Let The Countdown Begin! Miami, FL

Hey Dolls! I am from NYC and headed to Miami in...

Hey Dolls! I am from NYC and headed to Miami in April 2017 for a BBL with Fisher. I have been putting this procedure off for way too long, and I'm finally going for it! I understand how serious this procedure is, however I plan to stay far away from all the hype and craziness I have heard and seen here on realself and social media. I would really like to enjoy this journey and get through it with positive vibes... from start to finish.

So... I am 34, 5'9" | 240 lbs. which means I have 40 lbs. to lose before surgery. I plan on sharing my weight loss journey with you dolls, and hopefully be an inspiration anyone else who may also need to lose a few pounds. After the weight loss and my BBL has healed, I would also like to finish things off with a TT. (My pre-op pics clearly show the need for this all)

I would love to connect with other NYC Fisher dolls headed to Miami in April!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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