Brazilian Butt Lift, CG Cosmetics, Miami, FL NIGHTMARE RRRRUUUUUNNNNN!!!!!!

Hi Dolls, Scheduling my BBL at CG Cosmetic...What...

Hi Dolls,

Scheduling my BBL at CG Cosmetic...What is a good recovery house at a good price?

All suggestions are welcome, what was your experience, how was the price, how was the services included. How safe did you feel if you went alone. I'm kind of freaking out, but I believe this will help. Thanks a bunch Dolls


I was able to setup my recovery center with Miami Recovery House. It was quick and easy I was able to take care of everything in 5 minute. I found a real great flight with Jet Blue leaving Jax to Mia for $84! Once I have the flight number and time a was able to setup everything. I made my payment online via Paypal and I'm golden!!!

On the the next.....Luggage!!

Here some photos

Miami Recovery house

Miami Escape Recovery House

Not to happy with my results this far

4 weeks Post Op

I guess I am still swollen, but I am just not happy with my results!

Before after

No like the results on the website round two here we go!

I need a revision ASAP

So I cant wait 6 months to have another surgery like what was done? I've spoke with my coordinator and she claims I look whos standards...not mine this is a nightmare I'm depressed...I just want my money back and fly to the DR!!!

I'm so upset!!!

i just wanted a just start to getting my body back and what I get was a unmodified version of my unhappy self. Can anyone help how can I get a. my money back B. a revision!?!?!

I Have a Few Choice Four Letter Words!

Dr Medina was very charming and confident, he made me feel comfortable and reassured me he could provide the results since I was switched at the last minute by CG Cosmetic Center from Dr. Freiman.

My abdomen isn't flat, one cheek is larger than the other, I have no curves and it was a total waste of my money and time. Now CG is ignoring me since hes no longer employed there anymore to do my revision! If he's your doctor run and do not look back!

5 month update!

I'm so depressed and now having tons of pain!

I just want to cry all day everyday

They won't return my money nor allow me to revise with Dr.Leossin :(

Revision Update!!!

Looks like I have to find another doctor to fix what Dr Medina will not correct and CG Cosmetics just ignores you!!!

A Doctor that does not stand by his work....

I had a BBL procedure done by Dr Carlos Medina CG Cosmetics and I was immediately unhappy. I could see that everything we discussed wasn't completed. My main concerns my abdominal and upper back areas where my bra strap sits. I don't know what was done but I don't look like I've paid 5k for a surgery I look like a smaller version of my former self. After months I had chase and track him down. I spoke with Dr Medina he agreed that a revision is needed, the abdominal and upper back and it will give me the hour glass figure I am looking for. The center agreed to allow it to be done however Dr Medina is now a ghost and pops up to different centers every few months! I call and call his staff will not allow me to speak with him that I have to make a third trip to schedule a revision that was already agreed upon. I call and email no one returns your calls and then wonders why you're irate! My body is not the way we discussed! Almost a year later I'm still trying to find the doctor that said he fix the problem. Pictures speak 1000 words!

Miami Plastic Surgeon

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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