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Hi ladies am due for my bbl in August the 20th am...

Hi ladies am due for my bbl in August the 20th am booked in Miami with Dr Ghurani . I am 135lbs and finding it hard to gain more weight and this is actually the best I have done. Does anyone know what I should take to gain weight. Have a nice ok body but after having my second child my stomach which used to be very flat has now got a bit saggy . Excuse me if my English is different from all ur . Am from Uk been reading a lot of reviews and I think most girls here are from the Us

Wondering if I should start making payment

Am not sure if I should start paying my money before my tests are done or wait till I get my results as Naomi said if my iron level is low that could stop me from the surgery. Shall I start taking the iron pills then ?? But am only 2 and half months b 4 my date am so confused . Ooh by the way am going to upload my photos so all you lady's can tell me what you think.

Cant upload my pictures

Hi ladies am still tying to figure out how to put my photos

Finally managed to upload photos

Great here you go my photos , plse ladys let me know what your opinions xoxo

Am going insane

I spent more time watching female body's is it me or am going crazy. sometimes I think am turning to a lesbian lol

Not sure wat style garments to get

I have these garments way before i decided to go for bbl can anyone tell me if they Are actually the ones I need for my sx as I been looking at some of the garments here and they look the same as mine , just wondering if they are the right ones xxx

Weight gain

Hi ladies just Thot I should update you on my new photos , feel free to tell me what y'all think xx

Pleeeeese ladies advice me

What would you do if you come in for you appointment only to be told you not cleared for your surgery and the doctor won't perfom ur sx after flying for 14hrs and paying so much money then having to stay in a hotel waiting for ur flight back home.

No refund for your travel or hotel

They are not even willing to compensate any money for the hotel nor travel . The drive stood me up for 4 hrs and was doing his other business during my pik up. Dr S is the one who cleared me with Nomie but he refused to own up nor fix a date for me . He is in the Bahamas for a vacation . Was very rude when I spoke to him on the phone. I will post more of the mistakes they make including someone's medical records they send me which was suppose to be a mustske

My new date 16/01/201;

Hey ladies am back after a year of waiting after being let down by Salama


Can someone recommend a nice clean place to stay in Miami plse

Physical Clearance letter

Hi girls , am just checking how you got your Pyhsical clearance letters signed as it should be up to the anaesthetist to make sure you fit for sx, I don't understand why somebody else that's not doing the anastetisier on you should confirm your fitness . Surely by medical terms you don't just go about signing things that another person is doing

Am out of here

I don't know why I bother with this shit . I feel like an outcast . All u girls are from the U.S. and it's like yall a team . Like you know each other. I have asked quastions and questions. No one seems to answer , unless I have some gossip. Well am done with yall . What ever Ur paying for ur sx my money is half that . Am from the United Kingdom and using Pounds . Good luck to all of you. Am due in 2 weeks .

Cleared sx tomorrow

Hi everyone I just thought I should update y'all . Mx sx is tomorrow and all good to go.

Will be back

Please pray for me

Ladies please pray for me


I got my sx done

Am so happy with my results , got to deal with the surgeon himself even after the opp. At one point he opened the surgery just for me to drain me and dropped me to the hotel, how cool is that. He is hands on and very very friendly

Touch up in Feb 2016 ( 1 year after

Happy new year to all , just thought I should show you how I look after my surgery in Jan 2014

Front view

Here is my front view , so can anyone plse tell me how much you paid for anaesthetist fee .
Miami Plastic Surgeon

He did not do my sx in the end because of some mistake Dr Salama did and I salute him for refusing to take up someone's dirty laundry. I think he should start his own practise because he is very careful and will recommend him to other people. So am due back in 2015

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