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Hello Everyone, I'm writing this review (although...

Hello Everyone,

I'm writing this review (although I would have rather not because I wanted to remain anonymous) However, as the saying goes, honesty is the best policy and I am glad to have come across this site where you ladies have shared your experiences the good and the bad. This site has been very informative about the realities of cosmetic surgery and I feel more knowledgeable and have a better idea about what to expect post surgery thanks to you and your reviews.

I've been waiting a little over a year for my BBL. At times I'm looking forward to it and at times I'm not. I become insecure about my decision of going with Dr. Miami when I see negative reviews about his results. With that.. I am aware sometimes people may have unrealistic expectations and he's not a magician therefore it may be that more than one procedure is necessary to achieve desired results.. I get it. What I don't get is why one cheek is round while the other is flat or squared after having performed over 10k bbl's? and why more and more I see less reviews on rs from his patients and less follow up pics. I see and admire many from other Dr's I see them all time but where are all the beauty warriors? I understand people want to remain private but I believe the rs community would benefit and appreciate to see more of Dr. Miami's patients follow up pics not just a side by side of an immediate post surgery before and after in order to regain his initial reputation as the master of BBL and put all this negativity about him and this he's only well known and popular because social media bull to rest.

So beauty warrior's please help!! post faceless of months after surgery.

Hey Dolls! Any recommendations for scars to heal and to be less noticeable?

Trying to get your expert advice on how to hopefully have them vanish or for them to have little visibility. Any suggestions from experience?

7 Days to go - BBL w/Dr. Miami - Reality is starting to kick in

All is set. Just waiting for the day. Keeping positive and praying everyday. Hoping all goes well with results, but most importantly no complications after.

Wish Pics

Miami Plastic Surgeon

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