Almost Close to my Surgery Date ! - Miami, FL

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Its almost time for me to go in! I'm scared but so...

Its almost time for me to go in! I'm scared but so excited at the same time. Ill be staying at Miami Escape for 5 days then with family after . I should be ok after 5 days to be with family . I am booked with dr FIX it . He has really great work and has been doing this for 30 years. Im going to update you guys as time passes. If anyone is getting surgery around the same date as me you should go to miami escape for a RH.

What type of lipo foam am i supposed to get and what site do i order from?


My nerves are bad!

MAN o man ... I'm going to do my blood work and I'm getting nervous . lol my right eye is twitching lol the stress. I just want my labs to be perfect, and besides that they days are counting down only a week and half left.! I can only come to this site to vent because i don't have much support on this sx. I just wanna get it over with .. ANYONE else get the jitters like this?

Just got back from getting blood work!!

sheesh my nerves I'm so ready and so scared pray for me guys .. I'm just in btw liked and scared.. I don't know which emotion to stay on. Also my monthly friend is coming i always pjs bad so this could be the reason why I'm being so emotional.Has anyone else felt this way>?

the count down!!!!!!!

My labs came back good! Im ready to get this over with , nervous but i think I'm more excited! I know the recovery is going to be nuts I'm already mentally prepared for the pain i think lol. I just wanna be sundress ready because the weather is warming up lol


So today i went shopping for sundresses. You know sundress season is coming .It felt so good knowing that the shape I'm about to have is gonna kill in the dresses i bought. It isn't anything fancy its really just regular dresses lol. Now I'm excited to wear them and kill this summer ;-).

I'm on the plane !!!


So yea my sx date is Monday !! I'm
Flying in today just to hang out with my family before I go in . I can't lie my nerves are bad but I'm so excited to finally get everything done ! Say a couple prayers for me ??

About to go in to meet the Doctor

So it's almost time ! I go in to meet the doctor today so he can see me in person and also get my prescription. At this point I'm not nervous I honestly wanna get it over with so I can get through the heeling process. I'm mentally prepared and excited to finally get something j want for myself . I'm here with my uncle and he is supporting me and helping me get around FL . My family back home are kinda against it but they know they can't say anything to me because they ain't pay for sht lol . So I'll be back with a update guys ????.

Just to Miami escape

My doc is so cool! Dr Blinski just came to the house to see me . I'm ready for surgery tomorow ????

Sitting here in my room.

I'm excited it's other girls in the house they look like they are in pain????. Actually they are in pain but that's what comes with it !

I made it !!!

Man o man the wake up was to real !! I was crying so much like help I need something to knock me out . I felt everything till
I got home . Once I got my
Meds I was fine . The pain is real but I kept my
Legs moving and kept getting up . You must eat and drink a lot that helps me with energy . They call me the rock start here because I'm always up and moving . I take my meds on time and sleep and get up . I refuse to be a stiff board . I don't want to be lazy I wanna get better as fast as I can . My doctor dr blinski is dope ! So nice to me and did a lot for me . Umm happy I haven't seen my body yet with out the garmet so I don't know . But everyone say my body is bomb . What do U guys think ?

Recovery home

I recommend staying at Miami escape !! Bomb as mansion great prices great care new and clean !! Dani a d staff are fun and great????

I feel like sht

I'm Just in a bad mood .. Don't wanna be bothered I'm in pain. Looking at my body this is something I have to get used to . I'm not used to looking like this . Also I'm really swollen ????. I want the swelling to go away then I'll be happy again .????I'm just sad today

Some more pics for u guys

I'm feeling myself a bit more today I was worried I was to big but it was my padding that made it look that way lmfao ! I'm telling u the meds got me tripping lol . But overall I'm recovering well Miami escape it's really
Good to me. Amy my nurse is to nice we call
Her mama bubble cuz her butt is huge and I'm baby bubble lol . I recommend everyone come here it's clean and very nice and a big place just for recovery . I had to massages that hurt but it's worth it gettinf all
This fluid out when I pee. What do u guys think about my pics ? Dr B did the dam thing right ????

I just want it to be over ????

I'm annoyed at this point with being uncomfortable ... I didn't take any pain meds til just now I popped a Tylenol because I was feeling weird . Hopeful that hold me over till my massage today . Then I'll pop the real stuff because that massage is no joke . But it's so worth it ! I want to go to the store and by spanks because one I leave my recovery home I won't be able to put this on by myself it's really tight ! Other than that I'm just chilling watching tv and relaxing the best I can . Beauty is pain right ? I think vanity it pain lol but it's ok in the end it's worth it I love my body I'm gonna kill it this summer with super confident I can't wait !!! Talk to me I'm bored lol

My left side keeps going numb

omg i can't take it ! this numb feeling is all over my stomach but more so my left side ! pain killers don't work ! I'm so sad , and my shape is going down to . any suggestions to help it?

Can 6 weeks hurry up

I just wanna sit down already ... Annoyed .. But my but is getting softer everyday I went down a lot in size and I love my shape now but I pray I don't go down anymore . Which I prob will and that sucks . My left side stomach is hard as a rock also my belly to but not as bad as my left side . I have a curve cure chair I sit in it's pretty comfortable. It's just annoying when u are driving dor more than 10 min. Other than that I'm not in pain. When my belly starts to get numb I don't even feel it anymore . I can't feel my skin when I touch it I guess the nerves didn't reattach it self yet . Patiently waiting for the mark to pass for everything
Miami Plastic Surgeon

So far my doctor is great. Its not like going to spectrum, vanity , and CG and you cant get in contact with the person doing your procedure. He actually called me personally to make sure his staff handles everything the right way. I have no complaints and he deff makes me feel more comfortable. I don't feel rushed and he takes his time on his work . He isn't out here flipping bodies and moving on to the next girl. I have his personl number to call to ask any questions and i don't have to go through his staff to speak to him. I think thats great.

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