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Ladies!!! I have been lurking for months, decided...

Ladies!!! I have been lurking for months, decided to come out of lurk mode. A little about me, I'm 5'1'' 182 lbs, largest I have ever been in my life. Normally, I average about 160 lbs, a recent death threw me into a depression, I tried to eat all the candy, chips and sodas that I could eat. So 20lbs later, here I am.

I became interested in this procedure from this website. Prior to this website, I attended an event where a certain Dr was the speaker and he was educating African American women about plastic surgery. His thing was Smart Lipo. I was intrigued about the local anesthesia, so I consulted with this Dr and was underwhelmed with his work. In doing research, I came across this website and not so great reviews about the Smart Lipo procedure. Then I learned that some of the doctors are actually not plastic surgeons. The Dr I consulted with was an Ear Nose & Throat Dr. Huh? No thank you.

Soooo, now that I am a little more educated, I haved decided that I am willing to have general anesthesia (still scared), if I am going to have the procedure I want the "real thing", and I definitely want a board certified plastic surgeon.

My only dilemna now is I'm unsure if I want the fat grafting. I am positive about the lipo, I love the sculpturing. I do have curves, my stomach being the largest one (lol), but without the belly, I think I may be okay. But the pricing is so similar, you kinda feel like you should get the biggest bang for your buck. I'm not sold on the whole no sitting down thing...yet. Since stalking this site I have some seen some wonderful transformations and I am hoping to be next. The big belly is not cool. I will update with a picture of my butt and I solicit advice on whether you ladies think I need to inject some fat.

Dr Perry and Norma were really cool. Dr Perry is...

Dr Perry and Norma were really cool. Dr Perry is my 3rd consult and made me feel the most comfortable. I felt he was honest and straight forward. He presented the pros and cons of having lipo. I also consulted about a breast reduction/lift, that's a future procedure. I have decided against the bbl as I am convinced that once the fat is carved from around my middle, my butt will look twice it's size. The Dr agrees, however he has suggested inner thigh, inner knee, and under arm (bat wing area) with abdomen, flanks, and bra roll. Dr P is adamant about having as many massages directly after surgery as possible, 2 are included in his fee. The massages scare the hell out of me. I am attempting to have this procedure done before the end of the year. The office has several dates available. My dilemma, do I deplete my savings and pay all cash, or finance a portion of it. I hate debt, it makes me very uneasy. I am self employed and there is no security like an emergency fund.

Although I have decided against the bbl, I would still like to be a step sister to the bbl sisterhood. The comraderie amongst you ladies is unmatched.

I have decided against the fat graft and will be...

I have decided against the fat graft and will be receiving lipo only on my back, abdomen, arms and inner thighs. I didn't loose any weight, hopefully I will loose after the surgery.

What I want out of this surgery:
1. To be able to buy a variety of shirts, not just the ones that camouflage the gut.
2. To build confidence in how my body looks.
3. A life change in how I take care of my body with food and exercise.
4. A nice silhouette

I am most fearful about:
1. The massages.
2. The anesthesia.
3. Days 1-5 post op.

I didn't do a lot of shopping. I bought only what I deemed necessary. I don't want to invest in garments and have to buy new ones every week. I will go with what the doctor provides at this point. I live about an hour from where I will be having my procedure. I decided to book a hotel for 5 days for a peaceful recovery. The doctor is confident that he can make my waist thin and that is my expectation. I have no wish pictures, I just want to be an improved me. Dr. Perry's philosophy is that he lipo's a little on every part of your body, so that when/if you gain weight, it will distribute evenly (hope I explained that correctly). He doesn't charge per area. I liked that. I have seen a few people that have had work done by him and I was most impressed by how natural they look. I don't comment or update much, I have the most fun lurking, the drama is hilarious.

So if there is anyone that is having any procedure on 12/14 or around that time, I would love to hear from you. I hope that we can encourage one another. I will post again soon. I'll close imagining myself thin in the waist!

Oh, my measurements:
Breast 36
Abdomen 38
Hips 46 (hence the reason I opted out of the fat graft)

I plan to do a really detailed review, I have...

I plan to do a really detailed review, I have taken notes. I'm 4 days post op and I feel good. I tire easily and couldn't muster up the energy to open my iPad. Between sleeping, walking and peeing, not sure of which is my largest irritant. I will come back soon.

Fri Dec 14 – day of surgery Arrived at surgery...

Fri Dec 14 – day of surgery
Arrived at surgery center about 6:30am. Parking lot empty, lights off at office. About 6:45am, saw a vehicle pull into parking lot, a lady in uniform rushed up to the door and locked it. My sis and I waited about 5 minutes and went and knocked on the door. No response. Went back to the car, waited a while. My persistent sis went back to the door and knocked until there was an answer. We were greeted by the lady we previously saw in the parking lot, who was later determined to be the surgical assistant. She provided a robe, hair cap, disposable panties, compressions socks and disposable shoes. Signed a few more papers. The doctor came in and began drawing on me, this tickled so much. Still, I did not feel anxious or nervous. The anesthesiologist came in and introduced herself, she was cute and tiny. The only question I had for her was would she remain in the operating room throughout the surgery. She affirmed. They allowed my sis back and we laughed and joked about the drawings and took pics. The anesthesiologist came back to get me and lead me to the operating room. Uhmm, not impressed. Forget everything you see on TV. This room was very basic, with a skinny little high raised cot (I can’t call it a bed). I was asked to get on to it, and I couldn’t help but think, this bed will turn over if I put any weight on it. This bed had the ugliest pea green sheets that looked terry cloth and well used. I sucked it up, lay on my back and held my arm out for IV insertion. I was asked what kind of music I liked, I said that it didn’t matter and that was the last thing I remembered. I am guessing that I went into surgery about 8:30 9am.

I awoke to some loud 80’s rock and the Dr singing. I was in the recovery room, an area I had previously walked through but did not realize it was recovery. Same basic set up. This time the bed appeared to be more of a hospital bed and I think there were two. I could look right into the tiny operating room that I was in previously. Someone else was having surgery. The doc was singing, there was chatter, it sound like a party. The surgical assistant was in my face trying to force feed me water and kept asking me to open my eyes. I believe there were two people observing me, I noticed they were taking notes. Not sure how many times I came in and out of consciousness, but when I was able to finally wake up it was 6pm!!! They were teasing about how long I slept. I must have been exhausted. The doctor kept telling them to let me sleep. I remember saying I had to pee, later found out I had a catheter. My sis had been there 2 previous attempts to pick me up, and was on her way for the third. The two ladies helped me off of the bed, when I stood I was draining like a busted water hose. There was only surgical tape, no gauze or padding. My garment was pulled over all of this oozing. I remember thinking, this is disgusting, but was too out of it to say anything. We made it back to the hotel, thank God for four star hotels. It was beautiful, kitchenette, 2 beds, and small living area. Sis lined the bed w/ plastic liner and chucks. I pee’d every freakin hour. My sis had to help me up the first four or five times, then I was able to squirm like a fish out of water until I was up on my feet. I was so sore. I was scheduled to have my first massage the day of surgery, but I slept through it. I drank water, ate oatmeal and walked back and forth in the room every time I woke up.

Sat Day 1 Post Op – 12/15/12
I was scheduled to see the Dr. at 11am. By this time, I had learned that an appointment just means he will see you that day, not necessarily at that time. I sent my sis in while I waited in the car. He advised that I continue to wait in the car and when he was ready he would come out to the car to check on me. Cool. I was still medicated and a little drowsy, but I felt okay, just tired. Eventually the doc came to the car, he escorted me from the car to the examination room. I saw my first BBL victim laying on her stomach in the lobby. Instantly, I knew it was the girl who was being operated on while I recovered. We gave each other a knowing look and as much of a smile as we could. The doctor seemed impressed with his work. The only difference I could see immediately was my upper flanks and upper abdomen. I was so tiny, besides the fact that I have humongous boobs, I saw the difference. The doctor took the garment off of me, determined that I was still draining, and examined my stomach closer. My stomach was flatter than it was prior to surgery, but not as flat as my wishful thinking. I could tell that it would look nice after healing. Then, the doctor pulled my garment up. OMG, that was the first pain. I tried to help him by pulling the garment away from my skin as he pulled up. That process was draining and I was instantly exhausted. The doctor recommended that I take two Vicodins for the massage that was scheduled for 2pm. The lobby still had the BBL girl laying across the couch, we finally were able to discuss our procedures, she stood up and showed off her new butt. She looked great; she was slim with a very large butt. It was hard to imagine where her fat had come from. Her friend had had her procedure about a year before. She had on workout attire, she also stood and showed off her results. She had the waist to hip ratio that most women die for. Her butt was very very big and natural. She was considering having another procedure, she wanted fat graft to her legs. Huh? She looked great to me already.

Before heading to the “masseuse” we stopped by a deli to get some bread to make sure I had enough on my stomach for the Vicodin. I took the two pills and filled up on water. The masseuse did massages out of her home. Now, I am funny about things like this. My body is open and I was a little uncomfortable with not going to an office space. The development was gated and nice. Found her house and there was no parking. We finally made our way into a crowded town home with enough stuff for a place twice its size. We were lead through a living area, den, kitchen, into what I believe was a converted garage. There were two small dogs in cages. The BBL girls had beat us there. There was no privacy, we were allowed in the space as she was having her procedure. She was crying and this made me scared as hell. I found myself weak, looking at all the fluid puddle around her feet. I was able to lay down in one of two massage tables. I turned my head to avoid watching her procedure. Then my turn came, a chuck was placed on the floor, I was helped out of my garment, I realized then, the Vicodin had done nothing for the pain. I thought, If I can’t take the pain of taking this garment off, how can I take this lady touching me? She began squeezing me near the incision sites, causing fluid to pour down my body. I broke into a hot sweat, I began to cry and second guess my decision to have this procedure. I drank a bottle of water, a Coke (suggested by the masseuse) and a 3rd Vicodin (also recommended by the masseuse). I could tell I was frustrating her, she kept asking me to stand up straight. Impossible! Finally I dug my fingers into her as she sat in a stool in front of me kneading the fluid out of me. This was the worst pain I have ever felt. I moaned, shouted and cried. She stopped about 5 times to apply a sniffing chemical to my hands to stop me from fainting. I made it through the short version of the massage. Wiped down with some Jean Nate cologne (no laughing), new gauze and a new garment. Afterwards, I was not relieved, I was hurt. Back to the hotel, more water, walking, fruit and peeing.

Sun Day 2 Post Op – 12/16/12
Ordered breakfast from the hotel, pancakes and home fries. Gross! So much for my 4 star hotel. Doing the usual, sleep, pee, eat, medication. I get a text from the masseuse saying I need to come in earlier than my 2pm appointment due to a family emergency. What! Instant anxiety. I’m quiet during the 20 minute drive there. Not sure at what point I started crying, but I did. Once again, we were lead back, during another person’s procedure. This time the patient was an 8 week BBL post op. She looked great. She had some problem areas right around her navel where she was not even, kinda lumpy. She lives out of town and comes back for her massages every couple of weeks. We spoke briefly as she attempted to calm my nerves. She told me I needed the massages and it does help. She said she was happy with her results, but she would never do this to herself again. I feel the same way at this point. By the time it was my turn, I was all cried out. The masseuse took no mercy. My incision had began to close, she reopened them and pushed the fluid out. Even more than yesterday. My legs and feet were covered. My body was so tense, I gave myself a headache. Afterwards, I actually felt better, not sure if it was because of the fluids or the fact that it was over. I was happy because this would be the day of the shower! Nope, the masseuse said no shower due to the reopening the incision. She said I could wash my legs and feet. My sis burst out laughing
when she said that. I was pissed. I could see dried blood around my toe nails and faint lines where it had dried down other parts of my body. The smell was starting to become disgusting, it’s the smell of body fluids. The sheets, the pillows, your clothing, everything has that smell. Again, wiped down with Jean Nate, new guaze, washed garment.

Walked around the hotel parking lot for 45 minutes. I felt good.

Worst night ever! My body is so tight. Every move feels like I am being skinned alive. I remembered my Arnica Gel. I rubbed my arms and legs for the first time. Kinda scary, surgical areas feel kind of rubbery. Still have not taken this garment off on my own. No BM!!! No Shower!!!

Mon Day 3 Post Op – 12/17/12
Up since 6am, too scared to lay back down because I am so stiff. I have been up rubbing Arnica Gel, eating oatmeal and drinking tea. I would do anything for a few hours of uninterrupted sleep. Anxiety level is building for my 10:30 massage. My sis announces that she cannot take watching me get tortured and she is not going in. Noooo!!!!! We pull into the development and I start shaking. A violent uncontrollable shaking. My pain medicine has been changed to Percocets hoping to relieve the pain of this massage. I noticed instantly that I am not in control, the medicine has a different affect. I am so afraid of this massage. My sis had to go and get the masseuse for her to come to the car and get me. I felt like this was the first day of school. I let her guide me to the torture chamber. I was able to take the massage better. Not sure if I was used to the paid or if there was less fluid. She informed me that most of the fluid was gone and that the swelling had started settling in. After my Jean Nate wipe down with paper towels, she cleaned me up pretty good, all accept the dried blood around my toe nails. (Don’t know why that bothered me so much.) She insisted again and again, that after surgery I should only intake soup and it makes the recover better. She had me lye down on one of the massage tables and insisted on feeding me lentil soup. I have conceded to having massages in someone’s home that is way too crowded for my taste with two dogs, I definitely had no plans of eating there. Just funny like that. Well, she was persistent and told me that she was fixing me the soup. All I could do is yell out, “I don’t eat meat.” She assured me, no meat. The soup smelled so good, and it taste even better. It was seasoned so good, with potatoes and MEAT!!! I was too weak to complain, I ate around what appeared to be chicken and asked to take some home with me. The Percs had me high, the soup made my body feel better, but my mind was still not me. The masseuse promised the next massage would be easier because she would use the machines. I did see some Brookstone handheld massagers on the shelf. Back to the hotel and for the first time the nausea sets in. I knew it was the Percs. I had a 7pm follow up appt with the doctor. He was able to look at me instantly and tell me to come off of all narcotics and use Motrin. He said I looked better post op day 1. He told me to eat and drink to get the Percs out of my system. From 8pm to 8am, I drank, ate and pee’d more than ever because I needed the drugs out of my system.

Tues Day 4 – Post Op 12/18/12
I am sore, but not sick. What a relief. I finally took a shower. I removed my garment by myself. I washed my hair and my body over and over again. I was able to stare in the mirror and observe my results. No amount of washing was removing the Sharpie completely from my skin. I have decided that I would let the surgical strips come off naturally. I am bruised horribly. Can’t wait to get home and wash my clothes, my blanket, my garment in a real washer and dryer. This hand stuff is irritating. I will be leaving the hotel today going home to my parent’s house, who does not know I have had this surgery. My dad is one of those love who you are types, he has never had a weight issue and probably weighs the same as he did in high school. My mom is a little more open, but probably would have stressed me out. I decided against the massage today. Mentally they have taken their toll on me, I believe that I will need therapy. My follow up is next Saturday, I may try another massage at that time. I feel better and today I am happy I had this procedure.

Made it home, scheduled it so that both parents would be there. Told them I had lied about going out of town on vacation and that I had Lipo. My mom wanted to see, my dad declined. The bruising worried my mom. I told them that I would need their help for about a week. They agreed. That went smoother than expected.

Now to tell the boyfriend, who lives out of town. I didn’t want any advice on this decision. Positive or negative. I wanted to be in my own zone. I also told him I was going out of town on vacation. He has called a few times and I told him that I was sick. Hate lying, but I just had to get through these first few days.

Wed Day 5 – Post Op 12/19/12
It was hard finding a comfortable space at my parents. Kind of had it figured out at the hotel. The swelling is so bad, I look larger than pre op. I am draining out of one of my thighs. I’m starting to feel like I have to go to the bathroom, but nothing will come out. Constipation!! My brothers kids are here for the holidays and my parents are babysitting until Friday. Had I known that, I would have stayed in the hotel. They want to know, what happened to your arm, why are you walking like that, etc. They were good walking partners. We walked up and down the street several times a day.

Between the swelling and constipation, I am feeling miserable.
Told the boyfriend, he called me a liar – hopefully I will be a skinny liar. Now he wants details.

Finally had my first BM. The straining and the surgical pain was unbearable. It hurt so bad.
Thursday Day6 – Post Op 12/20/12
No changes, uneventful. I am sore and swollen. I feel like the Michelin Woman.
Call from the doctor to check on me. To let me know he will be open on Saturday and Monday. He says it is time to self massage. That I need to go deep to break the tissue up. I’ve have tried and it hurts to touch myself on the flanks and abdomen. He recommended that I get a basketball, put in on the floor and roll myself back and forth over it. Yeah right! Does he understand that I can barely move?
I have not driven at this point and hate to pull anyone from holiday activities due to my surgery. My sis has gone back home and no one else is in the know.
The way I feel today, I don’t believe I can take a one hour drive.
Everyday, I try to figure out what I can do to relieve myself of this discomfort. There is no pain, but the discomfort is so irritating. I have decided that tomorrow no matter how I feel, I will get up and out of this house and attempt my first drive.

Friday Day 7 – Post Op (1 week) 12/21/22
Forced myself up and out. Had to prepare for Christmas dinner. Went to Walmart (only because it was closest), I dread that store and it’s lines. Took the nephews, walked around the store for about an hour shopping. Found a $20 hand held massager in one of the Christmas gift displays.
Stopped by my office, as I figured, it had been slow for the holidays and I will be good to next week. Stayed in the office for another hour or so, checked email. Sorry RealSelf friends. I will update soon. I checked to make sure my chair would be comfortable. It was probably more than the couch, because couches are lower than desk chairs.
Ran a few more errands, back to the parents house at about 3pm, been gone since 10:30am. I feel tired, like I would finally get some good sleep. Feeling a little sore, took some Ibuprofen, ate, drank water and laid down for the best sleep ever. It didn’t happen, I was restless and not sleepy. My body is tired, but my mind is alert.
My only relief is hearing my man’s voice, who has forgiven me and checks on me constantly and listens to this rollercoaster of emotions. He still throws his digs in about me being a liar, but I think he’s okay with it. I am.

Sat Day8 – Post Op 12/22/12
Went to a family Christmas brunch. Felt so bad, had to fake a back injury to be able to rest in a recliner. I had a chill to the bone. No amount of cover could warm me up. I didn’t even think I could make it home, I was so miserable. After resting and snacking and dozing off and on, I got enough strength to make it home. First time I took a pain pill in a few days, I popped a Vicodin and finally got the sleep I was looking for. Still no relief on the stiffness and discomfort.

Remembered the massager. This thing has no low speed, just high and higher. Did my less sensitive part first, my back. It felt so good. The vibration sort of scratches that inner itch that you can’t reach. The flanks and the abdomen are unbearable. The speed and vibration is too much. I was able to endure it a little, by holding it with both hands, bearing down and hold my breath. Felt like I had run a marathon. Finally, some relief for the stiffness. Highly recommended!! Homedics Compact Percussion Massager, looks like the Brookstone massager I saw at the masseuse’s office.

Sun Day 9 – Post Op 12/23/12
Yep, shouldn’t have taken the Vicodin. Backed up again. The swelling is back and the so is the miserable feeling of having to go and can’t. Back to the laxatives.

Massager is providing some relief.

Mon Day 10 – Post op 12/24/12
Christmas Eve. I gotta get up and help my mom prepare for Christmas dinner.
Had a melt down because my car was blocked in the driveway and I could not convince my mom and dad to move their vehicles. It had taken all of the energy I had to dress and try to get to the store. I guess they thought I was my normal self and handed me the keys to move the car myself. There was no way I could get up and down twice and the thought of doing it pissed me off. So I had a temper tantrum and told them they were inconsiderate and went and sat in my car. After sitting there for 10 minutes crying, my dad came to the door and asked why was I crying. I was able to mumble something through tears.
I had read so many reviews as to how people became emotional wrecks. I was adamant, not me. Normally, I am pretty strong and independent. And the moment someone expects you to be your normal self, you break down. My body was not willing to fight the crowds at the grocery store, the lack of parking and the pure aggravation of doing last minute stuff this time of year. After my dad gave me the stupid look, I dried my tears and realized, these people will never understand. Nothing indicates I have had surgery except for my slow walk and hunched frame. They don’t get it. I promised myself, my next breakdown will be a silent one or alone. The trip to the store/exercise did provide some relief. But they are definitely some good and bad days and I don’t think you can control it.

I agreed to go to a Christmas party on one of my better feeling days, I never made it. Now, I owe my friend for a ticket. Take time to heal.

I decided to get the basketball and see if I could get some more relief. I tried rolling on my stomach on the floor. Not happening, ouch and ouch again. I could do it on my back. This may have been the deepest massage thus far, your full body weight on a ball. I touched my back and noticed the once hard areas were soft. I stood up and put the ball on the wall and pushed my abdomen into it as hard as I could and moved back and forth and side to side. It was uncomfortable, but it was like I was letting air out of a balloon. Instantly I had to pee. Maybe I released some of that swelling fluid.

After a quick rest, I was able to cook and clean and prepare for Christmas.

Tues Day 11 – Post Op – Merry Christmas
Tired from overexerting on yesterday. Got up, did the massager and ball to loosen up. My stomach is so sensitive. My entire massage is while holding my breath because it hurts.

My upper abs, back and flanks remain flat. Lower stomach is obviously swollen. Tried for the first time to put on some pants, could not button them. Probably could have, it I wanted some discomfort. I had been wearing yoga pants and long dresses. Also first time in a bra. Yeah, that hurts bad.

The bruising is fading on the inner thigh, arms and right above the butt. I’m still sore and beginning to get used to it. It does feel like a work out, until the burning starts. A feeling similar to having Bengay on can happen with any sudden move. Then there are these sharp shooting pains that can stop you in your tracks. I think I have heard people call them zingers. I have had some swelling in my hands and feet, but not much. Haven’t had any meds in a few days, including Ibuprofen. The discomfort is tolerable. Although I feel bigger than I was pre surgery, my measurements are slightly smaller, my weight is the same. My straight on silhouette is great. The side view still holds all the things I hated about my stomach. I am concerned with the area just below my lower ab and above my vagina. I guess the area that was creased from the weight of my belly. The massages do not help this area, there is still some hard tissue that I cannot reach. I hope to resume professional massages sometime this week and to see the Dr. Have not seen him since day 4. I’m feeling like I can take the 1 hour drive now.

I will see my man in mid Jan and I have to look like this was worth it.

Day went great, it was tiring. Having problems sleeping. Tomorrow is my last day of rest. Work resumes on Thursday.

Sorry for the delayed update, but I had to get my rest in. Plus I just did not feel like it. I know how important this site was for me and detailed reviews helped me mentally prepare. I have included a list of must haves for this surgery.

Must Haves:
1.Something to pee in. The first few days peeing standing up is less painful. Initially I cut the bottom off of a 2 liter soda bottle to funnel the pee. This cups the vaginal area and allows you to squeeze your legs so that you won’t wet your garment. Thought this was a great idea, until I went to the masseuse and did not bring my bottle. She gave me a simple plastic cup w/ the bottom cut out. Served the same purpose. At this point I am a pro. I sit down and have never pee’d on my crotchless garment.

2.Chucks/bed liners – Do not depend on the doctor to supply these, they are not generous. You need some for your car, the hotel bed, bathroom. I ruined lots of towels and I felt guilty. I also thought about who else had done the same to the towels. Yuk! The dollar store had a cheap mattress cover, I would recommend buying a few to cover the bed and pillows. I didn’t have any chucks because I could not find them in the store.

3.Diapers – when you are draining, there is no amount of gauze that can stop it. Once the gauze or pads are full, the blood seeps down your legs, the diaper catches this and will get full. Must lipo incisions will be navel, lower ab, lower back, inner thigh, the diaper is the best for this.

4.Motrin/Ibuprofen – the narcotics did not agree with me, have an available substitute.

5.Open Front Dress – It took me forever to locate a cheap button front shirt dress. I refused to walk out of the doctor’s office in one of those Mama’s Family dresses (I know, I am showing my age.) It was easier to put on and take off. Anything that you have to pull over your head and step into eventually passes your waist and Ouch.

6.Hat – I’m on day 11 and still have not felt like doing my hair. If not a hat, a care free style.

7.Food/Drinks – Plenty of fluids. Your favorite foods that you can eat despite how you feel. You will be funneling food and drinks even though you are not hungry.

8.Second Garment – If you can afford it 2 in each size. This can be expensive. I bought two large garments and a medium waist cincher. The garments are no longer offering compression but the waist cincher is. I will not order a medium garment until 2 weeks.

9.Do not do this alone!!! I considered it, but I am glad I reconsidered. My sis was the best.

Don’t overspend, keep it simple. Share with some of the ladies on this site. The surgery is expensive enough. The garments and massages can be just as expensive.

I am open to any questions.

Thurs Day 13 - Post Op - Pre/Post Op pics...

Thurs Day 13 - Post Op - Pre/Post Op pics uploaded
Back to work. Feels like it took me forever to get dressed. I am sore and swollen. I guess I need to allow myself more time. I will use my lunch time to walk around the park down from my office. I did bring my massager to work, due to my back injury, lol. I have been in slides and sneakers for the last 12 days. Don't think I was ready for the heels.
Yesterday, I wore my large Squeem, it was so tight, it felt like day 4. I endured it for 12 hours on top of my doctor provided garment, which offers minimum compression. Once the garment was on, I did some exercise/stretches and it felt better. The swelling also went down, but it gave me a feeling similar to heart burn.
I am noticing that the fold under my belly is starting to smooth out, but the tissue there still remains so hard. I'm not sure if each day gets better or if you become used to the discomfort. For me, there is a constant reminder that I had this surgery, the burning, the zingers, etc. My swelling makes me look like my pre op self, I knew I would not be one of the ones with instantaneous results. I had this surgery way overweight. I would recommend if you have had a recent weight gain, get back down to your regular weight. I have uploaded some pictures of right before surgery and 4 days after. I pretty much look the same today, but I can visualize so much potential.

Wrote a nice long review and when I hit submit, it...

Wrote a nice long review and when I hit submit, it disappeared.
Here we go again…
I am 4 weeks and few days post op. I am happy with my results, thus far. I still tend to swell later in the evening. When I wake up I am stiff. I get massages twice a week, they are still uncomfortable, not painful. I received one massage from Dr. Perry at week two, ouch and ouch. The massage was quick, but painful. He grabs a handful of your stomach and pushes in while rotating his hands as he counts to 10. You take a quick breath and he goes to the next section. The up and down days can drive you bonkers. Some days my stomach looks completely fat and the next I have a bulge, I will be happy when that part is over. I have no complaints I am happy. I did not get the fat transfer but my butt and my hips look larger, and the breast. So if you got a little something to work with, fat transfer may not be necessary. I am proud to say that I lost 10 pounds since surgery. I walk in the morning and during my lunch. I continue to drink water. My weakness is snacking, and I have been in control of that. I know how to take one or two and close the bag and save some for another time. The pre op me would eat the whole bag. Some days I am stiff in the torso. It is still difficult to wipe my butt, TMI – sorry. Next week I will start walking the treadmill at the gym. It’s cool to see my jeans lay flat against my stomach instead of creating a muffin top. I am not wearing jeans, but I like to try them on. The fit well in the butt and hip area and the waist will eventually be too big. I am using Scar Away (dr recommended), so far it is fading and flattening the scars. I will update again in a few weeks.

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