Dr. Omulepu Mar.17th So excited!!!

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Hello to all here on RS. Well I've been on here...

Hello to all here on RS. Well I've been on here for a while now and have made my mind up no turning back. I'm 32 married i have 3girls 1 boy. That being said my girls stole my azz n i want it back PRONTO! LOL. I'll be having a BBL with chin lipo on Mar17 with Dr.Omulepu. So here's my story from the beginning I've been wanting this procedure for awhile. I was scared to talk to my husband about it because he all fit n will say jus go to the gym eat protein n all that bullcrap. But one day i was like screw it he my husband not my daddy im grown shoot. So when he said ok if thats what u want long as u dont use my $ i was like hellz yea!! So since that day in Nov. I have been literally obsessing over this surgery. In Dec. I contacted Spectrum, Vanity, CG Cosmetics and another 1 i cant remember. Vanity gave me a quote before they saw my pics evidently bcuz when i called bk the girl was like Oh i never received your pics n I'm like well how did u give me a quote for 3800 with Dr. McAdoo so i was through with them then n there no time for dumb crap. Then I got hooked on Dr. Ortega's results n wanted him. So i called every place he worked and got different quotes from all 3. So I decided to stick with Spectrum my coordinator is Vivian. She's really nice hard to reach n that frustrated the u kno what out of me but once u reach her have all your questions wrote down n ready to spit out your mouth. Cuz it might b a day or 2 before she answer again.


I initially wanted Dr. Ortega but he was booked the week im on vacation from work. So i decided to c about Dr. Omulepu. I watched his videos. BTW he has called me 3x to do my consultation but i keep missing them. He calls while I'm @work n im a nurse i cant jus find a place to hide n talk n ppl nosey if i go into the break room. Sorry for the long post at 1st i wasn't sure if I was going to do a review period but I wanted to help ppl out like others post helped me hell i don't even have FB,IG,Twitter none of it but here i am on a surgery site lol. I will post my supply list the hotel list Vivian sent me and pre/post op instructions soon n my pics all the good stuff really

Quote details

My quote included bbl for $4000 $300 for my chin cant be slim with a double chin. Garment,labs,EKG if needed and all operating room costs including anesthesia. I didn't have to loose weight I'm 5'5 195 lb BMI 32 i was always around 145-150 but with my last 2 i had them bk2bk n never lost the weight from my 3rd before i got pregnant with my 4th n last one and on my delivery date i was 236lb. So im jus glad im 200 4tha 1st time n 6 years.

Me and all my glory

Here I am so sad i was always thick with a flat belly i mean perfectly shaped.

Actual pre/post op instructions

I had to copy and paste again plus i needed to take my name off. Not ashamed cuz they gon kno n imma tell um jus kiss it!!! LOL

sorry here it is

please note the following: 1. you should not take any food until after the end of 4 hours of surgery and the start, should be eating: soups, broths, juices, jellies and purees. 2. you must keep after 24 hours of surgery a diet low in carbohydrates (rice, noodles, breast, flour) and rather rich in protein (fish, turkey, chicken), mixed vegetables rich in vitamins, fruit (papaya, pineapple). also avoid salt to avoid swelling. 3. you should save relative rest at home, avoiding unnecessary outing, exercise or manage at least the first two weeks of post operative or until your doctor tells you otherwise. 4. the wounds may not be uncovered, or wet, until your doctor tells you. 5. the garment( faja ) should not be withdrawn, nor any type of gauze or bandages. 6. patients operated by tummy tuck, should care for their drain and empty, as it was indicated (valid for any patient to be left drained). 7. you should return to our clinic the date and time indicated for cleaning, care, and monitoring of the surgery. 8. elastic bands that are placed on the legs can be removed between 24 and 48 hours of operation or as directed by your doctor. 9. you should avoid smoking for at least 4 weeks after operation or until your doctor tells you that it is ok to continue. 10. make sure you continue taking the prescribed medication as directed by your doctor. pain medication can be stopped and substituted for tylenol if your pain is controlled. 11. make sure you keep your surgery area clean. use antibacterial non-scented soap. 12. call to schedule your follow up appointment unless you were given one by your nurse. 13. if you have an emergency please call 911 any concerns or questions please call us. during the day we have someone on duty who will take care of your questions or locate your primary doctor at this clinic. at night you may contact our emergency number and one of our operators will contact the doctor, assistant or nurse on duty. signature: date: pre/ post operative instructions


post care instructions 30 days before surgery stop smoking. review medications and supplements to avoid guide. schedule your pre operative lab testing and medical clearance. if you become sick with any virus, sore throat, temperature (fever) or cough, notify your surgeon prior to coming to the office. make sure you have a care giver (friend or family) with you the day of surgery. you are required to have a care giver (friend or family) to receive your post operative instructions, pick up your medications, drive you home, and care for you while you are recovering. patients who do not have a care giver with them the day of surgery will postpone their procedure. if you are under 18 years of age, a parent or legal guardian must accompany you out of town patients only 1. 2. request a list of hotels, cab companies and restaurants in the area with one of our surgery cordinators. book your hotel days based on procedure stay times required: breast augmentation 5 days breast lift / breast reduction 8 days tummy tuck 9 days brazilian butt lift 5 days liposuction 4 days

14 days before surgery make sure you have stopped any of the medications listed in the medications to avoid guide. make sure you have submitted your laboratory results to our facility. make sure your final payment for surgery has been submitted. if you have any questions contact your plastic surgeon.
day before surgery most important: absolutely nothing by mouth after midnight (no food, medications, or liquids). you will be advised after surgery when you can eat and the diet to follow. remove all of the following: makeup all jewelery including body piercings and leave it at home. contact lenses dentures must be removed prior to going to the operating room unless approved by anesthesia. wear comfortable clothes preferably loose items open up front with zippers. please pick up your prescriptions the day before your surgery or have them mailed to you prior to your surgery date. bring the supplies needed for your post operative care. medications day of surgery garments arrive to our office at your scheduled time. you must have someone to drive you home after your procedure if you have received any medication. you will not be allowed to drive your self home. all patients must be supervised by an adult for the first 24-hours after the surgical procedure has been performed. please arrange for someone to be with you at home after your procedure as you will be sleepy and can become dizzy for several hours after arriving home. if you are under 18 years of age, a parent or legal guardian must accompany you. ***** i have read, understand and will comply with the above instructions


This contract states that the first evaluation is completely free of cost. Your coordinator will inform you about all of the services and benefits that Spectrum Aesthetics has to offer. As our patient you have the right to be informed about all treatments pre and post surgery related to your procedure. Payment Responsibility • This contract requires a deposit of $500 to apply towards your assigned surgery. This deposit is non- refundable under any circumstances. • This contract is valid for a period of 12 months, and the final payment for surgery is required to be paid in full 2 weeks before your scheduled surgery date. • Patient is responsible for obtaining and paying their own medical clearance or any other studies if requested by surgeon. Payment Options Payment for plastic surgery is due in full 2 weeks before surgery. All major forms of payments are accepted except checks. Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Care Credit are accepted. Cancellation/Reschedule Policy We understand that a situation may arise that could force you to postpone your surgery. Please understand that such changes affect not only your surgeon but other patients as well. Surgeon’s time, as well as that of the operating room staff, is a precious commodity, and we request your courtesy and concern. • Cancelation due to a medical condition will receive refund.(Valid proof and verification will be required.) • Cancelation 30 days before surgery date will receive refund minus $500 booking deposit. • Cancelation 29 to 16 days before surgery date will receive 50% refund. • Cancelation 15 days or less before surgery date are not eligible for a refund. • Rescheduling 30 days before surgery date. 1st time its free, 2nd time they will be a $300 administrative fee. • Rescheduling 2 weeks before surgery date, they will be a $300 administrative fee. Revision Policy All Plastic Surgery treatments and operations are performed to improve a condition, a problem or appearance. While the procedures are performed with a very high probability of success, disappointments occur and results are not always acceptable to patients or the surgeon. Secondary procedures or treatments may be required, if a revisionary procedure is necessary within the first year, there may be no surgeon’s fee, however you will be responsible for operating room fees and anesthesia which start from $1,500.00. If procedure is under local anesthesia operating room costs and anesthesia start from $850.00. Please be aware labs will be required 60 days prior to surgery date and then again 30 days prior with no exceptions! If not your surgery will be canceled. (This is a precaution to avoid last minute blood result abnormalities). If you require a medical clearance that is due 30 days prior to surgery or else we will cancel your surgery.

What im getting done

$4,300.00 Lipo toChin 1Garment/Surgical Socks/EKG(if needed)/1 Blood Work Liposuction in upper and lower abdomen,Flanks,waist, upper & lower Back Brazilian Butt Lift (Liposuction to the Buttocks-Hips)Includes Surgeon Fees, Anesthesia Fees, Surgery Room Fees, 1 Year Follow Ups with Dr. Omulepu


Ok im really nervous about getting on a plane. But i did my lab work this morning waiting on results im anxious keep checkimg labcorp site to see if they ready yet. Cuz it dont take allday for the results i work n healthcare i know it for a fact.

Hotels near Spectrum

Hotel LIST
Best Western Premier Miami Intl. Airport Hotel & Suites 4100 w flagler St Miami. Fl, 33154 Ph-(305) 774-6100
Crowne Plaza Miami Intl. Airport Hotel
950 nw Le jeune Rd Miami, Fl 33126 Ph-(305) 446-9000
Regency Hotel Miami.
1000 Nw Le jeune Rd. Miami, Fl 33126 Ph-(305) 441-1600
Fairfield Inn & suites by Marriott Miami Airport South.
4101 Nw 11th St Miami, Fl 33126 Ph-(786) 456-2100
Miami Airport Marriott.
1201 Nw Le jeune Rd. Building A Miami. Fl, 33126 Ph-786) 456-2100
Courtyard by Marriott Miami Airport.1201 Nw Le jeune Rd. Miami. Fl 33126 Ph-(305) 642-8200
Hilton Miami Airport.
5101 Blue Lagoon Dr. Miami, Fl 33126 Ph-305) 262-1000

Times a ticking away!!!!!

Well its getting closer and closer. Ive had my bags packed for a while jus n adding my supplies to my carry on bag as they arrive. Side note I wanna say that after you make your deposit or pay in full please call Ruth to see if your actually on the schedule. I paid n waited a couple days wondering y i hadnt heard anything bk come 2find out they hadnt put me on the schedule for some reason but i still had my date thank God or i would have been pissed. But make sure if ruth aint called u the nxt or same day call her plz.

Supply List

So i got these items from here on rs n pretty much checked to see what people said they really needed.
Arnica gel/pills
Yoga mat(12mm)
Boppy pillow
Vedette 136
Swiss Kriss laxative
Vit. C
Multi Vitamin
Ab board
Epi foam
Iron pills
Tylenol PM
Tylenol extra strength
Pill organizer
Maxi pads
Disposable washcloths
Wet ones
Bromelain pills
Hope it helps i might have more this is off the top of my head.

Let the countdown begin

Ok so I'll be flying out Sunday evening to begin this long awaited,stressful,nerve wrecking, much deserved journey. BTW Earned IT is my theme song right now lol. But seriously tho i am a lil confused if i should go into the office on Monday and get my paperwork and meds because Vivian says yea come in but ruth says no just wait til Tuesday b4 ur surgery. Wat would you guys do? I dont wanna go to the pharmacy after having surgery id rather go Monday that way after surgery i can go straight bk to the house im rentn. Which i found on airbnb for $261 for the 16-20. Ill be in tampa Sunday night at my bffs moms home then drive down to Miami Monday. I will repost my b4 pics again. I hope im 1st that day cuz I'll be starving if i have to wait past noon. So ive been cleaning my house making sure my kids clothes are laid out for school the fridge is packed wit frozen pizza michelini meals and Mac n cheese thangs i think they'll make it lol. Ive never been away from my kids ive cried about that already n will prob cry again. My hubby is a big boy so hopefully homework n after school activities will get done on time. I can chk it online n they kno it lol! Sistas yall pray for me. N thanks for all the support n well wishes!!!

I made it yall

Well ive been trying to post since early this morning. I been super tired. Ill explain n a later post. But heres some pics hope they post.

right before surgery

Pre op pictures

Hopefully this doesn't get erased

Ok ladies ive been trying to post n it keeps getting erased for sum reason. But here is my experience. I was told 2b there @12 have surgery @2. Well didn't happen that way i didn't go bk in the pre op room til 730 after being n a cold paper gown for 6 hours. I have a codeine allergy n @1st they ordered me darvocet which has been banned by the fda since 2010 i believe n im a nurse so i know better lol. So they order me Demerol n there's none n Miami period no pharmacy had it said it had 2b ordered 2weeks n advance wth!. So i ended up with ultram which sucks. So after surgery i was put in the back of the car which hurt lika mutha. I got bk to the room @1230. I asked r they overbooked n shes like yea it's always this way tax time n i need extra help im the only one here i felt so bad 4her but for us patients even worse cuz idc how we paying we should b treated fairly n not like a damn drive thru. Not with ppl jus flinging open doors n not knocking while u undressed jus 2say o wrong room or not say anything at all. I had to rant a lil bit sorry lol. I will post pics n another review bout my day2day. Thanks for all the love n support ladies. I wish you all the same.


2days post op was washing garment

Day by day

Day 1 i felt like crap. I felt every ounce of fluid n my back n stomach every time i moved. Getting up n down from bed was terrible. I woke up every 2hours 2use the bathroom thank God for the p-ez please get it. The bottom of my stomach burned alot. Day2 i started walking around a lil bit made me feel alot better got my 1st massage it hurt like no otha but once it was over i felt good she's tha ish. I felt stiff especially my butt. Day 3 I felt good got up no assistance to bathroom thank God for the opening between the legs of garment even tho i did have to pee n tha trash can a couple times during the middle of the night lol didnt wanna wake my friend up every time cuz i worked her lika dog i feel blessed to have had some1 with me that took care of me. Had follow up with Dr. he told me he loved my results n he put n 1500 each cheek n that i had to keep my drains in. I was also able to shower on this day which felt good/bad but was alot more relaxed after. Day4 I was a lil tired i think from going to the Dr. n getting massages n walking around. Jus trying to be fast n my body not ready to go full speed ahead yet.Day 5 I go back for follow up and he tells me i have to go home with drains and not to get them pulled til dust is coming from them lol. Got my last massage n it felt great i mean they hurt but so much fluid came off my stomach its jus amazing. Day6 i fly home which was terrible i got a wheelchair n went thru security pretty quick. I had my yoga mat which keeps my butt from touching the seat but the lipo areas hurt worse than anything else. I kno it seems a day early but remember my surgery was the 17th but i didn't get done til tha 18th cuz they overbook.

funny but true

Thought this was cute

Please excuse the swelling

Heres a few pics im swollen n i have PMS on top of it. But I still feel great. I pulled out my belly drain right b4 i took these pics thats y theres an indention under the belly n he told me it would fill in once the drain was pulled. I will post more once swelling subsides. Thanks ladies for all your encouragement n prayersprayers.

60 days out

Hi ladies sorry 4tha long delay. I really mean that. But here are a few pics of my bootay. Im still loving it. I still have swelling n numbness n my back n belly. I can feel the top of my back and the bottom of my stomach. But I will go into detail a lil later. Thanks for all your prayers n words of encouragement dolls!!! I will post more pics n all thats been happening.

more pics

He was great very down to earth. I loved his demeanor very professional. Funny will not sell you a dream. I wanted my chin done he told me no it was pretty n that he would give me my $ bk n he did no hassles with that. Im very Happy with my results couldn't have found a better surgeon. Thanks Dr. Omulepu i feel like a million bucks!!! Oh n he's a very handsome man as well.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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