Booked BBL Apr 17 with Dr. Osak Omulepu - Miami, FL

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Fairly new to RealSelf, Thought I'd get some...

Fairly new to RealSelf, Thought I'd get some insight. I booked my BBL with Dr. Omulepu for April 17th. Excited and very nervous. Any women out there who had him or will have him before me, let me know how everything goes... I feel like I just want to go to sleep and wake up with a shape and booty.. But I know there going to be pain. Im nervous I may look worse than I did going in. Anyways, the countdown begins.. ;-) :-D!!!!!

before pics.

Before my surgery dr. Recommended that i gain 5-10 pounds. That should be easy. I wonder if i tell him that every drop of fat that he takes out if he can put it all in my butt. Lol. I wonder if he would do that. Im not working with much ass to begin with and I do not want to do a revision.

before pics


Bored and waiting and thinking before my surgery. almost one month out. I'm so curious and nervous t what my body will look like after the BBL. Any of you girls have any ideas? Draya maybe? lol

Hard to gain weight???

Why is it becoming so hard for me to gain weight right now? Anybody have any ideas that can help. I'm doing Super Mass (1275 calories per serving) every other day. I don't even work out. Should I do it every day. Been doing this for about 3 weeks now. I've gained ZERO pounds. not even one damn pound.

Nervous Nervous Nervous

One month left until the big day. I already purchased supplies I would need for Post OP. I bought this Ab board thing but not sure if I like it, Its soft on both sides, I would like for it to be hard on one side for more support and flatness. I think thats how it will work. idk. lol I still need to get a stage 2 garment/faja. Also I need to do bloodwork, but they havent called me yet. How much time pre-Op have they contacted some of you to do bloodwork. I was told one month prior. Should I call them and ask whats up? Maybe I'll just wait until the end of next week. Well, if any of you have suggestions for anything you wish someone told you to buy, let me know. And it sucks because the time of the month will be coming the DAY of Surgery! or the day after. This month I was One week late (go figure and I timed surgery so that I will be just getting off by the time surgery comes around, but it backfired. I hope that wont be a problem, because I CanNot change the date. Plane tix and hotel already paid for. So if anyone has any tips for post op healing And it being that time of the month, please let me know. Im very nervous about how Ill handle ALL THAT BLOOD. lol Ok, Im done.

Labwork, EKG and Medical Clearance

Today Evelyn emailed me paperwork to get an EKG, labs and medical clearance from my Dr. Unfortunately my old Primary Care Dr. is on medical leave and everywhere else I called wont clear me for surgery if I'm a new patient. They want my old Doctor to fax my old medical records. So I'm in a bit of a dilemma. smh. I did manage to find out where they stored all my previous records but the woman there said they only found a few documents not my whole health history for me seeing that doctor. Hopefully what they have is good enough for a new primary. Also, my insurance doesn't kick in through my job till April 9th, so Ill be paying for lab work, EKG and Dr. visit out of pocket. In the email Evelyn said I will be paying and they will credit 100$ to surgical cost. The place I'm getting the EKG and lab work done gave me a rough estimate of around 450$. So does that mean I'm out about 350$. Well whatever, I might just have to deal with it. My medical clearance appointment is April 6th. That's when the Dr. I'm going to is going to look at the labs and EKG i take tomorrow. Is April 6th too close for an April 17th surgery date?

Abnormal EKG

Hey ladies,
Any of you had an abnormal EKG and still were cleared for surgery. My EKG was abnormal and I knew it would be. Ive been having abnormal EKG's for years. I have a heart murmur, valve regurgitation. I also have a prolonged QT. Nothing too serious. My Cardiologist just monitors it once a year. But I'm kind of nervous that with my luck they would say I can't do the surgery. Just want to hear from anyone who has had any type of abnormal EKG. My Dr. is going to look at labs and EKG on the 6th of April. That's when she said she will see me to clear me for the surgery.


Just in case anyone was curious about what labs they test for here they are: You have 24hrs to do the bloodwork labs from the day they are sent to you. The lab would not let you do them after the 24hrs are up since They write the lab prescription as STAT.
HCG (To check for pregnancy)
EKG (I think only for certain patients)

I got my medical clearance today

Today i got my medical clearance from my pcp. I was worried I wouldn't from my ekg. But i guess since it was expected and its not anything new that my ekg is abnormal. The results weren't too far off from normal anyways. Well i cant wait. About 3 weeks left. I'm excited to see my new body. Now i can focus on just getting the supplies i need and doing things that need to get done before the surgery.

iron 1000mg/day?

Did any of you ladies get a email from Ruth after you've been medically cleared saying that you need to take 1000mg of iron from that moment forward? Isnt 1000mg a bit much? Just wondering, my hemoglobin was normal actually on the high side too. Im just wondering if she may have made a typo or she really meant 1000mg of iron.


The closer I am to the surgery date, the more I can't wait. Its around the corner and I'm just so ready... No real update just bored... Oh, and I gained about 4.5 pounds.. :-)

Do you bring wish pics with you on the day of surgery?

Should I bring wish pics with me the day of surgery or does it matter. Is he just going to do what hes going to do anyways. lol Just a random question to you ladies.

some wish pics

Flight is leaving in 5 hrs. I cannot wait!! Im nervous but excited. Still haven't received my surgery time. Not sure whats up with that. I'm going to call if they don't call me by 2. I feel like im going to forget something important. While im waiting I might as well post some wish pics.

ass ass ass. finally on the other side. OMULEPU DOLL

Hey ladies. Sorry about the delay. I b4en so effed up and surgery was delayed. There was a complicatio with one of Ortegas patients. Anywho i cant really Say too much. Still effed up. But i will do more of a better update late. Here are some pics for you girls.

Flat spots?

Anyone else who has gotten bbl feel like some areas are flat to the touch on your butt when you feel it. Like the top is round but when you rub ur ass in a circular motion is feels the middle/inner part is slightly flatter, But it doesnt really look that way when you see in in the mirror. Only when you touch it. Is it too early to be worried. Is it going to drop and be fully round, or am I stuck with this and probably will have to ask to do a revision to fill in and make the lower part plumper. I will update some more pics later on tonight or tomorrow. Im currently at work. ;-) Im kinda feeling bummed that its not going to be round and full and plump. But, when I do post pics, it actually doesnt look like what Im describing. It looks decent in pics. Just saying. Some one please give me some reassurance.. No wait, GiVE ME THE DAMN TRUTH!!! lmao... I have 12 month anyways to make a decision. I think Spectrum gives you 12months for revision free of surgeon costs all you have to do is pay for anesthesia which i think is 1500$, beats paying another 4 grand.

some pics.

Just because. I wish the swelling will just disappear. But i know i have a while to go. Cant wait to fluff and soften up.


Pics of stomach very swollen as you can see right above my belly button. Almost like a pocket of fluid. Hopefully it will go away soon. I haven't had any massages. But maybe ill go for one in the next week or two. I haven't put in my belly button ring yet. I don't want the indent in on abdomen. I might get a retainer and see how that works. I'm so curious to see my final result. Btw. Any of you ladies that are post op having sex yet? Lol ???????? I admit that I already have but, no pressure on the booty and he cant touch it or grab it. Lol

another stomach pic

Fluid went down. I drained about 3cc of fluid myself last night then went to sleep a velcro exercise belt thingy tight around that area. Similar to a waist trainer but it just not a waist trainer lol. And then i woke up like this. Lol still swollen and still some fluid. But waayy better than it looked yesterday.

Tried to stuff the booty in some old jeans.

They barely fit. But loving how it looks. Plus bonus maxi dress pic from the back.

Fat absorption

So, I am a little over 3 weeks post op and I have not had any real fat absorption that I can see and also my hip inches have stayed the same, yet my weight has been gone down 10 pounds since surgery.(prob from swelling going down). That say most of the fat absorbs within the first 3 weeks. I am past that mark and wonder if I'm just lucky or if the way he injects the fat had something to do with it. My butt is very very jiggly now when I lay on my stomach and slightly firm in some parts when I stand up. But still very soft on the bottom and inner crack parts when I stand. I'm kinda excited that I may keep all this ass. lol Fingers crossed, that I get No major fat absorption in the next upcoming weeks. I'm really loving my results. I've also started sitting about 5 days ago.

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