Buying a NEW Booty for my Birthday!! - Miami, FL

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I'll be 27 on March 19th and my surgery date is...

I'll be 27 on March 19th and my surgery date is Friday March 13, 2015 and Happy Birthday to me it will be! I'm not nervous at all. I want the ball to start rolling so I can get out of this "Fat suit". My kid, stress from my bad breakup, and food took over and killed my self confidence and exercise regimen so here I am lol.

Today: My coordinator is Vivian. Very VERY sweet and helpful. Their prices just went up for a deposit supposedly 2 days ago to $500, but when I spoke with her last wk she told me $300 so i put the $300 down and got locked in for the $4000 BBL! We set a date, (3/13/15) I have to fly in the day before to meet with the doctor for an official consultation, I sent her pre-op pics and CC and I.d, E-signed everything and Just ready to Gooo!

The crazy thing is I already feel so huge and she called me back and asks to me to gain 10 lbs! I'm already weighing 141.4 lbs and 5'5 height and she says "Just think of it as benefiting for the BBL cuz he's gonna suck out all the fat you gain and put it in proper place" lol I love her so of course I agreed, it was like music to my ears. becuz it's so hard to lose weight now bein from a mixed family and eating rice and beans and Pastellios one day and then collard greens, potatoe salad and fried chix other days smh lol.

But as embarrassed as I am to show no one or tell no one (not even my mom :( I am showing my RealSelf audience becuz you guys are the Ppl that helped me study my decision in EVERY ASPECT, And so I'm ready now and show my journey start to finish as well, Here are my pics....

Perfect Wish Pics (The bigger the better)

Ima ask for The bigger the better since you're suppose to loose some fat cells anyways!.....

More wish pics..

APRIL 24th New Surgery Date!! =D

I haven't been on for a while ladies sorry, but I've def been in close contact with my coordinator Vivian and rescheduled my surgery for Friday April 24th, 2015. I've booked my plane tix and I'm staying in the recovery house with Magdelena and it cost $730.00 from April 23-28th. because apparently she raised the price. So it's $250 the day of and $120.00 everyday after that... My birthdays in 2 days I'm sad I'm not goin this wknd but it gives me more time now to gain weight. It looks disgusting but I'll update with pics of this new weight soon.. I'm 147lbs. ;(

One week away!! Dr. Ortega here I come!

So so excited! I've been missing in action only because I've been trying to get prepared and ready for my life changing trip next wk April 25th for BBL! I've taken my Labs and got cleared for blood work, (you just might have to stay on them ladies and make certain u get emails and conformation for everything!) I called all day trying to get in touch with someone just to see if they received my lab work and I'm perfect! My recovery house with Magdelena is booked and she'll be picking me up from the airport next week! I've been literally working so much at the hospital just because I know I won't be able to for abt 2 wks while I recover so I'm sorry if I haven't updated you guys, but get ready for lots a pics!! I'm such a #Selfie girl ;) from the plane ride to the moment I get there I'll post everything #STAYTUNNED LUVS

Countdown time! My Surgery is tomorrow 8am!!

I promised I would post my weight gain.. I'm currently enroute to Miami, on a Layover In Newyork City! By 10:30pm tonight I'll land and be picked up at the airport and taken to the recovery house to prepare for surgery in the morning, stay tuned, fingers crossed can't turn back now...


Bye cold city Hello warm weather!!

Love flying delta...


MY SURGERY was yesterday but Ive been in excruciating pain to even focus on writing an update sorry ladies. But I feel a little better now. I'm gonna post pics of start to finish of my transformation.. Hope this helps other girls looking to Get a BBL done, especially in Miami, FL...

When Dr. Ortega came in and marked me up

1st day Post Op! I made it to the other side!!!!

This pain is UNBEARABLE ladies!! they have me on oxycodone and all it doesn't make me drowsy and sleepy but doesn't take my pain away in my opinion. But after surgery Magdelena picked me up, (the car ride was painful cuz I had zero meds yet) went to her recovery house and I tried to sleep the rest of the day... Only on my stomach/breasts

Currently... Recovery House w/Magdelena

Magdelena, her Daughter Sandra and my RS twinny @Jadiva85 have been a huge impact and support team in my recovery here in Miami. If you ever get surgery at Spectrum or another place try to book with Magdelena, she's a tad expensive but to me she's worth it. Her and her daughter will cater to you hand and feet. God bless them!

My recent progress as of 5/1/2015

I've been up and down with my surgery; one day I love it, one day it's not enuff booty, and one day I hate it all together. I'm still sore but I started driving today (sat on my foam roller still for everything) and I'm adjusting to my new body.. Take a look tell me what u think ladies

Went back to work after 1 week...

Went back working and being in my feet for 8 hours yesterday and it honestly wasn't that bad. I took it easy.. I still wear my garmet (not sure wen I should take it off)? But walking still with stitches under my butt was a uncomfortable but I made it threw. I'm not sure when I should schedule to get the stitches out but if u know please tell me. My results are not what I imagined. I wanted bigger and fuller and aggressive lipo on my waist more. but after 3 months and after I workout and still not happy with my body I'll work on a Revision next.. My new body just looks like how it's suppose to be! The Booty is just "There", not too big at all!, and not flat anymore I guess.... but for all the pain you endure threw this surgery, I think I was expecting wayyyy more :/

Really wish I chose another doctor. My BBL doesn't even look like I got one! Save your money and go to another doctor. I even kept calling to get a "revision" surgery and it was always an excuse. Girls please go to another doctor. I got BOTCHED and currently looking for a GREAT doctor to fix my bbl smh

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