Want to Be Blinski Doll but Need Fall 2016 Date - Miami, FL

Hello ladies, after much consideration, research...

Hello ladies, after much consideration, research and getting my fiancé on board, I've finally made the decision to move forward with a bbl. I'd love to be a Blinski doll but I understand he's booked all the way to February 2017. Ive set a wedding date of March 4, 2017. Is there anyone with a fall date that would want to switch with me?

Interviewing Dr.'s trying to figure out timing, logistics & $$

Ok so I believe I have this narrowed down to 4 possible drs & this is only because of timing & logistics. Dr Blinski & Dr Fisher in Miami are both top choices for me. After looking at so many before & after pics, reading reviews & getting preliminary pricing, these two are my top choices because their work is not only great, but consistent. They are snatching waists!

I initially didn't even want a bbl, I just wanted to get a flat tummy & snatched waist without loosing my curves. I'm already curvy with a big butt, but after looking at my bod, I realized that not only do I want my waist snatched, but I want my butt evened out. I have one of those bootys w/ dents on the sides. Oh yea, and I'd like my inner thighs trimmed down. So I figured if I'm going to get work done on this stomach again, 1) I want to be totally out or under & 2) I might as well address EVERYTHING I want while I'm on the table & recovering.


While I have my eye on 4 docs that I'm trying to narrow down, I'm getting frustrated. I'm still waiting for quotes from Blinski (an official) and Newall in Houston. I prefer the work of the Miami docs, but Newall's work is consistent, u understand he has openings around the fall, and I wouldn't have to travel & pay for a hotel etc...

I'm trying to to put a plan together here & can't get any info!!! 

Imma try to simmer though.

From frustrated to discouraged

First, I've basically been assured that there's no way I'll get a fall/winter date with Dr Blinski. Next, I finally heard back from the last docs I was considering & it's a no go because he's WAAAAAY too high.

Sent a quote request to Dr Salama just to get one more option. If that doesn't work out timing & price wise, I'm going with Hasan & will hope to be able to switch to Fisher if a thanksgiving time date becomes available.

I'm starting to stress because I want to get this done in the fall because my fiancé and I have set a March wedding date. I want to be snatched &'healed before the big day. Stress!

Salama doll I will be

After finding out that Fisher & Dr. Blinski are booked into 2017, I kept doing research & decided on Dr. Salama. I have to say that Dr. Blinski is great. He personally called me & talked to me for a while. He gave me some things to consider when assessing a surgeon and that helped lead me to Salama. Ladies, get you a drink & a snack because I'm about to run down the search experience for you starting w/ Vanity. When I first contacted them, Amy called me & gave me some pricing & additional info. A couple days later I started getting text messages and calls from a Lianetxis Sexto. She contacted me first to tell me that Fisher was running a special. I thanked her and told her that I wasn't ready to book yet as I was hesitant about his schedule. This heffa had the nerve to ask me if I was sure I didn't want to book to take advantage of the special. Then she contacted me a couple more times to see once again if I wanted to book under the special. At this point I'm like, do you work at a clinic or a used car lot? Damn bish let me breathe! I know how to pick up the phone or email.

Then onto Blinski. I emailed with Melissa a couple of times, and dr B himself called me a couple of times. It was clear that there is no way I could get in with him this fall, but as I said before he was kind of enough to give me some things to look for. So then onto Salama. I sent an inquiry via real self, and got a phone call from Nancy the next day. Nancy is great so far! Very patient. Answered all my questions and actually emailed me a quote. An official quote on an official form w/ letterhead & logo and everything. Patty has responded to a couple of emails & she has been very gracious as well. So at this point, I just need to get a couple more coins so I can book my date. I'm hoping to get this done in November. I'm getting nervous because when I first talked to her she had some late October & a few November dates available, but I see people booking November almost everyday. And then I keep seeing the pics and reviews from those that have already had it done & I'm envious. I'm so excited & ready to finally do this for myself after stalking this site for over a year now. My fiance' said he'll come with me & take care of me after. We're going to get a suite w/ a kitchenette. I was already looking at Residence Inn by Marriott when I saw another doll post that they offer Elite patients a discount. I'll definitely be looking into this & I'll confirm for all you dolls.

Now I'm nervous about getting the blood test & EKG & mess. I have insurance but from what I've read on here I don't know if I'll have to fight w/ dr office & insurance company to get it done. I think I may see if Concentra or someplace like that will provide pricing. I've posted a wish pic of my desired results. I'll post more as I find them & current pics of me (yikes!) when I get up the nerve.

Anyway, this site has been very helpful as far as goes dr reviews, recovery house reviews, supplies, what to expect before & after, etc...
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