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Okay ladies, my scary ass just made the first move...

Okay ladies, my scary ass just made the first move. I just called Vanity and schedule a consultation for Saturday, March 19 at 12:15 with Dr. Hasan. Now let's hope I can actually see him, cause they way the lady was talking it was like he is still doing surgery. She literally told me "doctors see patients between their surgery."

Wish Pics

I just want to got a ship like this.

Consultation Update (GETTING COLD FEET)

I just realize how I made a consultation for tomorrow at Vanity but didn't tell you. Please forgive me. See, I was suppose to have my BBL like a year ago. But I never went to my consultation appointment, cause my scary ass punk out like a little kid because of the stories I kept reading on here and the pain I seen the girls go through. But back to what I was saying, so the girls from vanity keep blowing up my damn phone every other day to come in and make an appointment, even thought I told them I didn't want to do it anymore. But they don't listen and they kept calling me and texting me. So my scary ass made the damn appointment. And now I am getting cold feet again

I'm confuse

Can someone please explain these reviews for me.

Consultation Update

I have been calling  vanity since yesterday and no one has answer the phone. This morning l called them again they finally answered and the lady told me Dr. Hasan is there and he is doing surgery today. I went and it's  one rude bitch at the  reception desk, that I almost went off on. But than my coordinator Christy told me Dr.Hasan left 2 weeks ago and he on vacation but than again he has to renew his licence for liposuction  and he will be back in July (So she say). So why she told me to go to Dr. Valls, smh (some older guy who I will do my research on soon and will give you the info) and he wanted to charge me $5,00 but would charge me $4,500 if I would have put a $1,00 down. I said I will think about it, than on my way home she calls me and tells me they will do it for $4,000.

Dr. Valls

Any one or anyone who knows someone who has gotten there surgery from Dr. Valls?

Liposuction vs. BBL

Okay ladies,I need your help. I have thinking and looking up Liposuction vs. BBL. I want a BBL (I'm not 100% comfortable with my body) but people have been telling me I should just get liposuction cause my butt is already big (idk where they looking at, but I don't think my butt is big. I honestly feel like I don't have an ass) but any who, they kept saying I should just get liposuction on my stomach and I will be good, and my butt will look bigger. Which I totally don't agree with. But now I'm starting to think, I'm 5'1, 158lbs, yes I am short and my breast size is 36DDD, I love my thighs and hips I just hate my stomach. UGH!!!!!!!!!! Ladies I need your opinions please. I can really use the help.

Laser Liposuction

Any one or any one know someone who had this? And can someone please let me know did it work or how it work


I need this to have this BBL, Liposuction, Tummy Tuck or whateva I neec ASAP. I can see myself wearing these already. I need a doctor ASAP!!!!!!!!!

I need a doctor ASAP

I need this to have this BBL, Liposuction, Tummy Tuck or whateva I neec ASAP. I can see myself wearing these already. I need a doctor ASAP!!!!!!!!!


Have anyone had or know someone who did their sx with Dr.Perry. i seen some of his before and after pics. I did my research on him and yes he is bored certified.

Dr.Patrick Abuzeni

Have anyone had or know someone who did their sx with Dr.Patrick Abuzeni. One of the girl's at my doctor office had a BBL last week Friday and she is already at work walking around.

This Surgery/procedure comes with Complication

Under Florida law, any licensed doctor can perform plastic surgery. Yes, it was very unfortunate that she died and my heart goes out to her family. But let me make this clear, anyone having surgery they are in risk of anything happening to them especially death and your doctor will tell you that. Lots of surgeons have had a patient who have died. I'm pretty sure Dr. Hasan and other surgeons do not wake up in the morning trying to put a death under their belt. It is damn sure not their intention to have a patient die under their care. Allot of ladies think this is a simple surgery and go in without knowing the risk or researching this type of produce. They don't read the paper they are signing or ask any questions about it, this is not a simple or small surgery or procedure whatever you want to call it. Hell some ladies don't even tell the doctor their health history such as in just having a child with in the first couple months of giving birth (knowing you have to wait 3 to 6 months to be fully healed), heart conditions, high blood pressure, allergic to any medication and etc. But they are in the hospital talking mad shit about the doctor how they messed up, why do you think those questions are on the form when you fill it out and the doctor ask you questions and tell you if you have anything to ask them or tell them anything important. And yes, there are some ladies that are very healthily with no health history condition, I am sorry for you and go head and question the doctor every move from beginning to end. But if you know you had a pre-existing health condition and didn’t disclose this with your doctor, I’m going to need you to sit back and think could this have happened due to your pre-existing condition that you didn’t disclose with your doctor or did he really messed up. Doing your research on your doctor and recovery home is one thing but doing your research on the surgery/procedure is another. Please dont come to with BS

Have anyone ever felt like giving up?

I realize I haven't been looking up doctors, have't really been on here and I haven't been thinking about this surgery like I use too. I'm starting to think I do not want to do it anymore. And honestly, I don't know why.

Recovery Homes Owners wants to Sue

Let's be real, since this website is called RealSelf. I just read a post where a recovery homes owner wants to sue a patient for her opinions and her experiences. It is ridiculous. The purpose of this website is communicate with each other, to tell each other how our experience was. Experience with the office we decide to do our surgery at, the office staff, the doctor, what happened to us after surgery, what we should expect and the recovery home we stayed at. Every girl experience is completely different, especially when it comes to surgery and recovery home. When it comes to RECOVERY HOMES I have read horrible reviews where girls have trashed the owners, they ripe them apart to the point where some girls who consider staying their second guess it, which is understandable. Than I have read some girls loving the same recovery homes other girls trashed. After reading that post, I had to think we can't say how we feel/experience through out our journey? Are some of the girls who are praising some of these homes are fake? are they saying the truth? are they being paid to write good reviews about the homes? I'm lost. Cause at the end of the day when you are in business, you got to take the good, the bad and the ugly. IJS

West Virginia woman dies after cosmetic surgery at Hialeah clinic (Encore Plastic Surgery)

Please keep her family in your prayers.

Another one..... SMH Ladies, I live in Miami and I am heart broken to read this. I beg of you please go somewhere else to get your surgery done. I know plenty of doctors let me know if you need one.

Another one?????? Vanity

Not BBB Accredited.
Miami Physician

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