8 months Ghuranified!!!!

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Can't wait to have my BBL in April 2014 with...

Can't wait to have my BBL in April 2014 with Ghurani I've paid my deposit. BUT VANITY COSMETIC'S said that he will do the procedure there for 3500.00 less versus having it, done at Elite Plastic surgery. I've called elite they're saying its all a lie and they'll send in another doctor to do the surgery and there's nothing but a bunch of sales people and ghurani only does the breast there. When I called Vanity back they said its not true because ill have to meet with him before the sugery. So I requested to speak with him via Skype they said OK, now I'm getting a bunch of BS excuses, So if there anyone who can give a true confirmation of Ghurani doing BBL at Vanity please let me know, because I don't want to spend more then I have too.

ReviewsPicturesQ&AMore  editCan Someone Confirm if Dr. Ghurani Does BBL's at Vanity Cosmetics? - Miami, FL

My wish pix's

ReviewsPicturesQ&AMore  editCan Someone Confirm if Dr. Ghurani Does BBL's at Vanity Cosmetics? - Miami, FL

Another Wish

Dr. Rami Ghurani pictures and information no longer on Elite Site? ?

Ok this BBL journey Got me going crazy and I'm trying to Figure out why Ghurani pictures and info are no longer listed on Elites websites. When I contacted them a month ago they said they were updating there website. The whole thing is just Fishy . I don't know who to believe or trust anymore :((((( I thought staying here in the US would give me a piece of mind but it hasn't... Nothings solid and im getting a whole bunch of speculations equaling out to nothing :(((

The Manhunt Is On For Ghurani !!!!!!

This is what I received from Elite today:

Dr. Ghurani is still working with you, and he is very aware of your surgery.

Unfortunately the cosmetic clinic that he part times, says things that are not accurate.

I’ve had many conversations with Dr. Ghurani about that, and unfortunately he can’t control what they say.

But I assure you that he does still work with us and he will be performing your surgery with us.

Surely let me know if I can answer any other questions for you.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Ruben Salama
Practice Administrator

Elite Plastic Surgery
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
21097 N.E. 27th CT, Suite 335
Aventura, FL. 33180

Off: 305-933-4033
Fax: 305-933-4733

Facebook Post:
Elite Plastic Surgery Office commented on your post.
Elite Plastic Surgery Office wrote: "He most certainly does. Just please call nancy or Cynthia and they will accommodate

My RS Sister Brazilanmia having her surgery with ghurani at elite on Feb 4th hopefully she can get some more info. In the mean while let's show some Love on her page and keep her in our thoughts and prayers....

My most recent purchase thanks to Elli890 she has some really good ideas for recovery items she has purchased and made..

Elite Plastic Surgery Office commented on your post.
Elite Plastic Surgery Office wrote: "He most certainly does. Just please call nancy or Cynthia and they will accommodate

Roll to place under my thighs while driving or sitting at work , some else posted this can't remember who but it's cost effectiv


I'm going to try and make me one of these !!

I need this in my life especially for work! This idea was invented by Elli890

17 Days Away From Being Ghuranified!!!!!!

I'm 17 days way from having my BBl with Ghurani and I don't know how to Feel!!! Tests results all good, Condo Booked, Surgery Paid For. I'm just numb right now Lol!!! Will post before and afters, once my surgery is complete.....

My stay will be at Sunny Isles Beach At The Ocean Reserve

I went through flip key , the company also have a site www.seekocean.com the total will be 1100.00 plus a 500.00 refundable dep when I get there which he failed to tell me about up front after I already invested my money that kind of piss me off!!! Going forward I could have went cheap for about 800.00 for 10 days , but I figured I might as we'll be comfortable and live it up since me and my husband using vacation time. Don't want to have to deal with mold etc .

Here's something for a really good price for those interested

Hollywood Beach. Florida Resort on airnb.com I was going to stay here , but I wanted more space and the comforts of home and something with a balcony I really pondered over this lol because the price is right!!!!!

My flatty :(

Can't wait to be done with it!!


Recovery is brutal. Over all over I'm loving the new me I did not want a donkey butt he gave me what exactly what I ask for. Will update more once I feel better. Any suggestions on buying a new more comfortable garment and when can I stop using this foam.

Another Pix

Wow can't believe I have one of these now ;))) hubby loves it at first he was scared saying it was to big. Now he likes because it has adjusted to my frame. Hope it Stays ...

loving the new skin Im In :))

I love my new dress , I'm feeling like I've finally Arrived ;) I will not be posting any more butt shots unless I'm clothed hubby feeling some type of way can't say I blame him...

Before & After

I'm really loving the side projection .... I'm also having a hard time wearing garment plus foam. I can only wear my 1st garment while sleeping stage 1garment the material surface is ruff make you feel like your about to catch on fire and it makes my body ache worst. I decided when I go out or to work I will wear a waist clincher but its not to tight. I will try using a yoga roll once back to work on Monday :( if not the bobby will have to do although Ghurani pleaded can you please not sit for 1 months at least but with my line of work that's impossible. So at this point I'm P-Noid about loosing volume. If any has advise or have been through the same thing and was successful please advise thx!!!

hour glass

I'm so happy to have hips. Unfortunately the picture doesn't show my true butt perkiness lol I have a perky heart praying it last until I'm at least 90 years old ha!!!!

pix to go with my last post


16days post op

I may have lost some volume non the less I'm still happy at this point or I could be Pnoid lol.

From flat to phat! 1month post op

There has been some shrinkage , which is to be expected. I'm still happy with my results over all from muffin top square Bob sponge Biz to the body of fabulousity :)).

something better then the yoga roll

Another Realself sister suggested a lumbar back pillow to sit under your thighs and you can also add a pillow if you want and it has been a god send . I threw That yoga roll under my desk some where I'm so done with it !!!! Walmart no longer sells it . but I found on amazon.

Still holding @ 3 months

I love my natural looking results. I'm 41.5 inches hopefully .. I measured right .

for got to post pic

Sometimes I think about a lil more in the hip area and a tiny bit more projection... But when I think about the pain.. I'm satisfied if so if I never get anything else, I'm good!!!!

one I deleted but decided to put back up.

Just what I wanted!

My Best Asset ;)

No regrets!!

8 months

Still loving my results still holding up. Feels so good, people that new me prior now tell me they can't stop looking at my Butt hahahaha too Funny!!

Close Up Pix

Just another pix , more close up.

One more for the road:)

Glad I'm still holding up!

3 years and counting

It's been 3 years and this Ghurani Booty still going strong! Picture tooken by the hubby :)
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Awesome!!! Hands down one of the best in the US! Dr.ghurani has change my life and the way I felt about my body it's been 3,years and I'm still in awe with the,results and so is my husband who was against it initially.

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