Getting a Booty for my 30th ! - Miami, FL

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Hello all.. like many of you I have become a RS...

Hello all.. like many of you I have become a RS stalker... spending many late nights looking over reviews and information and prices.. I need help... please! I went for a consultation today with Dr. Ghurani. from seeing other results on women of RS I believe he would be a good choice.. and he has a special for $6500 right now, which from doing my research is a great price ( especially since he was Dr.Salamas partner before and was asking $7500-$8000 with him).... Anways I saw him today and he says he can do it but not to expect what I see in photos... he says I have a model body ( I am 5'9.5, 148 pounds ) and would only get about 500cc per cheek . and because I am shaped long torso and square being caucasion it won't be dramatic and that I do not have enough fat on my body. not much of a dramatic result....I told him I could gain weight but he is saying that he doesn't suggest it because when my body goes down after surgery I will loose that gained weight and lose a lot of butt... Is this true???. I really want a bubble butt ... I was so confident with Ghurani but now I am confused because I also want a nice bubbly perky j-lo style butt and small waist. ... I am checking Dr.Fishers reviews and love his perky results.... but am scared of Vanity ... as I have heard horror stories..
anyways RS family I would really like some guidance... Is Ghurani right for saying not to gain weight??? are my expectations not realistic??? I have posted a few photos of me a few months ago.. I have gained about 5 pounds since. and just tried to take a few with my computer lol.. was not easy ... but trying to show the profile and waist I am working with... everyone please help point me in the right direction.. I really want to do this surgery

Officially Dr Salzhauer Doll! Sx booked Feb 4 2015 !

so I went to meet Dr. Salzhauer on Monday and was definitely convinced he was the man for this job. He has a great confidence that I did not find with my last appointment.. He assured me I could achieve the look ( coke bottle shaped, tiny waist big butt) I wanted if I gained about 10 pounds or so .. that way he would have something to work with. he said I needed at least 1000 cc each for a difference to be seen ( I am hoping for more like 1500 each! lol.. His office is full of staff who were walking billboards for the bbl and they all looked great. Arianny was very personable and will be handling me along the way. She has responded to all my questions I send and was overall very smart and organized... This office is very well run ...Arianny assured me that Vanity has owners and hired staff ( drs etc) .. whereas Dr Salz is his OWN business and has his reputation to maintain ( best plastic surgeon in Miama, HELLO!) and his Name to maintain.. he offers revisions but has told me only about 5% get revisions.. but he is a perfectionist so if he could he would do 10% .. also what sold me was that he would do revisions for just the cost of anestisia ... that is amazing.. You have to be confident to offer that!
So now I am just deciding whether or not I will do both the BBL and the Breast lift/ aug together.. My husband is super queasy about the "lollipop" scar of a BL so I am not sure.. The dr says not to because of how my husband feels.. but we r both on the fence since it will be about 2000 cheaper to do it together than separately.. anyways that all for now! OFF to Gain some WEIGHT! LOL

less than a month away!

so I am less than a month away.. I gained a very good amount.. lol.. I really already have big hips so hoping all the extra stomach weight can go right to my booty! I am scheduled for feb 2 now ...:) .. my boobs have gotten a lot larger with the weight gain so I am thinking that I may not get the gummy bear implants.. but still thinking of a lift .. has anyone done 2 surgeries together?? I would like to save the money by getting both but scared of the extra recovery... so its still up in the air... anyways I'd like to know the necessities we need for this bbl surgery.. I am taking the pur absorb iron liquid and a liquid multivitamin... I have ordered a squeem and also some arnica gel... I know I need pads etc.. but do I need a massage table neck brace?? I was thinking of ordering one that attaches to the bed but its $75... so really need imput if it will be worth it... anyways will take some preop pics soon .. I really really hope I get the booty I am hoping for!

surgery is tomorrow

My surgery is tomorrow! Im super nervous.. I have gained 25 pounds since my lowest weight which made my legs hips and stomach big! I hope the dr knows what will look great for me because Im not sure about having more hips on my body lol.. I want it all in the booty! .. Im really scared about the pain..will upload before pics tonight ... and after pics of course! wish me luck!! by this time tomorrow I will be a salz doll with a bubble butt!!!!

today is the day

Before pics..25 pounds gained...stay tuned for the afters


All belly no buttt



last day with this booty!

day 1 post opp.

Im alive! The pain is like getting badly beaten but bearable. Im very very swollen. Apparently he put 1900 cc in each side.. whoa! Im very swollen n dont want to post photos but u can see me on his instagram drmiami .. he posted it last night as the 3rd bbl of the day. He states "patient wanted as big as possible " in his caption. Let me know what yall think. Will take photos in a few days

6 days post op

Updates 6 days post op pic.. these underwear r the same style just different color n same size as the one in my pre op photo (the blue ones)... everyone this was not a procedure that is easy to handle. Im still trying to recover and not regret doing was that painful... day 2 i thought oh this is gonnna be easy but day 3 omg worst 4 days ive had as far as pain and nausea. I will update more in a day or 2 as i feel better. Still super swollen



day 6

More pics


pic 6 day

back being a mom and its hard!

I came home to take over the house again on sunday.. which definitely makes healing hard.. my husband is good help but has a bad back so I'm limited... so now Im swelling more again from doing too much :(
I'm considering doing the lymphatic massages to speed up recovery .. I have tried to massage myself and just don't seem to do it where I believe I would benefit from it ... I really need advice RS .. please help

measurements so far

Im very swollen but still too measurements to compare later.. so far my waist is 31.5" and butt is..... 46"! hope it stays close tothat number while my waist goes down

2 weeks

Still waitinh on swelling to go down but so far im happu

4 weeks feeling so so

So ive hit 4 week blues. Some things i like some things i dont. My back is really small . Great look. My waist hasnt gotten smaller. 31" .. in wearing garments and lipo foams but waist is not getting smaller. Prior to gaining weight for this surgery i had a 27 " waist so i know i can get down to that. I NEED Help! Am i still swollen? I feel bloated but is that the same thing? My skin is tight but it doesn't feel like its crazy swollen. I asked the nurse if i should wear compression garments and she says the dr doesn't recommend them. But i dont understand. Some of these girls who get bbls from other dr use drains, massages and compression squeems from the very beginning and their waists get very small quick. I really need advice.. !!! Also my lower incision on the crease of the butt seems like its flattening.. ?? Like its a pouch right to the thigh instead of an inner crease? I asked the doctor and he just said swelling .. but ive heard of deformities that could come from incisions on the crease of the bbl. If anyone has any advice on getting my waist smaller or about this incision please let me know!




If anyone can suggest a vedette that can be used for my next stage for shrinking my waist

one more

almost 6 weeks

A fee updated pics i measure 29.5-30" & 46 hips


Almost 6 weeks

almost 7 weeks

Here is a few pics. So far measurements have come down to 29.5" waist. And 45.5" hips. I have a few concerns with shape and maybe a flat spot but i have started working out again so we shall see if i see improvements b4 my 3 months. If not ill need a revision i think. .. but now im also planning that breast aug for myself. Hes booked til next yr so im gonna have to do it soon! Lol

few more

This is almost 7 weeks. im trying to document so i can notice differnces as time progresses. Im sitting now without boppy and only wear girdle part time. Tryin to start waist training soon

11 weeks

Still 46" ! Didnt lose any of the added booty ;)

one more

11 weeks

11 weeks photos

11 weeks

last one

New surgery for BA and revision

So my butt went down.. a lot... and with working out ( mostly weights and kickboxing) my butt got flat spots on it a lot. Different angles show a real squareness.. I'm disappointed and not sure if it was just a part of my own body style, as another patient with similar results Lpa30 was the same height and weight as me.. I have the same cliff and shadow she talks about, only mine is on my left side whereas hers is on her right.. also my hips are FLAT.. I tried to gain weight to fill it out but it made me flabby in my arms and legs even worse... so dr. Salz has agreed to do my revision at the same time as doing my breast lift and Augmentation with gummy bears scheduled on.sept 12.... I would love some suggestions on how to sleep so that I don't mess up my revision. I know I can't sleep on my stomach because I have my new "additions".. please help! .... with all the fame that has happened to Dr "miami" since my last surgery I find the office is really not helpful and my patient coordinator is MIA... lol.. it's very frusterating. I booked this surgery last summer .. thank goodness since price has gone up.. .. but it just seems the office has changed so much with all the media attention... you don't get appointment reminders.. nor was I told the clearance or mammogram completion was needed 3 weeks prior to surgery until literally the day it was due... so now I'm scrambling to get it together. I'm disappointed things aren't going smoothly... so hopefully dr salzhauer can make up for that in the operating room ! My BA consists of a breast lift ( thinking I should do the lollipop scar, as of right now I only have a periolar lift scheduled) ... and gummy bears implants .... If anyone has had a good lift without the lollipop scar please let me know! Will update with photos soon
dr .salzhauer

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