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Is anyone else having problems getting in contact...

Is anyone else having problems getting in contact with someone for Dr. Ortega? I have called and no one ever answers. I've sent emails and no response. I would hope this would not be the case after surgery. Impossible to reach someone. Does anyone happen to know of a better way to contact Dr. Ortega?

Brazilian Butt Lift BBL and Breast Implants

Has anyone received breast implants and a BBL at the same time? Curious to know how recovery went for you if you have. I am looking to do both at the same time. Just wondering how that would work though considering you can't spend too much time on your butt after a BBL but you also can't lay on your stomach or side after breast implants I hear. Please share stories.

So my mind is made up...

So after a little patience, I finally heard from Spectrum Aesthetics. Found out my coordinator is Miss Vivian. Im super excited. One step closer to getting back my before baby body. I wish I could fast forward time... or just fly out to Miami tonight and do the surgery. lol. I am just way too anxious for this surgery to happen finally after 2 years of careful researching and trying to find he perfect doctor.

And the excitement and anxiety set in...

Finally made my deposit for my BBL with Ortega!!!!! Super excited, super anxious, and I cant believe its finally going to happen!!!


Searching online for compression garmets and other necessary items. Not sure what I all need. Any suggestions?

BBL and drains

Hello lovelies, would anyone who has had their BBL with Ortega be able to tell me if he uses drains? If so, how long do drains stay in? Curious, so many questions, so little answers lol

Less then a month awayyyyy....

Well, I purchased a few products for post surgery. I cant stop looking at everything. One minute im nervous and wondering what am I signing myself up for and the next im way too excited and cant wait. I havent told any of my friends or family yet though. Dont plan on it either lol

searching for wish pics

Wish pics... and I will NOT be happy until my butt looks like this! Lol

Waiting for results

Been impatiently waiting to hear if I'm cleared for surgery. Took my labs a few days ago, sooooo freaking anxious to know the results already. All I can do is stare at my phone waiting for my email icon to go off and say I'm cleared for surgery. Lol. At least let's hope that's what it says. Does anyone happen to know about how long after your blood work do you find out if you have been cleared or not?


Well, Im cleared for surgery. I can't believe it!!!! 20 more days to my new me!!!! I'm so excited. I'm even considering moving my date closer so I can just do this already. I don't know how much longer I can wait!!! Lol.

28 Days Post Op

Well, I am currently 28 days post op and I am having love/hate relationships with my body, my faja, my ab board, my little triangle thing, and my waist cincher. lol. I am for the most part almost back to normal. I felt like I should have did a daily log but I just didnt have the energy or time in the beginning and then I started to feel like whats the sense no one reads my stuff. lmao. well.. i figured maybe one day my post could be helpful for someone like others were helpful for me. Overall, the surgery went smoothly. Healing was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. After surgery I felt like I worked out too hard in the gym or something. The only time I felt real pain was when I was bumped into. Other than that I only took my pain meds for 2 days, I ditched my pain meds on the 3rd day. I still have some light bruising left. I still have some hard lumps and sensitive spots that hurt like hell when I massage them. My butt has def decreased half the size it was, makes me real down at times. I knew my rear wouldn't stay the same size as day I left surgery, but I didn't expect for it to decrease as much as it has. I hope hope HOPE it doesn't go smaller than this. There is a HUGE difference in how my body looks from before surgery and for the most part I am happy. But the fact that my butt keeps decreasing in size really gets me down sometimes. I haven't sat on my butt at all since surgery. I still sleep stomach only. I am doing everything I am supposed to do so I just don't know. Any who, if you plan on having this surgery things I do recommend, DO have someone with you. The help of another is greatly needed. Also, don't be afraid to pop those stool softeners like they are candy. I promise you won't regret it. lol I didn't go boo boo for five days. I had to take 4 pills and cry like a little b**** before I could poo. It was like giving birth all over again... except through my butthole. I swear. The pain of surgery and giving birth naturally with no meds all together was nowhere near the intense pain of not being able to go boo boo. A pee-ez, do yourself a favor and get one :) And for those who aren't stomach sleepers, such as I. I recommend some pain relieving patches and tylenol for arthritis, put the patches across your shoulders and lower neck and pop some tylenol before bed. I would wake up with the worst shoulder and neck pain and tension migraines every morning if I didn't put the patches and pop a tylenol before bed. I hope in the next few months I will love my body again. I absolutely loved it when I left surgery. But now, one minute I love it, one minute I hate it, but it definitely is a huge improvement from where I was before. I hope after a few weeks/months when it all settles I will be fully in love with my body again like I was when I first left Ortega's office. I guess that's it for now. later dolls :) xoxo


shout out to Ortega's anesthesiologist.. Gave me the best nap of my life see :D I was knocked out!! Lol

I love Ortega, I def will return to him for my future surgeries. My man said he is the only one allowed to do my surgeries. He is superrrr pleased with the results ;)

Check your prescriptions before you leave. I'm allergic to PCN , yet was prescribed meds that contained it. Thankfully the nurse caught it before surgery. Also the prescription they gave me was a copy. I got the run around and huge problem because there was no actual signature, just a copy of the signature. Such a hassle and run around.

This faja... There has to be a better method. It chokes the life out my lady lips... not cool :/

I know im not even healed yet but now I want fat transfer to my breast. I'm going to start looking into that :D

Also, I swear I can't wait to sit. I used to hate sitting around all the time. Now I'm dying to be able to sit. Lol.

One last thought.... Ortega is the man... You should definitely treat yourself and see him :)


Well I'm 6 weeks and 1 day post and my measurements are:
Waist 32"
Hips 45"
I'm happy :)

Compression Garments/ Waist Training

I have two kinds of garments. My original garment that I had from surgery, and another brand called Vedette "Stephanie".

My original garment I received from Oretgas office, I used to hate that thing. Lol. It was like a torture device in the beginning but now that I'm not swollen it is comfortable so I use it to sleep at night. The only thing I don't care for is the way the flap that shields your skin from the clips and zipper leaves a deep indentation mark on my stomach. I sometimes use ab board to to avoid it but it only blocks so much of it. Only concern for the marks is I have read few ladies have had a permanent indent mark from their garment or ab board. I don't want that. So I switch a lot between garments so its not on long enough to make my skin stay that way.

I also use the Vedette "Stephanie" which I love. The compression is amazing but getting into it at first is such a b****!!! Lol. I also absolutely love the fact that their are no zippers or hooks so you won't see it under your clothes. They do run a bit small. I would definitely say treat yourself to one of these :) they do run a bit small. I'm 5'4, 170, waist 32" hips 45" and I wear an XL. It is hard to get on, the struggle is definitely real but don't give up lol you won't regret it once it is on ;) Once you wear it a few times it gets easier to out on.

My waist cincher I bought from I have bought from them for a couple years now. I recommend them too. I wear my cincher everyday all day. I only take it off to sleep.
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