

So today the weather in Cali was warm 75 nice i decided to give my new born a view without any garment just TIGHTNESS tee with leggings i felt to totally confident my only problem is my Son he NEVER want to see any men looking GO home Moma when did he become my dad worry about your self son seriously he wouldn't walk with me oh well I'm grown I can do this I am the BOSS

5 weeks post op photo of my new born

Greetings to all it's going into 6 weeks it has been a journey sleeping face down a task booty is softer and giggle when walking this opens up a new world of admirers and it doesn't Feel good makes one a bit more nervous I guess because I was held by a man in daylight 3years ago in Time Square i could not get away it was unreal it happens

recent photos

Greetings Dolls
still recovering the booty is almost completely soft and it giggle when I'm walking without garment it's pretty big mainly back view it's an attention getter but now the audience is bigger which makes me nervous 3 years ago in Time Square day light full of people a man grabbed me held on and would not let go my fault i am a heel type girl my man and another friend was a good 12 ft ahead because i decided to take a picture of the big screen

photo's taken within a week

Be careful ladies this journey is for us but it also bring a lot of attention from women and men i have gotten compliments from women innocent but men animal intent

back in the gym feeling GOOD

The body is going to be what it wants to be

Greetings Dolls
finally almost all swelling is gone my belly had 4 large fist size lumps finally going down the burning sensation is bad mainly at night well my booty is way better than before not a lot of project from side view but the back view is nice it looks natural grateful for results

7 weeks tomorrow

Happy that it's almost 7 weeks hopefully my fat is all attached

starting diet tomorrow

Im grateful for my new addition i just need to tame it my baby is wide it's heavy too going on a diet so i can fit my size 10 jeans right now i only fit jeans with a lot of stretching

Jealous women

Greetings Dolls
I'm posting this to share some recent experience as you know the reason we post a Blog is to help the next funny a co worker finds my profile and send a
snapshot to me she's has been mad at
me leaving messages and sending texts
like I owed her my journey crazy shit seems like obsess reading my post amazing out of thousands of profile you find a needle in a haystack telling me my man must be mad for me sharing my ass for the world to see JEALOUSY SO SAD People make up things to find a reason to be mad and start sending text and phone calls so angry TTHANK YOU God I AM Happy

Your journey is your own

Hey Dolls
when you improve your body image rather via surgery working out dressings different the happier you become haters wait to still you joy just tell them take a number have a seat they find made up reasons to be angry but recognize it's their own easy come easy go thank God I unemotional towards work associates

weight loss after bbl surgery

Hello Dolls
I started my journey researching reading reviews looking at before and after pictures of all that went before me excited about finally having the booty I never had morning noon and night reading reviews and eating lays potato chips still going to the gym so how did I gain weight I went from 178 to 200 after surgery a few weeks the fluid and swelling left and I was 195 slowly I did a strict no carb weeks now I'm 189 I Will get back to 178-175 by summer my waistline continues to shrink on its own i wear a shaper to sleep still use my pads and board my stomach still has uneven lumps and when I remove garment they swell I also use a exercise waistband I still numb and my waistline burn and sweat every day and night

Dr Fisher gave me 1900cc booty

Hey Dolls
I'm now sharing how much fat i received at first I wasn't happy with my results it's really TAKEN time it has really turned out nicely Dr Fisher is an artist sculpting the female according to her body structure i do work out to enhance it as well

pictures of waistline

It has fluffed bigger than day one water bottle test on the side but still small

sexy fitted jeans yes

Hey Dolls
Happy Mothers day to all that are those who will be and those who take the role as one i found some sexy fitted jeans normally at Burlington coat factory call Royalty jeans also from jc penny's anna jeans they stretch and fit great I do NOT want size 14 in my closet so these allow me size 10 and 12 yay


jeans on

Booty is bigger

I'm not a young woman but a mature women past her prime yes I wanted ass but this is a trunk it seems to be much bigger at times my sister's tell me it's a lot I stay on the precore machines to tame it no luck I have a 23 year-old son

BIG Booty update

Random Piictures

Random pictures

FULL Figure type Body

I feel like I represent the full figure ladies my dress size 8-10 pants mainly 12 size 10 if they are stretch material like the ones i post weight 190 today work out all the time pictures are just that my butt is huge to me and heavy yes this healing process takes time I feel great health wise but i am still numb in my waistline and my belly still swells at end of the day having all this booty is really an attention grabber which is okay Blessings to all those pre BBL and post PEACE

Exercising to enhance Big Booty

before surgery pictures

Just an update August 19 6 months

My body has completely healed I have been fully working out 3 months My body is hour glass and almost to much ass


7 weeks results with personal trainer

I workout 5days a week 3 days with a personal trainer he is excellent so I'm going to do 6 MORE week

finally my BODY is how i like it

After surgery i felt disporpotioned waistline to hips it has taken months of exercise to get the toning and balance i was considering round 2 with thighs but the excercise is working

almost 10 months update

11 month po

Hello all my Surgery Dolls I'm 11 months po a little smaller getting ready for my tt Feb 18 2016 @ spectrum want to remove loose skin and belly bulge

tummy tuck in 3 weeks

Getting a tummy tuck to remove ugly lower belly pouch and bulge excited 3 weeks counting down

its never to late to Enhance yourself

I want to inspire all to make yourself happy if you dislike something about yourself fix it I'm a mother of one son 24 yrs and a grandma

tummy tuck in 6 days yay

I am ready to have a flat belly no more bulge

Booty greed Round 2

Truth be told I would love a little more projection in my booty don't get me wrong it's a big difference from where i started and Dr Fisher sculpted my waistline when I look at all you other doll's I want more now or never opinions welcome in fitted Dresses and spandex it's noticeable but jeans it looks wide and flat maybe i should be happy after my tummy tuck i will no for sure

tummy tuck tomorrow at 12noon

Okay ladies i had my consult with Dr Ortega he is so wonderful it will be a full tummy tuck yikes

Tummy tuck went well

I was told to arrive at 1130a I finished my paperwork that God it's all computerized so it was fast had my pictures taken then waited for my turn about and hour in a half later Dr Ortega came in excellent bedside manner marked me up he is super nice and professional so I was comfortable then anesthesiologist came in and did a brief history he was nice as well i explain i vomit from anesthesia so he also gave me nausea iv and took me back to the operating room put ive i awoke disoriented asking for help around 630p the nurse was gentle yes i was in pain my memory is vague my family member and nurses wheeled me to hotel I'm tender from the minimal lipo and sore to get up beautiful job Dr Ortega is amazing

Tummy tuck Post op Day 3

I feel no pain the main discomfort is the pulling and the tightness also my lower back is bothering me my main complaint is my tummy is tender inside like working out 1000 crunches because i had a bbl last year the lipo left fibrous tissue so Dr Ortega had to put stitches in my upper abdominal are and the muscle repair is the discomfort other than that my belly is amazingly flat and hard for now also my little girl down looks like it did when i was 12 yrs old

Day 4 my umbilical cord survived

Okay so i walked into spectrum because so little drainage Dr Ortega said I'm healing fine and removed the tape from my belly button everything else is great i see him Wednesday and back to Cali Thursday I'm not taking pain meds only the antibiotics

11 day p.o tummy tuck

Hello Lovely Dolls
I share my experience not because i look so perfect just to let other know what to expect. My Tummy tuck has been a different kind of recovery mainly because it is a very uncomfortable feeling i feel the muscle repair and the tightness of my belly it felt strange but now it's getting better getting up i do get tired faster and because my belly has not stretched my posture does not feel the best i continue to stand as straight as possible i still have one drainage tube and so glad since returning home i have had a lot of drainage Dr Ortega told me to keep it 3 weeks so i have 11 more day and i will do as He instructed to avoid a seroma my belly is swollen and my waistline is wide i hope that it will get back small i did have a massage it felt wonderful i will look for someone where i live to get a few more

pictures 11 days

tummy tuck 2 weeks po today

Hello Dolls
My tummy is healing nicely im still swollen around my waistline i do not look right in dresses yet my booty looks more accentuated so no round 2 bbl now i will ficus on healing and back to working out

my scar is healing beautiful 3 weeks

Almost 7 weeks post op

Feeling great still numb and very swollen

Happiness comes from within

Hello Dolls
I realize no matter what i do eternally it doesn't make me happy the emptiness stays planning for a procedure has only been a distractions I have to deal with the loss of my Mother and face it she is gone and my life is different yes the results are amazing but it has not made me feel joy

Almost 11 weeks post t.t

Recovery is good had a small seroma drained I'm still numb and still swell but I am good
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr Fisher is an artist he sculpted my body and i appreciate him yes Vanity is a very busy place my coordinator Margaret was helpful and prompt thanks to this procedure I'm no longer FLAT

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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