The Count Down is Real!!!!!!!!

I paid my deposit to lock in my date which is for...

I paid my deposit to lock in my date which is for November 19 2016 with Mel Ortega. My coordinator at spectrum is Lizbeth so far she has been really good, answering all questions I may have and she has been pretty good about getting back to me. Oh shoot the count down is really real I have not purchased my tickets as of yet, nor booked my hotel but I already know which hotel I will be staying at. I have not started getting my supplies as of yet I have been reading what others have purchased. I guess I will start getting my supplies the weekend. I am having a hard time with trying to stop smoking its been so hard for me

Labs and EKG

So I received the paperwork for my labs and EKG and to get my medical clearance. I scheduled to have it done next week. I only have one issue its really hard for me to stop smoking! I have cut down tremendously but not stopped they said I have to stop 30 days before my surgery well yesterday made my 30 day mark. Some surgeons require that you stop 2 weeks before.but this has been really hard for me I want to stop any suggestion's????

21 days and counting. I cant wait!!!!!

Im going to have my labs done on tuesday and my ekg done on wed. I cant wait the time is coming so fast I still have to get my supplies


I got my labs done yesterday and I go to get my ekg done tomorrow. The time is flying I have 18 more days to become an ortega doll


So.i went and had my EKG and some more blood work done and everything looks good my doctor has cleared me. So the count down begins I have 17 more days before im an ortega doll I will post some before pics soon

waiting to be cleared!!!!

so the wait begins I had not heard anything from spectrum regarding rather I was cleared or not so I called them today and spoke with evelyn whom stated that she is just getting my info off the fax machine and she will let dr Ortega look at it to see if everything is okay.. well I don't want to book my flight until I see that I have been cleared in the meant damn time the tickets has gone up $70 you have got to be kidding me

medical clearance

So I have been medically cleared I'm so happy now I can order my tickets and the real countdown begins

Before pics

here are a few before pics of myself in 7 days I will be in Miami getting a new body I am so excited this time has come really fast

some wish pics

just a few wish pics

a damn cold

I cannot believe I have come down with a damn cold. I had read several reviews where dolls were saying they came down with a cold and some had to reschedule surgery here it is 9 days before Dr Ortega works his magic and I got a cold I am taking everything to get rid of this.I can't reschedule my flight is paid and everything

the time is almost here!!!

I have 8 days before I have my BBL done I will be leaving on NOV17 th pre-op on NOV 18th and surgery on Nov 19th cant wait


omg this time has came really fast I literally have 4 days left until I am an official Ortega doll yay! the funny part is I am not nervous at all about it, I have always had a high tolerance for pain. I leave for Miami on Nov 17th my Pre-op is Nov 18th and my surgery is sarurday Nov 19th. I have came a long way I was a smoker for over 16 years and I stopped cold turkey with maybe one set back so I am really proud of myself, and I am going to keep it this way smoke free. I will keep all of you dolls posted from the time I land in Miami to after surgery. pray for my RS sistahs


this time has came really quick I literally only have 4 more days before I am no longer on the flat side but on the Phat side lol.. the funny part about it is I am not nervous or anything, I have always had a high tolerance for pain I am just wanting to get it done and over with so that I can start the healing process. I am so excited I have my supplies I still have to purchase the PEZ but they have it locally at Walgreens and Wal-Mart also I need the itch spray which I think I can get from Wal-Mart as well. I will keep you all posted from the time I land in Miami until after my surgery please pray for me my RS sistahs


So dolls I had my pre-op appointment today it went well.spectrum staff was amazing I worked with Alexa she was very honest said I will be in a lot of pain..what I was fucked up about is I gained 8 pounds since seeing my primary care doctor to be cleared..I swear for those that were smokers and had to stop due to surgery you will find your self eating more.I think for me that's why I never wanted to stop I know it sounds crazy but I knew from what others said you gain a lot of weight. Anyway. The clinic was very clean and smelled sanitized.I thought it would be crowded but it wasn't it was myself and another young lady that is having a TT done by Ortega.everything went well. I'm scheduled for 9am in the morning I will keep you lady's posted.

1 day post-op

My 1 day post op my stomach is really flat compared to what it looked like before surgery

day of surgery

This is the day of surgery I'm waiting for Dr Mel Ortega to come in and mark me up..oddly I wasn't nervous or anything I think I just wanted to get it over this point its been years of waiting

more day of surgery pics

after surgery


So I am a week and 1 day and I can see my bootay forming I'm so excited will upload pics in a few days

3 weeka post op

So today I am 3weeks and 2 days post op majority of the swelling has gone done. However my body just feel really different for some reason I have no energy I just lay down all day. I will goong to some vitamins today to help build msystem back up. My husband loves my new body me personally I think my ass could have been bigger but im not yet at the fluffing stage so hopefully I will see more results then I have been waist training have not been wearing my garment as much as I should bit I will start my ass is still hard and I have one area in my stomach that is hard as well I have been doing the massages myself it doesnt as much now.I will try to post pica sometime today

8 weeks post-op

8 wks po

Miami Plastic Surgeon

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