BBL with Dr. Ortega! Miami, FL

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I have been on the phone with all three surgery...

I have been on the phone with all three surgery facilities Dr. Ortega works at and finally decided on Imagenes Cosmetics, as they could get me a date in Aug, which is pretty much booked up. I guess many of the girls need to get their BBL done before school, like I do. I am going by myself so I will need to stay in a recovery home. Can somebody give me the info of the recovery home they stayed at, and the prices? I would appreciate it. Also, which garment do I need to put on right after surgery, I am going to purchase my own. I can't wait to have a bangin body again!!!! Thanks girls!!

Recovery Houses

Hello dolls, I am in need of some recovery house information. Has anybody gotten their surgery done at Imagenes Cosmetics and stayed at a recovery house? If so, can you tell me where you stayed, cost, your opinion of what you thought, etc. Thank you!

Just booked recovery house with Magdalena

I feel blessed that I was able to book my recovery stay with Magdelana. I called her and she was VERY sweet and helpful and informative. She is very affordable, $250 the first time post-op, and $80 every day after that. Since I will be having surgery with Dr. Ortega and he doesn't use drains, I might be able to get my stitches out on day 5 post-op. I am very excited, this is all coming together quite smoothly. Jesus is showing His favor for sure!! TY JESUS!!!!

I just booked my flight!!! 24 MORE DAYS!!!!

I totally just booked my flight from Tampa to Miami. It costs $200 because I waited too long, it was $119 a couple weeks ago grrr. Does anybody know how far Imagenes is from the airport? I wonder how much a cab will be? Does anybody know? I also purchased of the necessary items like the Bromelain (helps with swelling, pain and healing. Studies show the higher the dosage, the better the affects. I will be taking 500mg, 3x a day. It has to be on an empty stomach to help with the inflammation.)
Albolene cream (helps with moisturizing and itching)
Rose Hip oil (helps prevent keloids, and discoloration of the scar)
Arnica tabs and gel (helps with bruising)
Boppy (helps with taking the pressure off the bum)
Funnel (so you can squat over the toilet instead of sit)
Pre and post surgery I am also taking the following vitamins to assist in the healing process:
Zinc: 30-50mg 2x day pre surgery / take for 2 weeks post
Vitamin C: 1000mg 1x a day pre/ take 3x/day for 4 weeks post
Milk Thistle: 1 month post
CoQ10: 50mg 2 weeks pre/100-200mg 4 wks post
Multivitamin with B complex: 25: 1 month post
Arnica 3C pellets: 4-5x daily for 2 weeks post

Now all I need is my garmet! :o)

What I used to look like before my baby girl!!

I compete in bikini fitness competitions so I am used to be lean, not this fatty I am now. I gained 62 pounds when I got pregnant!! I've lost 40 pounds so far, but still have 20 to go. But maybe this bbl will reshape my body and I will only need to lose 10 more. My current measurements are 39-30-40 and I weigh 173. Since I lift weights I have a lot of muscle underneath all this fat! After surgery is all said and done I want my measurements to be 36-25-45!! BAM! That's a 20" hip to waist ratio (I have a 10" hip to waist ratio now).

My bikni fitness competition pics

This is what I used to look like before getting prego!

Pics of my body before pregnancy

11 more days!!!!

I am getting very close! My emotions turn from nervous about getting a messed up lipo excited when I think everything will turn out perfect. When I do all the research about messed up, lumpy lipo jobs, I get nervous. I called Imagenes and asked if Dr. Ortega does superficial lipo, and Yanet reassured me that he does not do superficial lipo, and that he does use Power-assisted Lipo (PAL). PAL is supposed to be less traumatic for the body because it uses tiny vibrations to break up the fat, instead of the surgeon having to work to get the fat to break up. Due to it being less traumatic on the body, healing time is significantly less than regular lipo. Oh, and the PAL makes it easier to sculpt the body in hard areas such as around the belly button and the inner thighs. So, that is GREAT news!!!! I am super psyched!!!! I still can't believe I am getting this body transforming surgery done! I can hardly wait to be back to my sexy, confident self. The weight gain from my baby girl had made me insecure with my body and not as sexy and playful with my husband. I am so done having sex with my shirt on, in the dark! No more flub-a-bub flopping around during sex! From here on out it's going to be tight and in tact! This BBL is going to change my life for the better. Words can't describe how thankful I am for it! God has this operation in His hands, so I know He will protect me from any harm or complications or deformities. Thank you Jesus! I will be getting my body work done next week, prior to going to Miami just so I can make sure everything is kosher. Thanks for listening BBL dolls, much love!

BBL Rescheduled :(

Yanet from Imagenes called me and told me Dr. Ortega had a family emergency and needs to push my sx back 1 week!!! :( HUH?!?! That is the most devastating news a BBL sister can hear! I had to reschedule my fight, my recovery house, my nanny and my schooling. BUT, praise be to God, everything worked out! I got it all rescheduled! I did have to cancel my flight so I was out $200. I asked Yanet if they could throw in a free garment to offset the cost of the plane ticket. They agreed to do that, so I am only out $50 for the increase in the airline ticket. So now I am having my sx on 6 Sept.
Oh, I had an phone consult with Dr. Lung who also works at Imagenes. He saw straight up with me and told me he doesn't do a ton of BBL's. What he likes to do is the lipo to make it "look" like the butt is bigger, when in reality it is just an illusion. He did say he would fill in the divots in my butt to make the sides fuller, but that is it.
For all you ladies who are on the Nuvaring; they don't tell you this but you are supposed to take that out 30 days prior to your sx!! They only talk about birth control "pills" not the ring. So, beware, if you have the Nuvaring, take it out 30 days prior to sx to prevent blood clots. I looked it up online to confirm; many doctors have differing advice. Some docs say take it out 3 weeks before, some 2 weeks, and then one said you can leave it in. So, it's better to be safe than sorry, just take it out. I will only have had mine out for 2 weeks tho, so I pray that is long enough.

6 More Days til I'm Ortegafied!!

My time is coming near! I got my blood work done at Labcorp last week. My insurance covered it (Tricare), which was a wonderful surprise! I got the results back in 48 hours after called Yanet at Imagenes, and I am perfectly healthy!! My iron levels are at 13.7, so that was a huge weight off my chest. After I found out my iron levels were gtg, I paid in full!! So now the only thing I have left to do is the surgery!! OMG I can't believe it's finally almost here! I think about it all day long, and I dream about it at night. I wake up in the middle of the night dreaming about it too, ugh. I started my period a week early (I think because I took my Nuvaring out early), which is great news, so now I wont be on my period during the sx.

I am getting my MBA and have two big papers to do before I leave for Miami on Friday so I have been stressing trying to get those done. I wonder how I am going to be able to do school work if I can't sit on my butt for a month? Was anybody in school right after they got their sx? If so, how did you do school work for hours and hours? I also have a 11 month old baby girl. I wonder how I am going to be able to sit down and feed her and rock her?? :( What did you girls after your sx, if you have a baby? I would love to hear how it went for you, if you wouldn't mind writing me!

I PRAY Dr. Ortega can give me the nicely rounded hips and a huge bubble but with a flat stomach and no more back fat!! Does Ortega do hips? I don't know if I have ever seen hips on any of the Ortega hotties?! Does anybody know?

Wish Pics

These are the wish pics I'm going to show Dr Ortega. I want a bubble butt that starts it's roundness from the top and stays around allll the way to the bottom! And I want small, rounded hips, a flat stomach and I don't want my legs to touch in the middle! I'm also getting my arms done.

Consult w/ Dr Ortega at 11am today

Hey girls!! It is 3:45 and I am wide awake! I fly out to MIA at 9am, land at 10am and go straight to my consult w/Dr Ortega!! I can't wait to finally get him to tell me what he can do on my body!! It's been long overdue! I printed out a butt load of pictures to show him. I want a bubble butt and hips, but if u notice- there are like 5 different kinds of hips out there. There's the low ones, that look like the top of the thigh is big and there are the high ones that look like the actual hip is big and then there is everything in between. I will upload some so u know what I'm talking about. I need to know which hips he can do on my body. I want to go into surgery knowing which body I'm going to get. I don't want any surprises! I'm also concerned with being so wide. Right now my hips/butt is 41" - that is already a size 9/10 jean. I don't want to go any larger than that cuz then I can't shop in Juniors cuz nothing will go over my ass. But at the same time, I want a big juicy bubble butt. I wonder if he can keep my 41" but make it into a bubble butt with hips? Do we always have to turn out larger? That will be a question I'm going to ask.

My Consult with Dr. Ortega

I am having my surgery at Imagenes but I did my consult at Spectrum because he was doing surgery there all day. I had an appt at 1100, they took me back shortly after that. They had me take off my clothes and dress in a paper gown. Dr. O came in about 15 min later. You could tell he was very busy, but he was witty and very nice. He has me why I wanted to get a BBL since I am not the usual demographic that requests this (I'm white), and I said, "Cuz I love curves" and he said, "So do I" lol He then quizzed me on what I thought shaped the body and I said muscle, and he said WRONG-it's fat. Then he asked me a bunch more questions about the anatomy, I'm not sure where he was going with that, probably just to educate me. He said me if I was going to have anymore kids, I said no. He told me to take the rob off so we could see my stomach. He pinched my stomach fat to see how loose it was. He told me that since I had a baby the skin may not be super tight, but he said he though my prognosis looked very good. He then checked my inner thigh fat and said he would need to take from there if he needed more fat. I said, I wanted a thigh gap, so I do want him to take from there. Then I turned around and he explained to me that I looked like Sponge Bob, and started explaining that just by taking the flanks away I would have a significant change and it would enhance my butt. He told me he would fill in the divots in my hips, round them out. I printed out several pics of butts and hips. I showed him two bubble butt pics and and I wanted a bubble butt with a shelf. He said I think we will be able to do that on you. He said it takes more fat cuz of the projection but he said he was confident he could do that. Then I laid out 5 different shaped hips and he asked him which one my body type would be, and he picked out the shape I like the best, so that made me happy! So, so far, I am getting the bubble butt and the hips I want! PHEW! Then I told him that some of the RealSelf girls want to know if he does super big butts?? He said yes he does if they have enough fat for it. Then I asked him about losing weight, because I compete in bikini fitness competitions. He said I may not ever have to lose weight again! I was like WOW!! That is music to my ears! I never thought I would hear that phrase spoken to me IN MY LIFE!! He said you can lift weights and get more muscle but if you drop body fat you are going to lose volume in your butt. I asked him if I gained weight if it would come right back and he said "OHH YAH! And, if you gain a lot of weight your butt will get a lot bigger." Then he told me he hated to rush me, but he had to go :/ NO BUENO! I did not like that at all because I was not done asking questions. But I will get to see him while he is marking me up tomorrow, so I will ensure they are answered then. I am going to make a list so I don't forget anything.

RED ALERT! Dr. Ortega's Prices Are Going UPPPP

My rep from Imagenes said Dr. Ortega is getting so popular that he will be increasing his prices to $1000 per 2 areas!! That means if I wanted to get my arms done, it would be $1000 because each arm is ONE area!! This is what i learned today that SHOCKED me!!! The entire stomach is 6 areas! The entire back is 6 areas (which includes the flanks), the inner thighs are 2 areas, outer thighs are 2 areas, the chin....2 AREAS!!! So if they quote you $4500 for 12 areas that only means your trunk (entire stomach and entire back). If you want your arms it's an extra $1000 or thighs done, it's an extra $1000! So that was a lesson learned for me today!! I wanted my entire back, entire stomach, arms and inner thighs. It was a long drawn out ordeal, but they ended up charging me an extra $850 for my inner thighs because of a mix-up they did with me, and then added the arms for free because I was very upset and they clearly made the mistake. So, I will say they made up for it and gave me my arms which I literally almost cried. I had not eaten since 6am and it was 4pm so i was exhausted and emotional. My eyes definitely welled up. My arms have always been really big, its hereditary so i was devastated when they told me I had to pay extra to get my arms done when they already told me my arms were included in the $4000. Anyways, it's all better now, despite the extra $850. Money comes and goes, my arm and inner thigh fat will be gone forever! HAHA!

Oh, for those people who are considering arm lipo: they don't take too much fat out of the arms because the skin will sag, so they do get smaller but it isn't a huge change. She said I could ask Dr. Ortega to take out all the fat anyways and deal with the sagging skin. I told her I would rather have sagging skin, the fat in my arms. After all, I would be going to the gym to try and burn that fat anyways, so why not suck it out meow!


I literally cannot believe that my day is here.I feel more at ease right now that I have been while waiting for this day to come. I think it's because I finally had my consult with Dr. O and he assured me I would get the butt and hips I want. I am trying not to think of the actual surgery part, because that kind of does make me nervous. I know God has his hedge of protection over me, so I will trust in my Lord to get me through the surgery and for a quick recovery. I gave birth without medication so I feel like I can do anything now! I expect the BBL pain to pale in comparison. I am also very healthy and have been taking all my vitamins so i hope to have minimal bruising and swelling. It will be interesting to see how I do. I hope Dr. Ortega is home now, resting up and goes to bed early tonight to be his beauty rest!! I want rested eyes and steady heads on this bod! I will def be posting pics tomorrow. I hate it when girls make us wait to see their results! I won't do that to you! Please PRAY FOR ME!!! Much love, hips and booty!

The last night I get to sleep on back

Ughh I guess this is the last night I will sleep good for a month! I hate sleeping on my stomach. I'm a side sleeper but I am getting hips so that's out of the question. I'm off to dreamland with a 0530 wake up and surgery by 0630!! I appreciate any and all prayers! Thank u for the encouragement! Much love.

Surgery in 1.5 hours!!!

Hello dolls!!! Today is THE day!!! ATLAST!! I had a great nights sleep, with no anxiety at all, for once! I figured it was my last good night sleeps for month so I prayed it would be good! I hope I get to take a poopie before I go in!! All I have to do is get dressed, brush my teeth and hair and be on my way to surgery! Dr Ortega rushed me during my consult so I hope to get a chance to tell him the exact things I want. Ok beautiful girlies-- I will update again before sx if I can! Love u all and please say a prayer for me!! I appreciate it!!!

Getting Prepped!

I got here at 0630, they took me back about 0700. I peed n a cup for a pregnancy test which was negative YEAHHHH! They have me a paper robe (naked underneath) and hairnet, compression socks and booties. I put everything on and she took my pics. Now I am waiting in a very comfy recliner with a huge comfy blanket over me, waiting for the next step... what ever that may be? :)


I am a HUGE booty girl OMG!!! My hips are a 46 (was 41) with the garment on!!! HUH??? That is HUGE!! My waist has padding and it's a 32 (was 30.5). Holy macrole I can't believe this. Here are some pics. I honestly feel like a wide-load. But I told myself I would stay positive and not judge my results right now. I don't have any pain. Just feel a little stiff. I am up walking around all over the place, and getting myself up from the bed. My throat is just reallllly dry!!! I will update on my experience later. Thank you for the prayers! God is so good!

Pain... or lack there of

Hey dolls!! I am shocked at how I am not feeling any pain. I can walk around and lay down and get up off the bed all by myself. I got my arms lipo'd too and I can put all my weight on them. I am blessed!! Thank you so much Jesus! I have a small waist and huge ass hips holy shit!!! The pics I took in my faja keep loading sideways so I will just upload another with my dress on.

Pics keep uploading sideways for some reason

Sorry about the sideways pics girls!

2.5 days post op

Yesterday was the worse pain so far. I felt like u do when u have a flu- my body was achy and my skin sore and tender and I was very weak. Sleeping is not fun, the nights last so loooong. Sleeping pills are a must! I took Simply Sleep last night and it knocked me out, so that helped. I also took the oxycodine for the first time too,
I didn't care for it. I don't think it took the pain away. 1000mg of Tylonol every 4 hours works better. I feel like a thick, wide-load. I hated my shape yestersay but today it is forming up nicely into an upside down heart. I didn't want that shape (although my husband does), I wanted a perky bubble butt. At this point I don't care what shape it is as long as it looks good! My stomach has lumps and is sagging with tons of fluid. I go for my first lymphatic massage tomorrow. I am pleased w my arm Lipo. My ass is still holding strong at 47"!!! WTF dr Ortega must've thought I wanted to look like Coco!!! It's way too big for me and it hasn't gone down at all!! One thing is for sure- I won't be going for a round two! Were are some pics

Quality of Pics

Sorry about the quality of the pics, this is the only mirror at the recovery house. The lighting is horrible and it's cramped.

My first lymphatic massage 2.5 days post op

Oh myyyyy! The massage started out ok, until she got to my stomach- yowww it's so tender!! And the lower and and flank area- watch out! That's where the surgeon goes to town on Lipo so it is very sensitive. She also did the ultra sound to help with skin cell repair. That hurt like a mother too!! It wasn't complete agony but it was not a comfortable hour. It felt weird lying naked on her table with this body that doesn't feel like it's mine. I posted some pics- the quality isn't that good, but u can see the outline of my shape.

Lipo Sites (What the don't tell u)

It is important to understand that the entire stomach and entire back are cut into 3 sections on each side, then 3 on the other side, so in total there are 6 Lipo sites on the stomach and back. So
When they quote u 12 Lipo sites that means I will only be getting your back and stomach done, u will have to pay extra for your chin, arms, outer and inner thigh. They don't make this clear at all. I found out the hard way and had to pay extra when I got there, the day before my surgery. I was not happy!!!

3 days post op

I took my faja off so I could take a poop so I decided to take some pics. I don't like how I look from the back. I look very large. I don't like the shape of my butt without clothes on, but I know I will like it in a few weeks. With clothes on, it's very nice. My measurements this morning were 45" (was 41") and 31" (was 30.5).

4 days post op

Heyyyyyy sisters! Today I am feeling really good! Yesterday I was feeling really good too! Magdelena and another BBL sister walked around the mall for a good 3 hours! I was really waddling... Slowly, but it felt good to be out. I tried on clothes and let me tell u- I can't believe how big my ass is! I did fit into a large on most things so that makes me feel good I can still shop in he cute stores! I hope it does down a couple inches so I can wear a medium. Anyways, i ended up buying a pair of hot pink leggings and a hot pink jumper. Ill post a pic of the jumper. After walking around the mall my butt began to get so tight, like I had been doing a hour of squats!! My butt also began to burn like the faja material as killing the fat cells. Ugh. When I got home my butt measured 47" (w faja on)- I think it was definitely swollen from all the walking around. This morning my butt measured 46" w faja! YAYYY! That means some of the swelling has gone down. I tried serif Dr Ortega before I go back to Tampa but they are so shady! They said he is out of the country so I can see a nurse if I want to. Well, on the Monday after my surgery I did see a nurse and they didn't even look at me!! I took my faja off and she just said I looked normal, THATS IT!! One of the other nurses tried to take my stitches out!!! I was 2 days post op! If it weren't for Magdelena being there (who was our translator) he would've taken my stitches out!! Girls- they are crazy and nobody speaks English! So my "follow-up" was pretty much non-existent. Anyways girls I gotta go for now, but don't be expecting to see Dr Ortega for a follow up unless u get your surgery at Spectrum. The pics are of some clothes I tried on- all size Large.

1500 cc in each cheek!! WOAH!

Holy mother girls! Dr Ortega did his thang and have me 1500 CC's in each cheek!! I didn't even ask for a big butt and he gave it to me! I am thankful cuz it is lookin reallllll good!!! My husbands mouth dropped when he saw me in a lil mini dress I used to wear before I got prego!! I will post some pics! I can't believe my eyes when I look in the mirror! I am very pleased with how things are turning out. I do have several lumps in my stomach I will be getting Hivamat sessions which are used for post Lipo. It does the same thing as lymphatic massages but it penetrates like 5x deeper and it doesn't hurt at all! It is very hard not to hold my 11 month old, she's crying for me to hold her :( I do hold her but then have to put her right back down cuz I feel weak. I hope this gets better soon!!!

Butt - out Faja

Dolls, do any of u know when we should be wearing the butt-out faja? The faja I got from the clinic and the fabric of the butt is harsh on my butt, i think it's the powernet. It isn't the soft material. Should I be wearing it since it's harsh on my butt or should I make a butt-cut out? I don't want to kill fat cells by the material pushing hard on my butt. Any suggestions?

1 week post op!

I am feeling great! I had a Hivamat session yesterday which is like a lymphatic massage on steroids, and it really helped with my swelling and bruises. The bruises on my butt cheeks were completely gone when I woke up this morning, I couldn't believe it, that is incredible! The Hivamat is amazing!!! And it doesn't hurt whatsoever! The only problem is that it's $125/session and they are hard to find. But if u can find a machine in your area it is so worth it ladies. It also helps with taking away the lumps.

My lower back is still completely numb, it feels so weird!!! But my stomach is a lot less tender now so I am thankful for that. I tried putting on my large faja but I still don't think it fits. Since Dr O didn't use drains, I think I'll be swollen a lot longer than the usual time, so I just have to be patient. Another Dr Ortega RS girl said it took her 3 weeks to see her figure finally take shape! My butt is 45" - what size faja do girls with 45" hips wear?? And what kind??? The xlarge is too big in the waist and lower back. Also, when are we supposed to start waist training?? Does anybody have any suggestions?? :) Thanks dolls!!

Stitches Out (10 days post op)

Today I finally got my stitches out! My cousin, who is an Orthopedic Surgeon, took then out. He said everything looks good, no infected stitches or anything, so praise God for that! I now fit into a large garment and my measurements are 29.5" and 44", I'm so glad my butt is going down! It looks amazing in clothes!!! Outside of clothes, not quite yet, but it is getting softer. I am in love with my flat tummy and huge butt!! I can finally look at myself in the mirror after 2 years of avoiding it! I love how I look, I think I look perfect, despite my arms; which still look big despite the arm Lipo. I have not been wearing my arm garment religiously tho.
My stomach looks like it is lumpy but I have been getting the Hivamat treatments so hopefully they will go away. I will post a stomach pic later.

Numb Lower Back

Does anybody else have a numb lower back? It's like I have Novocain shots in my back because I can't feel a thing!! I'm starting to get worried. Does anybody have this???

Had sex

Hey dolls! My booty is finally softening up. I can now put my finger between my cheeks! Before now it's like my cheeks were stuck together! So since my cheeks were loosening up I finally have into my husband and bent the booty over and did it. It didn't hurt at all, my cheeks weren't even tender like I expected. The only think that hurt were my sides when he tried to grab my waist. So now of course he Wants to do it all the time ha! This man can't keep his boner down since I've had the surgery TMI bit true! Haha

Lumpy Stomach and Sides

I know I am still very early in the healing process but I see other girls who are 2 weeks post op and they do not have any lumps. They have a smooth belly. So it makes me wonder if my Lipo job is going to turn out ok. The majority of my stomach and sides are still very hard, so that tells me I am still very swollen, there are some soft places as well. I have had 4 Hivamat sessions and have been wearing my ab board and garment 24/7. Does/did anybody else have a lumpy stomach at 2 weeks post op? I will take pics the next time I take my garment off. Please let me know ladies!! Thank u!!!

Lumps in Sides and Stomach (2 weeks post)

Did any of you girls' stomach and sides look like this after 2 weeks?

Butt pics

Butt 44" and waist 28.5

3 Week Booty Birthday!!

Happy 3-week birthday to my booty! I am very happy with my new body! I feel like a million bucks! My confidence is back and that means the world to my husband and I. My booty is perfect, I couldn't be happier. I am still waiting for my stomach and sides to smooth out. Once the lumps and unevenness are gone, i will be super happy. One of my hips looks fuller than the other too, I hope it will even out once the swelling goes down. I took a bunch of pics for u all to see how it looks at the 3-week mark.

Oh! Measurements

My waist is 28" and my hips are 43"

Lumps in sides and stomach (3 weeks post)

Hi girlies! I wanted to give u an update on my lumps. I took more pics this morning and was very pleasantly surprised at the comparison of my stomach lumps from 2 weeks (see above post) to 3 weeks. My stomach and sides look MUCH smoother, and they have also softened up a bit, which probably explains the smoothness. Seeing the change in a week makes me hopeful I will end up with a smooth stomach in the end, which is something I have been worried about. U guys be the judge.

1 month Post Op

Hello girlies! My body is definitely less tender which I am loving! I am in a size medium garment, my measurements are 27/43 butt. My stomach is still lumpy but since it is now less tender I am going to start using a rolling pin to roll the lumps out (I read that advice from a doctor on this site). I am going to start working out in 2 weeks. My back is getting less numb and definitely less light, so bending over is no problem yet. I will post some pics today in clothes and some naked ones tomorrow. My butt is HUGE with awesome projection in person. In pics it looks so small! That's why I hAte taking pics

Naked Pics

Merge lumps on stomach are DEFINITELY better! U can see the difference in my week 2 pics to now. There is on lump on the left side of my belly button that looks like fluid, I circled it in one of the pics but of course u can't see it that well. I am in love with my new shape, I think I PERFECT, even at 173 (5'6) pounds (which is exactly what I weighed before the surgery). The last time I looked perfect was at 136 pounds!! That is so crazy to me! I do plan on losing 10 pounds tho, so I will let u all know how that goes with the boot shrinkage and all. It doesn't hurt to sit on the Boppy or even a regular chair anymore. I have been sleeping on my sides, even tho I got hips, because dr Ortega said at 1 month u can start sleeping on your sides. That's all I can think of now. I've had zero complications. My surgery has been a complete success and I am 1000% happier and more confident!!! I feel so blessed to have been able to get this done. I am VERY HAPPY!!!! :D (and my husband has a constant boner, I kid u not! Everything that comes out of it mouth is perverted, talking about my body. I told him he's gotta tone that down a bit cuz it's getting old. Lol he can't control himself!! It's insane!!!!

More Pics

8 WEEKS Post Op!

Hello ladies!! Things are going awesome! I am loving my new body x10! My curves are killer, what can I say?! I am way less tender. I am wearing my garment every day but during the day sometimes I take it off for hours at a time. I can sit on my butt without it hurting for a small amount of time. I'm still sitting on my Boppy and sleeping on my sides and stomach. My stomach still has 1 lump that will not fade. I hope as my lower stomach softens up, the fluid will go down. My sides are the most tender part on my body. Here are some pics.

2 month update

Hello dolls! I am a little bit more than 2 months right now. Recently I have become less tender. I am able to sit in my butt now without it hurting but not for an extended period of time. My stomach I think is less lumpy, I will take a pic of that and post it, soon. My back is less numb and my sides are less tender, but definitely still tender. I still wear my garment most of the day and every night to bed. It feels good to take it off but it also feels good to put it back on. Sometimes when I have it off, the skin on my sides feel like it is burning and is going to rip if I stretch my arms too far to one side. Every time I get out if the shower I have to out lotion on it Abolene. It feels like it is desperate for moisture.
I still sleep on my sides and and stomach with pillows under me. If I lay on my back for a minute, it does not hurt anymore. I feel like I will be back to nornal in a month or two. My husband said my butt has dropped and looks a lot more round.

Gym Time

I have been going to the gym since I was 6 weeks post op. I am only doing 45 min low-impact cardio, with interval training (mainly on Arc Trainer). Then I will do 30 min weight training. I can only lift shoulders and bi's and tri's right now. I tried doing back but it felt like the skin on my sides was going to rip when I was doing lat pull downs , so I am definitely not ready for that. Also, when I run it feels like a have a huge sack of fat giggling back there. It does not feel good. My butt doesn't feel secure. Here are some pics of me in workout clothes.

People staring

People stare, a lot! When when they are talking to me in the face, their eyes are drifting down to my flat stomach and curvy hips. Men will stand there and wait until I pass so they can look at my butt. Sometimes it's uncomfortable, but it's all good. I'd stare too! Friends also can't stop slapping my ass either!! Ughhh that does not feel good!!!!! My husband sees people staring more than I notice it, but he doesn't mine. He is proud of his trophy wife! :D

9 weeks post op

My body is bangin, let me just get that out there!!!! Hahaha!! Seriously though, my body is like a sexy super hero!! :D

5 months Post Op

I have been MIA, sorry about that. I love my body! My ass still looks the same as it did 2 months post op but just perjured because I lift weights and work my butt A LOT. I still have thenderness if my husband smacks my butt or if I lay on the hard floor on my hips. But none other than that. The leaner I get, the better I like my results, especially in my stomach. He left a little fat ball to the left of my belly button that does not look good but the more fat I lose, the smaller it gets. My can see it in the light but otherwise u can't.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ortega called me for a consultation but I missed his call!!! Waaa :'( So now I am waiting for him to call me back. I love his work, so I know he will be able to make me look amazing!

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