How vets explain the "New Booty" to family/coworkers????

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I wish to get a BBL because im very uncomfortable...

I wish to get a BBL because im very uncomfortable with my shape. Im fairly petite, Im 5'2.5" about 145lbs. Im a 34 D with hips but I feel my shape would improve so much more if I had a bigger booty to makeup for my large chest. Im 23 and my goal is to have the procedure done hopefully before my next birthday.

Right now I'm considering a doctor in Miami and am looking to spend at around 5,000. (Hopefully!) Im saving every penny because I truely feel that this procedure would boost not only my self esteem, but my confidence in wearing different types of clothing. Shopping for jeans is the worst part of my life lol! I feel like I don't look good in them so I don't buy that many.

My ideal physique would be to look like who else other than KIM K. lol. I absolutely adore her body. I'll post some pictures of myself once I find the confidence to actually do it! If anyone have any words of inspiration or have had this procedure done, please feel free to comment. Tell me your story and whether or not you were pleased with the final results. Thank you guys I appreciate it.

So Im really set on having my BBL done by the end...

So Im really set on having my BBL done by the end of the summer depending on how much time I can get off from work. I've also decided to go with another surgeon who's a bit more pricier than my original pick. But Im also more confident his skills to deliver the results Im looking for. Its a long road to my better self but I'm worth the wait!! I make my first deposit next week! So excited!

I put my first down payment on my Brazilian Butt...

I put my first down payment on my Brazilian Butt Lift!!! I'm hoping to have my surgery done by the end of May. I will update with information as it comes...

Quick question, how do you ladies who've gotten...

Quick question, how do you ladies who've gotten butt lifts explain your "obvious new asset" to people you see everyday like family and coworkers. I know I'll be getting my done in the near future not exactly sure when, but I want to know how some of you react to others who notice something different about you. I'm curious because I work in a gym, and let me tell you I know I'm gonna get a few looks from my coworkers who all day long obsess about eating healthy and how to stay toned and fit! Not that i care what they think about me but I don't like being the center if negative energy...and face it some people just look down on cosmetic surgery for whatever reasons! Even my family is just so negative about me wanting surgery! I haven't even expressed to them that my mind is completely made up about what I'm gonna do, only brought to their attention by asking their opinions! But let me tell you everybody's opinion is just so negative! I'm sick of feeling guilty about wanting to feel better about my body! Any comments are welcome! Don't forget to tell everybody who know somebody who know somebody who know somebody else to VOTE OBAMA! THANK YOU!

QUOTES QUOTES QUOTES??? Dominican Republic!!

So my time to get this poor booty upgraded is finally arriving lmao! I'm finally having my Brazilian Butt Lift done next year, hopefully in March. And yes it's gonna be in the DR. I think the U.S. doctors are way over priced and even if I'm not 100% satisfied with my results in the DR I'd be even more pissed if I paid 10k or more and came out unhappy. I'm so ready I think time is going to fly by. I may even have it done sooner but I'll have to see what my job allows!! How much time is needed to recover and return to work ladies?? Is 3 weeks ok?? I received a quote from Yily a while back but I can' t seem to locate her email in my inbox :-( PLEASE IF ANYONE HAS THE CONTACT INFO ON THE D.R. DOCS, YILY, DURAN, ETC. PLEASE INBOX ME THEIR EMAILS OR CONTACT NUMBERS!! Thanks!


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