New Surgeon: Dr. Hasan - Miami, FL

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Hey all, I've always had a straight, up and down...

Hey all, I've always had a straight, up and down lower body. I've worn squeems and Butt pads and all types of Fajas trying to enhance my shape for about three years. Last year I decided to completely stop wearing those things. My Epiphany: My "aha" moment came while walking in midtown, NYC to meet my boyfriend after work, and there was this woman who had obviously had a BBL, and she looked damn good! It never crossed my mind to get a bbl until I saw this lady walking ahead of me. I kept walking to meet the my man at the garage where he parks his car. This woman was parked there also.. I looked at my man and said.. "I want that WORK!" I wanted to approach her but I didn't. I just kept staring in awe. As soon as we got home, I began my doing research online, learning and absorbing all things BBL. I found this site, and considered going to the DR and gettingmy SX, but when I started getting my money together, I decided to stay in the states. I did my research, and decided on Dr. Fisher!! I called and spoke to a coordinator, and within a months time I wired Vanity Cosmetics the money for Lipo12 areas, and inner thighs BBL. I am now officially 6 months Pre Op! I booked my flight as well. My boyfriend will accompany me. I feel like this is the best decision I am making for myself. No one knows I am doing this besides my boyfriend and one of my sisters. Not that I am concerned about opinions, it's more of a matter of privacy. I am doing this for me. And when my friends and family see me, they'll know I did something. For the most part, my people are very supportive when I do what benefits Me. I got my labs done two weeks ago, my hemoglobin levels are 12.7. I am taking supplements to bring the number up. All my levels are great except my Vitamin D. . Very low. Taking a D3 2500mg supplement as well.

Recovery House recommendations

Hey dolls, As you can see, I am in the patient portal for Vanity Cosmetics. I am trying to decide if I want to go to their recovery home Xanadu or another recovery house. From what I am reading, it seems like it might be best for me to explore other options. I have a few in mind... Bella Donna luxury villa Miami Escape Recovers house Keyla's recovery house I'd rather stay at Bella Donna but I'd like to get some feedback from some Realself dolls who have stayed at any of these RH's or who are considering any of these places would be super appreciated :-)

Losing weight for the summer to gain it back for fall SX. Good idea or nah?

So heres the deal.. I am currently 170 pounds and 5'8 inches tall which is ideal for the results that i am looking for according to Dr. Fisher.
I've considered losing15 pounds on the HCG diet for the summer..
The plan is to lose for the summer, then try to gain it back by my surgery date in November..
Does anyone else want to lose weight for the summer, then try to gain it back for their surgery? I cant be the only one. Do you think this is a good idea, or nah?

Faja Recommendation for inner thigh lip w/BBL

Hey ladies, I am going to purchase my stage 1 faja(s) this month. I am getting my inner thighs done also. Can anyone who has had their inner thighs lipo'd with their BBL procedure recommend a good compression garment??

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Surgery pushed up 3 days sooner...

Yesterday I received a call from Vanity while at work. Apparently Dr. Fisher is unavailable the day of my scheduled procedure. To make a long story short, I was rescheduled for an earlier date. My new date of sx is November 8th!!! I called United Airlines and was able to switch my flight to Miami to Nov.7th and yhey waived the additional fee. I had to pay a 50 dollar cancellation fee, but hey, i didnt have to pay the extra $200+ for a new flight, so Im not complaining. I contacted Danni at Miami Escapes (I put a deposit down about two weeks ago for a 7 night package), and informed her that i now need a 10 day package. I'm cool with the changes. Vanity gave me a faja for the inconvenience, and i have additional recovery time before my flight back to NY.

Switched from Dr. Fisher to Dr. Hasan

So I made the switch from Dr. Fisher to Dr. Hasan about a week ago. I feel that in my gut and heart of hearts that Dr. Hasan will give me the results that I desire. He's more aggressive with the liposculpture than Fisher.
I'm lucky that I was able to keep the same surgery date. I am scheduled for the first surgery of the day, and Dr. Hasan only does two surgeries per day, unlike Dr. Fisher. Fisher does great work, and I don't want to take that away from him. However Hasan is the Truth.
Miami Physician

I've switched to Dr. Hasan.

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