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Hello dolls and soon to be dolls. I don't even...

Hello dolls and soon to be dolls. I don't even know where to begin. After having my breast implants deflated due to a plenty of reasons I began consultations for my much needed breast lift. I finally found a surgeon named Dr. Daniel Heichner out of Fort Lauderdale. I wanted to book for the first week of October however I had to postpone due to the fact that I have to have been done breastfeeding for at least 3 months. So with that delay I decided to move on to my next mission which was to get most of this fat covering my torso removed and some contouring of my butt. The search began. I quickly found a doctor in the Miami area who had reasonable prices and great technique according to the photos of his work. He likes to put a shelf at the top like I really want. So I went for it and booked for the 28th. Omg! That's next week! I don't even have time to freak out. I'm so excited and nerves at the same time. Unfortunately my husband has to work and care for our kiddos so I will be traveling alone. The good news is that I have a bestie who lives in the area to support me during my journey. My patient coordinator has been great and fast with her responses to any of my concerns. For the price mentioned I get 12 areas of lips and contouring of my butt and hips. I also get massages, a faja, my labs and lipo board and garment. I will post my "before" pics tomorrow as I probably won't have the chance anytime else while I prepare for this adventure. If anyone with or without personal experience on the bbl can help me out with what/how to prepare my body for this surgery, I'd appreciate it to the fullest. My return ticket has been purchased and now I'm working on the flight out. I will be sure to keep you all updated.

More wish pics

This is the look I want.

Some "before" pics of me. Can't wait to get these curves sculpted.

My goodness... I really look like this??? Way too many rolls. Don't get me wrong. I like being thick, more on the plus size. I'm 184lbs and 5'2" tall. I really want to get to about 175 at the most and tighten up my thighs and calves. I've actually been working out hard for the past 2 weeks and went down from 192lbs. and plan to continue once I get that okay from my doctor. Mostly body building workouts, weight lifting. I'm going to miss that while I'm down. I can't wait to post my "after" pics.

And another update...

Apparently all of the working out 5-6 days a week for the last almost 3 weeks has been paying off. Just stepped on the scale and...
From weighing 192. I'm proud of myself.

Flights are booked...

At first I only had my return flight booked. But I went ahead and put together a flight out to Miami. The airport 5 minutes from my home was way too much so I booked at the next nearest airport about an hour drive away and saved several hundred of dollars. It's getting real. Now I'm on to handle all of the last minute stuff.

Surgery Day!

I'm so sorry dolls. I have a ton to update you on. But my energy and mind won't let me go over everything you've all missed. So in short form, my flight was delayed leaving from California which was great because we were running late. My first hotel was crap and I was able to get another in a better location near the airport without having to pay the extra money it cost for the upgrade. Getting a rental car was extremely smooth however the vehicle didn't even have a car charger which put a huge damper in my day as much as I needed my phone. I'll start off by saying that my patient Coordinator Margaret is awesome. She has been great at making sure everything for my surgery is in place and that I feel important. My only complaint is that I had a preop and still didn't get to meet my doctor, Dr. Valls. Especially after waiting to see him for quite some time after having my labs and EKG done along with all the paperwork. I got a call last night at around 6pm letting me know when to come in for my procedure along with other instructions on how to prep for the surgery. I must say, Vanity is slow!

Well, I changed from bbl to just Lipo. He may do a little but not so much because after further evaluation, it has been determined that by butt is quite large already and just needs some sculpting rather than volume.

Here I am up before my Alarm has even gone off. Excited and ready to get this done.
Here are some last minute pictures before I go in. I'll update as soon as I can. Wish me luck!

I made it through!

Sorry for the late update dolls but I've have been trying to get in the swing of things with caring for myself. So surgery began about 10am and I woke up at 2pm all finished. Dr. Valls is wonderful and I am so glad that I went with him. He has a beautiful personality and spirit. I went into surgery carefree after meeting with him right before surgery. He marked me up after I told him what I wanted and he did exactly what I asked for. I did want the area right around the armpit to be hit more aggressively but I'm cool with it otherwise I probably wouldn't be able to lift myself at all. He did suck the fat from the area right above the crease where both of my butt cheeks meet and I'm so happy he did. That was one of my requests. I was back to my room by 3pm and ate a nice healthy meal. As far as pain, it is definitely much better than I anticipated. I'm controlling it pretty good with TyLenol, 1000mg ever 6 hours. I'm saving m prescriptions for when I get home. I will start my antibiotics first thing tomorrow. Here are a few pics. I will update with my clothes off right after my massage tomorrow. For now, this garment is my security blanket and I don't want to remove it. I cant stress enough ladies - get a female urial or disposable cups because if ou are anything like me and don't want to remove your faja, you will not want to sit on the toilet to pee. I have my mess on a timer and gong to get me some much needed rest soon.

Here are the photos just 4 hours after surgery

Me in clothes and only the faja. I also have 2 foams and 1 board under the faja making it virtually impossible to see my shape. So not worried about that right now.

Took my first shower today...

Here's some pictures of me without the garment on. Right before my first bathing. Stomach is swell hell but hopefully some lymphatic massages can help that.

Here we are at day 7

I've made it through the first week. Yesterday I had my first lymphatic drainage massage. It hurt in some places but for the most part felt good and relaxing. I also had my drain removed yesterday. That wasn't too either. However the removal of my stitches were painful. I had a total of 6. The swelling is going down little by little each day. My left side was more tender and swollen then my right. The area of my torso up under my breasts is starting to itch and the bruises are lightening up. Healing at its finest. My garment is starting to get loose all over. So I'm either going to have it taken in or replace it with another. I'd prefer the one with shorts rather than the thigh on it. I've had to crisscross the straps just to get some tightness in the upper body part. I know it's only been a week but being down like this is very difficult when you are used to being so busy. Also to have to quit working out is hard for me. I miss that as well. Also the 5lbs limit on lifting restricts me from picking up my 9 month old which is going to be miserable when I get home. Just have to take it one day at a time. Physically I was ready for this surgery but mentally it's been a process.

Scars today...

I was asked for scar pictures so here they are. I'm officially 9 days post op.

I purchased a new garment at 1 week post op

Because the first one was already getting way to loose to offer me the support I needed to aid in the swelling going down. This one is more slimming and not so bulky as the first one. Only $14 at Walmart and the first one was $200! $200 for one week is a waste but I know the next time to get my garment well ahead of time and NOT from the surgical facility. They ripped me off because they knew I didn't have one and had no choice.

My measurements at 11 days post op

Some progress has been made. I measured my bra line at 30 inches, my waist at 32 inches and around my butt at 50 inches. I'm hoping to lose another 2-4 inches around my waist over the next 3 months and another 2 inches off of my bra line. I will update again in another 10-14 days. Trying to stay consistent with the updates.

Today I'm 25 days in

Here are some pictures from about 3-4 days ago. Feeling much better and places where I had lumps are minimal now. I'm so happy to be nearly a month in and closer to getting out of this garment. I still have yet to find another garment that can compress my torso without the butt and legs part on it. I don't need it since I didn't have any thing done to my butt. So it's just annoying having to wear that part. I'm ready to go to the bathroom without peeing through a hole. After seeing how uncomfortable ???? a lot of people are with the bbl I'm actually glad I didn't do it. I don't think ???? I'd be mentally or physically prepared for the pain or limitations associated with it. Maybe sometime in the future.

Pics didn't upload.

I don't know what happened but going to try this again.
Miami Physician

Dr. Valls had a great personality and did a good job on my abdomen. However he was not aggressive enough on my back and I was still left with rolls. I was also left with armpit and bra strap fat. He liposuctioned only 2400cc of fat and could have removed way more. I ended up getting a revision yesterday by my breast lift surgeon. The office is not too professional and the facility should be cleaner. Very full of dust and dirt. I also didn't get the bbl like I wanted because he felt that I had enough butt already. Really didn't want volume added just contouring. I wanted a shelf created at the top of my butt as well as the dimples in my butt filled in.

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