Busted Flat from Boca Raton, Waiting on Dr Fisher- Miami, FL

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These pix are very embarrassing for me to post or...

These pix are very embarrassing for me to post or even look at but because of all the personal experiences, hopes, dreams, fears and encouragement I've seen through the BBL RealSelf community, I feel I too can share my story.... I'm almost 41 and I have two adult children. My weight has definitely shifted in the past few years but have never exercised. While under clothing I am able to somewhat hide the fat and loose skin with Spanx and shape wear, I have never had a nice body and for many years now I have had to wear padded panties or face the ridicule and laughter of "NoAssAtAll" syndrome. I have always had a very flat butt, it unfortunately runs in my family. My jeans have always pretty much just slid off me even though they were very tight in the waist and gave me a muffin top. Realistically speaking, my ideal shape for myself is a small waist, evenly proportioned hips and an upside down heart shaped rear-end with some projection. I want a natural looking figure and I do not expect nor do I want a Kim K or J-Lo butt. Im barely 5’2” and my weight fluctuates btwn 110 and 115. I have a “square” shape with very skinny “chicken” legs. My upper thighs do have some fat on them that I'd like to be lipo’d out so I can have a "gap". I have a lot of fat on my back and bra line as well as under my arms. Ive also have a double chin that I think needs some lipo (if I need to gain weight, my face will gain quickly). I was told that I'd need to weight at least 120 lbs (per Dr Fisher whom I've yet to meet, I only did an online consultation). I'm stuck between scared I won't have enough fat and scared that he won't suck it all out leaving me with more flab. Also, I have the fear of excessively loose hanging skin in my abdomen area after lipo. While I did have natural child birth and no stretch marks, I had cancer in 2009 and had to have a hysterectomy and was left with a long scar going from navel to my pelvic bone

Waiting For A Miracle (pre sx pix)

Ive decided to finance my BBL. I suck at saving money but am easily able to pay my bills. I figure this is the only way I won't spend money on "pretty shinny things" when I know I have bills to be paid.
I have pretty much stalked the RS site for the past few months but have known that I wanted a BBL for a few years. I think finding this site gave me the obsession and motivation to "get er done".
I have always had to watch what I eat to maintain and keep my weight between 108 and 112. So when three days ago I was given the go-ahead to pack on pounds, being the Pisces that I am, some chemical malfunction in my brain has made me lose 3 lbs! I'm told that Dr. Fisher is booked until March, so my first opportunity is about 7 weeks away. Last night I bought my first box of Oreo cookies in almost 2 years! Let me tell you, they just dont taste the same when they are no longer forbidden. I just don't understand :-/
So, here it goes....I took these pictures about a week ago when I submitted them to Dr Fisher for an online consultation. I was about 114 and was told I needed to gain 6lbs. I currently can fit into absolutely nothing I own and battle the downside of gaining weight for this surgery, thinking Im ruining my body.

Rescheduled Consultation for Febrary 1st

I had originally scheduled my consultation for the week before the sx. I changed it two more times and finally decided that the earliest I can get in to meet with Dr Fisher and be able to to the bloodwork at the same time was best for me. I'm so scared I will gain too much weight. Right now the scale says 112 but last night I was at 116. I just don't understand where 4 lbs can go over night yet I can not fit into anything. I miss being skinny but I need a butt! Praying to incorporate both and be a better and sexier me. I'm so tired of wearing padded panties and can't wait until I can clean out my closet! There's oh so many dresses, jeans and tops just collecting dust.
Q: does anyone know if I'll be able to wear my old jeans? Will I have to purchase new ones? I've included some wish pictures that I got online. I am trying to keep my expectations and wish pictures realistic for my body with women's before pictures who seem to be about the same shape and size as I am.

Fat Girl Blues and Missing the Skinny Me

This weight gain is really scary for me. I just keep thinking "what if I don't get the surgery?" Even though I have only put on about 5-8 lbs (depends on when I weigh myself), Im huge and can't fit into anything I own. Floppy dresses and sweat pants is all I can wear. This weight gain will set me back at least 6 months of eating only salads and apple slices to lose it, if something happens and I don't get the surgery. Its def a lil depressing and my boyfriend doesn't understand why I don't wanna go anywhere. I just want to hide out in my house with my box of Oreos and delivery pizza! I feel like Im ruining my body, but it was def already "ruined", however I was able to hide the flaws in clothing. NOT anymore! Sniff, sniff and cry, cry...

Ive been busying myself and collecting supplies, this is what I have so far:
- Neosporin> (didn't have to buy because I had some)
- Cortisone Cream> (didn't have to buy because I had some)
- Body Cleansing Wipes> (didn't have to buy because I had
- Q tipps> (didn't have to have to buy because I had some)
- Boppy pillow> found at a garage sale for $5 and washed
the cover
- Huge Bean Bag> found on Craigslist for $40. Im using it to
sleep on. Its so comfy
and I don't think I'd be able to sleep on my tummy without
- Toilet seat> Grandmas old one RIP Grammy, love and miss
you so much!
- Walker> Borrowing one from the neighbor
- Back scratcher> @Dollar Store
- Medical tape> @Dollar Store
- Gauze> @Dollar Store
- Cotton pads> @Dollar Store
- Baby oil> (didn't have to buy because I had some)
- Lipo board> $25 plus shipping @shapessecrets.com
- 3 Lipo-Foam> $22 plus shipping @isavela.com
- Chux Pads> $10 free shipping @ Sunshine Medical in
Miami 888-225-3105 or eBay
- Arnica cream> $10 @Amazon
- pStyle (Female urinal)> $13 @Amazon
- Cocoa Butter (pre sx cream)> $10 @Amazon
- 6 Tank tops> $12 @Target
- Towels and Rags> old ones that i don't mind messing up
- Weekly Medication Container> $2 @CVS
- 5 Disposable underwear> $5 @eBay
- Old Robe
- Maxi Dresses> Already have so many. I will wait to buy new
clothes until after the surgery.
- Vitamins>B, C & D and Iron

Suppose I still Need:
- Stool Softener
- Aloe Vera Juice> (post sx to assist w/ digestion)
- Bromelain> (pre & post sx for bruising)
- Kefir Milk> (post sx probiotic drink)
- Pedalite/Gatorade> (post sx)
- Ensure> (post sx)
- Organic Pineapple juice> (post sx)
- Antibacterial Soap
- Hibiclens Pre Sx Wash
- Antiseptic disinfectant gel/spray
- Merderma am/pm scar
- Tissue box
- Plastic Sheeting> stuff used when painting interior to cover
furniture, a friend is bringing me some. Im using it so I
don't make a mess on my sheets/mattress.
- 2 Garments> One is include with my surgery from Vanity
and the other I will buy when i know what size from eBay
for around $60. It is the Vedette 929 which is the same one
that Vanity sells for $120

Yah, I eat, sleep, drink and think BBL 24/7! I hope this helps someone who's looking for supplies and where to get them. If anyone has any suggestions for me, Id appreciate it! Also wondering if anyone knows if I have to buy compression socks or if they give them to you during surgery. Im having bilateral thigh lipo and am wondering if the reg faja garment will be adequate.

I have my consultation with Dr Fisher on Monday Feb 1st and am excited but what if I don't have enough fat? What if he can't get it all? What if I can't stop eating after the surgery? What if he just doesn't like me? All these "what ifs" but.... Im'a keep on eating and praying for that big ole butt. Hot wings with an extra side of blue cheese on the menu tonight baby!

PS. Its so not easy to gain weight when you are trying, so weird! Who'd have thought 'd ever be trying to pack on the pounds. Time to feed my butt, literally!

Anexities and Expectations

Ugh. So, after being told all I needed was bloodwork at the consultation (this coming Monday) I talked to Vanity and they informed me that because I am a 7 year cancer survivor (cervical) that I will now need medical clearance from my primary Doctor but I don't want him knowing that I'm going to have plastic surgery. He's an older man and stuck in his ways. He's not the type of person who approves of that sort of thing, but can he deny me the clearance if there's nothing wrong with me? Secondly, there's a communication gap between myself and the cordinator. She keeps telling me that I need get a clearance from my cancer doc saying that I am cancer free but, my primary doc isn't my cancer doc and she doesn't understand that. I told her i just had a yearly check up with my oncologist gynecologist last week and they are mailing me the results. One minute she says that's enough then says I need other clearance for general anesthesia and said I could get clearance through the preop doc at vanity for an extra hundred $. In order to get medically cleared, a doc will send me for blood work and an EKG, he will read the results and deem me clear for sx (or not). To go to my doc, I'm now paying the visit, blood work and EKG, where as the blood work and EKG are supposed to be included with Vanity and my price of surgery. Anyways, now the cordinator is saying that I must go to my doc for the clearance (can no longer use their doc) which is gonna cost several hundred extra dollars for all the tests that Vanity was supposed to cover. So, I asked to speak to a manager and explained to her what the issue was. She told me that all I needed was to have paperwork from my cancer doc stating that I am cancer free. She said to bring it with me on Monday and show Dr Fisher and see if that is enough for him. I believe there is a communication breakdown between coordinators, patients and doctors. The original girl said she talked to Dr fisher and asked if I could has the surgery because I HAVE cancer, and he's the one making me get all the clearances. I told her I am cancer free times 7 years but she is not understanding the difference. I'm praying that I don't have to jump through hoops for these last few weeks before sx going between docs getting blood work done over and over again to satisfy a misunderstanding. I understand Dr Fisher wanting to cover all bases and is looking out for my overall wellbeing, that's what a professional doc does, but I really wish there was an easier way to communicate with Vanity. I've heard the horror stories of other women and Vanity but for me It's been a pleasant process up until now. I'm grateful that I changed my original preop appointment which was three days before sx to one month before the sx. At least I will have more time to run around between docs to get whatever necessary clearances that are requested but I'm still unhappy about having to see my judgemental primary doc.

On a lighter note, I've revised some wish pictures and added notes to them as to what I liked and what I dont like and don't want. I plan to print them out with detailed notes for Dr Fisher instead of handing him my phone with a few pictures. Does anyone think that's going overboard or is it a good idea?

Eat, Drink and Sleep BBL on My Mind

Yikes, think I have a slight case of BBL OCD? I've been working on a list of questions I intend to print and hand to Dr Fisher on Monday along with photos of what Im hoping to achieve though his gifted hands.

Also, I have included some pictures of handheld massagers Im considering buying. I saw a few girls posted a picture of the units they bought. They both claim to tone and slim but the less expensive one says it can be used for pain and the other one specifically says lymphatic drainage massage. I am unsure if they will be helpful or are just a gimmick. Im not trying to spend any unnecessary money, however Im unable to find anywhere for lymphatic drainage massage with the drain still in in my area. I so don't want a lumpy tummy...


Desired Derrière>
Im trying to achieve a natural looking figure> I want a nice round upside down heart shaped butt> Id love to have a tiny slender waist> (the ladies are calling you the "waist snatcher”) and size proportioned hips> I want a back to butt arch/dip and defined butt to thigh transition. I of course want some projection but I don't want a KK or JLo nor do I want a "shelf" butt.

I have concaved dents on the sides of my upper legs and I think I am asymmetrical and uneven. Can you please balance that out?

I’m only 5’1.5 with wide shoulders and short skinny legs, are my expectations/desires reasonable?

Weight Gain>
Do I need to gain more weight?

Will I need to maintain my pre sx weight gain?

If I lose 5-10lbs will I lose my new butt/shape?

Aggressive Lipo>
I'm concerned with the fat returning… please suck it all out!

Areas of upper body lipo: Front: upper and lower abdomen. Sides: both left & right sides of waist. Back: upper and lower back, love handles, flanks, upper and lower bra line and under both arm pits. I have "side boobs" that poke out. It may not look like it but there's a lot bulging especially when I have a bra or tube top type clothing on.

I have a fat upper pelvic pouch, is that part of the stomach lipo?

I don’t have a lot of thigh fat and Id really like a "thigh gap" but I read about thigh sagging after lipo, am I a good candidate for this procedure?

Does bilateral thigh lipo include: inner, outer and under the butt (for transition)?

Will getting rid of the fat under my butt/thighs help elongate the look of my legs and give the illusion of a higher tush? While I don’t have big thighs by any means, I can not tone my legs.

How much fat do you think you will you be able to get total from all donor areas?

Do you save unused fat for possible later use?

Do you mix the fat together from the different donor areas before injecting it to the buttocks?

Is platelet gel or Selphyl mixed with the fat?

Is the fat put under the butt muscle?

Approximately how much fat do you think you will you be putting into each butt cheek and hip/sides?

Do you put extra fat in due to the possibility of some dying?

Will I have a tight, flat tummy?

Will my "love handles" and “muffin top” go away?

Will I have loose skin and need a TT later on in life?

Vitamins and Medications>
Can I take Bromelain pills instead of Arnica Montana? When do I start?

When can I resume my vitamins?

Should I use Merderma scar cream and how soon after sx can I start using it?

Will I need a different garment for the thigh lipo along with the body garment for BBL?

I've seen the garments give a weird indentation under the lower butt. How can I prevent that?

Recovery, Drainage & Lymphatic Massages>
I live about an hour away and plan to stay over night in Miami then head home after my po visit, when will I need to return to have the drain removed?

Other than the one I will get on the po visit, I can not find anyone in my area to do the lymphatic massages while the drain is in, will this compromise my results? Can I help massage myself while waiting for the drain to be removed?

How often and for how long should I have the massages?

I'm concerned about lipo lumps in stomach area> In your opinion, will using a handheld Ultrasound/RF/Cavitation type machine in between the massages help?

Pre Op Consultation Day

Yesterday, before arriving a half hour late for my "appointment/non appointment" at Vanity, I stopped at an Office Max to make copies of my wish pix, not even a sideways glance from the gentleman behind the counter, guess he's seen worse, lololol. I put the boyfriend on punishment for telling me that I was the dreaded psycho patient with my crazy list of questions and purple folder in hand. Within a half hour of arriving, I had my blood drawn, the nurse got me with just one poke and no evidence of any bruising, oh yah, she was good! I had fasted because I wasn't sure if I could eat or not and I wasn't taking any chances, ?Ö?. Turns out, it's okay to eat for pre sx blood tests but, better safe then sorry and starving I was. I went back to a waiting room full of laughter, I forgave the boyfriend when I found him sitting with some grub for me and chatting it up with the ladies. A few minutes later I was called to sign papers and more papers and even more papers! I was then escorted to the bootylicious garment girl (I had booty envy all day long) to be fitted where we discovered that my chicken legs were swimming in the garment yet it seemed to fit everywhere else. Size 42 XXL, I kinda think it was a little big or maybe the thought of XXL just scares me? These darn legs are almost as embarrassing as the booty, but theres not much I can do about them at present moment, anyways, I will have to go back to Vanity next week when they get another shipment of garments in. I went back to the waiting room for a few more hours until I was called to meet the BBL god himself, Dr Fisher! So, that list of questions I had... it really wasn't necessary because Dr Fisher pretty much goes over everything and addresses them during the consultation, however, had I not worked so hard on them and studied them and had them fresh in my mind, I'd have forgotten EVERYTHING I wanted to know and say (It can def be a little overwhelming with so much going on, but Dr. Fisher was very thorough). There I stood, looking back at myself in his office mirror with all my flat and flab naked shame, paper gown and all... padded panties crumpled on the floor. He told me like it was, what I could expect and what not to expect to happen and change with my body. A little of lose skin in the tummy area, yes.... Muffin top, back fat and love handles gone, yes! Chicken legs still gonna be chicken legs, sigh, but a thigh gap, yes. I know he had to have been laughing at them damn legs but he kept it very professional. As awkward as it was with me standing there, my eyes pleading with him to just fix this broke-down palace and make me whole, he has a very easy way about him, an immediate attraction or charisma and one can't help but to feel comfortable. Maybe its because he's seen it all before and knowing that that makes it a little less embarrassing, but whatever it is, Im confident I've made the right decision choosing Dr Fisher. We didn't really go over my wish pictures but I told him that I wanted a natural looking figure, he laughed and said "you have a natural looking figure", lol, I corrected myself and said a sexy natural looking figure. I was advised to bring the picture the day of sx. He said that I didn't have the 8.8 liters of fat I had googled about (laughs at self) but that he'd suck it all out... and without so many words, he said to lay off the Oreos :-/

Heres some of the answers to the questions that I remember:

Will I need to maintain my pre sx weight gain?
> Its okay to lose a few lbs but nothing drastic.

Areas of upper body lipo: Front: upper and lower abdomen. Sides: both left & right sides of waist. Back: upper and lower back, love handles, flanks, upper and lower bra line and under both arm pits.
>thats all included in the 12 areas of lipo including the dreaded side boobs!

I have a fat upper pelvic pouch, is that part of the stomach lipo?
>yes he said he'd get that too

I don’t have a lot of thigh fat and Id really like a "thigh gap" but I read about thigh sagging after lipo, am I a good candidate for this procedure?
>chicken legs are a good candidate apparently

Does bilateral thigh lipo include: inner, outer and under the butt (for transition)?
>bilateral is inner and outer thigh. My legs only require inner and under the butt will make the butt sag....

Do you save unused fat for possible later use?

Do you mix the fat together from the different donor areas before injecting it to the buttocks?
>can't remember if I asked this question, but Im going to get on my trusty google and google me up some answers

Is platelet gel or Selphyl mixed with the fat?
>no, he said theres no evidence to support the theory of faster recovery time with platelet mixture

Is the fat put under the butt muscle?
>another one I can't remember if I asked or just thought was stupid to ask considering he's done this before and knows what he's doing

Approximately how much fat do you think you will you be putting into each butt cheek and hip/sides?
>couldn't give an answer but said that he'd be sucking out more fat then what he could use, hence the no need to gain anymore weight response.

Do you put extra fat in due to the possibility of some dying?
>again, brain fart. My trust is in the doc.

Will I have a tight, flat tummy?
>much flatter but perfectly flat, no

Will my "love handles" and “muffin top” go away?

Will I have loose skin and need a TT later on in life?
>up to me I guess, we will see

Can I take Bromelain pills instead of Arnica Montana? When do I start?
>forgot to ask

When can I resume my vitamins?
>didn't seem important, I had booty on my mind

Should I use Merderma scar cream and how soon after sx can I start using it?
>preference as to creams to use

Will I need a different garment for the thigh lipo along with the body garment for BBL?
>no, thighs do not need as much compression as the tummy

When will I need to return to have the drain removed?
>One week

How often and for how long should I have the massages?
>massages are very important and they should be started as soon as they can be tolerated

I'm concerned about lipo lumps in stomach area> In your opinion, will using a handheld Ultrasound/RF/Cavitation type machine in between the massages help?
>NO, Dr Fisher said these types of machines only aggravate the situation.

BBL T-minus 2 Weeks

I went to Vanity Tuesday and I got the Vedette garment in my size. I'm very grateful they were able to place an order because the Diane garment was so big in the legs. I also had my EKG done and got my lab results. My hemo was 14.3 and everything else was normal. I've pretty much got everything I need for the sx other than a hotel room. I live just an hour away and I don't wanna make that drive after sx, and then again the next day for my post op. I originally planned to stay at an Airbnb but with an unfortunate past boo-boo on my permenate record, I'm now searching for other lodging. Miami has a lot of hourly rental rooms but unless I'm paying 200 plus dollars, or risk driving all over Miami and giving mom a meltdown. Bless my mamas little shaking heart, we again got lost while driving I-95, so I need to find a room with very easy to get to directions. Also, checking time is like 3pm and what if I get out of sx and need the room before that? I called vanity today to see if I could stay in a recovery house for just one night and it's not possible. Any suggestions?

This Time Next Week

One week countdown today and oh so ready for a new and improved me! I have been searching lymphatic massage (with drain in) in my area and could not find anything anywhere. I got a Facebook message from a place just a few miles from me saying that I was gifted a 90 minute massage and thought wtf, let me message them and ask if they do LDM. While he says he hasn't had any request for them in a few yrs, he is licensed and says he can come to me... Im a little skeptical, but i did go on his site and everything looks legit. Guess Ive really no other options and the first one will be free. I've watched a few youtube videos and I think I will know if he is totally off base, at least I hope I will. I was able to book a room for two days, mom and I will drive up Sunday evening so we don't have a long morning drive and risk getting lost, being late or being uber early and waiting around. Other than that, Im more than prepared (I hope). Ordered a second faja from eBay for 1/2 the price Vanity sells them at. I heard Dr Fisher doesn't recommend the BBL Pillow because its hard and puts strain on the thighs and I am debating a Booty Pillow, it is supposed to be a little softer. I clean and organize when Im nervous or upset and my little studio can not get any darn cleaner, but I'll find something to obsess over for the next few days . My weight is steady at about 117 since I have been trying to cut back on the Oreos! Im still scared he won't get it all, but need to learn to let go and let Fisher! Love to all and may the booty forever be in your favor :)

Leaping Into a New Booty

Today's leap day and is a great day to get a new booty! I'm a lil nervous but unexpectedly calm considering in about an hour I will be deflated and pumped back up. I'm feeling good about this and will update soon.

Quick Update

Sorry I havent posted in almost a week, but this sx has kick my butt! I have had a few other procedures (non cosmetic) and thought I'd be able to easily handle this one....different story all together. Here's a quick review and in a few days I'll give the whole story. Woke up on my back after sx and was bummed. The aftercare nurse wasn't too friendly (kinda mean to the girl next to me) and didn't give any instructions what so ever other than come tomorrow. Went back to hotel and mom couldn't fill the pain pills fast enough. My thighs were burning and felt the brunt of the pain for the first 12-18 hours and then my stomach and back started hurting. I had to eat 3 pills before I got any relief! Was hard to get in and out of bed and just standing was very tiring. Made it to the post op appointment and was taken back within just a few mins of waiting, thank god. Saw a young girl who didn't speak much English and she instructed me to go home and bathe and put the foams this way and that way and good bye. The drive home was rough but mom didn't get lost. She helped me to the shower and we did the best to put the foams in as I was told but it didn't feel right. A BBL sister messaged me a video of how to place the foams and it felt much better. Hard time finding anyone to do the massages with drain in in my area but found an awesome lady who was very informative. The massages def help. I'm very swollen everywhere, knees and caves looked deformed and I've put in 13 lbs of water in the past 7 days. Sleeping is rough. Nothing helps. I use the bean bag sometimes and alternate the mattress the other times. Very difficult to watch tv or even play on phone. Sleep and eat and walk to the potty is what I do. Kinda depressing as I walk past my reflection as I'm all padded up, but for the brief moments that I'm in between garments, I'm starting to love my new shape. Booth greedis real but I remind myself what my expectations were and overall I didn't want to wear padded panties anymore. The hourglass figure was a bonus when I started to research BBL, so, I don't have a huge booty but I didn't want one. I've finally got hips and a fairly flat tummy and surprisingly the skin on my stomach seems to be tightening up quite a bit. I was told to expect some lose skin but Dr Fisher has outdone himself apparently :) So far, I'm very pleased with my results but I do have a few flat spots on my tush that I hope will fill and fluff over the next few weeks of healing. Wonder if because I was left on my back after sx it has anything to do with it? I'm trying not to focus on that now because healing is first and foremost. I'm still in some pain and the swelling is a pain. I've got an appointment tomorrow to have the drain removed and hope to hear some encouraging news.

Tips and Tricks

I'm still having a hard time recovering. Dr Fisher did tell me it would be harder because of the radiation and medication I take but I think it's part due to my age also. He informed me there were some risks and that this (lipo after radiation) was pretty much uncharted territory and I didn't wanna jinx myself by writing about it so I kept quiet hoping he wouldn't change his mind about doing the sx. Everything seems to be healing well and my bruising is just about gone but, I really endured pain on a level that I don't think I was prepared for. Sleep has not been my friend throughout this. I can not get comfortable on my stomach and my hands fall asleep so I'm constantly waking up and shaking them. My legs and knees swelled up as well as the rest of me and I felt like I was gonna burst. I got up to 134 lbs the day the drain was removed and then i finally started to absorb or release the water weight. I'm at 122 now and have about 6 lbs to go. There's some bulging and hardness on my tummy and I can't wait until I can get my massages again. My back has some hard nodules in it also that I'm looking forward to having massaged out. And then there's the headache!!! If it weren't for this darn constant migraine headache, I think I could deal with the rest of it, but I can't get rid of this thing. I have quit taking the arnica pills and using the arnica cream for the past two days now and I think I might be feeling a little relief but nor really sure yet. I really have felt like trying on clothes (something I thought I was gonna wanna do only days out of sx lol) but as soon as I'm feeling better I will post some pictures. So far, I'm happy with my results and I look at my before pictures and can not believe what I mess I trust was. In that aspect alone, I feel Dr Fisher is a miracle worker! SHOWER HACK- So, one thing I didn't buy was a hook for the drain while bathing. I have an over the shower head shampoo rack and figured I'd just hook it up there, right? Wrong, I'm was about a foot and a half wrong. I ended up using some old Mardi Gras beads and clasping the drain onto it and was super mobile while bathing! Any old beads or even shoe lace will work. GARMENT TIP- Getting the foams and boards into the garment especially the first few days seems almost impossible even with assistance. I bought some depends that I planed to where outside the garment but quickly realized how painful it was to pull those down whenever I needed to even pee. So one of the first times that I was trying to fit the foams into the garment I realized how they just don't like to stay put and pulling the garment up over them was a pain. What I did was cut the crotch out of the depends underwear (almost like a revered g-string) and put them under the garment. I was able to fit the foams inside the depends underwear (I bought small-medium and they are very stretchy) and then easily the garment over the depends. It slips right up and no snagging or fussing with foams. Hope this helps someone.

This Surgery was a BIG MISTAKE

I have been extremely disappointed with my results to the point that I am too embarrassed to even post pictures and have removed all previous posted pictures. I don't want to even continue this review, I don't like talking badly about anyone but I feel very wronged and its doubtful it will be corrected.
I am extremely lopsided, one of my hips is curved while the other is almost STRAIGHT, one hip/leg still has a huge indent while the other is filled out. One side has a chunk of back fat that was not removed (when I bend over it pops out even more) as well as upper bra line fat (its like he said f this side and just moved on), one butt cheek is greatly larger than the other, I have fatty spots in my stomach from uneven lipo and my thighs are rippled! And the fatty pelvic pouch that was supposed to be lipo'd, I don't think was touched.
It has ben 2 1/2 months and theres nothing that anyone can tell me about waiting for things to heal and that they will even out. These irregularities have been here since day one! I went to my 1 month po appointment and was told that I'd see Dr Fisher, then was told that I'd have to wait a few hours to see him or come back for my 2 month appointment and get to see him for sure. Im scheduled to go back next week and am doubtful I will see the doc. I don't know how a doc runs his business that the patient can not even see him after surgery. I did my homework, I met with this doc, I liked him, raved about him and I really thought he was the right doc for me. Theres no disputing my results are very uneven, but I'm sure he is gonna tell me that I was uneven to begin with, BUT, isn't the reason for plastic sx to correct unevenness and irregularities?
Message from doc Fisher assistant:
"Per your request,here is the amount in cc's place on each gluteus by Dr Fisher 1100ccRight and 1100ccLeft. Total fat aspirated:3600cc" so my question is, if It was knowingly uneven, why wasn't the amount placed in each cheek tailored to counter the unevenness? I really feel that I was rushed through and being middle aged I did not get the same care others have received. My results are unlike most his other patients... did he really do my surgery or sub it out to another doc? I did everything right! I am still not completely sitting on my bum and do not lay on it. I am still wearing the garment and wore the foam and boards for 6 weeks as I was told to do. I weigh 2lbs less than I did the day I went for sx, so "weight Loss" is not the reason. Just a big disappointment and I'm stuck with looking at it everyday knowing Im still paying it off. Even if a revision is offered, (which I doubt will be) thats more money out of my pocket and more pain to go through. Anyways... theres my sad update. Im gonna hit enter before I chicken out.

Must Keep Silent

So I'm Sitting at vanity waiting to see Dr fisher and started chatting with the other girls and I told of my complaints. I was immediately escorted to a room in the back by myself.

Revision, should I or shouldn't I?

I went to see Dr Fisher for my 6 month check up and he said I need a revision. Part of me is sad because I wanted a one round surgery and for it to correct itself. And there's a part of me that is at least grateful the Dr Fisher is admitting that there's room for improvement on his part. I have to say that throughout the past few months since surgery, I have seen him three times and he has stated at each appointment for me to be patient and that he's in this with me till the end (no pun intended). I am very sad with my results and haven't even cared to write an update but now need to decide if it's gonna be worth it to pay extra and go through this again. While Dr Fisher is not charging me for his time, Vanity is charging for the anesthesiologist and the operating room. I'm told that it needs to be paid by the one year mark from my surgery, I think they make up things as they go, but I was quoted $750, which is 1/2-3/4 less than what I was expecting. I definitely didn't plan for anything like this financially or mentally and that I think is a mistake on my part. I know it's not an exact science and well, shit happened and it happened to me. I do think that if I am able to go through with this surgery that it won't be as bad as the first one and am hopeful that he'll correct the problems....One cheek is definitely smaller, the smaller one sits much lower than the other one. There's a large flat spot on the bottom of the larger one. I have a large indent on my back where too much lipo was done and the other side wasn't done enough. My hips are uneven and one leg indent came back. Also, my thighs were lipo'd unevenly and are lumpy now. Ugh. At first I was being told from a few people that I was "too critical" of his work and I was being too picky, but for him to say that a revision is in order pretty much says I wasn't. I don't know what happened on the day of my surgery for mine to have been so messed up and different than most of his other patients outcomes but it is. I know I'll never be happy the way things currently are and I ask myself, should I or shouldn't I pay for a revision?
Miami Plastic Surgeon

With the help of RS, Ive decided to go with Dr Fisher and am scheduled for a consultation on Monday February 1st. I hope he is as sweet and is as great a body sculpting surgeon as they say he is! Update* Yep, he's quite awesome. I met with him yesterday and I did indeed have to wait the entire day (from 11:30 to after 6pm) but it was well worth it... charming, talented and well spoken, Dr. Fisher seems to be quite the man. Can't Wait for those hands to fix this broken body!

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