Consult Nov 4th with Dr. S Alvarez. Miami, FL

I have a consult with Dr. S Alvarez on Friday ...

I have a consult with Dr. S Alvarez on Friday Nov 4th and I can't wait !!!!!! Hopefully he is the doctor that I choose. I have been on this search for a while and I am hoping he will be the one.

I am 30years old I am 5'6 and 175 pounds. I am not knowing if I am needing a BBL . But, I do need my wast and stomach inn.

Round 2

I was not able to get to my appt for November 4th but, I will be making it today November 18th .

Dr. Alverez and I have a date and will not be missing it today. I already have a butt but, after having my son it kind of dropped. I am not wanting the Nikki or K Michelle booty. I am not a entertainer in anyway and want to look as natural as possible.

Alverez Doll

I must say Dr Alverez is straight to the point and very realistic on your results. I have decided to go with Dr Alverez and is scheduled for March 02nd. I am looking for a more natural look. I do not want to Know Michelle or Nikki look. I want when u look at me you have to think twice. I really think Dr Alverez can give me those results

Can't wait

I am getting closers and closers to the day.
I have been taking iron tables every day. I will never at the office tomorrow to get all my paper work. Also, if I can move my date up I will. I am sooo ready to get this over with and start have my face match my body beautiful



Make sure you ladies are taking your iron tablets and Viatimin C
Doral Plastic Surgeon

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