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So,about 2 months ago I finally decided I'd stop...

So,about 2 months ago I finally decided I'd stop the pity party and fix this flat. Guys I'm in bad shape back there. I came across the south Florida center for cosmetic surgery. Got quote of 3 grand plus 1500 for other fees. Of course price only good for 48 hours. Me the idiot sent 500 bucks no research nothing. Now I don't make a lot of $, but I was so excited I went for it. Same night I found real self and looked up the Dr that would do my bbl. Thank God for all the posts as I saw he was no good at all. No refunds of course.However I came across spectrum on here and started trolling b4 and afters and have decided on Dr Omulepu. I threw down deposit and switched jobs quik. I've been busting my flat ass for month and a half and I'm ready. I work in busy men's hair salon 50 hours a week. I kid u not over 1700 haircuts later(no exaggeration ) I'm ready. Cash (debit card) in hand. So I set a date December 2nd. Paid for trip. Ready to go. Man I'm nervous about labs........ I've always been more slender so just to assure I'd have the weight for good results I've been eating baaaad. Taco bell daily. Milkshakes EVERY night. In my defense I drive by a steak and shake and turtle shakes are the bomb! I did get milk thistle for my clean my kidneys,and am taking natural prenatal vitamins. Just to be safe I faked out my pcp and told him I needed blood work done as I thought I may b anemic. So Wednesday I'm going to check it out. I've got roughly 45 days till flight time miami. So nervous something will go wrong. Is this normal?

opinion on staph infections

I was talking with my coworker about the staph infections I keep reading about. She was once a surgical nurse and telling me staph lives on the body. Everybody's body. A lot of us are traveling to Miami 4 sx and I see tons of pics of girls laying on hotel blankets. Even tho the plastic pad thing is under them hotel blankets, or just blankets used by others in general are filthy. I once worked in chain hotel when I lived in Miami and my cheap as$ boss never wanted girls 2 clean blankets. Any opinion on this. I'm bringing my own sheets and blanky.

I can't stop eating

So I initially wanted to gain few pounds to make sure I'd end up with a nice big ol booty. I've gotten addicted to food I think. I've now got a fupa. ...... shit December 2nd can't get here soon enough. At this rate if I don't slow down I will put on another 10 to 12 lbs by then. Put down the taco and let the little boy go! Super constipated (tmi ) from vitamins. I've got Dr app tomorrow to do blood test b4 the real blood test so I no if I need to adjust anything. My birthday next week and I can't fit any of my clothes. Dr O better give me some killer curves after all this.......

question about labs

How does it work getting labs done out of state? I live in Chicago and spectrum says they send me somewhere. I went to my Dr yesterday for general checkup. We looked at blood work I did back in june. My levels then we're amazing. But I also know they want labs done no more than month before. My sx not till December 2nd. Any Chicago ppl out there know how it works?

30 days till miami

Time is dragging. I've put on 14 lbs in a month. Sweet Jesus this can't be healthy. I'm not sure how much belly fat I need for this. I quit smoking for this procedure after 20 years and I can't stop eating. It's funny I could never quit smoking for anything, but for an ass I'm like give me that patch biatch. I looked in the mirror and realized I have a turtle self esteem is at record lows. However my pcp did some preliminary blood work and that came out perfect. Drinking tons of water and cranberry juice. I'm so nervous something will go wrong and I will get stuck in this body for the new year.

less than a month countdown begins

Weight back in September. Now I'm 12 lbs heavier. Can't stop gaining weight now. My boss is preggers and my stomach bigger than hers. Haircut,donut,haircut,nachos. This is bad. I'm worried that I won't stop eating like this after surgery. But then I'm scared I may not have enough fat. This is only bad thing about using surgeon from out of state. I wish I knew what ideal body fat should be. Oh well tis better to have too much than too little. Naw but 4real hostess got the BOMB mini doughnuts..........

Labs friday

So Evelyn called from spectrum today. So far she seems really nice. I made appt for labs for Nov 6. I wish I wouldntve been so paranoid and jumped the gun and did labs with my end of october. She says they're too old. Oh well my labs were really good then hopefully they b good friday. I just realized I may get my period either day before,of,or 1 day after my sx. Oh no poor Dr have to look at my string hanging outta my cooch. This is crappy...... few more weeks to go. I'm trying to eat healthier but alot. Not sure if I have enough body fat. Maybe I should do my inner thighs. They quoted 800$ extra for thighs. Would love to do my arms.........


Labs done

So I got my labs done yesterday. So easy. It barely took 10 minutes. Like 3 weeks till I'm scheduled to leave. Fun n the sun baby. I'm super nervous waiting for clearance. Maybe I just need something to b stressed out about. Oh well.......

I've been cleared

3 more weeks. I found out I had to stop using nicotine patch. Oh this is tough. I've cried,screamed, I need a cigarette so bad. My hubby thinks I'm crazy. If I can just make it 3 more days I should be good. I've been a smoker for 20 years and this is my first real attempt to quit. Like I said the things women will do for a nicer body. Haha. In the meantime I can't stop eating. If it was bad on the patch it's like 10 x worse. I've taken to eating peanut butter out of the jar...

I am so sick

I never imagined that quitting smoking could actually make me sick. I literally have the cold from hell. Everyone says that's perfectly normal as the body is healing itself. Bad news is this could last for a month. Funny as a smoker I never got sick, now as a 5 day no smoker I'm sick as a dog. Now I'm suuuper nervous. What if I'm too sick for surgery. Damn I swear sometimes I can't win. Then my guy is getting on my last nerve. Smh....... oh well I'm gonna nutribullet shit tons of detoxification veggies,and hope for the best.

feeling better finally

So the last week of my life has been an absolute struggle. I quit smoking cold turkey last Monday. I'm officially 9 days quit. This is the hardest thing I've ever done. Between the quitters flu,my Loco man,and having difficult clients it was a trying journey. I did some horrible haircuts last week lemme tell you, more than a few guys running around chi town with patches. But proud to say I feel amazing now. I'm not having insane cravings anymore. I'm now in the depressed part of the withdrawal where everything makes me cry. Omg I will never smoke another cigarette again. Anyway, I can't believe we are leaving for Miami in less than 2 weeks. Now it's finally starting to feel real. I've definitely gained a few pounds in the last week. I will post pictures l8r. Found new ice cream (frozen custard )parlor by my job. Sheeeiiittt so good. They make a turtle sundae to die for. I've gone every day I work.

faja store in miami

So it's starting to hit me that this shit is really going down. I'm not at all ready by any means. Lucky for us my niece is housesitting/petsitting. That was my biggest concern. Whew huge stress relief. I bought some compression socks at walmart. I got a ton of snacks but other than that I guess I will b getting whatever else I need in miami. I saw few stores down there that sell post bbl garmets. They Hava a lot from what I see online. Waist trainers. I really want my garmets to have the booty part cut out. I will keep everybody updated about store in miami. I can't believe it's only few days away.

I got my stinkin period

Dang it man I wanna scream. My hubby says that's why I was acting loca. He's funny as if he is a freaking psychic. No shit sherlock. I get 1 every month. Men,sigh. Oh well. Looks like dr. O will be operating and looking at a rat tail hanging. Oh I didn't want that. At least by Wednesday it will be almost over. But I wanted to enjoy miami. I guess I can still have fun next 2 days. I do have a ?tho,do they shave your junk,do I shave my junk? Every post op pic I see the girls are bald down there. I wax,but keep a landing strip to direct my psychic hubby where to go. Hmm I hope not. Last time I shaved it bald it itched like I had crabs,and it looked like a 4 yr Olds va j j. Plane leaves at 7.30 am tomorrow. It's gonna b a long 8 das gone. I got some suuuper comfy sheets and blanky for hotel on black friday. Gotta love kmart. And they got Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Sigh. My period seems crazy heavy. Wonder if it's the iron. I'm starting to get excited.

in Miami almost time

So Im here. Pain in the butt traveling. I didn't eat breakfast,I was hungry and cranky. My hubby fell asleep in my seat on plane and I couldn't get to my snacks. Rental car place was 2 hour process,had to upgrade and go enterprise which BTW was cheaper than the off brand I originally reserved. I booked a room at the red roof inn by the airport. Its actually pretty clean. we took a ride to meet a friend and grab some grub at checkers and ran into spectrum. Funny I knew the logo. And they're close to a checkers. Boom rally burger bitch. So we went to Walmart and got some snacks a cheap blanket and cleaning supplies. We brought our own sheets and toilet paper. We are picky about our tp. So I go to spectrum tomorrow to pay and get my prescriptions. I'm super nervous. Hopefully it will all work out. We are staying here till next Tuesday. I hope we don't kill each other. 8 days is a long time in a hotel room.

10 hours to surgery drama

So I just found out my husband is a lying cheating dog. I'm 10 hours out from surgery my blood pressure is boiling. Now I just want him out of my hotel room. I still need him to sign me out of sx center. Damn damn damn. And now I'm so upset I'm puking. Oh boy. This is not good. He has got to go. Unfortunately I need him till about 12.30.

this is it guys

Long night lemme tell u. I did get about 2 hours of sleep. I wish I would've just come on my own. Wow if u guys saw the shit this asshole did 2 me. I almost cancelled my sx. But I prayed all nite. I have to believe that God will send me a decent man to replace this scumbag. Oh well timing is everything. So I ve removed all body jewlery,took purifying bath in sea salt water,took shower in antibacterial soap. I'm ready. Sad as I really wanted a body makeover with the hopes of my husband actually paying some attention to me. If I can I'd love to post the text msg he sent to this chick. She was pathetic and busted. Sigh. Oh well here are my final before pics. Please no negative comments I can't right now. It's bad enough he bagged on me all nite. Surgery set up for 9.30 am. Just a quick FYI when I went to pay for surgery my debit card only allowed them to charge 2000$. Luckily they had a PNC 45 minutes away so I got cashiers check. Best way to Pay. Any whoo. I'm scared. And I'm single for first time in 9 years. Fml

hit by truck

Ouch bouch. I'm in so much pain. Jeez louise this is bad.. no drains. I had good experience. Wish I could sleep but I'm so stressed and depressed. Oh well. It looks flat in garment with foa mm s.

it feels stretched to max

Ouch. I'm leaking like crazy. My body hurt be for I went in because of the fight I had last nite, omg my butt feels ginormous but looks tiny. Can't see it. I'm nervous now. I had no wish pics just wait I w a nt the max. Round 2? I'm really thinking about moving back here befoe 2017. My cosmetology license easy to tr a nsfer. We see. I'm really leaking and gross. No drains.

I got a big old booty

So dr.omulepu did his thang. He snatched this waist. Whew baby its beautiful. I was worried at first didn't see anything but when I went for my first massage and took off faja baby I turned around in that mirror and daaaamn .... I couldn't b happier. I'm a l ready planning round 2. Same time next year. Dr. O says he put 1500 cc in each cheek. Now ppl can eat their hearts out. Hope them hoes were worth it.

love my curves


baby got back

I had to get out of that faja for awhile. I bought the arnica gel and pills. That coupled with the masseuse that spectrum uses my tummy has minimal bruising and swelling. Ladies after this sx u will pee alot. I pee every hour and a half. I had 2 keep 3 huge cups by bed. I'm really happy with my result. Only piss off is the faja situation. I went to fajas y Mas paid 120 the stupid lady made me buy a small. I can't get my thighs in that thing let alone smash my newbooty. So today I'm going to different faja place. These things are unreturnable so beware when u buy 1. I can't wait to show off this new booty. It's beautiful. Dr.omulepu is the fing man 4 real. As I said I may do round 2 if I really want a ridiculous

fajas y Mas redeemed themselves

So I returned the way to small faja that I bought the other day. The first lady that we originally had was kinda rude. Today I went back and other lady was like no way you should've had a large faja. So she exchanged it, put me in new 1,sold me the triangle that gives heart shape and some cute jeans. However there was pet store in mall with Lil starVing chihuahua so now I have new dog? Wtf she sure is cute. We are getting ready to hit south beach. If u go the lady name was millie I think. And get u some Columbian jeans.

hard as a rock

So a week later my but is hard as a fricking rock. No jiggle nada. Also I feel it's shrinking. Maybe my expectations were too high. I thought I'd walk out a video vixen. Maybe I'm just depressed that my marriage ended so badly. He's trying but I cant. The puppy is cute,but..... the plane ride was kinda embarasssing. I couldn't get comfy on all the towels I rolled to save my life. Luckily a lot of ppl were standing at back of plane so I went back and stood for a good hour. Met a nice old man. He was funny gave me a good laugh. Now I'm home,trying on all the clothes I couldn't wait to wear and they look way better than b4,but not like what I wanted. I'm already saVing 4 round 2. Just hate the hardness. Does anybody know when it'll fluff out? I got top booty but no bottom booty. Fml

it's not big enough

So I haven't fluffed yet but can tell I still don't have the butt I want. Then 1 side slightly rounder than other. Kinda my fault as I 4got to tell Dr o, that right side always been weaker. So now I must wait out the 6 months. It's softening a Lil bit,but still hard. From what I know to get a Kim Kardashian or a ms.Nikki baby boots takes more than 1 bbl anyway. Sigh. Now my quesion is go back to dr.o or look at hassan or ortega. Don't get me wrong dr.omulepu did great job. Don't look bad so far and it's not even 2 weeks yet. I wonder if he can do just my thighs and stick that in? Obviously there ain't no belly fat. I wasn't obese to begin eith. I actually had to eat like a pig just 2 get what I got now. Maybe I just will never be happy with myself. Idk. I will post pictures later. I will say I got way better tips a t work as we have to wear leggings or yoga pants. But most of our clients are caucasian. Not to say white guys don't know a nice boots when they c 1, but......

finally startin 2 round out

So getting Lil bit softer,Lil fuller. Still waaaay too small, but better than before. I saw a girl who did round 2 not sure with Hasan or fisher,I'm definitely going that route for round 2. 6 months goes so slow. I will be calling to find out how much and how soon. This girl booty I saw was sick. She called it booty greed. Yuuup that's what I got. She gained 40 lbs for 2nd one, but it made her ass waay bigger before procedure,then the sculpting..... I want it now..

round 2 Hasan or Fisher?

So lol I'm already ready to put down deposit on round 2,but I'm going vanity this time. I cam across assassass profile and she gave me great advice. Her butt is on point. Dr. O lipo the shit out of my stomach, but 2 weeks later I feel like I'm peeing all of it out. I use measured cup to measure what I pee, in less than an hour over 40 ounces. Crazy. I pee every 2 hours. I didn't get the ass I wanted. Is it bigger ?yes,but 1 side rounder than other,and he has 2 b cra cra if he thinks I believe 1500 cc. Nurse said 1000, in my 2 minute post op he said off top of his head 1500. Anyway I'm torn between Hasan and fisher. They are known for rounder asses. They are pricey though. 5000$. They say wait 3 to 6 months. I need a good 6 to gain 30 to 35 lbs. I'm starting to really eat now,but with a waist trainer to direct fat elsewhere. I'm so annoyed rite now. Back on my grind again. Shooooot I thought Id get to chill through winter. I guess on flipside my body better than before tips bigger faster saving. Sigh. At least my little princess I should using her wee wee pad better than before.....

not too shabby

OK so in hindsight my butt isn't that small. It's getting a little softer. I do love the stomach to butt ratio. My stomach is tiny.. like 15 year old tiny. Dr.omulepu is good 4 snatching a waist. Very aggressive lipo,however in hindsight I wasn't obese or even close to it, probably wasn't best dr.4 me. I've also learned that older fat is much better than freshly gained fat as far as survival during harvest. That said I'm eating a lot to prepare for round 2 even though I'm gonna wait till maybe October september. I'm looking for a master sculpter. Dr.o was a good dr,but he's stretched way to thin in and out 1 after another. I've got 1 side not balanced with other side. Don't get me wrong,I definitely look waaay better than before,but just not quite what I wanted.......

it went flat

So sad,but it's really not too much different then where I started. It was really fluffing and coming along,now it looks flat. Not much of a top shelf,no bottom shelf. Super depressed. Is this normal? Did the Dr just not harvest fat properly?idk. The next 6 months will be long and rough. Waste of money. Should've used different dr? Help is this 4 real?

ass came back

This is the strangest thing ever I swear I'm not crazy. Drank a lot of water yesterday woke up this morning and it's back. I must have a weird poltergeist booty,or a lot of water plumps it back up? Really? Am I the only person to ever experience this? So all I have to do is drink water? Or do these things come and go? I did notice it at its smallest as I was starting my period......

dr. omulepu again?

So in hindsight my body looks pretty good. It's not a Kardashian ass but for round 1 not too shabby. I'm ready to throw down a deposit somewhere. It's just that when I look at the fisher and Hasan girls they got that projection. Well most of them. Ahhhh and I always hear a Lotta bs with vanity. Spectrum was no frills no bs they ran like clockwork. And Dr o was nice. Just busy. Any O dolls fisher dolls and Hasan dolls I need advice here. Especially that vanity wants 1200 more. I'd readily pay that if I knew I was gonna get what I want. Maybe if I pill Dr omulepu to the side,give him extra 1200 cash to take a few extra minutes with me?Sorry I'm from chicago,we r all about the payoffs. I posted some pics. I found my old corset,bout to start waist training. 2016 is our year dolls.

all dressed up

my ass hurts

Sooooo, after almost 5 weeks my butt has gotten sore. Out of hell nowhere it jus t started hurting. It feels kinda like needles in there? Idk but something is going on. It looks pretty bueno,but little uncomfortable. I still have yet to sit on it. Waiting till 8 weeks. My stomach looks good but I feel like I got jumped. Ppl hug me and it still hurts like hell. I starter back taking my royal jelly pills again,they are good for everything including butt growth (or so they say). Oh well, looking 4ward to my next round. Hope I heal fast.

hard stomach still

Just wandering I'm about 6 weeks post op and my stomach is hard as a rock. I'm gaining weight,but it's not soft like fat. It's almost like a bloated look. Is this normal? And my back flanks,completely numb. I can scratch it and feel nothing. This is freaky. I'm happy with my results, but worried that my body won't be healed by July or august to do another bbl. Anybody else go thru this? I'm going to buy a new waist trainer this weekend,but not sure if that's even good 4 me right now.

Dr fisher lookin good about now

Oh decisions decisions. So I've really been torn as to what I'm doing with bbl 2. I want dr.hasan,however I hear Lotta bs dealing with him. Family emergency,cancelled dates,etc,etc. But he cranks out fatties. As does dr. Fisher. His work is amazing too. I just looked at a girl with waaay less fat going n than I had and came out with a soul booty. However vanity be on bs. Lots of drama and bad customer service. On the other hand I've dealt with dr.omulepu before. My body definitely isn't bad, and spectrum aesthetics was easy to deal with. Vanity wants ppl to just send 2500 bucks then cancels? That's gro u nds 4 me to fly out and beat an ass. Damn this is hard. I just want more volume. I think that vanity musthe have better way of harvesting fat as there patients seem to keep more of it. Any opinions? I've seen everybody work and I'm most impressed by hasan. I'd gladly pay more for peace of mind and no drama. Help me out here guys......I'm confused

depression after surgery

So I'd like to share my emotional and psychological experience post sx. Now granted my marriage did fall apart 6 hours before my sx. That was such a rough night. The thought of having a better body and shitting on my husband was all that kept me sane. However I've learned from this experience that plastic surgery isn't a cure all. So about 3 weeks after my bbl and the smoke cleared I went into a nasty depression. I'm generally not a depressed person,I get anxiety yes,but this was traumatic. I had days I went to work and cried multiple times. This isn't good when u work in busy men's salon. I though after sx I'd feel like the sextet woman alive. Like I'd have a Kardashian ass and the world would be at my fingertips. High expectations I know. Instead I was incredibly self contious and just plain sad and I felt old. I couldn't sleep as I had to pee 4 times a night. I brought back a puppy who pees all over my crib. And my asshole husband still pays me no more attention than he did before. So thus depression lasted about a week. I still have difficulty falling back to sleep but I usually only pee once or twice. My adorable puppy is still peeing on the floor, but she's doing way better. Oh and the vivid dreams. From 1st night after sx I have the most vivid realistic dreams. And I remember everything like a movie. And my husband's still an asshole. I did some research and post sx depression is real and quite common. I don't feel as cra cra. I just wanted to share this experience with all the dolls out there. And if it happens to 1 of u guys it's perfectly normal. Sorta.

yaaaasss honey

Haven't updated in a min. I love my body. I feel so bad about what happened to dr.omulepu. my body is amazing. I've waist trained and gained some weight. How the tables have turned. Im finally confident to have made some major moves in life. I now ,have revamped my love life (will update on that soon). I'm good,2015 a bum crapped on me. 365 days to the day deja vu with the tables turned. This surgery changed my life for the better. I pray Dr omulepu is able to continue doing what he does and clears things up. It is surgery,it is a gamble.

what are ppl sorry for?

I keep getting msg from ppl saying they're sorry. Ummmmm my ass is amazing . My husband must live with the consequences of his actions . I have new job. Just sad 4 dr.o. maybe say congrats....

round 2 September

So,not that I'm not satisfied with my results,but I'm greedy and want more. So I will be choosing one of spectrums wonderful doctors. I've heard about Alvarez, Llorente,and Ortega. All great,just need to pick one. I'm putting my deposit down monday. Started saving last month. I'm so excited to be taking this journey again! How are Llorente and Alvarez?

6 month mark

pic didn't upload

round 2 going down January 2017

It's that time again. Waiting for conformation from spectrum. So slow....

Round 2 in less than 45 days

Going back to spectrum aesthetics in miami. I will b with dr.Alvarez this time. Hope he's everything. Will start new rs for the next one. I just passed my 1 yr anniversary and I'm still thrilled with results. I pray Dr Alvarez is as good as Dr omulepu was.

So I've finally decided to write my final overall review of my experience with dr.omulepu. I started with a square shaped body. I now have a graceful hourglass figure. I wear leggings, I love buying panties. I actually own jeans. I didn't have a ton of fat to begin with but he took that and made something out of it. I'm greedy and single now some I'm comin back for more,but overall an amazing job. Only thing is he's suuuuper busy so u won't get a lot of his time,but will walk aw a y with a beautiful body. Thank you so much

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