I finally did it!!! BBL w. Dr. Fisher - Miami, FL

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I'm so excited to finally be doing something to...

I'm so excited to finally be doing something to correct my trouble areas. I am a 36 yrs old mother of two. I workout like crazy to stay healthy but know that there is no workout in the world that can lift these sad girls and my poor little booty. I will be getting a Lollipop Breast lift with saline augmentation with Dr. Fisher in March 18th ($4,500) and a BBL with the same surgeon in June 9th ($4,000). I was asked to gain 15 lbs for my BBL and I have been eating like crazy ever since. ( kind of hard to do but loving it!)
Like many other ladies on RS, I am following all the Fisher Dolls to see their results on these types of procedures. He is being talked about a lot lately but there are not many pics of his work.
I will share my journey with all of you lovely ladies as I work on upgrading my attributes. ;)

Let's work on loading on vitamins and other goodies!!

Things are beginning to feel real now. I have been thinking about doing these procedures for the last two years and the time has come to move forward... I am so excited!! I forgot to mention that I'm 5'2 and 122lbs. I am working on gaining weight so I added a couple of goodies into my diet that were an absolute NO NO before. I'm going through a roller coaster of emotions as I prepare for my first surgery and surely trying to stay positive after reading all the Vanity drama going around on RS.

Dr. Ghurani no longer wants to perform BBL at Vanity

After reading so many negatives reviews on here about how Dr. Fisher is being pushed on people I decided to email the management team at Vanity and this is their response:
"Unfortunately Dr Ghurani no longer wants to perform BBL, this is a personal decision he has made and we at Vanity nor Jessica have any say in this matter. Once he has made this decision we can only recommend the best alternative, Dr. Fisher. Dr. Fisher is now our head surgeon, we ask that you take some time to examine his credentials, which frankly are much better."

This explain why they are changing him from many of you that already scheduled.."smh" :(
I also mentioned some of the issues you lovely ladies are having with certain people in the office due to lack of customer service and they mentioned that they will address it with this person. I encourage you all to voice your thoughts and concerns with management at Vanity. Hopefully it gets better there with all of us pounding on their heads to improve this area of need.

Emotions are everywhere as the date for my BL gets closer and closer...

Four weeks from now I will be in Miami getting my breast lift and augmentation done. I can't deny that I am getting very excited but at the same time I am so nervous about how it will turn out. I keep going on RS looking at before and after pictures and it comforts me to know that Dr. Fisher does a really good job on this procedure. ( thanks nomoreSadboobies for sharing your journey).
My bbl will be in June and I have been gaining weight for that one. So far I have gained 7lbs!! :) I am more nervous about this procedure mostly because Dr. Fisher did not have many before and after pictures of his work. Now more RS sisters are beginning to post their pictures and I must say that confidence on his work is now setting in. Every one of his patients are coming out with amazing results.. Most complaints are about fat deposited too high but I am sure it is just swelling for my sister's was initially like that and now she has a glorious booty ???? I will continue to follow all of Fisher dolls' journey.
I have not started buying any supplies for my procedures but I did make hotel reservations for both my procedures. My coordinator, Jessica, has been very attentive and professional.

Three weeks until my breast lift!!!

I can't believe I am only three weeks away from my BL and I am so excited. I pray that it all goes well. As I play with my daughters I get these mixed emotions about me having sx and everything going wrong. I love them so much and don't want to take their mommy from them for wanting to fix my physical appearance. Prayer puts my nerves at ease and also talking to my husband whom has been very supportive.
I went on amazon and ordered most of my supplies for my bbl. Vanity was charging me so much for basic supplies. I found the foam boards for $7.50 each vs. the $20 that Vanity wanted to charge me. The vedette cg was only $88 vs. $150 for the same one at Vanity. So ladies, if you can it will save you some $$$ to just go on amazon or other sites and order your items ahead of time. Although my surgery is not until June, I just want to make sure I have what I need ahead of time (I'm a control freak!) I should be getting my cg this week and I'm going to start wearing it. I'm hoping to disguise the weight I've been putting on and lift my little booty some. I want people at work to start seeing a lifted booty now and it's not so WA-BAM! after I get it! Lol! Besides, with not exercising and eating like crazy I feel disgusted with myself and the cg should hold things a bit so I am not a fatty mess. I am definitely gaining weight and hope it all gets sucked out and put to good use in my Frankenbooty!
I'm very excited and completely addicted to RS! :)

10 more weeks!!!

I had my BL+A 11 days ago with Dr. Fisher and he did an amazing job on my tatas. Now recovering and getting pumped up about my upcoming BBL!!!!! I ordered a CG on Amazon and also one through Vanity. Dr. Fisher does not like CG that are too tight immediately after surgery. When you order it through them they take your measurements after surgery and fit you into one that is roomy enough to wear foams and board under the garment. I'm loving the results of the ladies on RS that have gone to him. Also, his patients at the clinic looked AMAZING!!! 10 more weeks baby!!!! Going from flat to fab!!!! ;)

Day dreaming about the new me!!

With only 8 weeks left this is getting super real.. With the breast lift alone it has been a tremendous transformation. I pray that after all is done I am content with my new body and that vanity and greed stay away from my heart and mind. I've only gained 10 lbs so far. I'm really scared to gain more since I can see it on my face and arm and I don't like that. I thought about adding lipo to my arms but it's another 1k!!! Nah!!! I'll hit the gym once I recover. I will be getting 2 massages at Vanity and the rest in Orlando, FL.. I found a lady that does massages there for $30 each vs $75 at Vanity. I'll be staying with family in Orlando. It's pretty much a waiting game now. I will post pics and update once I get closer to surgery day.. I'm praying for all the ladies that are going through recovery challenges, those recovering well, and those whom will soon be getting their surgery. Stay positive, pray and give your worries to God. Through Him all things are possible. :)

Whoa!! The gut with no butt!!! Switch places please!!

I feel so fat!!! Especially now that I have boobs!! I can't wait to have my BBL done so I can go back to not having this gut!! :/

43 days left!!!

I found the faja that Dr. Fisher uses after bbl on eBay for only $61!!! The Vedette 340 will be delivered this weeks... I'm taking my vitamins and iron for another 4 weeks then none for two weeks prior to surgery!! I'm so excited!!! Happy healing everyone!!

Five more weeks baby!!!

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it... Just like this gut that is driving me crazy, not even the faja can hide it. ;) I'm pretty much ready. I even got a little booty going on with this weight gain. Lol


Little booty

The days are stalling!!!!!

3 more weeks!!! Excited and nervous but yet, extremely happy!!! I'm going through a roller coaster of emotions right now. Time seems to be going really slow!!! I'm looking forward to having a rounder butt without these love handles!! I will be getting my labs done sometime this week. My clothes no longer fit me now that I'm fuller. I'll be out of work in two weeks YEAH!! and I'll be off until mid August ;) woot woot!!!

Labs are back and okay! I am cleared for sx! ;) 11 days left!

So freaking excited!!! Many realself beauties will be in Miami that week. I really hope to meet them all ;)

Tomorrow is day!!!

Just got to Miami!!! Praying and hoping that everything goes well tomorrow.... I will post pics as soon as I can ;)

At Vanity waiting ;)


Made it!!!! ;)

I'm in bed now... Will post pics tomorrow ;) thank you for all you well wishes!!!

Sorry for the blood ladies.. I'm draining a lot..

Everything went well (thank you God!!)Everybody was super sweet and extra caring. I went in at 8:30 and they brought me in immediately with no waiting around. Nurses were very attentive during preop and post op. I woke up shivering and the nurse covered me with extra blankets and got a space heater for me. I was very thirsty and she got me a gatorade. ;)
I'm super padded for compression. I bruise easily, my whole abdomen and waist are purple/blue. Did my first massage today, it hurt quite a bit but It felt good to release a lot of fluids from back and abdomen. The skin on my abdomen is very loose, like a deflated balloon, it should retract in 5-7 days. Sleeping is more like naps all day long. No solid sleep for me, it hurts too much. My booty is super high but that is his technique and it will drop. I am very happy with my results, my waist, is tiny!! Butt is so swollen that it looks and feels super huge (I asked him to keep it modest/natural) I should see the true shape of it once swelling goes down. This pain is something else ladies. Ugh!! Alright, I'll post again once I recover more and I'm not so stiff from the pain. I have been taking my Iron supplements as instructed by the doctor. No more square butt!!!! ;)

Recovery time!! ;/

Sleeping is a challenge. Last night I was able to sleep for longer periods of time. I think the lymphatic massages helped with that. I can't believe how small my waist is!! He sucked me dry!! ;) I love it!!!

3rd day is definitely better!!

Massage was less painful. Drained a lot today and it felt good to do so. When the fluids are inside you they form bubbles that burn like hot lava!! Ouch!!

Dr. Fisher's open drains and massages

Fisher stitched up all my openings. The day after surgery you have to go in to see Fisher again. His assistant (Yuliet) removed two of my bottom stitches on the belly so that Marian (my massage therapist) can drain me during my massages. (Another Fisher doll stitches were not removed and Marian was not able to drain her) make sure to ask them to open them before going to Your massages. I started my massages the day after sx. She calmly and carefully massages you and the fluids come out through the holes. Today (3rd day post) my holes seemed closed and she gently massaged around them and they opened up again and she was able to remove a lot of fluid. Be prepared, it is uncomfortable but nothing to be afraid of. I got dizzy a couple of times during my first massage and she had to stop. She lays you facing down and massages your back, pushing all the fluids to your belly. Then while you are standing and holding on to a walker, she will massage the fluids out through your belly. Whenever the pocket of fluids is very full it's very uncomfortable and painful. Compression is very important to prevent excess accumulation of fluids.. After draining you, you feel so much better !!!

More pics to compare ;)


Recovery has not been easy....

I have been retaining a lot of fluids. My face is swollen every morning when I wake up. My bruises are healing up but new ones form as the cg squeezes me on my waist. I have been walking often and drinking lots of water and pineapple juice. I am a roller coaster of emotions, feeling all the aches and pains and seeing the bruises and swelling often make me cry (more like sob). I look at my results and although my butt seems extremely big for what I wanted, I still love what I see. I know most of it is swelling and will come down nicely. I had 5 massages with Marian and tomorrow I will start massages with another lady in my home town. My drainage holes kept closing up (I heal quickly) and needed to be opened every time I went in for a massage to drain me. I went to Fisher on Friday and he removed all my stitches. He also found a little bit of fluid on the right side of my belly. He used a needled to extract it. It hurt a lot!! Then he grabbed two rolls of gauze and stuffed them inside my garment on my abdomen to add compression. Breathing is almost impossible with these rolls in there but I have to keep them on for 4 days to avoid further accumulation of fluids. Compression is so important, I was wearing my foams and board and still had fluids accumulate. Other than that I am waiting for some of the swelling to come down some more and bruising to go away before taking anymore pics. To those ladies about to go in I wish you all the best. Remember to drink lots of fluids and walk often to speed up recovery. To all the ones healing, you are my inspiration. You all look so good and I know that soon I will be looking and feeling better just like you. :)

1 week and finally starting to feel a bit better

My body did not take this booty thing well!!! I am finally able to walk better and swelling has gone down some more. Still getting my massages and watching my booty change from a high position sloooowly coming down. It has dropped some but not much. My measurements yesterday was 31" around the waist and 44.5" around my booty. I expect these numbers to drop as swelling continues to come down. Even with the rough start, Love everything about my new shape!!! These curves are something else!!!

I can't believe this is my body!!!! I love my results!!!


Slowly dropping into a bootiful bum!! 2 weeks post

My booty is beginning to drop some.. Still very hard to the touch. Swelling has been my biggest issue. I walk daily, cut out all salt from my diet, and drink plenty of water. The only thing that has taken me by surprise is the fluid retention on my lower abdomen. I have gone to Fisher twice to remove it with a needle. I had 10 massages done and still continue to retain fluids. I was drained yesterday and I'm starting to retain some again and hope it stops and gets reabsorbed by my body. If not, I will have to make another 8 hr trip to Miami to get it removed. :/ Other than that I am very pleased with my results and can't wait to see the final product after it's all healed up..

;) I love these comparisons!


Feeling a lot better at 3 weeks :)

Still feeling some tightness around my abdomen. I am massaging my stomach every night to help things loosen up. Booty is still changing and becoming the perfect shape for my petite body. While swollen it was too big for my liking. I love my new curves, they are so sexy lol! I am currently wearing a marble in my belly button to help the skin around it heal open instead of a closed line. I started sitting just a little. It's very uncomfortable, feels like to giant blocks on my booty.



1 month post op

I am finally sleeping on my sides. I was allowed to do so after 2 weeks but it was very uncomfortable and even painful. Sitting has also been challenging. You feel like you are sitting on two water balloons. I am sitting using my boppy pillow, pool floater, and rarely without them. I can't really sit for long periods of time without feeling discomfort on my butt and hips. My butt and hips become numb if I sit for a long time. The skin on the lipoed areas is still tender and hard. I massage them every night. I still have inflamation on my lower back and abdomen. I am loving my results so far. All my curves are proportioned and fit my body. I am a size small at the top and Large/XL at the bottom. I went from a size 2 in jeans to a size 8!! I have to wear a belt or take them in on the waist. :) I can't wait until I don't have to wear this faja anymore. Without it my lower back feels weak and my abdomen hurts. That's all for now ladies.. Best wishes to all the bootiful or soon to be bootiful ladies!

Having fun in my old shorts!

:) I was washing my faja and decided to put on something light.. Hubby was following me around the house like a puppy!! Can't keep his hands off! Love it!!

Six weeks and feeling almost back to normal

I still have some swelling on my lower abdomen as well as my lower back. Booty has not changed much other than swelling going down. I am now sitting but still can't do it for extended periods of time. I'm still wearing my faja, foams, board, and marble in belly botton. I feel some dull pulsating pains on differrent parts of my booty at times. They go away after a while and don't happen all the time. I guess it's all part of the healing process. My belly still has some lumpy inflamations mainly on the lower area. I massage it daily to help it heal. The lower back is still numb and weak. I just started doing P90x for my upper body and walking 2 miles for cardio. I'm back to my healthy eating habits. I'm working out every other day. I'm looking to loose 5-10 lbs as well as toning my legs and arms. At this point fat loss should take place all over the body. I love my shape, I can only imagine how great it will look without any extra fat on arms, inner thighs, and face!! I can't believe it's been 6 weeks already!! This is a true life changing surgery!! :)

Two months post op ;)

I'm still loving my results... The skin on my stomach and back still feel sensitive.. I'm still wearing my cg day and night; foams and all. I have been working out for two weeks now and I am quickly regaining my strenght and flexibility. I am now doing high intensity, avoiding sudden jumps for it hurts my booty. I hope to trim down my overall shape just a bit. My stomach is finally beginning to look less bumpy and although swelling still occurs, it's not that much anymore. I started wearing silicone tape on my incisions to help eliminate scarring; I really dislike them being so high up above the bikini. I have some hyperpigmentation on my waist and on my thighs just below the bikini. It should correct itself with time. Other than that I feel great! :)

Look back at it!!!

Love my new body!!!

3 months out!

Still loving my results. My lipped areas are still sensitive and swell at times. No longer using my faja during the day, but I like wearing it to sleep. My body has not changed much. Now I'm working on toning my legs, booty, and abdomen.


Lipoed areas****

Current Measurements

Waist: 27"
Booty: 43"

4 months

Working out, getting stronger and fit.. Not much has changed except for the alarming turning of heads.. Lol! This booty is here to stay! ;)

9 months out!!! Yay!

Things have been all back to normal for the last 3 months or so... Booty is still there and the curves are just lovely. Still measuring pretty close to before: waist 26.5" bootay 44"
I've been working out and all. Pictures coming soon... Best wishes to all the new barbie dolls
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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