Future Fisher Doll March 8th

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Hey dollies! My name is Ira (Pronounced: Eye-Ra),...

Hey dollies!

My name is Ira (Pronounced: Eye-Ra), I've been real-self creeping on my girl-friends account for about a year now, and have finally decided to make a journey-blog of my own!

When I first discovered what a BBL was, the doctor I wanted to go with was Dr. Hasan from New York.. reason being because I was a big fan of Stephanie Santiago and that's apparently where she had gone. After doing research on him and seeing he was on the New York TV News and that he has malpractice AND IS ONLY AN OB-GYNECOLOGIST, I ended my decision to go with him.

I then started looking in South America and Miami. I had seen some amazing photos that was Dr. Yillys work, heard she was amazing but had also read a couple reviews that made me change my mind. Going to a third world country to do a surgery wasn't really my cup of tea either. And on top of that, I can't even speak Spanish so I was worried that our communication level wouldn't match and I would be unhappy with my body. Closed my search in South America and moved to Miami.

Now I was told Miami is the home of BBL, I really wanted to go with Dr. Miami but was told that I would only be able to get a virtual consultation with him on June 3rd 2015 (the month i had asked was february 2015) so I agreed to take it anyways but I still continued my search. I came across Dr. Salama, contacted his office. I was speaking to Cynthia, very sweet patient understanding girl. I felt no pressure with her. I told her I would get back to her by Friday and she ended up calling me to follow up, still no pressure. I had read a review on Dr. Salama, it was a burn case which made me change my mind. Back to search again.

I then came across Dr. Fisher, I seen his results were spectacular! So I sent Vanity an e-mail. I had read reviews that the coordinators are a bit unorganized but the results were worth it. I was also advised by other reviews, not to go with their recovery home. I ended up making a despot of $2450 USD to secure my date for June 2015. Everything in the time being went great I got my receipt and that was that. As the time went by I had more questions but I started feeling like they weren't as consistent through e-mail just like most reviews had said, so calling is pretty much the best way to get a hold of them. I ended up paying the remaining balance of my BBL, I had asked them for deals if I pay the BBL in full, if there would be anything I can get/discounts. I was given a body compression garment (you need two, so i got one for free, for paying in advance) my BBL date was coming closer but I had struck a couple personal issues and was not able to make it for June, so I had rescheduled to August 2015-October 2015. But ended up with January 2016. I figured this would be a good time for me because it's been a crazy year. As time goes by I get a little worried about the reviews I read on real self about the secretaries and how right they are.. I know Dr. Fisher is a great Doctor but Vanity needs better Staff and I am now getting cold feet with my surgery but do not want to loose my money because I've also heard they give a hard time refunding.

When I signed up with Dr. Fisher, I knew the office was a little unorganized but I didn't believe it would bother me.. now i'm getting worried. Mainly because of the reviews.. I don't want to get ripped off...

I maybe getting cold feet because I've waited so long now that my excitement has me worried. I'm considering to try to push for an earlier date if it's possible.

The recovery home I'm going with Is Elite concierge nursing (Mary), I'll write another post/review about her soon.

Until then, tell me what dollies think, I'd love to hear from some of you babes xox Ira

Ira From The 6ix

Hey boo bears, I haven't told you babes anything about me so here it goes :)

I'm 22 Y/O From Toronto :) I stand at about 5'3-5'4 and weigh 165-170 lbs - I'm thick (I've gained a ton of weight this year) I usually sit at about 155-160 lbs. Losing weight has been so difficult because I am a smoker and drinker, I've also always had a stomach and I have one lil mama, so I feel like my fat on my belly is very stubborn. I've tried losing weight with a trainer but it's always been difficult. But nonetheless, I'm determined. My goal is to shed a couple pounds before surgery, probably about 10-15 lbs.

Now, I've never had a flat stomach, so that is my biggest desire. I have a pretty nice bum already, lots of family and friends keep telling me I don't need a BBL but my bum has always looked flat in pants. Especially jeans and I hate it! If you see my ass in a thong it looks great but the booty greed is real! hehe. I'll definitely show you babes some photos, gotta get around to that soon.

My arms and thighs could probably use a bit of fat reduction as well, so with all that being saiddddd, I can't wait for my BBL makeover !!!!

Thanks for reading on me ladies and for all the support xoxoxoxox Ira

Pre-Op Photos

Hey babes so here are my Pre-Op Photos that I have promised.

I've always struggled wearing bikinis because of my shape but here it goes! I've posted with & without my clothes.. As I had mentioned in my previous post, I am 5'3-5'4 and weight 165-ish.. I just measured myself, My hips are 42 inches, Waist is 35 inches, and my bra line is 34 1/2 inches.

I have question for you dolls, I have a muffin top, does this mean I will have loose skin after lipo and will I need a tummy tuck? Is there any way Fisher can recreate a belly button instead for all my loose skin? I don't know if this is even possible? But I always wondered how you babes got that tight stomach after surgery. Did you have to work out? Please help!!

Greatly appreciate your advice, I'm on the hunt for my wish pics now
xoxoxox Ira

SOS: Will Dr. Fisher be doing surgery January 5?

Hey there dollies,

So I got a tip that Dr. Fisher will not be preforming surgery January 5, apparently he will be away on vacation. I called into Vanity, to find out and confirm a switch date but the lady I had spoken to said, there should be no problem with my date for January 5th. This worries me a little because I am flying in from a Canada and would hate to end up in Miami just to end up rebooking in person. Has anyone else heard that Dr. Fisher will not be in office? Is it possible for any ladies going into surgery any time soon, to ask ask him personally if he will be in or not? PLEASE HELP!! I would greatly appreciate it!!


January 5th

Hey dollies,

K, so I e-mailed Mary (Mary is from elite concierge, she'll be taking care of me after recover) I asked her for some advice about Dr. Fisher being away. She said I should be good cause they usually e-mail / get in contact with the girls as soon as a date needs to changed.

Praying I'm in the safe zone

Wish Pics

These are my wish pics


Okay so WTF. I found Dr. Fisher on IG and the word on the street is completely true!!! And unfortunately, it makes me so fucking mad because Vanity has told me nothing about this AND every time I call to reschedule, I'm told she is busy and she will call me back but she has not even tried to fucking call me back because this is the second time I've attempted since yesterday. I'm super pissed. Like this is ridiculous. I shouldn't be upset over uncertainty, that should be the last of my fucking worries..

Rescheduled to January 7th 2016

SOOOO I called in super upset today because I wasn't having it. Since Monday I was waiting for my 30-45 min call back. Today, is Wednesday. I'm not going into details on how the conversation went but I made it clear that I was not to be messed with today. Thankfully on a brighter note, my day has been switched to the 7th. Which was updated on my Vanity portal but was never given a call back or follow up. The office is so messy. But Doctor Fisher definitely sounds like the man! I follow him on Instagram and I love that he responses just like Dr. Miami, it's so great. I feel at ease that I now have a date with him on a day he will actually be in office!



The time is flying so fast!! I can't believe there is only about a month away and a couple days.

Today I bought:

Luggage today
Loose clothing (nightie)
3 tank tops
Antibacterial body wash (Dial, Blue bottle)
Arnica gel; WHICHHHHH I have question for you laddies, there were two of these Arnica Gel, one is regular gel cream and the other one was fast relief but it also has a little menthol scent which I don't if it's good or not. Yay or Nay for menthol? Please let me know! :)
Also second question on Arnica, is it better to take Arnica tablets?

I also bought Iron pills today. I think I'm usually good with my iron but I haven't been eating cereal and/or steak lately (contains a lot of Iron).. Soooo I bought BioSyent FeraMAX. The pharmacist, told me that this was a great brand because it does not make you constipated as some Iron pills will do that to you. Also with tablets, you only get a 2% dosage, with this brand you actually get the full dosage of iron. It was a little more pricier but I'm pretty sure she's right cause they don't work off commission LOL that was my logic that made me believe her. I'll take a pic of both the Arnica Gel and Iron pills.

Sorry I've been MIA

I've been super MIA. Lots of things were happening in my life and I didn't pass customs when I was on my way for surgery. It was such a huge bummer. I've gotten over the whole situation but I've rebooked my schedule to March 8th. I felt super bad cancelling on Mary last minute but it was all out of my reach. I've been getting ready for surgery again but I'm in panic mode because I'm worried I might not have a recovery home. I called Mayda and I thought everything was going to be good because I had talked to her over the phone but now she isn't responding... Can anybody recommend some recovery homes?!? SOS.

Miami Escape - ask for dani!!!!

So let me start off by saying Miami is sooooooooo beautiful!! I'm in love! I'm already getting ready to book my next trip for vacay. hehe.

So I met Dani and she was just as accommodating as she was on the phone and in person. Super cool, very fast. She knows exactly what she's doing.

I gave her the remaining balance for my stay, she was organized and gave me my receipt ( I wanted to enjoy my last night with friends before going into surgery, so I told her to pick me up the day of surgery from Vanity) and so, off we went.

I was scheduled for surgery with fisher at 6:30pm in the evening ( Can't lie, I was a little disappointed with that time and then on top of that, I didn't even get in till about 9:30pm and finished at 2:30am - I was pretty much last on the list)

Anyways so after surgery, My boyfriend, Dani, and Susan (Susan also works with Miami escape as a helper/grill master cook hehe) picked me up and I could barely remember much except that I was COLD and shivering and could barely stand. I remember Dani and someone else, helping me; guide me to the van. I wore flip flops coming out of surgery (bad idea, wasn't comfortable at all and like I said, freezing!!) So Susan did the most heart warming thing and took off her super duper comfy fluffy house slippers and put it on my feet and I instantly felt warmth. I had no clue what she looked like except that she had some cool purple hair lol because I was so loopy from the drugs but the feeling, the voice and the gesture Susan did for me, made me feel rest assured that I was being well taken care of by some good people.

I say my good bye to my boyfriend, since men aren't allowed in the house. Dani and Susan take over, get me to the house, and bring me though the garage and help guide me to the downstairs bedroom. Still cold; they tuck me into bed, put socks on my feet, take temperature, heart beat. STILL extremely cold, Dani took a hair dryer and blew that bad boy under the blankets to get some real heat going and it made me feel so much better. (I love that they go the extra mile!! ****) Then I'm out for a bit... Dani slept across from me in the next bed, to make sure I was good. I woke up in the middle of the night and Dani was always there, The house nurse; Miss Tori (super sweetieeee!! i love her took good care of me) came in introduced herself for the first time, did all the medical stuff, check my heart rate, temp, pain meds, and then Dani filled me in on what happen when I got out of surgery which was nice.

The next day I woke up, was given food to eat. Miss Tori made some super bomb fish, It was delicious. I got to check out the house and it was incredible!!! Better than the pictures. It's so REAL. It's like a 5 bedroom house + 6 toilets and ALL rooms have it's own personal washroom. The 2 living room and kitchen area is so spacious!!! The house is beautiful and well put together. Definitely has a "Miami Escape" vibe/feel.

If you dollies are looking for the right recovery place to stay, Miami Escape is the spot to be.

Ask for Dani - (754) 224-9683 and check out their website miami-escape.com

P.s. they have these Pink BBL air mattress' and they're SUPER BOMB - SUPER HUGE BONUS after you're 3rd day post op - so good for your back. OHH**

Picture update on my new bod !

Hey dollies, I'm not able to make a detailed update right now but I still have some great pictures to show y'all :)

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