Student Seeing Dr. Salzhauer For BBL Procedure. Miami, FL

I have been dreaming of getting this procedure...

I have been dreaming of getting this procedure done since high school, and I finally got the chance to do it now that my college schedule allows. At a little under 5 ft tall and around 95 pounds, Dr. Miami asked that I gain 10-15 pounds before my surgery date. I've been putting on weight gradually since that consultation, and have now reached my goal weight, 115 lbs. I will attach a photo of my body now, post-weight gain, and a wish pic!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

So far, so good. Bal Habour's staff has been extremely helpful and responsive. The doctor is friendly over the phone (I'm flying from out of state), and very professional. Can't wait to get this procedure done so I can start working out and eating healthy again, because I feel so drained all the time. I'm a little nervous about the recovery process, not because of the pain, but because I have to go back to working a desk job 10 days after surgery. Need to find a cushion that won't be so obvious to carry around and that will do the job so I don't ruin the results due to my embarrassment of carrying a pillow around the office. Will update again closer to actual surgery date!

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